tagLesbian SexDarla's Games Day 07

Darla's Games Day 07


I woke up the next morning quite disoriented. For one thing, I was in Julie's room. I went to rub my eyes and found my hands covered in gauze. Then I felt Julie's arm around me and her body spooning mine. I lay still for awhile and let that comfort me.

My head hurt. My hands were in extraordinary pain. I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I wished I hadn't survived it. I took Julie's hand and kissed it. I was so glad she was there for me last night. I couldn't have faced my mom in that state.

I slid out from Julie, leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Thanks Jules" I whispered. It was early, but I knew I had a lot to do and I was going to have to face my mom this morning. I walked out of Julie's room and let her sleep a bit longer. Her mom woke up and opened her bedroom door.

"Carrie?" She called to me, squinting her eyes in the morning light.

"Yes Mrs. Petrili?" I answered stopping mid step and turning to see her.

"We were really worried about you last night. Are you okay? Is there anything you need to talk about? Anything that you don't want to talk to your mom about? I am here for you if you need anything dear. Should I get Julie up?"

I smiled at her. "No, really, you were great. I'll be fine. I'm heading home to talk to my mom now. Thank you so much Mrs. Petrili."

"You are most welcome anytime Carrie." She called after me.

I left and walked home. I opened the door and went in and my mother was at the kitchen table sipping coffee. "Sit down Carrie."

This, I was not looking forward to. Nonetheless, I trudged inside and took a seat across from my mom.

"What is going on Carrie?" She had been up most of the night. She had dark circles under her eyes and it pained me to see her like that.

"I got in a fight at school mom. It's not a big deal." I couldn't look into her eyes when I lied to her.

"Your hands are bandaged and you don't have a scratch on you anywhere else." She wasn't buying it. I guessed Julie's mom had told her what to expect.

"Yeah, pretty much. I broke her nose and I don't think she will ever bother me again." I fought the urge to smile at that thought. Carrie the bitch was back.

"Are you doing drugs Carrie?" She blurted out.

"What? Mom No! I don't touch them, you know that." I looked her in the eyes now, because that was the truth.

"Well, Julie's mom told me you were really out of it last night. You babbled and talked in your sleep and just curled up in a ball all night. They couldn't get you to make any sense."


"Yes Carrie" She answered.

"Please don't push me on this. I had a ... I don't know, like a breakdown. It's over now, I'm okay. That girl won't bother me again. I was upset and after I hit her, I beat up a tree. I'm okay now though, I swear. I just want to get a shower and get ready for school."

"Carrie, I don't know what to do with you. I was worried sick. You didn't even call me, you had Julie do it. What am I supposed to think? I almost called your father."

"Please mom. I'm sorry I worried you, I really am. I just didn't come home because I couldn't deal with it last night. I just wanted to go to sleep. I promise you, nothing is going on, it was a stupid fight and it won't happen again."

"Honey, why don't you just stay home today?" She sighed.

"Maybe." I answered. This could be good. Day off of school, stay home and chill all day. "I'll see how I feel after a shower okay?"

"Okay, I'll call into work and we can talk." She said.

"No, Mom, don't do that. Go to work, we can talk tomorrow, I promise."

"Okay, but you have my work number. You call me if you need anything, I mean it. Don't think that anything is too small to bother me at work okay?"

I smiled at her. "Sure mom."

I went upstairs and got undressed. Showering was hard. I put plastic bags on my hands to keep my hands dry and it is really hard to hold a bar of soap with wet plastic. I finally managed though. The enema, I did after the shower today. After my hands were dry, I brushed my teeth and hair and went into my room and locked the door.

I started on my orgasms, but I didn't feel like putting on a show for Jill and Sue today. I did it off to the side and was half way into my third when I heard the phone buzz. I stopped, pissed that it interrupted my masturbation and picked it up.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Good morning Carrie." It was Darla, I expected nothing else. "Listen, can you call out of school today?"

"Yeah, my mom already asked me to. I was thinking about it." I answered.

"Do that. We will come by around nine. Make a pot of coffee. Okay?"

"Okay." I answered. "Darla?"

"Yes Carrie?"

"Who are we if you don't mind me asking?" I wasn't sure if she was bringing Rebecca and Courtney over to kick my ass, but I figured they were going to eventually, so may as well get it over with. I just wanted to know if it was going to be today.

