Darla's Games Day 04


I kissed up across her breasts. Softly and gently, I tasted the sweat on her skin. I kissed her throat and her chin and finally ended with her lips. No passion and tongue, just soft, loving kisses that she eagerly returned.

I held her in my arms, she weakly draped her arm around me as we turned and lay side by side, facing each other. I pulled her head to my shoulder and lay on my back. I softly caressed her cheek.

"I love you Carrie." She whispered and I smiled and we fell asleep.


I was awakened by the sound of my mother's voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw not only my naked body in my bed, but Farin's as well. I jumped up and ran to the door.

"Hey mom, I'll be right down."

I shut the door. Farin was still asleep. I locked my door and ran over and started shaking her. "Farin," I tried whispering. "Farin wake up."

She had a smile of contentment plastered on her face. I shook her harder and she slowly opened her eyes. "Hey Carrie. I was just having the most wonderful dream." She smiled.

She apparently noted the concern in my face and stopped smiling so widely, but still held a quite happy look. "Get dressed quick, my mom is home."

Farin giggled. "Okay."

I rolled my eyes. This was not funny. I quickly grabbed my skirt and shirt and tugged them on as Farin tossed around on the bed lazily picking up bits of her own clothes and putting them on.

"Hurry up Farin." I whispered. "We have to go downstairs quick before she suspects something."

Farin pulled her skirt up and zipped the side. She wiggled up to me and hugged me. "You worry too much. Just tell her we were studying." She leaned in and kissed my lips.

I kissed her back softly but briskly and pushed her back. "Please don't Farin. Come on, I'll introduce you. Just be normal."

"I am normal." Farin smiled at me. "I can't help being in love." She tried to kiss me again and I held her at bay.

"Farin, please!" I yelled at her, though in a whispered tone.

"Fine." She squeezed my ass and sat down to put on her socks and shoes. "You don't have to introduce me as your lover." She made a mock phase of disappointment, and then laughed.

I was a total wreck. I could smell her sex on my face and really throughout the room. No way could I kiss my mom with pussy breath. I told Farin to wait for me while I brushed my teeth. She laughed.

I went in and started to quickly brush when I heard a conversation from downstairs. 'That bitch.' I thought as I hurriedly finished, washed my face and headed down to see what she was up to.

Farin and my mom were talking, sitting at the dining room table. I got to the steps and heard the last piece of the conversation. Farin said that she would call her mom so she wouldn't worry.

I got to the last step and my mom smiled at me. "Hi honey." She smiled. "Farin was just telling me that you two got tied up studying and so you forgot to make dinner so I ordered a pizza."

I went over to her and gave her a quick kiss and turned to glare at Farin. As my mom divulged the remainder of their conversation, my glare was well based. "I invited her to stay for dinner, she said you two have a lot more homework to do so you can have a bite and then finish up."

I couldn't believe she had invited herself to stay. Farin just smiled innocently at me and excused herself to make a phone call. She went into the bathroom and closed the door and I just knew in my heart she was calling Darla. "You never told me you were friends with Farin." Mom smiled; as I sat down and popped open a can of soda. "How long have you two been friends?"

"Just a few days," I replied, "I've known her a long time, but we just started getting to really know each other since I joined the cheerleading squad."

"You what?" Mom asked rhetorically. "When did this happen? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Just yesterday. They asked Julie and me to join and so we did. It's no big deal really."

"My little girl is a cheerleader." Mom looked so pleased. "Well congratulations. How is Julie anyway? I haven't seen her since Sunday."

"Oh, she's fine. She's great actually." I looked up and Mom wouldn't drop that silly grin. "Mom, it's really not a big deal."

"If you say so Carrie," she smiled.

I rolled my eyes. "How was work?" I was desperate to change the subject.

"Oh, it was just like every other day. Though Judy made some mistake in typing some figures and got into a bit of trouble today. That was rather entertaining." She smiled as she reminisced. Not to go into it, but Judy wasn't well liked by my mom.

Farin came bouncing out into the kitchen with a wide smile on her face. "Hey Carrie, mom says I can spend the night if it's okay."

Nothing could have prepared me for this. My mouth dropped wide open and I just stared at her. She was smiling so innocently and before I could yell 'no', I heard my mom say, "That would be fine Farin. But, do you need to get a change of clothes?"

