tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDarla's Games Day 03

Darla's Games Day 03


Day 3 Monday>

Sleep came quick enough. I just cried myself there. However, it was not the most restful sleep I have ever had. I felt like I tossed and turned all night. How did I get into this mess? How was I going to get out? Would the next fifty-three days leave me with any sanity at all?

I woke to the sound of my mom yelling that she was leaving for work. I quickly tossed on a nightshirt. It had been cut off to my upper thigh, but at least it was quick. I ran downstairs and hugged her goodbye.

For a moment I felt safe in her hug. I wanted to stay there, but I knew she had to leave and I had to really get going. She hugged me softly back and kissed my head.

"You'd better hurry honey or you'll miss the bus." She reminded me as she headed out the door. I guess I had the look of anxiety on my face, because she turned back and added. "Are you okay Carrie? Is something wrong?"

I shook myself and forced a smile. "No, everything is fine mom. See you when you get home."

"Okay sweetheart." She smiled at me and walked out the door.

I was screwed. I had meant to set my alarm for about an hour ago and now I had less than half an hour to get out the door. I ran upstairs and threw my nightshirt off. I grabbed a skirt and shirt out of the closet without really looking at them and tossed them onto the bed. I jumped on the bed and slammed my hand against my pussy. I rubbed and fingered and closed my eyes until I saw Jill and finally felt an orgasm approaching so I stopped, panting and in need of release.

That had taken ten minutes. I only had twenty minutes to go. I grabbed a marker, still panting from my near orgasm and leaned way over and lifted my legs until I could see my own ass in the mirror on my dresser. I spread my left cheek wide and wrote D A R L A down the center as small as I could, with the hope that nobody would ever notice.

I then rammed two fingers back inside my still wet pussy and manipulated my nipples with my other hand. I did not want to have to do this at school. I closed my eyes. Not sure if you have ever noticed, but when you absolutely have to cum fast, you never can. It was so hard to block out visions of Farin and Rebecca commanding me around to get in the mood, but I finally got back to Jill and got so close I thought I would explode a second before I stopped.

I needed a shower and I had only about ten minutes left. I ran into the bathroom and jumped in while the water was still cold. I had a bath last night, so this was mostly to wake up and get going. I dried quickly, not having washed my hair and slumped back on the bed. Five minutes to the bus.

I quickly grabbed two rubber bands and stuck one around each nipple. I tugged my shirt on and yanked on my skirt and buttoned it. I tossed on a pair of socks and my favorite block boots and grabbing my backpack off the dresser, ran downstairs. I walked out the door just as the bus was pulling up at the corner.

Julie was there, in queue for the bus and I ran to meet her. She waved at me, her black hair blowing in the breeze across her face. She waited for me to catch up and we got on the bus together.

"Nice outfit." She laughed and I looked down to where her jade green eyes had indicated. Between the near orgasms and the nipple bands, my nipples poked out at my shirt. I hadn't even taken notice of how bad it was on my way out. The shirt was a tight T-shirt with our school name plastered across the chest. The skirt was denim and cut about mid-thigh. I looked slutty.

"Where were you yesterday?" She asked me. "With Rick? How did it go?"

Rick seemed such a distant memory anymore. That asshole. "No, not Rick, it really didn't go well at all, but I'll tell you about it later. What did you do yesterday?"

I was hoping to grasp a piece of normalcy by evading the very real problem that I had no idea what was going to happen to me at school today and worse, I had little say in what was going to happen.

"Came by looking for YOU." She laughed. "Your mom thought you were with me for some reason." She rolled her eyes. "Duh, like call me next time you want me to cover."

I laughed. "Yeah, sorry about that."

"So, I just hung out at home and read Cosmo." She stuck her tongue out at me.

It felt good to be normal again. "So come on Carrie. Spill it. What happened?"

I felt something deep inside my gut that told me I needed to vomit. But I suppressed it while I figured what I was going to tell Carrie. "Well, he dumped me off and left for some party." I didn't want to elaborate and I prayed she wouldn't make me.

"What a prick!" Julie answered. I mentally thanked her for not pushing.

"Yeah, pretty much." I answered.

"So what did you do yesterday then?" She asked. A logical follow up.

"I met some girl where I got dumped. She gave me a ride home last night. She just moved into town and needed some help cleaning her house and shopping and stuff." It was mostly the truth.

