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Darkness Fallen


What does evil want? To corrupt the innocent. To violate the pure. To find the cleanest and most beautiful masterpieces of all the Creator's works, and defile them in a vengeful act of spite.

So it was that Asmodeus, the demon of lust, fell to Earth and saw the daughters of Man. With them he bore many children, monsters and beasts of strong demonic power, and they found other untainted females and created spawn of their own. In those first days, the demon blood ran strong in their veins, and they were not like Men.

Over the centuries, however, the taint spread far and wide, until the blood was diluted, leaving the offspring more human than demon, until all that remained was the smallest trace. Just enough that rapists, madmen and serial killers still plagued mankind, a pale reminder of the horned and winged nightmares now regarded only as myth.

Until one day... Asmodeus returned. He looked upon the land and saw what Man had made. He saw pleated skirts and midriffs, and he thought "Fuck yeah."

The #2 bus of the Jefferson Community College Cheerleading Squad rumbled through a desolate stretch of Route 16 after an unsuccessful away game. The girls were all disappointed with their boys, and rode mostly in silence. They were the Senior Squad, and had all turned 20 only recently.

Debbie the farm girl sat near the front of the bus. With shoulder length blond hair held up in pigtails, she had a cute and wholesome image some of the other girls resented. But they did not know about her experiences on her Daddy's farm not far from here, out in the countryside.

Behind her sat Amy, the quiet Asian girl. Her shiny black pony tail reached nearly to her waist, which was not a long distance for her barely five foot height.

Across the aisle was Suzie, the Hispanic cheerleader. Her creamy tan skin made her stand out from the other girls, with long black hair half way down her back.

Near the back of the bus were Katie and Kristy, the two brunettes. They were the only two who sat together, giggling, and as some of the other girls suspected, they had kissed several times in private.

Finally, in the far corner at the back of the bus was Becky, the freckled redhead. Her full round breasts made all the other girls jealous. They were all dressed in their red and white cheerleading uniforms, with striped pleated skirts that barely covered the ass of a curvy girl like Becky, above which was a large midriff showing off their flat tummies and navels. Above that was a small top of the same colors, barely bigger than a bra, and they all wore matching sneakers with white socks.

They were driving through a mostly open field when the girls heard the flapping of wings somewhere above. As it grew louder, the girls looked back and forth at each other first with confusion, then fear as the sound became so loud that it could not possibly be any normal creature.

Just as the sound grew louder than ever, it suddenly stopped completely, and silence returned. The girls paused for a moment, breathing sighs of relief, and were about to giggle at how afraid they were when suddenly something huge crashed into the roof of the bus with a deafening thud, causing the ceiling to dent so much it nearly caved in.

The bus swerved and the tires screeched, the girls shrieking to match the sound. Finally the driver lost control and the bus smashed into a tree along the side of the road.

The girls all jolted forward into the backs of the seats in front of them, shaken but unharmed. They gave each other uncertain looks and were all about to ask what happened when Asmodeus answered for them.

Huge black claws sliced through the mangled metal roof of the bus, and with a sound like the scream of a tortured angel, the bus was peeled open like a can of sardines.

Suddenly the bus was a convertible, and standing above them, perched on what was left of the roof over the unconscious driver was a massive black monster, looking down at them.

It had the head of a bull, the horns of a goat, the tail of a serpent and bat wings of black leather, spanning at least twenty feet. But that was not the scariest part, at least not to Debbie.

"Oh, no." Debbie whimpered within her own head. The blond farm girl was seated at the front of the bus, with the demon standing almost directly above her, and hanging down at an angle, pointed at her, was the massive black cock of a horse. This terrified all of them, but Debbie most of all.

Up until recently, Debbie had helped her Daddy by working in his barn, with the horses. His favorite horse was a shining black Stallion, and over the months, Debbie got the feeling the Stallion was looking at her. It would watch her when it was in its pen, and when it was free, it would pace around her, like it was looking her over.

One day, she was alone in the barn, and the Stallion grew bold. It kept walking towards her and she kept stepping back until it had her cornered. Avoiding its gaze, her eyes dropped to the floor, where she saw the Stallion's massive black cock had become hard and swollen.

The animal bucked and grunted, as if demanding something from her, and in her fear, she was about to drop to her knees and do what she was certain it wanted when suddenly her Daddy found them and led the horse away. Debbie had not returned to the barn since.

