tagBDSMDarla's Games Day 02

Darla's Games Day 02


Day 2: Sunday


Oh the pounding in my head. Please shut up!

"Carrie! Get down here now!"

My mom's voice, oh my head. I definitely drank too much last night. What happened? Where?

I gasped aloud and sprung upright. I was still naked, as I had been left last night. I had just been dreaming about the tenderest kiss from a ... boy? No, that wasn't right. It started to sink in. The events began to replay and I looked around my room and noticed immediately that my hamper was missing. No, it was not a dream. I sighed and internally screamed at myself for being so... whatever I was to get into this waking nightmare.

My head pounded. I felt like I wanted to cry or throw up or something. I masturbated in front of them! Oh God.

"Carrie! If you don't get your ass out of bed I am going to come up there and drag you out." Mom was getting impatient.

"Coming!" I yelled, and instantly regretted it as the pain of my hangover rocked through my head.

I instinctively went to my underwear drawer and opened it to find what shouldn't have surprised me. It was empty. No point even checking the bras. I went to my closet and picked out the longest skirt I could find. I can't believe this. It is mid thigh. My mom is going to freak. I grabbed a shirt that hadn't been altered and tugged it over my shoulders.

I looked in the mirror. Did I look hung over? Would my mom know? She drank all the time, so she probably would. Damn. My nipples poke through this tee shirt, how can she not notice I'm not wearing a bra?

I shrugged, what else was there to do? I went to the bathroom, splashed my face with water and brushed my teeth, hoping to scour away any scent of the wine coolers. I looked about as bad as I felt. The heavy makeup from last night was still on my face. I grabbed a wash cloth and turned the water warm and spent about a full five minutes returning my face to an unpainted, albeit redder from scrubbing version of myself.

I sat down to pee and there she was at the bathroom door.

"God mom, I said I was coming!" I screamed at her.

"Would you care to explain what happened here last night?" My mom barked at me.

Damn, I'm busted. What does she know? What did she find? "What are you talking about mom?" My head is thudding. Every shriek of her voice is like a hammer cracking at my skull. I can't even talk normally without causing myself pain and the yelling at her is just agony.

"This!" She shrieked and held out a bottle lid.

I tried to see what she was holding up, but I was at a loss. "A bottle cap?" I looked and sounded as puzzled as I truly was.

"The cap to a wine cooler bottle Miss Innocent" She screamed. Oh please stop the screaming.

"I have no idea ... maybe YOU brought it home from the bar last night!" I yelled back at her.

"You better watch your mouth Carrie, or so help me I will send you to your father."

Okay, perhaps it is time for a Carrie history lesson to understand this dynamic of my story. My folks split up when I was about twelve. My dad, well, he got caught hammering away at my neighbor across the street. I guess it had gone on awhile before he got caught, because the two of them bought a house so he could move out and away. So now he has two mortgages, I guess. I see him, but he isn't really into the whole, I have a teenage kid thing, so he doesn't really spend any time with me. This is fine by me. I mean, he fucked around on my mom, he's pretty much an asshole right?

Anyway, his new girlfriend or whatever you want to call her is only like 28 or something and no way in hell she is going to be my mom. Sure, she is nice to me when she sees me. I go over for dinner now and then to hear my dad act like he still loves me... hah, whatever. But the reality is she isn't that much older than me. A little tart, my mom calls her. So, I don't want to live there.

"Where did you find it?" I asked, trying to regain some calm to my voice.

"In the parking lot in front of our house." My mom retorted as if she had me now.

"Oh my God mom! That could have been anyone! Are you seriously going to come in here and accuse me of drinking based on a freaking bottle cap in the parking lot?"

Her face kind of slackened. I rolled my eyes. Here it comes. I wiped and pulled up my skirt, praying she didn't notice the lack of underwear. It was like this about every Sunday. Mom goes out Saturday night, gets ripped and then feels all bad the next day about how much her life sucks and how bad of a mom she is and I have to console her somehow. God it's like a routine.

"Mom. Please don't." I beg. I don't have the energy for this right now. I need an aspirin!

"I'm sorry Carrie. I just don't want you to end up like me."

Yeah, as if that will ever happen. If my husband cheats, he can kiss his ass goodbye.

"Mom, I'm fine. Really." I hug her. I have to. It's part of the routine.