"Oh." Julie muttered. Great, she thought I had ditched her for some new friend and she was jealous. I almost had to laugh, if she only knew the truth.

"Well, hey, want to come over after school?" Julie offered.

"Sure. Only, I have to go home first and do my homework." I replied. I was trying to remember all the rules.

"Okay, well, why don't I come over your house and we can do homework together then?"

Now I had to think. Would it be against the rules to do my homework dressed if I had company? I wasn't sure. Hopefully, I could clear that up with Darla later if she called.

"Cool." I responded. I hoped it was.

Thankfully, Julie didn't grill me a lot about details of Darla. We arrived at school shortly thereafter and as I looked out the window, my heart sank. There, waiting right where my bus pulled in, were Farin and Rebecca and about half the cheerleading squad with them.

I wondered if it were possible to get off the bus and into school without them seeing me. Any hopes of that were shortly dashed as I could see Rebecca squealing with delight at the approach of my bus.

Julie and I were sitting about halfway back and unlike every other morning, I held back, feigning a problem with my backpack. "Go ahead" I told Julie, "I'll see you in homeroom."

"Don't be a goof." She shot back. "I'll wait with you."

"Oh really, it's cool. I can't find this stupid paper."

"Oh really." Julie mocked me and made a face that cracked me up. "I am not like in a rush to get to school. Stop being a spaz."

Of course, it took me two seconds to find the paper I never needed to find anyway and we were jumping into the line to exit the bus. I kept looking over towards the cheerleaders. Farin was animatedly talking on the phone and she was looking right at me. We made eye contact and she smiled widely and hung up her phone.

Within about two seconds I felt the phone in my skirt pocket buzzing. I blushed. I wished Julie had gotten off ahead of me. I pulled the phone out and held it to the ear furthest from her.

"Hello?" I said as if I didn't know who it would be.

"Good morning little girl." Darla sang into the phone. "I know you saw Farin outside the bus, she just told me you were delaying getting off. How many times did you almost cum this morning?"

I shuffled down the row behind the other students, wishing they would go slower for the first time. "Two." I answered in a low voice, as if this were some kind of revelation of my depraved life.

"Wonderful. Look, I know your friend Julie is there with you. I gave Farin a perfect way to get you away from her without raising too much suspicion. Just play along and everything will be fine." She paused for a few seconds. "Is my name on your ass?"

I blushed bright red. We were almost at the front of the bus. Julie kept mouthing to me, asking when I got a phone and who was on the other end. I smiled at her and held up a finger to tell her later. "Yes." I finally answered. Just saying yes made me feel so exposed for some reason, like the whole bus was in on the secret.

"Good girl. Have a fun day today. Any plans for after school?"

I was really glad she brought it up. I had completely forgotten. "Yes, my friend Julie is coming over after school to do homework."

Darla laughed. "Okay, in your room, and you will be naked. I'll call you around 4 to see how it is going." *click* She hung up.

My mouth dropped. How the hell was I supposed to parade in my room naked in front of Julie? This was getting to be too much. I descended the steps from the bus and was right behind Julie, who turned around, seeing me put my phone away and tore into me at once.

"Cool! When did your mom let you get a phone again?"

My mom had taken away my cell phone privileges about three years ago when a two hundred dollar bill arrived at our house. "Erm... well, she doesn't really know about it."

Farin was walking forward. I shook with fear. How was I going to get away without Julie?

"So how did you get it?" Julie followed up.

"Hey Julie! Hi Carrie!" Farin greeted us with such pleasantness it made my stomach churn. "Guess what?!"

Julie looked at her like she had insulted us by talking to us. "You got a venereal disease?" Julie laughed. I guess we were kind of mean to the cheerleaders, not without reason of course.

Farin made a face at Julie. "Noo. We have some openings this year for the cheerleading squad and the girls and I want you two to come try out!"

Julie laughed. I shook. This was how they were going to get me away from Julie and this was going to be a major problem in my relationship with Julie. We laughed at the cheerleaders all the time. Making fun of them was a big sport for us.

