tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDarla's Games Day 01

Darla's Games Day 01


I looked at my feet. For some reason, it was the only thing I was comfortable looking at for the moment. I pondered why the sight of my feet captured my attention so much. Should I see how fast they would carry me away from this? Perhaps a moment to reflect upon the purchase of my new block heeled boots, almost military style that I had invested my own cash on only a week ago.

Finally bored with the dull sheen of my black boots, I looked up to see my date talking to his friends again. I wondered why he even bothered to bring me along. Since he had picked me up down at the end of the street (so my mom wouldn't ask a lot of questions), I had been paid very little attention. Sure, there was the great make-out session when he first picked me up, when he had thrust his tongue down my throat and felt up my breasts. But since then, when we stopped to pick up his friends, four who piled in the back of his SUV and one who squeezed up front with us, he seemed to barely acknowledge my existence.

I thought back to yesterday, when I met Rick at the Wal-Mart. Julie and I had gotten a drop off from her mom and we were just wandering around aimlessly, chatting about school and looking at stuff, when there he was, stocking the paper towels. He was so cute, his tight khaki pants, long pony tail tied back, rough, handsome face.

After giggling and ogling for an eternity, I finally walked up the aisle and he smiled at me. A singular, magical moment that offered the opportunity to ask which towel was most absorbent for the sole purpose of getting close to him and hearing his laugh. He was even cuter up close, long strands of light brown hair tousled wildly around his cute face. He smelled so good; I inhaled the air through my nose hoping for another sniff of his cologne.

I flirted awhile and Rick flirted back. Before I left, he checked both ways down the aisle and delivered a long, deep kiss, his tongue invading my mouth and sucking the breath from me. He had groped my ass over my tight denim jeans and pulled me so tight that I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against my belly. He was taller, a good ten or more inches taller in fact, standing about six feet tall to my petite five foot one frame.

The kiss was so long, so wonderful. His tongue was in perfect harmony with mine as they met inside our mouths. It was possibly the best kiss I have ever had. Surely not the first, but it was definitely a first for me. He was a college boy.

Now, here I was, in his presence, in what I anticipated would be a private date, one on one, but turned out to be a group gathering. To say I felt out of place was an understatement. Here they were, all friends in the same college, discussing this class and that teacher and the other students. I had not a single point of reference as the discussion continued. I tried to relate, to add to the conversation about how much I despised my biology teacher. The reference was wasted except that one of the girls giggled that she remembered said teacher from her 'younger' days.

Rick finally acknowledged me again as he broke off from his laughing friends and smiled at me. That smile made the solace so much more bearable. Then he walked over to me and leaned in to talk over the sounds blasting from the radio.

"We are going to Jack's place to party for awhile. You up for that?"

Was I up for that? Hell yes! A college party! I would be the envy of the entire high school. I tried to be nonchalant however, and merely shrugged. "If you want to."

"Cool." Came the simple reply. "It is a bit of a drive; do you need to use the bathroom?"

The other three girls in the group were huddled together laughing about something and I wondered if it had anything to do with me. I felt suddenly very self conscious. Rick made the impression it was now or never and feeling a twinge at the mention of the bathroom, I decided to grasp a moment of peace away from the every scrutinizing eyes of the college girls. "Umm. Okay, I'll be right back." I walked across the parking lot and headed into the pool hall where I had seen everyone else go when they needed to. I was stopped at the door by a huge black man with a bald head. "Where do you think you are going?" He said in a very deep and commanding voice that made me stop dead in my tracks.

"I ... erm ... I just wanted to use the ladies room." I managed to reply. This guy was huge and intimidating. A perfect doorman.

"You have an ID girl? You know you have to be eighteen to come in here." The resounding voice thundered back at me. Fear swept over me. I was indeed eighteen, but I didn't have my driver's license with me, having opted not to carry a purse.

I was about to turn around and hold it when the three college girls came up behind me. "Stop giving her such a hard time Joe. She's with us." This from the tall, thin blonde that I would learn to know as Lisa.

"Aight." Joe smiled to her. "Just get her in and out so no one asks me why I didn't card her little ass."

I blushed at the mention of my 'little ass'. The three girls just laughed and Lisa took my hand and they ushered me across the pool hall to the bathrooms in the back.