I notice her watch as I am hugging her. Its 9:45, wow did I oversleep. Then it dawns on me like a brick hitting me over my pounding head... They are coming!

I grab her shoulders and pull her back to look in my face. "Mom. Listen. You do great with me, I'm fine. I am supposed to meet Julie in like 15 minutes. I have to take a shower and go, I way overslept. Please Mom, don't do this."

Not now of all times. For all I know Darla will come and knock at the door. My mom would freak.

"Okay dear. You're right, you are a good girl. I'm sorry." She pulls away. I feel bad, I know she is going to cry for awhile, but better that than have a heart attack.

I had to shower, quickly. I start the water and strip off what little I am wearing and jump in. The water feels so good. My head is still throbbing, but the water is almost rehydrating me. I start to soap up, and when I get... down there... oh how I want to linger there and relive that kiss, but no, I have GOT to get out. I rinse, dry, and dress.

I brush my hair; run a blow dryer through it. Better. Presentable. Time check. I run to my room... what is that buzzing sound? Damn the cell phone. I forgot all about it. I reach for it and it stops buzzing. I look at the timestamp on the phone. 9:58. Okay, I am leaving. I grab a pair of socks, tug on my boots and run downstairs. I have to get outside before they get here.

"Bye Mom!" I yell out as I make my way around the corner. She doesn't see me, lost in her misery, but she yells back.

"Are you coming home for dinner?"

"Yeah, I think so; I'll call you from Julie's."

The phone buzzes in my skirt pocket. I lift it up and open it. "Hello?" I ask tentatively.

"Why didn't you answer last time I called?" It's Darla and she is pissed. What's new?

"Sorry... hold on..." I didn't want my mom to hear this. I held the phone down, grabbed two Tylenol from the cabinet and a bottle of water and jogged out the door. I put the phone back to my ear.

"Sorry, I was leaving the house. I was in the shower when you called the first time."

"I guess you need to learn something little girl. I don't care! I don't want excuses. You take that phone with you everywhere, do you hear me?" Darla yelled into the phone.

"I... I'm sorry." I said it, I didn't mean it. I mean really, fuck her. Maybe it was the time alone that made me feel this way, but I felt a bit more sure of myself today. Darla may make me play her stupid games for two months... less one week, but she sure as hell didn't own me.

I guess she detected the insincerity in my voice because she snapped back. "You will be. Turn right and walk around the corner. I don't want your mommy to see me. Actually, YOU don't want your mommy to see me." *click*

I walked. The more I walked the angrier I got. Who the fuck does she think she is anyway? I might be short, but I'm not going to be pushed around by that bitch all the time. I think Jill would have my back if it came down to an all out brawl, but I am not going to just hang on her every word.

I approached the end of the row and turned. There on the side of the street was Darla's car. She was standing beside it and no one seemed to be inside.

"Looking for your girlfriend Jill? Well she isn't here." Darla snarled at me. God, she was so nice when we were winning. What a bitch.

"Whatever." I said kind of under my breath.

"Stop!" She ordered me.

I did.

She looked me up and down. I was about 20 feet from her and the car. "Show me under your skirt."

Okay, this was when I was supposed to say something like fuck you bitch and we go to fists over the whole thing and I win and get my life back and this nasty thing goes back to the rock she climbed out from under and... I dropped my head. Yeah, that other thing wasn't really going to happen. I looked all around me. Some people were out, mowing lawns, chatting it up with their neighbors, it wasn't like last night.

I grabbed the hem of the brief skirt and quickly flashed my bare pussy to Darla.

"Yeah, you're fucked." Darla said with a smile on her face. "Forget something this morning little girl?"

I hated when she called me that. "What?" I called back.

"You didn't shave the beaver dipshit. But I'm glad you didn't really. It gives me a reason to punish you. Now get in the car." She held the door open.

I cursed myself for forgetting. How could I forget that? I was so mortified when she told me to do it. Damn, she has a reason, which is all she needs. I went to climb in and she grabbed my hips and stopped me.

"That is far enough." She held my hips tightly as she said it. "Hand me your skirt."

She couldn't be serious. I looked around nervously. There were definitely people in sight. I looked up at her, my eyes pleading for leniency, for understanding. There was none to be found in that cold stare. I looked around again. The car would block me pretty well. I'd just do it and be done. I grabbed the skirt and opened it and dropped it to my feet, quickly bending over, collecting it and handing it to her. I went to get in the car again.