"Jill, Sue, Jackie, Rachel and me." She answered.

"Oh, okay. No problem." I smiled. That was a relief.

"See you at nine." *click*

I threw on a shirt and skirt and bounced downstairs. "Hey mom."

She was still there of course. "Yes Carrie?"

"I think I will stay home today and try to get my head right. I'll be fine though, don't worry. Call me if you need to." I laughed. "About anything at all."

She laughed at me. "Okay dear, get some rest today, no jogging I mean it. I'll call school from the car."

"Okay mom, love you."

"Love you too sweetheart." And she left for work.

I scampered upstairs and finished my last three near orgasms. I put my nipple bands on and wrote DARLA on my ass crack. I looked at the skirt and shirt choice and thought better of it. I had a nice black dress in the closet, one that they hadn't messed up. It showed a lot of cleavage, with a bra, and only came mid-thigh. I pulled it on and a pair of black flats and went downstairs. It was around 8, I had taken my time upstairs.

I had an hour to myself. I decided to put on some make-up, something I rarely do. I didn't go heavy at all, just a little mascara and eye liner and a nice red lipstick that set off the black dress. I don't know why I did it, I just felt like it. It wasn't to impress Jill or anything. I'm pretty sure it wasn't.

At 8:50 I put on a pot of coffee and at 9:00 the doorbell rang. I answered and the lot of them was there as foretold on the phone. Darla, wearing pink as usual, she smiled at me as she came in. Jackie in a scandalous lycra dress, looked at my hands, shook her head and winked at me. Rachel went with red thigh highs and would you believe a leather vest and mini. I giggled to myself and she smiled at me slightly confused.

Sue wore a skirt that barely covered her pussy and thigh high stocking and painfully high white heels. The skirt was white as well. Her top, a bandeau. She gave me a hug and walked in. Finally, Jill dressed in black leather pants, a black T shirt and about a two inch heel on her boots. She had her nails done black, very Goth. She hugged me and then grabbed my shoulders to hold me back so she could look in my eyes. I rolled my eyes at her and smiled. She giggled. "You amazing girl." And she walked by me.

They all helped themselves to some coffee and I stood by the counter and did my best to wait on their needs. They mostly turned me down though and got sugar or cream for themselves. Jill accepted though. So did Sue. And I was grateful for something to do in the few minutes of quiet while everyone settled in.

"Carrie." Darla started. "What happened yesterday...?" She broke off and turned away from me.

Jill looked at her and she finally caught the gaze. Jill was not smiling at her at all.

"Are you okay?" She asked, completely changing course.

"Yeah." I answered, like I had no idea why she would think I wouldn't be. "Oh! I did the five and the enema, want to see the rest?" I started pulling up my dress.

She motioned me to stop and got up and walked out of the room. I looked at the others and shrugged. "What did I do?" I whispered.

Jill laughed lightly and then got up to follow Darla. "Come on." I heard her in the front room. "Let's get some air."

They left and I waited for someone to talk. "Why is everyone being so quiet?" I whispered. "Please ..." I started. Why would they all be acting like this?

"Is Farin okay?!" I squealed. Oh my God, she is the only one it could be!

Jackie and Rachel looked at each other and shook their heads.

Sue started laughing her ass off.

"What?" I was thoroughly confused by this behavior. What was wrong with them? What was so funny?

"Carrie," Sue laughed, tears rolling down her eyes, "You are too fucking much girl. Oh God I love you. Farin is fine you ditz, we are worried about you." She laughed and soon Jackie and Rachel laughed a little too.

That felt a little more normal, though it pissed me off that they were laughing at me. "I'm fine." I said. I turned away and huffed.

"Now you're mad because we're laughing!" Sue shrieked and fell out of her chair and onto the floor laughing so hard she was crying.

Jackie and Rachel started laughing louder when she fell out of her chair and I couldn't help but chuckle a little myself.

"Well what is so damned funny? What did you think I was going to kill myself or something stupid like that?" I shouted, though I couldn't help to giggle at Sue rolling on the floor.

"Yeah something like that!" Sue laughed "You kill me girl." She stopped and pulled herself up to the table.

They all slowly stopped laughing and Sue, with a last chuckle asked me. "What do you remember about yesterday afternoon Carrie?"

"About Courtney?" I asked, sure that was what they were talking about.

"Yes, about Courtney." Sue said.