Good thinking Mom! No way could she spend the night without bringing a change of clothes.

"Oh, actually, I just put these on after practice, so I can wear them tomorrow. I'll come better prepared next time." She giggled, as did my mom. I found nothing at all humorous about this situation.

"Well Farin," I was not at all interested in her spending the night in my bed. "Maybe we should just do it another time. I mean, you don't have any nightclothes or anything."

"Carrie, I think she could borrow one of your nightshirts for the night." Mom broke in. I stared at her incredulously as she basically let Farin invite herself to spend the night. She just rolled her eyes at me and turned to Farin. "Tell your mom that would be fine Farin, you can ride the bus with Carrie tomorrow." I wanted to yell at my mom right then, but I couldn't think of a good reason why I didn't want Farin to stay the night. It wasn't like I could say, 'well Mom, I just licked Farin's cunt and I just don't think it would be appropriate for us to spend the night together in the same bed.' Julie had stayed over pretty regularly, usually at least once a week since Middle School, so I guess she thought the same should apply to Farin.

Farin pulled her hand from the phone and put it to her ear and said, "Yeah Mom, I'm going to spend the night, I'll see you tomorrow."

She didn't hang up right away though. She listened and nodded a few times. Her eyes were locked on mine and I know mine were showing my fury at her for doing this. Her expression changed several times. She looked happy, then ecstatic, then sad, then happy again, but she just said 'yes' and 'okay' as she listened on to what I was certain were instructions from Darla.

"Love you too," she finally said and hung up. Farin practically danced over to sit next to me at the table. "Thank you Mrs. Fitch." She smiled at my mom.

"Oh no problem at all," Mom answered. "You are welcome here anytime."

I rolled my eyes as Farin smiled at me. About that time the doorbell rang and my mom handed me a twenty dollar bill to go get the pizza. "I'll help." Farin smiled and jumped up to go to the door with me.

The hallway to the front door was around the corner from the dining room, so we left together, as if it took two people to carry one stupid pizza. I should have known she was up to something. I opened the front door and a young guy stood there with a pizza. He wasn't completely ugly or gorgeous, just somewhere in between. His brown eyes brightened at the sight of the two of us at the door.

Farin squeezed my hand and giggled. She took the twenty from my hand and intentionally dropped it on the floor behind me. "Oh clumsy me." She giggled.

The guy looked puzzled at her like she was a total ditz. Farin leaned in and whispered into my ear. "Turn around and spread your feet and bend at the waist to pick it up."

My eyes shot open. I know the guy saw it because he was looking at me like wondering what was up with my apparently goofy friend. I shook my head no, but she sucked my earlobe and whispered, "Do it."

My pussy was instantly throbbing so hard I couldn't stand it. I knew bending over like that with this skirt was going to show this guy my pussy. On the other hand, I didn't want to drag this all out too long and have my mom coming in to see what was taking so long. I winced in humiliation and turned, spread my feet and bent over praying the guy wouldn't think it was an invitation to whip his cock out and fuck me in the hallway.

I didn't look back to see him, but Farin told me later that the guy couldn't take his eyes off me. I bent over and felt the cool air on my exposed pussy as my skirt slid up over the bottom edge of my ass cheeks. Farin knelt down next to me and whispered, "Here, hand it to me and stay there."

I sighed deeply. For some reason, I didn't think Farin would do something like this to me. I thought she was in love with me? What happened to that? Nevertheless, I handed her the twenty and stayed bent over as she stood up and handed it to the delivery guy.

I looked up at him between my legs, flushing bright red with embarrassment, but he never even looked at my face. I could see the bulge pulsing in his pants and felt scared he might try to fuck me.

He handed Farin the pizza and slowly went into his pocket to fish out change. "That is twelve ninety-nine." He mumbled as drool dripped from his bottom lip. He counted out seven dollars in ones for Farin.

She took them and told him to wait while she figured out how much to tip him. He just kept his eyes locked on my pussy. I shuddered as I felt myself getting wet from this exhibitionism. Farin crouched down and handed me the dollar bills. "Here Carrie, you figure out how much to give him." Then she leaned and whispered. "Stay like that and hand it up so it brushes your pussy."

I whined out loud and quickly separated three bills from the group and reached up behind me through my legs, letting the bills rest lightly against my wet slit.