"Stop." She ordered. "Wait there." She opened her trunk with the key and threw the skirt in. What the hell was she doing? "Throw me the shirt."

I really was worried now. At least my naked ass was below the level of the door. This would be a blatant view of my naked breasts for any neighbor that chanced to look my way. She looked at me expectantly, completely uncaring. I sat my water on the roof, ripped my shirt up and threw it at her and jumped into the car.

Darla tossed the shirt in with the skirt and slammed the trunk door shut. "Did I tell you to get in?"

That was enough. "Darla, I cannot run around naked in front of my neighbors. I don't care what you do to me, I won't do that."

She laughed. I knew I was in deep shit now. She slammed my car door shut and got in the driver side. "So, it's your neighbors you are worried about. Okay, I'll buy that. Let's go where your neighbors aren't." And she started up the car and pulled away from the curb.

"You will learn to care what I do to you, I promise you that." She sneered.

I shrunk down in the seat, praying that no one would see me like this. Her sneer wasn't lost on me. I felt all the anxiety again. I slammed the Tylenol in my mouth and gulped down the entire bottle of water. That felt good. Hydration was a good thing.

"Masturbate." Darla commanded as she left my neighborhood.

"I... what?" I asked, playing stupid.

"You heard me. Do it." I trembled. I didn't see a way out of it. I slid my hand down between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I had no intention of getting off or anything, just enough of a show to appease her demands. So I just gave myself a half hearted rub on my outer lips, nothing teasing or enticing like I do when I want to get myself off.

I kept doing this, frowning at her, despising her for everything. She noticed and glared at me between keeping her eyes on the road.

"Sit up and put on your seatbelt. I'm not getting a ticket, unless you want me to tack on another month for it." She was really a bitch.

But, I sat up, turning my face towards HER so anyone driving by and seeing the naked girl in the passenger seat wouldn't see my face. I kept rubbing roughly, I have to admit, any contact there does feel good, but no way was I giving her the pleasure of seeing me orgasm again if I could help it.

And on Darla drove.

She looked over at me and laughed. "Defy me all you want little girl. It doesn't matter. I enjoy the competition. In the end I will win and you will lose. So fight it, it gets ME off." She giggled.

"Where are we going anyway?" I asked.

"That is for me to know and you to find out." She replied sharply enough that I knew better than to press the issue.

"Why don't you try to think of Jill?" She laughed. "You really think she likes you don't you?"

This actually stirred a reaction from me. Yes, I did think she liked me, I was sure of it. She couldn't fake that kiss.

"You're so stupid little girl. Who do you think you belong to? It's me. You should be nicer to me and maybe it will be easier on you. But for now... Well, what do you know, we are here."

I looked up, and I nearly screamed. She was pulling into the exit for the mall. "No, please ..." I muttered.

She laughed. "Maybe next time you will show a bit more respect."

"Darla... come on, I mean, all my friends from school hang out here. Please don't do anything here." I was reduced from a resistant hard ass to near tears at the thought of what she might do here.

"Don't worry, I can't exactly parade you around naked in the mall. That would be illegal." She giggled. "And keep rubbing."

I returned to my half hearted rub as she pulled into the food court parking lot. The most popular parking lot in the mall with hundreds of cars lined up. She drove right by the front and I hid my face in my one hand while continuing to rub with the other. I know someone had to see my breasts. I mean we drove right by the front.

A few more turns and her laughing. Then the car stopped. She turned off the engine and I looked up. She was getting out. "Okay sweet pea, here is the deal. You sit there and rub your pussy until you are ready. I am going to open the trunk and go inside. Meet me at Tiff's Salon. Don't take too long or I will come in here and drag your naked ass right up to the front door, cops or no cops. Have fun." She chirped and slammed her door shut.

True to her word she opened the trunk and started singing really loud. Oh my God, she was trying to get people's attention. I kept rubbing even though she couldn't possibly have known whether I was or not. I guess I kind of enjoyed it. The edge was actually helping me to get myself together for what I was about to do. I watched as she made her way across the parking lot.