It was actually my pushing of Julie and our friends that led to a kind of animosity between us and the cheerleaders. Julie actually tried to talk me into joining them with her back in our first year at high school. But I had quickly shot that thought down and perhaps convinced her how cheerleaders sucked. Maybe I was jealous, I don't think so. I just always stereotyped cheerleaders as ditzy blondes and all that went with it.

"Come on! You know a part of you always wanted to be a cheerleader. Everyone wants to be!" She leaned into us conspiratorially and Julie and I both backed up a little, for different reasons. "Look, I know we haven't gotten along very well, but this can all change. I swear the girls all want you both to join. You are both popular and attractive and we think you would make an awesome addition to the squad. Think about it, extra time out of classes, field trips to all the games, and just being part of our crowd, I mean most girls would die for the opportunity."

Julie scoffed. "Yeah right Farin. No way we are going to let you boss us around. I have seen how you treat your "recruits". I am sure as hell not going to let you paint my face red and black. Besides, I think our grades are too high to qualify." She smirked.

Farin lost her cheerful face for a split second, but maintained very well. "Tell you what. No hazing. I swear it. I mean you two are seniors, that stuff is strictly for freshmen and sophomores. You don't even have to paint your face." She smiled so brightly I wanted to punch her in the face.

I looked over to Julie who was still laughing at the prospect. I rolled my eyes and clinched my fists at what I had to do next. "Let's do it."

Julie's face first looked like she was waiting for the punch line, then she looked just dumbstruck that I would even consider it. I looked up at Farin, who was smiling so wide I hoped her cheeks hurt later. I pulled Julie off to the side.

"Look, you know how I feel about cheerleaders. But, hey, if we can get in easy, we can go to all the football parties. You know we always wanted to go. Let's just try it out for a little while and see how it goes. If nothing else, we can get some good info and totally fuck with them all later." I actually meant all of that. We were jealous of some of the party stories we heard in school. And I totally meant to exact some revenge on at least two of the cheerleaders in about two months less a week and a day.

Julie's face was one of astonishment until the last sentence. I saw a mixture of emotions in her face, disgust, excitement, mostly excitement. "Okay, let's do it."

We walked back to Farin. "We'll try it for awhile." I told her.

"Yeah!" Farin cheered and ran and told the other members of the squad who ran up and surrounded us. Four of them drug Julie off toward the locker room to get an outfit. She looked back for me and called out to me, but I knew I wasn't going with her.

"Let's go quick, we don't have a lot of time." Farin's smile dropped and I followed her and Rebecca up the steps to the front doors.

We walked into the front doors and turned right. Farin led the way. Rebecca walked behind me. She started talking trash as soon as we started.

"Guess what Carrie?" Rebecca started in.

"What?" I rolled my eyes. I so wanted to punch her right now.

"Brad's cousin needs a date this Friday night. I told Brad we could double. Isn't that cool?" Rebecca giggled. "I told him you wouldn't put out, but you were a definite for a blowjob and he was thrilled. He can't wait to meet you."

I held my tongue for awhile, had to bite it to prevent a sharp retort. "Hope you cleared that with Darla first." I had a slight hope that would set her back a step or two.

"Well of course I did silly. She even told me to take pictures for her."

I guess that settled any plans for Friday night. I was so out of control. I hated it.

"In here." Farin stopped and pushed me into the girl's bathroom. I walked in. Two of the six stalls were closed. She grabbed my hand and led me to the wide one in the back. Rebecca followed us in and it was a tight fit even with the wider size of this stall.

"Skirt." Farin said simply and held out her hand. I looked up at her eyes and found meanness there. Rebecca started opening her backpack. I started unbuttoning my skirt and with a zip, was sliding it down off my hips, down my thighs and to my ankles. I bent over to pick them up.

"Just stay there a minute." Farin smiled and grabbing my hips, directed me to turn sideways so she could squat behind me. "I'm so glad you stay clean Carrie. This would really be a sucky job if you didn't like wipe properly." She kept her voice low, but this was the bathroom, so I knew it Carried to whoever was in the other stalls. She grabbed my ass cheeks and I winced with embarrassment.

Farin then spread them a great deal wider than was necessary and started reading... "D A R L A. Wow, you really can write tiny. How many times did you masturbate today?"

I flushed. Anyone could be in those stalls. For their part, they were staying so quiet, not moving a muscle. "Twice." I whispered.