"God." The boy mumbled and leaned in to take the bills. He finally touched them and thankfully did not try to finger me or something like that, but as I let the bills go, he did press them against my pussy, dragging them up my slit and I gave a slight moan.

"Umm thank you." He nearly whispered in reverence.

"You're welcome." Farin giggled. She stood up and half pushed him from the doorway, closing it behind him.

I stood up and we walked into the kitchen. I had to pause a moment to will my red faced embarrassment away. I let Farin carry the pizza into the dining room as I walked into the powder room to splash some water on my face. I couldn't believe Farin had done that. I couldn't believe I had done that and at least a part of me enjoyed it.

My mom asked for me and I flushed the toilet and told her I was coming. I walked in and grabbed a slice of pizza and started to eat. I couldn't meet Farin's eyes for fear of giving her little teasing game away or wanting to slap her face.

After a half a slice, my mother and Farin had pulled me into their conversation about cheerleading and practice and the party on Friday night and of course, the sweet lovable cheerleader had already gotten my mom's permission for me to go.

About a half hour later, we had eaten our fill of pizza and Farin excused us to return to our studies. I headed up the stairs, Farin close behind me. Once we were up high enough she knew my mom couldn't see us, she reached up under my skirt and slid a finger on my pussy and I yelped and jumped up two steps.

I ran into my room, Farin close behind me. I jumped onto my bed and she closed the door and locked it and stood there grinning at me. I looked back at her and was ready to ask her what the hell was going on, when she leapt across the room and we started wrestling on my bed.

I whispered, "Stop, we are making too much noise." But Farin just kept on wrestling with me trying to push me onto my back.

"God damnit Farin!" I whispered angrily. "Stop it!"

She just giggled at me and kept on until she was straddling my waist and holding my hands down above my head. I looked up at her, hair covering half my face and I blew it to the side and glared at her. "What the fuck Farin?"

She just smiled at me. "I don't know, just wanted to see if I could kick your ass." Then she rolled over next to me laughing. "Guess now you know I can."

"Fuck you." I whispered. "I was trying to be quiet."

She turned to me and I looked back at her, breathing heavy with the exertion, as was she. "Fine, after school tomorrow then." She grinned. "I'll kick your ass behind the school okay?"

This was confusing the hell out of me. One minute she says she loves me and now she wants to fight me? I suppose the confusion showed in my face, because she laughed. "It isn't that Carrie. I just want to know if I can. I wouldn't hurt you. I couldn't hurt you." Her face softened then and she leaned in, closing her eyes to kiss me.

I was still pissed at her for a number of things. I let her kiss me, but refused to put any effort whatsoever into the kiss. She started squeezing my breasts and sucking on my lip. "Jeez Carrie, I'm just teasing you. Stop being so uptight. Kiss me back."

I didn't, still resisting even though her lips were so inviting and I really did want to, I was holding onto my anger with her at the moment and she could kiss me all she wanted, I was not going to reciprocate. "Fine Carrie, want to be a bitch about it? I have been really nice to you because I really do like you. I could be a total cunt like Rebecca is and will keep on being, but I haven't been that way have I?"

I looked at her and pouted. "Why are you fucking with my head like this? One minute you are nice to me and then you are forcing yourself on me." I wanted to scream at her, but I didn't want my mom to overhear. "If you want to be like your sister, then go ahead, but don't expect me to be all loving about it. I hate that bitch and if you want to act like her, I'll hate you too. I thought you wanted something different, if I'm wrong just let me know now and stop fucking with my head. I just can't take this shit anymore."

I felt like breaking down, but it wasn't the time. I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling and fought my tears, forcing them to stay put inside my eyes. There was a painful silence for a few minutes before she softly touched my cheek and pulled it to look at her.

She wasn't smiling and laughing anymore. I couldn't have handled that. "Hey. Carrie, I am not like my sister, but... you know that was her on the phone right?"

I nodded.

"Well, you also know she is watching and probably listening too right?"

I had actually let myself forget about that, but Farin's reminder brought a gasp to my lips. That meant Darla had seen me making love to Farin. I felt a bit sick all of a sudden.