I felt even younger as we crossed the hall and I elicited the stares of many of the older patrons, mostly rough looking men and some rough looking women too. I told myself over and over not to make eye contact and I didn't. I felt relieved when we got to the ladies room and suddenly felt a strong urge to just relieve myself and get out of this place. I started for a stall and Lisa pushed in front of me.

She turned when I almost ran into her and said, "Oh sorry, I really have to go if you don't mind." Rude, but I just smiled back and stepped off to the side.

One of the other girls entered the other stall, leaving me to wait outside with the third girl. The sound of urine splashing on the other side of the stalls did nothing but enhance my need for release. At length, I looked up at last to see the petite brunette, just around my height, but with a much smaller chest, looking back at me with a smirk on her face. She was wearing a pair of black booty shorts, leaving a peek of her ass cheeks extending out. Her belly was bare, revealing a belly button ring, topped by a cami top that came just below her breasts. Her long brown hair hung down over her shoulders and half way down her back and her huge brown eyes were piercing, almost painfully.

"I guess you know my name is Carrie," I finally whispered. I felt like such a kid around these girls. It was so unlike me to be intimidated by anyone, but this group had made a point of excluding me from the moment they got into the car.

"Yeah." The pretty brunette replied. She seemed mean. I turned my gaze again to my boots.

The girl laughed. "I'm Jess, that was Lisa who was ahead of you and the other is Karissa."

I smiled then, at least she was being friendly, and I looked up at Jess to hopefully finally engage someone in conversation. She cut across me before I could say a word.

"You are pretty young huh?" Jess blurted out. She reduced me to feeling insignificant again in an instant.

"I guess. I am graduating high school next spring." I answered sheepishly. Young? Like these girls were 21 or 22 at the most. Wow! Like three or four years was that much of a difference. I couldn't wait until this date was over.

"You should really do something different with your look." Jess said matter-of-factly. "I mean long skirts are so... well, I guess you are happy with the look. Never mind."

I felt like crying. I just wanted to go home. "It isn't like I choose all my clothes." I muttered. Meanwhile, the long denim skirt had been something I had bought with my own money. Damn it was designer and expensive. The button up was a good match for it too... so I thought. Damn. I just fidgeted with the bottom of my shirt and prayed a stall would open so I could avoid this belittling conversation.

Jess laughed. "You want some help Carrie? I can help you look older if you like."

I looked up to see if there was going to be another crushing blow. "Umm. Sure, I guess."

"Don't guess. Do you want my help or not?" Jess countered, in a tone almost insulted that I wouldn't jump at the opportunity for help.

"Yes. I'm sorry. I would really appreciate it." I managed a smile. She had me wound up at this point. I mean, yeah, I'm only in high school, but I thought I looked a bit older. Hell, I had a better body than she did. I was pissed off deep inside, but still, I was the kid crashing the college party, so I felt quite out of my element.

"Okay." Jess looked me up and down. The block boots, the mid-calf denim skirt, the button up short sleeve denim shirt, she exhaled deeply. At length, she pulled her purse up and sat it on the sink. "Well, let's hurry, we don't have a whole lot of time. Here, take off that top first."

I must have looked at her like she was from outer space. "Umm, excuse me?"

Jess just threw her head back and tossed a very demeaning look her way. "Your top. Your shirt, that button up mess covering your breasts." She held her hand out for the garment.

I just stood there in shock. No way...

"Oh forget it little girl." Jess started packing her purse up.

I felt like I had insulted her now. "Please." I said, almost so low that she couldn't hear it, but I knew she did. She had turned her back to me, but I saw her smile in the mirror. I should have known by the look of contempt in her smile that I was in way over my head with this girl. For some reason, I wanted to be accepted by this college bitch that much that I was willing to go against my better instincts.

I quickly unbuttoned and removed my shirt, covering one arm across my breasts and pressing the top into Jess's hand. "I'm sorry. Please help me."

Jess feigned disinterest for a second before returning to the sink and pulling a pair of scissors from her purse. She began cutting and tossing bits and pieces of fabric into the trash can. I felt a lump in my throat and tears welling in my eyes as I watched my shirt being destroyed. Julie, meanwhile, took every opportunity to look at me in the mirror. I think she was smiling though it looked a bit menacing.