"Oh goody!" Farin stood up and slapped my ass. "Sit down and let's get number three out of the way now. But let me have the shirt first." She held out her hand and I just lifted my shirt off and handed it to her. She giggled as she noticed the rubber bands on my nipples.

I now stood naked except my boots and I felt their eyes burn into me as I sat down on the toilet seat and spread my legs. I couldn't do this with them watching. There was just nothing exciting about it. I clinched my eyes tight to block them out and began lightly brushing my lips. I just rubbed the outer lips at first. I wondered, if I delayed long enough and the bell rang, would they have to stop this?

I figured, probably not, so I may as well get it over with as fast as possible. I pictured Jill. Her kiss seemed to be my "go to" now for mental images. Of course, in spite of everything, I was still pretty turned on from earlier. I usually don't stop. So, it surprised me how fast I found two fingers pumping my little hole and my thumb pressing down on my clit and my body barreling towards an orgasm. I wasn't going to stop... I was really close. I moaned aloud and realized, I needed this orgasm. Then, just as I felt the edge was pinnacled, someone grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

"Ah ah ah" Farin shook her head no as I tried to pull my hand back to finish up. "You know the rules." She laughed and smelled my fingers. "Lick them." She ordered.

My eyes flew open and I started at her. I shook my head no. I had never done that before and I had no intention of starting now.

Farin and Rebecca were watching intently, expectantly. "Oh come on. It's at least just your own pussy juice this time." She giggled. She started pushing my had towards my face.

I looked at her. I looked then to my hand slowly getting closer to my lips. I was going to do this. As much as it disgusted me, it was going to happen. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and nearly gagged from the thought of what I was doing as I closed my lips over my fingers. In all honesty, the taste wasn't bad. It wasn't going to replace Diet Dr. Pepper as my favorite soft drink, but it wasn't completely gross either.

I tried to stop after a brief taste and open my mouth and pull away, but Farin held my hand there, so I left them in my mouth. The taste didn't fade for awhile and I eventually had to swallow. The slightly tangy residue assaulted my psyche but still, the longer I dealt with it, the lest grotesque I felt over what I was doing and upon Farin's encouragement, I started sucking softly on my finger tips.

She smiled with glee, watching me suck on my two fingers for awhile and finally removed her own hand from mine. "Nice." She said.

"Now, let's do it all over again." Farin smiled. Rebecca giggled. My mouth sank open.

"See you at second period." Farin laughed. "I'd love to now, but we just don't have the time."

Rebecca tucked my clothes into her backpack and tossed me a cheerleading outfit. "Hurry and try it on. I think I got the right size." She laughed.

I stood on trembling knees, still a bit weak from the near orgasm, and I first pulled on the sweater. It was white with red and the school mascot, a black panther, on the front and the name of the school around the mascot. To say the sweater was tight was a gross understatement.

As I struggled to pull my head through the top, I realized this sweater had to be about five sizes too small. Well, it was like a kid's size. I finally pulled it around my head and it was so tight around my neck. I looked at Rebecca and Farin's grinning faces. "There is no way I can get this thing on." I growled at them.

"Well, you aren't getting these back, so you'd better." Rebecca smirked, indicating my clothes that were now in her bag.

For the next two minutes, they giggled like mad while I struggled and tugged to get my arms in and then pull the tight sweater over my breasts. I finally succeeded in getting my breasts in, after considerable squishing and pushing. I looked down. It was ridiculous. Somehow, and I have no idea how they did this, they found a sweater with like gorilla arms compared to the rest of it. The arms actually fit to my wrists. The problem was, the chest part was apparently made for a little girl with no boobies.

My breasts were actually hugged into my body by the tight sweater, making them look smaller. I guess that was a good thing. The problem was my nipples. Because of the near orgasms and the rubber bands, I was at a high level of arousal and now my nipples were poking right through the sweater, obvious to anyone who cared to notice.

The bottom of the sweater rested about four inches above my belly button, which meant I would be showing a lot of midriff today. Rebecca and Farin were so pleased with themselves. I wanted to punch them both. Rebecca held out the skirt. I have seen cheerleader skirts before, I never wore one, of course. Well, suffice it to say, this one had no panties attached. I pulled them on, they were elastic at the waist, thankfully, because I had a feeling as they got stuck at my upper thighs, these went with the sweater I was wearing.

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