Yet now this demon had that same horse cock, and it appeared just as focused on her as the Stallion had been. Debbie panicked and bolted from the bus, starting a stampede of terrified cheerleaders. Each of the girls stood up and scurried out the unhinged bus door.

Becky had been all the way in the back of the bus, and so she was last to leave. By that time, the giant demon had jumped down off the bus and grabbed her flowing red hair. Becky screamed as the beast wrapped his other giant hand half way around her exposed midriff and lifted her off her feet.

Asmodeus pushed Becky face first against the side of the mangled bus. He looked down her body, at the ass that pushed her skirt so far out, and he snorted in perverse pleasure.

Timid little Asian Amy had barely scurried off when she heard Becky and spun around. Seeing the massive monster pin the redhead to the bus, Amy froze in fear and could not seem to make her toned legs move. She watched, terrified, as the black beast's horse cock swelled up and lifted higher and higher until the head disappeared under Becky's striped skirt.

Becky's huge freckled tits were mashed against the cold steel of the bus, her cheek and hands pressing against the metal surface while she whimpered and screamed. No matter how much she struggled, the demon's hand around her midsection and the other in her hair were holding her firm.

Just then, she felt an enormous heat between her thighs, and felt something lifting her skirt from behind. With both his hands already on her, she wondered what could be rising up down there, then realizing the only other possible appendage, she froze and whined "Nooooo..." before struggling harder than ever.

Asmodeus snorted and grunted, feeling his cock rise for the first time in millennia. He was going to bury it in this bitch good. The black horse cock swelled and grew until it pushed against the soft fabric of her panties. The demon gave a deep laugh at the pathetically weak chastity belt and pushed harder.

Becky's screams turned to grunts and groans as the huge, fat head of the monster's cock pushed harder and harder against her asshole. "Nnno, please, not my ass, not my ASS!" Becky cried as the pressure on her panties lifted her entire body an inch off the ground, her sneakers dangling helplessly.

The thick sticky head of the demon's cock was covered in slimy fluid, soaking the seat of her panties, and she could swear it was dissolving them. "Panty dissolving pre-cum?" she absently wondered, when suddenly she heard a small rip and knew the thin fabric no longer protected her.

Grunting and snorting louder than ever, the demon applied even more pressure, and as Becky groaned and Amy squeaked, the fat horse cock's head slipped into the redhead's rectum, stretching it wide. It was unclear whether Asmodeus had chosen this hole intentionally or just missed her pussy, but it was doubtful that he cared.

The slime oozing from his cock was very slippery, and Becky's ass immediately slid down the cock until her sneakers rested back on the ground. Then the first thrust nearly split her in half, and her sneakers dangled several inches in the air.

The beast would thrust into her ass, lifting her high until she dangled from his cock, then she would slide down as he pulled back, only to fuck her higher and higher along the side of the bus. Her tits were continually mashed up and down against the steel, making her nipples hard and swollen.

Soon the demon was fucking her tight teenage ass like a machine, beginning to rock the mangled bus slightly back and forth. The poor girl's body was being used mercilessly, and all she could do was grind her teeth together and take it up her tightly stuffed ass.

Becky's skirt flipped up and down, showing off her freckled ass cheeks and tattered pink panties on each thrust. She was making primal throat noises, no longer capable of words. Her red and white sneakers no longer touched the ground, even when the monster briefly pulled back. Her ass was stuffed full almost constantly.

The bus rocking back and forth, the demon growling and the redheaded girl grunting, it almost looked to Amy like the giant monster was really fucking the bus and the poor girl was just stuck in between. The demon was closer to the size of the bus than to the size of the girl.

Amy's Asian eyes widened when she saw the giant black balls hanging low between the demon's legs. They swung so hard, they slapped Becky's freckled thighs hard enough to leave a pink mark. It looked to Amy like there was enough sperm in those balls for the whole cheerleading squad.

Banging and grunting and growling, the beast showed no mercy to Becky's pale ass. It fucked her with every fat inch it had, selfishly enjoying her once tight ass. The smell of her hair, the feel of her soft skin and the way her bowels squeezed his cock were all intoxicating. It was going to feel great to fill her with his seed.

The bus was rocking until the tires almost left the ground when the beast began to roar. Becky closed her eyes tight, clenched her teeth and felt half a gallon of hot wet sperm fill her ass and immediately begin pouring out around his cock as he thrust again and again into her ass, not even slowing down when he came.

A long, low groan came from Becky as her ass filled and emptied, filled and emptied on each thrust. Eventually the beast slowed and stopped, most of his cock still deep in her ass, draining his balls up inside her. The sperm had slowed to a steady flow, and she could still feel it despite how numb her traumatized ass had become.

