tagLesbian SexDarla's Games Day 08

Darla's Games Day 08


The first thing I remember hearing in the morning was the soft chirping of birds. I lay there, unwilling to open my eyes and enjoying the warmth of the rising sun on my naked body. Farin was there, in my arms. All was right in the world. We were wrapped in the blanket, at least partially. I was on the opened end and could feel the cool breeze on my exposed ass and back.

I slowly allowed my eyes to open and looked at her, sleeping so peacefully. I just lie there, as still as possible and watched her sleep with a content grin on my face. I was in love. The birds were singing so joyously, as if in celebration. The river roared below us, even the trees seemed to creak under the light breeze to acknowledge the birth of our love.

A part of my head pained at the thought of being a lesbian, but how could I not be? I was in love for the first time. And it was with her. My heart was pounding in my chest with recognition as if it had just begun beating for the first time. She began to stir and I softly caressed her cheek and watched her mouth smile and her eyes flutter to life.

"Good morning." She whispered.

"Good morning." I smiled. "I love you with all my heart." I blurted it out. I wanted her to know.

She smiled wider. "Oh Carrie, please tell me I'm not dreaming."

"Mmm, well if you are, don't ever wake up." I grinned.

We kissed. Morning breath, but we didn't care. We kissed and hugged and celebrated with more kissing and hugging. We shrugged off the blanket and writhed in each other's arms. I kissed down her body and made love to her with my mouth. She recovered and made love to me with hers. I recovered and we simultaneously pleased each other. We just couldn't get enough of one another.

We were lying in each other's arms, recovering for the tenth or hundredth or thousandth time. The details are dear to my heart and I could spend a thousand words describing every tender moment and it would not give you an inkling of an idea of how wonderful it truly was.

We were kissing and tasting one another on our mouths, when we noted the sun was pretty high in the sky.

"We better get back." Farin whined. "They will be looking for us."

I sighed. "Let them look." I rolled on top of her and went down on her again.

After Farin recovered again, we decided to take a 'bath' in the river. The water was extremely cold, but we hugged and held each other so close, we stayed warm. We made love with our fingers in the water.

Having no towels, we just lie down on the blanket and let the warm sun caress our bodies dry.

We dozed off for awhile and drifted into a state of peaceful solace. A bit later we awoke and looked at the sun beginning its decent from straight above us and realized it must be afternoon.

"Well, I guess we should go." I sighed, stroking her cheek and gazing into her eyes.

"Yeah, we are going to be in trouble." She smiled, "especially you." She giggled.

Taking each other's hand we got up and dressed, smiling at each other constantly. We walked back and retrieved our shoes and made our way back through the thick brush to Brad's car. I put the blanket in the back seat and started the car and headed back down the gravel road.

I looked at the handbag, knowing there would have been calls, Rebecca wondering where Brad's car was and Darla wondering where I was, but I didn't care at the moment. I held Farin's hand and we smiled and rode towards Rebecca's house. We stopped and filled the tank as I had promised and Farin got us a couple of diet Dr. Peppers and we drove and reflected, barely speaking on the way.

I pulled into Rebecca's drive and almost immediately, she and Brad came out. Brad was furious, I could tell.

"A little past morning Carrie!" He yelled at me.

I parked and got out. "I'm sorry Brad." I apologized, though I wouldn't have done it any differently. "Really I am."

Rebecca started laughing. I looked at her, confused.

"You two have been going down on each other all day!" She laughed. "Oh you are in so much trouble Carrie. So, are you two a couple now? Shall I alert the media?" She laughed.

I looked at Farin, an expression that I hoped read, how did she know? Farin just shrugged.

"You two are glowing." Rebecca smirked. "It's quite obvious. Anyway, Brad and I had a nice morning together too; maybe we should all double date sometime." She laughed.

Farin and I couldn't help but blush a little. But we weren't really upset, just a little embarrassed. We knew it would be obvious where we were for so long.

"Well, I gotta go." Brad huffed. "I hope you two didn't cum all over my seats."

He kissed Rebecca.

"Brad?" I asked, "Can you drop us off somewhere?"

"If it's on the way." He muttered. "Where do you want to go?"

"My house, in Westshire." I said.

"Sorry, heading the other direction. Bec, I'll call you later." And he kissed her again and headed to the car.

"Umm, I'll take the blanket and wash it and bring it to school Monday." I offered as I handed him the keys.

He rolled his eyes. "I can't believe you're a lesbian Carrie. I guess that explains a lot."

I took the blanket and he got in his car and drove off.

"Well, I guess you'll have to call Darla." Rebecca laughed. "Come on in. Charles left its okay."

We followed her in and not having to worry about images, we held one another's hands.

Rebecca had a nice house, not as nice as Courtney's but much nicer than my mom's townhouse. We went into the kitchen and sat down and she made herself a glass of water.