I scrunched way down in the seat and looked around me. People were intermittent, but everywhere. I was breathing so hard I thought I would hyperventilate. Damn, how was I going to do this? I tentatively cracked the car door open and looked around. Of course with the trunk up, I couldn't see right behind the car, but I could peer around through the windows and the windshield. I waited for a break in traffic and made a run for it.

I swung open the door and jumped out. Well, I tried to, the damned seatbelt yanked me back in. I unlatched it and jumped out and ran around the back of the car. I dove my hands in and grabbed my shirt and skirt and prepared to run back into the car to dress. Then I figured, why bother? I was here already, so I quickly tugged the shirt on, then the skirt up.

"Nice!" A guys voice, not good. I looked up, no one I knew, thank God for that. I smiled and slammed the trunk shut. Then I closed the door and adjusted my clothes to look like they hadn't just been thrown on.

I walked to the food court, went inside and checked the directory. I quickly found the salon and trotted off for it. I was completely out of breath by the experience and though only the one guy saw me, I was so turned on I couldn't think straight. I looked down in horror to see my nipples pointing straight out through my tight shirt. No bra. That sucked.

And I noticed then the stares I was getting. Guys practically drooling. Girls raising an eyebrow and being protective of their boyfriends. Some girls laughing and giggling in hushed voices to one another. I flushed so red I felt like I was burning up. I finally made my way through the throng of people and walked into Tiff's. People were there sitting and waiting their turns to get a hair cut or style or whatever. I looked around for Darla and finally saw her talking to a girl in the back of the Salon. I slowly focused in and nearly turned around and ran the other way. She was talking to Farin, this arrogant little cheerleader girl from my school. I didn't know that bitch had a job.

They were sharing a giggle and then Darla turned and saw me and pointed me out to her. She laughed out loud and then turned and talked in hushed tones to Darla again. I stood there and just flushed brighter red than before. I decided to leave when Darla walked over and grabbed my arm rather forcefully.

She leaned in and whispered in my ear. "Sorry, didn't know your rival worked here. Well, too late now, it's paid for. By the way, you owe me sixty dollars." And without further comment she walked me back to follow Farin into the back room. She pushed open a door to the side and what I saw made me stop dead in my tracks.

"No fucking way." I said a little too loud. What I saw was a room, much like that of an obstetrician. It had a stirrup chair, a bright light, everything but a doctor. Next to the chair were some heating pots and I knew what it was without Darla's comments, but she made them anyway.

"I told you to shave. You didn't, so get in the chair and deal." She shoved me into the room behind Farin, walked in and closed the door behind us.

I turned to her and looked up with pleading eyes. Okay, Farin wasn't like my 'arch-rival' or some crap from a B-rated teenage film, but she hung with the cheerleader crowd, while I was more, well, not with the cheerleader crowd. I never hung over football players or went to the 'cool' parties. I wasn't often invited and never cared to go. I didn't really get the abuse that the cheerleaders used their power for, but they didn't really like me either. I was cute, but independent. They hated that. I wouldn't join them, but I was liked enough not to be ousted from society, the way they preferred the rest of the school.

So, we knew a lot of the same people because I hung with a lot of 'in' kids just like her, though I wasn't 'in' in... Does that even make sense outside my head? I don't know. But this wasn't a good thing. I'll spell it out like that.

I leaned in and whispered to Darla. "Please, I'll do it; I don't care, but not her. I can't have her doing this. It's too, humiliating. Please, I'll do anything."

She whispered back, "You have sixty dollars on you?"

I sunk back.

Darla leaned in following me. "Then shut the fuck up and just get your wax. Think of her, waxing God knows whose nasty cooch every day." She giggled. Wow! Okay, Darla was giggling with me? What the hell brought on this change of events? I couldn't help but giggle with her, but I was taken aback all the same.

Well, needless to say, I got up there and with no panties, as Farin was quite amused to find, I just dropped my skirt and closed my eyes. She seemed to be in some kind of happy place as she hummed and started explaining everything ... not to me, but to Darla, though it was for my benefit I was sure.

"It will hurt you know. And judging by the size of this bush, it hasn't seen a pair of shears in, perhaps ever, it will probably hurt a lot. You're okay with that?"

I rolled my eyes. What a bitch.

"Yeah, it's what she wants, right Carrie?" Darla smiled at me.

I opened one eye, with a raised eyebrow and muttered, "Yeah whatever just do it."

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