Smelling the defiled girl's red hair one last time, Asmodeus grunted and pulled back out of her ass with a wet pop, watching her drop to the ground with amusement. He stared at the thick flow of his seed pouring from her ass, soaking her skirt. An excellent start to his grand return.

Then he turned his head and focused his red eyes on Amy, and the timid little Asian bitch froze again. He took a few steps toward her and she fell to the ground on her ass. "Pathetic," he thought, "She doesn't even struggle as the last one did. Not worth conquering. I'll just clean my cock in her mouth and she can taste her friend's ass."

Just as he thought, Amy never could summon the courage to stand and run, or fight back. She sat crumpled at his feet as he stood before her, wrapped one hand around her head while holding his slimy cock in the other, stinking of her friend Becky's ass, and her lips barely resisted for a second when he pushed the slimy head of his cock against her mouth. Her jaws popped open and she let him in.

Now it was Amy's turn to make primal throat noises, with the demon's giant cock stretching her mouth wide, sliding over her tongue with a revolting taste worse than she could ever imagine, and forcing its way toward her throat. She braced her hands on his thighs and weakly attempted to push him back, but it didn't even slow him down. He effortlessly pushed his cock into her tight throat.

"Hmm... this feels better than I expected. Perhaps I won't move on to the others just yet." Asmodeus thought to himself when he felt the Asian girl's throat squeeze his recently spent cock. He felt himself beginning to swell up again, inside her mouth, and began to thrust back and forth instead of just resting his cock in her mouth.

Groaning happily, the monster began slowly rocking back and forth, sending inch after inch of thick cock into the small Asian's face. His cock swelling back to full size, he released the base and moved both hands to the sides of the timid bitch's head to better fuck it.

Spit built up in her stuffed mouth and Amy drooled down her chin until it dripped into her modest cleavage, soiling her top. The monster cock in her mouth left no room for anything. Her shy tongue squirmed around the invading organ, and Asmodeus growled his approval.

Reaching full erection once more, Asmodeus clenched his hands around the small girl's head and really began to fuck it. His hips rammed forward, sending half his massive cock squeezing down her throat, the slime of his previous load lubricating her insides. She was so submissive, she allowed him to take her throat and almost never even gagged.

Her paralyzed mind reeling, Amy vaguely noticed that the huge black balls she had been terrified to see slapping against Becky's freckled thighs were now slapping into her own chest, their surprising weight crashing into her small tits on each thrust. She had only seen the amount of sperm Becky could not fit inside her ass, and even that had been more than she ever thought possible. She did not want to think about the load he might be feeding her soon.

The beautiful music of a girl choking in his massive cock had been the favorite song of Asmodeus ever since humans were invented. It had been too long since he had heard it, and now that he was stuffing most of his filthy cock down this timid Asian bitch's throat on each thrust, he was enjoying the sound immensely.

Drool pouring off her chin, his balls swinging into her tits, Amy knew the end was close. She had to feel them. She reached out and closed her small hands around those giant black balls, feeling the size and heat of them in against her flesh, and she swore she could feel the giant load pulsing inside them. Doing so sealed her fate.

"Not so timid after all!" Asmodeus thought to himself in surprise when he felt her small soft hands groping his balls. The sensation was all he needed to release his load.

Clenching her tiny Asian head tight, Asmodeus threw his head back in a mighty roar and felt his balls tingle, sending his massive load down his shaft and bursting out the end, into the girl's throat. As before, he continued to thrust, sending another massive load into her belly on each push down her tight throat.

Amy could feel the giant balls in her hands clenching and straining, and though it was too far inside her to tell, she could feel her belly filling with his hot, thick load. It just kept coming. She hoped she would survive it.

Asmodeus felt his legs weaken and pulled back, filling the girl's mouth until her cheeks bulged and his seed poured from her lips. He shot the rest across her face, sealing her clenched eyes shut and getting several streams into her shiny black hair. The rest he shot all over her uniform, coating the front of her body in thick seed. Then, finally, his flow slowed to a trickle.

The demon watched the girl as she swallowed, licked her lips and swallowed again. She fell forward onto her hands and knees, giving him plenty of other ideas, but he had other girls to track down.


Author's Note: Asmodeus taken from Collin de Plancy's "Dictionnaire Infernal", France, 1818. Description taken from illustrations in the 1863 edition.

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