"They all were laughing at me and ..." I trailed off. I didn't know if they knew how she used me and I felt embarrassed by it.

"Go on." Sue encouraged. "Its okay, we are no one to judge you. Our standards are quite low babe."

"She told me to eat her and she called me a bitch and I snapped."

"And then?" Sue pushed.

"And I punched the bitch in the nose." I answered. I was starting to feel the anger of the moment again.

Sue giggled. "Apparently you smashed the shit out of her nose. But what happened next?"

"I tore into her. I saw nothing but red and her face and I attacked her."

"And then?" She wanted the whole night?

"Then Darla slammed on the brakes and Rebecca jumped on me and we went to the hospital.

"And then?" Sue smiled.

I struggled to remember. "They left me in the car and I punched Darla's car awhile. My knuckles started to bleed a little, so I got out and punched a tree instead. I was just like blowing off steam." I turned away, it was really stupid as I looked back on it now and my hands were quite sore for the experience.

"Do you remember curling up in a ball?" Sue asked. There was no laugher anymore.

"Kind of, I think I fell asleep. Then they took me into the hospital and got me bandaged up and took me home, but I went to Julie's house and crashed."

"Did you fall right to sleep then?" Sue asked.

"Pretty much." I answered.

"Jill was right." Sue smiled.

"About what?" I asked.

"You are an amazing girl." Sue laughed. "You fucking snapped Carrie. You should be a fucking zombie today. You should be moping around in a vegetative state. But you got up, you did your required tasks, you made us freaking coffee. You should hate us right now; God knows you have every right to. We took your life. Do you remember saying that? We made you hate yourself. That is some serious shit to just bounce back from."

"So, the question is Carrie... Why do you hate yourself?" Sue asked.

I sat down. I wasn't sure. I had to remember why I said that. Why do I hate myself? "Because..." I stopped and turned away from her and looked at my shoes.

"Shit. I don't want to think about it." I started crying and got up. Sue came over and hugged me.

I pushed away, but she had an amazing strength. "Hey, easy." She kissed my forehead. "You don't have to tell me, but I think you should tell Jill." Sue whispered.

"Its not you Sue. Fine." I leaned back. "I hate myself for being a lesbian."

"I know." Sue smiled and hugged me. "We all do at some point. Especially in high school."

"But," I felt my anger coming back.

Sue backed a step away. "Go ahead Carrie, let it out. It's healthy, trust me."

"I hate being wet all the time. I hate that I just go down on any pussy in front of me like some fucking dog in heat. I'm not a slut! I don't want to be a slut and I definitely don't want to be a lesbian slut."

"When I was naked in school yesterday, my pussy was dripping in puddles. It's not right, something is wrong with me. When they beat me to hell, I almost came, just eating pussies. Whenever Courtney smiled and blew those fucking kisses, I just dropped on my knees and ate her out. It's not me! It's not who I am! I don't want to be this way."

I sat down and started crying into my hands again.

Sue leaned over me and held me in her arms. "I know it isn't." She kissed my cheek. "We've talked a little Carrie, am I a mindless slave?"

I looked up at her through blurry eyes. "No."

"But you know what? I get off on all that stuff that you do. And much worse I assure you. It's my sex drive, the way my sexuality works. It has absolutely nothing to do with who I am or what I am. Do you think that all Jill and I have done for five years is sexual? Of course not, she is my best friend in the whole world. And I am hers. We spend entire days sometimes without an orgasm between us."

"I haven't had one since Saturday night." I whimpered. "It's all I can think about."

"I know." Sue smiled. "And why do you think that all you can think about is sex right now?"

"Because I need to cum." I answered.

"Exactly. And once you cum, which I assure you will happen. Do you think maybe you won't think about sex quite so much for awhile?" Sue asked.

"I guess, I don't know." I replied honestly.

She smiled. "You are discovering some things about yourself. I don't know if you are a lesbian Carrie, maybe you are, and you'll have to face that question some day, maybe years from now. You've never even had sex with a man, so you don't even have a comparison. You are also possibly not a sub or a slave. It isn't a bad thing. I love it. I think you enjoy it, but I think right now you would enjoy anything to do with sex. It's a big mystery to you and mysteries are fun."