"Okay" Jess said at length. "Now, you can't wear a bra with this so take it off and put this on." She handed me the cut up top.

I felt tears of embarrassment, I mean, okay, I had been naked in the showers at school, but never in a public bathroom. I choked them back and reached back to take off my bra. I fumbled with the clasp more than I had ever done since I started wearing a bra years ago.

I handed it to Jess and quickly pulled the cut up top onto my back, tugging the ends to button it. The move wasn't quick enough to prevent a good look at my breasts by Jessica though, who flushed my cheeks with embarrassment at her deliberate stares. Somehow, I completely missed what happened to my bra.

The shirt did everything Jess had planned. She had cut off the collar and the sleeves and most of the bottom half of the shirt, leaving my belly exposed. She had cut one shoulder off entirely and cut the one on her right shoulder to a brief inch of frayed fabric. She had cut a V into the top to reveal my cleavage. Only two buttons remained, holding precariously to my now loose breasts. Did I mention that I have pretty large breasts? A solid C cup, very firm and now pressing against the rough denim of my shirt. In the mirror, I saw my mouth drop open as I noted that I could see the globes of my breasts through the opening between the two remaining buttons. The left side, which had been cut free of any support whatsoever, hung loose, barely covering the top of my breast, leaving a great deal of it revealed. The shirt was cut so it hung loosely over my breasts, just barely covering them from the bottom. I could feel the air tickling the bottom of them where they were exposed to any view from below. I also noted that my nipples, now scratching against the denim, had become quite erect, almost painfully so, and were protruding like two buttons through the fabric of my... well, what was left of my shirt.

"Skirt." Jessica smiled, enjoying her handiwork immensely.

"Oh." I replied, looking up at the smiling and uncompromising face of Jess. The staring contest was over in under a minute and I returned my gaze to the floor as I unbuttoned my skirt and slid it down my hips, then my thighs, stepping gently out of it before handing it over to Jessica's evil devices.

Jessica smiled and stared at me as I stood there only in the tight material of my bikini panties and my now outrageously sexy shirt. It didn't take her long to figure out what to do as her scissors began to make short work of my skirt. She cut and cut and cut some more, holding my skirt up to admire her work, cutting some more, holding them up to me, cutting some more, before finally tossing back far less than half the weight of the original skirt.

I was quick to pull the remaining fabric up over my hips. Much like the top which now hung from the right side only, the skirt was cut along the waist band now so that it hung from my right hip and fell halfway down my left hip, barely held up by the width of my hips. The length had been reduced to a little shy of mid-thigh. I knew if I bent over, I would be giving someone a peek at my panties. I was going to have to be very careful sitting down too.

But it didn't stop there. Jessica had cut a slit in the right side leaving the material of the skirt to spread open around the top of my right thigh and hip, only a frayed inch of material holding to my right hip. The slit was cut in a 'V', ensuring that my flesh would be revealed, not to mention the side of my bikini panties where they hung on my right hip.

"Damn I'm good!" Jessica finally cried out as she took in her handiwork. She was beyond pleased with herself and I swore I heard Lisa and Karissa giggling from the stalls. "Girl you need a thong. Here give me those panties."

I looked down at the revealed side of the panties. I sighed as I realized it looked ridiculous. After a moment of hesitation, a long moment, I finally let a tear drop off my cheek and reaching under what was left of my skirt, pulled my panties down off my hips and stepped out of them. I reluctantly handed them over to Jessica who couldn't start fast enough with the scissors.

"Shit!" Jess exclaimed. She held the panty up by one side of the waist band. She had 'accidentally' cut the waist band in half. "Well... I'm sorry Carrie, but you know, I go without panties sometimes. Never in a skirt that short of course." She laughed, as did Lisa and Karissa. I began to wonder what could possibly be keeping them in there so long.

My face was so grim, I felt like calling my mom to pick me up and take me home. "Wh-what am I going to do Jess?" My mother would kill me if she had to pick me up in this and here of all places.

"Okay, I'm not wearing any panties or I'd let you borrow mine. Umm, I guess I could knot tie them. Let's try that."