"So, I can't say it doesn't make me happy that you are a lesbo Carrie, but wow!" She laughed.

I didn't like that word, but I smiled at Farin. We were too high to be brought down.

"So, Farin, you going to be okay with sharing her? I mean you know things are still going on as they were before right?" She smiled at her best friend. Obviously, things were very different between them now. All because of me.

"I hadn't really thought about it." Farin mused. "I guess we will take what time we can get. Maybe Darla will let it go if I ask her."

Rebecca snorted. "Yeah, good luck with that."

"Farin, why don't you call your sister while I have a chat with Carrie." She grinned. She leaned into me and whispered, "Time for your first favor."

I sighed. "Please Rebecca; it's such a perfect day." I pleaded.

She laughed. "Yes, I was fucking all morning too. I want you to clean Brad's cum out of me."

"Come on Rebecca that is nasty." Farin pleaded on my behalf.

I plead with my eyes, but hers were dark and unmoved. "It's okay Farin. I'll do it." I sunk to my knees. She was just wearing a robe, so I unbelted it and let it slip open. I winced. Her pussy was so puffy and well fucked, and it smelled horrible from the sex.

I reflexively backed away and Rebecca laughed. "Just do it Carrie." She said impatiently.

I shuddered and breathed through my mouth. The smell of Brad's cum was poignant coming from her enflamed pussy. I knew she wasn't looking for me to go down on her, just to humiliate me. Probably so she and Brad could have a good laugh about it later.

Farin, God bless her, whispered, "It's okay love, just get it over with so we can go."

I leaned in and Rebecca spread her legs. I could see the mess and it repulsed me to my core. I wouldn't even swallow when I gave him blowjobs when we dated, except one time and I had hated it. I placed my hands on her thighs and did it.

I figured the quickest way was to close my mouth over her hole and try to scoop it with my tongue, so I did that. In spite of her strict boy policy, Rebecca shuddered a little when I did this. I tried not to breathe through my nose, but it was rather difficult with a mouth full of pussy.

The scent was horrid. I clinched my eyes as if in pain and sucked and felt a gob of his cum on my tongue. I swallowed hard and it was every bit as unpleasant as I had imagined it would be. Still, there was a little of Rebecca mixed in and despite my dislike for her, she didn't taste half bad.

I plunged my tongue in deeper and curled it inside her to withdraw more of the detestable goo. She sighed in spite of herself, I heard it. I didn't press though; I was not here to get her off and wanted to get away as quickly as possible. I detracted another tongue scoop of cum and swallowed painfully.

I felt it was enough and I backed away, cringing with distaste at what I had done. She laughed at me and belted her robe and excused herself for a shower. Farin came and hugged me and I whimpered into her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Carrie," She whispered, "Let me see if I can work out something with Darla to get you out of this mess."

"Thanks Farin," I sobbed gently, "Just don't leave me if she refuses and I will be okay."

She tried to kiss me, but I refused until I had gargled and spit the remains of my soda into Rebecca's sink. Then we kissed softly and Farin soon had me over the repugnant service of her friend. "I guess I should call." I sighed. "I need to call Julie and my mom too."

I pulled the phone out of my handbag, as I had suspected, there were several messages. I decided to listen to them, though it filled me with dread to do so.

Brad wanted to know where we were with his car. Delete.

Darla wanted me to meet her out front at 10:00. Call her back immediately. I hoped she didn't show up and knock at my door.

Darla, extremely pissed that I didn't call back. In her words, "You better call me right away."

Brad calling, "Where the fuck is my car you bitch?"

Darla, time stamped at 10:00. "You are in for it Carrie. Make plans to spend the night out."

Brad calling again, "You better not have wrecked my car."

Darla, time stamped at 11:00. "If you aren't in the hospital, I don't even want to hear your explanation."

Darla, time stamped at 1:00 p.m., "Carrie, this is serious. I don't know where you and Farin are, but you had better stop playing games and call me."

"I think I better call Darla first." I sighed.

"Want me to call her?" Farin offered.

I laughed. "Sure." I handed her the phone.

Farin dialed and I could hear Darla screaming on the other end. Farin rolled her eyes. "Darla, it's me."

I heard more muffled screaming. Farin held the phone away from her ear a bit. She rolled her eyes at me and mocked as if she were talking. I giggled.

"Look, we totally lost track of the time and forgot the phone in the car." She explained. "We're sorry. I called because Carrie is terrified to talk to you right now."

More yelling came from the receiver and I sighed. "Yes, fine, we made love all night and most of the day. I'm sorry. Forgive us for falling in love." Farin yelled back sarcastically.

"Fine, we are at Rebecca's house. Do you know how to get here?" Farin shouted back after listening to another rant from Darla. "Okay!" She shouted again after another few seconds of Darla yelling at her. "Love you too Sis!" She spat finally and handed me the phone.