"I want you to think about how you feel being used. Do you like it? Not do you think it is acceptable, but do you like it? Do you like when Courtney pushes you to your knees and makes you eat her pussy? Do you like when all those girls are surrounding you and spanking you and making you eat them out? Do you like it when Rebecca taunts you and fucks with your mind? Do you like when Darla controls your every move?"

I shivered with each question and as each thought came through my mind. "Yes." I sobbed.

Sue hugged me. "And it's okay. Just grasp that yes, you might be wired a little differently and it's okay. Just accept that hey, a smelly boy cock isn't what I want in my mouth, and its okay. I hate sucking dicks; guy juices just smell foul to me, not that all women smell great."

I giggled. She smiled. I excused myself to blow my nose.

Darla and Jill came back when I was washing my face in the powder room. They went to the kitchen. "Where is Carrie?" Jill asked.

"In the powder room cleaning up." Sue answered.

"So, what was it?" Jill asked.

I didn't really feel like coming out just yet. I wanted a moment. It was a bit much, having them all here.

"L word." Sue answered. "She is definitely an exhibitionist. I'm not certain about the humiliation, but I'm pretty sure that is a big button too."

"How the hell did you get all that?" Jackie laughed.

Now, I was waiting for the right moment to re-enter the kitchen. I didn't want to walk in on them talking about me, it was embarrassing.

"See?" Jill said.

"Please just do it Jill." Darla pleaded.

"No, you need to clean up your mess and learn from it. I'm sorry. I should have insisted on something easier, not that you gave me a lot of say in the matter. You haven't broken her; she is strong, maybe the best thing for you." Jill answered.

"I..." Darla started and trailed off.

"You are as ready as you will ever be. I'm not letting you quit. That is never an option and if you learn nothing else, then that alone will be worth all her pain." Jill replied.

"Okay Jill." Darla replied.

I figured that was as much of a hint as I was going to get and I walked out into the kitchen, unable to look into their faces.

"Carrie." Jill said my name and I raised my eyes to hers. "Take off your clothes and sit down."

I stared at her hard. She stared right back, unbending. "Stop hesitating Carrie, that is your problem, you keep fighting your impulses. You know you want to take off your clothes, but some warped Puritanical thought that was forced into your mind tells you it's wrong. Now get your clothes off and sit down."

She didn't raise her voice and I maintained eye contact, fighting back tears as I lifted my dress over my head and walked forward and laid it over the empty chair. I toed off my shoes and rolled down my stockings and sat, completely naked, but for the rubber bands on my nipples. I was breathing fast and trembling.

"Darla?" Jill said to her, cueing her to say something.

She shook her head, apparently very bothered by something that she couldn't find the words to express.

Jill sighed loudly. "Carrie, what you did to that poor girl was unforgivable. If I ever hear of you doing something like that again, I will personally haul your ass to my house and between the five of us, we will make Wednesday's beating feel like a tickle. Do you believe that?"

I let my tears start to flow. I had disappointed her and it pained me greatly. "Yes Jill."

"You will apologize to her, on your knees. You will beg her forgiveness and you will do whatever she wants of you to make up for it. I don't care if she tells you to lick her pussy five times a day for the rest of the school year. You will do that. Do you understand?"

I was shaking and sobbing now. "Yes Jill." I gasped for air.

"Carrie, I don't know if you are a lesbian or not, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Some women are attracted to older men, some to fat men, some to skinny men and most to Brad Pitt and his type. And many, many women are attracted to other women. There is nothing wrong with that. I can't make you believe that, you will have to discover it on your own."

I continued to sob silently, listening, but looking at a single spot on the table.

"Think of every one of the girls who has tortured you or beat you. Even your best friend Julie. They wouldn't stick some acne faced geek's face in between their legs. They would find that repulsive. They all like women. You are not the only one."

"Darla is the boss of you. She is doing this for you. She will protect you from any real harm. If she ever fails in that duty, then I will personally take over for the remainder of your bet."

I looked up at her then and almost smiled.

Jill did not smile. In fact she frowned at me. "You fool. You think I would be better than Darla? If you were mine, you would be in school right now sitting in your stall waiting for Rebecca to gimp you out as a panty sniffing whore again. Darla is not doing this wrong. You need to get that out of your head. She is doing exactly what she should be doing, breaking you down and testing you."

"I give you some leniency because you didn't exactly volunteer for this, but you like it. You like being a little slut. What you are fighting with is years of being taught that good girls don't do the things you are doing. That is your fight to win; we can't do it for you."

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