I felt kind of grossed out that she would even suggest me wearing her panties. I figured she could tie the cut side and be done with it. But before I could even suggest it, Jessica snipped the other side in two and cut some fabric here and there. She tied a slip knot in one side, then handed my destroyed panty back to me.

"Slip it on and tie the left side up under your skirt." Jess instructed her.

I hate to admit it, but I suddenly felt very sexy as I pulled the panty up over my ass. It was rather ingenious actually. Jess had cut all but about an inch of fabric that went from the middle of my waist in front to the middle of my waist in back. The leg bands she had cut and pulled front over the waist band and back over the waist band there, looped on both sides and tied with little bows up into what was now a T-string panty. On the right side was a tightly tied bow, so I duplicated the bow knot on the left and pulled the waistband neatly under the waist band of my skirt.

The fit was extremely tight with so much of the waist band and leg bands now pulling and stretching to accommodate the size of my hips which had fit snugly inside them when they were whole. I could feel the material in front tugging up on my pussy and in back the material had completely buried itself between my ass cheeks. The amount of bared skin beneath my now brief skirt was thrilling.

"Okay, I have to go to the bathroom. Lisa, Karissa, for crying out loud, are you giving birth or what? Come out here and help her with her make up." The stall doors opened and Jess went in as the other girls came out and instantly began fussing with my makeup. They applied rouge, eye shadow, lipstick, eye liner, lip liner, all in generous amounts and as they finally withdrew, I couldn't believe what she saw in the mirror.

I looked like a hooker, but not having seen many hookers, I figured I looked like a college girl. Just then, Jessica came out of the stall. "Nice job you two." She congratulated the others. "You better hurry and go to the bathroom Carrie, we have been in here awhile. We'll go out and let the guys know you are on your way."

"Okay." I replied. Still staring awestruck at my visage in the mirror, I finally broke the trance and went into the stall to relieve myself. I barely registered the three girls leaving. When I pulled down my newly fashioned T-string, it clung to me in places, well, it was very tight. I had to roll them down to my knees before sitting down. As I lifted what remained of my skirt in back to sit, I heard a light ripping sound. The waist band had ripped a bit more than where it was cut and was threatening to rip in two!

I knew I would need to be very careful. For now though, I felt a great relief as I let go of my bladder. I was just finishing cleaning up, when I heard a couple of women come into the bathroom and one of them tried the stall door I was in. "Just a second." I answered through the door as I hurried to wipe myself and stood up to another slight rip sound. I carefully tugged the T string up tight. I hated to admit it, but I loved the feeling of my pussy being squeezed by that tight material. I considered tying it even tighter, unsure if that was even possible, but decided against it because the guys would surely be waiting for me by now. So I carefully lowered my skirt, flushed and opened the stall door to see a raven haired woman in a black mini skirt and cut off T shirt staring me up and down.

"Nice work. Did you do all that yourself?" She asked in a throaty voice.

"Ermm. No, my friend helped me with it. It was actually her idea entirely." I answered.

"Your umm, friend Jessica by chance?" The woman returned.

"Umm... yes, that is her." I replied as I moved to the sink to wash my hands.

"You know they left you here right?" The woman asked.

My eyes must have bulged near to falling out of their sockets. "What?" I turned to face the woman. "No, they just went out to let the guys know I was on my way." I quipped defiantly. I dried my hands quickly though just in case.

"Sweety, when you get back from the parking lot, come see me. I'll give you a ride home." The woman smiled and went into the stall.

I couldn't believe my ears. Surely Rick wouldn't leave me at this pool hall. I ran through the door and past the stares and now more than a few whistles to the front door. The big man, Joe, was still there, he smiled at me as I rushed by. Pushing open the door and running into the parking lot, I searched frantically for Rick's SUV. I ran down the aisles, thinking he must have hidden his truck as a joke. No sign of him anywhere.

I ran through the parking lot twice, tears streaming from my eyes by the second time around. Finally, defeated, and a little concerned over the stares of the guys and girls who were hanging out in the parking lot, I returned to the lights of the awning in front of the pool hall. Sitting on the curb, I was careful to keep my thighs and knees tight together.

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