Farin whispered to me. "Carrie, I do love you. But, Darla has already threatened to pull me out of this several times. Maybe I should, just get away at least until these forty-nine days are over. Believe me; the thought has crossed my mind more than once. I just figured, if I can get her to use me most of the time, I could save you a lot of pain, even though I know there are things I will have to do to appease my bitch of a sister."

"The pizza guy... well that was my idea, I thought it would be funny. Spending the night, while I'm ecstatic to be doing it, wasn't my idea, it was Darla's. I would love to be tender with you all the time, but if I am, I'm out of the picture. You know what Darla and her biker gang dykes are like. You don't cross them. They can be cruel as hell. If I didn't think my sticking around was going to help you, I'd leave right now. I think you feel the same way about me though you haven't said anything."

"Darla thinks you are just playing with my emotions to make your life easier, but I don't think you are like that. Maybe you'll prove me wrong, I don't know. This isn't easy for me either you know. My sister and her stupid friends have always ragged on me about being a lesbian. And Darla ..." She trailed off.

I looked at her eyes clinch as I waited for her to finish. I felt foolish. "Sorry," I whispered.

Farin opened her eyes and smiled insincerely. "Just try to make it through the next forty-nine days and if you don't dump me right afterwards, maybe we can start over." A tear started to form at her eye and I didn't want another crying session because I knew I would start crying too.

I attacked her hungrily. I kissed her hard and full on the lips and she instantly returned the aggression and passion. Our hands went to each others bodies. We quickly undressed each other, our mouths in constant contact; our tongues imbedded in each others mouths. The only time our mouths disconnected was when we pulled each others shirts over our heads.

Shirts and skirts, her bra and panties flew throughout the room in a flurry of ravenous undressing. When we were finally naked, our hands explored each other's bodies wildly. Up and down each other, mostly fronts, but sometimes caressing and squeezing one another on the ass. Our eyes were closed for the most part, as opening them wouldn't have done much good. Our lips were so tightly connected; at times I feared we would hurt one another.

"Carrie." Farin stopped kissing me a moment and spoke in a panting voice.

"What?" I huskily replied, my hands squeezing her gorgeous breasts as her fingers stroked mine and tugged gently on my nipples.

"You have to tell me before you cum okay?"

As turned on as I was, I didn't feel like I would be climaxing anytime soon. I just clasped my mouth over hers and kissed her again. She took her hands off my breasts and grabbed my face. "Seriously, you have to tell me okay?"

"Fine, I'll tell you." And I reached for her again, pulling her head to mine.

That said she started kissing her way down over my throat. She wasn't nearly as slow and sensual as I had been earlier, but this was different in many ways. There was a passion and a need in both of us that hadn't been there earlier. She worked her way down my body, sucking and nibbling on my nipples and grasping my breasts in her hands just jumped down to my pussy.

I groaned, but tried to keep as quiet as possible. Her mouth was on my sex and it felt fabulous. She was sucking at my lips, pulling them into her mouth. Her tongue danced feverishly up and down my slit. She slammed her face in with a hunger and devoured my pussy.

I had my hands on her hair and I was panting and writhing in seconds. "Oh god Farin," I whispered between pants. "I'm going to cum."

She gave me one deeper kiss to my clit and jumped away. I looked up at her in shock, my body shivering in need. My hips actually rose up off the bed to meet the last lick that would send me into heaven. I was panting and sweating. Three days of denied orgasm had me in such a need I began to slide my hands down to finish myself off right there in front of Farin.

She leapt forward, seeing my hands move there and grabbed my wrists and struggled with me. "Carrie, you can't! Please! I'll be in worlds of trouble."

"What?!" I exclaimed. "What the hell are you doing Farin? No! Let me go damn you."

But no matter how much I pleaded, she would not release my hands. Before too long the harshness of the need had relented and I stopped fighting with her, though I cried out in frustration.

"Why Farin? Why didn't you let me cum?" I asked incredulously.

She let her face droop into a deep frown. "This isn't going to be easy." She breathed deeply. "I'm supposed to do it four more times tonight."

"Do what?" I asked. "What are you talking about?"

We were both still out of breath. "Bring you to the point of orgasm and stop." She answered. "Darla's instructions of course."

"Wh-What?!" I asked. I couldn't believe this. I had been so close.

"Well, why did you think I asked you to tell me when? I thought you understood." Farin replied.

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