"I'm sorry." Farin sighed. I gulped hard and put the phone to my ear. I trembled as I said "Hi Darla, I'm so sorry."

"Save it Carrie, I don't want to hear any bullshit apologies. Call your mom and tell her you are spending the night out. You make up the where and who with; I will be there in about a half hour." *click*

I looked at Farin and smiled weakly. "Will you be with me tonight?" My lower lip trembled.

Farin smiled at me and hugged me. "Of course Carrie." She whispered consolingly.

I hugged her back. "Only have a half hour, I better call my mom and Jules." I sighed.

I called my mom first. We were supposed to talk about Thursday night today and I knew she wouldn't be very happy that it was after two in the afternoon and she hadn't heard from me.

Still, it went surprisingly well. She asked about the party and I told her I had a great time and that I was invited to stay over again tonight and would it be okay. She said yes, but wanted me to have out talk tomorrow. I told her I'd call her if I needed her to pick me up.

I then called Julie. Her mom answered and said she was out with Chad. She asked what I thought of him and I said I thought he was a great guy. I asked her to tell Julie to give me a ring and left her the cell phone number. I knew it was probably not wise, given Darla's current temperament, but I really needed to talk to her.

Farin and I got our book bags opened and changed out of our dresses. She had a denim skirt and pink tank she had worn to school yesterday. I had the black stretch skirt and belly shirt I had worn.

Rebecca came downstairs from her shower and had dressed in jean shorts and a PINK T shirt and tennis shoes. "Darla is coming over, she already told me. Good luck." She laughed. "She sounded awful pissed to me. I have a date with Brad tonight, so unfortunately I won't get to see all the fun." She made a mock sad face.

It was about 2:30 so Farin and I walked out to the front step to wait for Darla. She held my hand and we sat on the front step. It was pleasant to be holding her hand, but it barely repelled my feelings of dread at what might be coming.

We didn't have to wait to long and I wished it had been much longer, before Darla pulled into the drive. She made no effort, did not turn off the engine or get out, just sat in the driver seat and waited for us to come to the car.

I kissed and hugged Farin for my own bravery and we walked hand in hand to the car. We walked to the passenger side and climbed in the back together. As soon as we got in the car, Darla started in on us.

"Sis, you are done. How fucking dare you pull this shit?!" Darla spat before she even put the car in reverse.

"It wasn't something we planned!" Farin shot back and I instantly felt this was not going to be a good opportunity to profess my love for her and try to find a way out of the bet. "It just happened!" Farin yelled. "I love her and she loves me and we want out."

Darla laughed. Never a good sign. "You want out huh? I warned you Farin, I told you not to fall for her, but no, you have to follow up and pursue her, now you have caused her to get in trouble. Well, I hope you are happy with the pain Carrie is going to suffer tonight because of your love."

"Come on Darla." Farin pleaded. "Let me buy her out from you. Please."

"Farin, you know this isn't about money, so drop it. I told you it was a mistake, but you just had to go after her, so deal with it." Darla snapped.

"As for you." Darla turned on me and I was suddenly very happy to be in the back seat. "Strip and give me your clothes."

I hesitated. "Darla, listen..." I started, trying to think of what I would say to ease her anger, but I was cut short so there was no need to trouble myself over the right words.

"No! You listen you little bitch!" Darla screamed. "You came didn't you? You were told not to cum and you did it anyway! You decided to just ignore my instructions in spite of everything that I have done for you and now you are going to find out what it means to betray me."

I shuddered at the implication. "Darla... I"

I was cut off again. "Clothes off now Carrie don't make this any worse than it already is."

I looked at Farin and she shrugged and whispered, "I'm so sorry."

I pulled off my top and handed it up to Darla, she tossed it on the seat. I then lifted my ass and removed my skirt and handed it up for similar treatment. Finally, giving her my socks and shoes, I sat in the back seat completely naked.

"Farin, you want in or out, you decide now. If you want out fine, I'll drop you off at home and you can stay the hell away from her. If you want to stay in on this, you need to get past your 'love' and do what I say." Darla shouted.

Farin looked at me questioningly, as if to ask what I wanted her to do. "Please stay in Farin; I need someone on my side." I said softly.

"You just don't get it Carrie, there aren't sides, there is me and what I say and there is nothing else. You need to get that through your head right now." Darla growled.

"I'd like to stay." Farin said politely.

"Here, cuff her hands behind her back." Darla snarled and tossed Farin a pair of handcuffs. They were metal and open; I assume Darla had the key.

I turned my back to Farin and put my hands behind my back to make it easier on her. She trembled as she clicked the cuffs onto my wrists. She leaned into my ear and whispered, "Please, if I have to do something that hurts you, know that I am doing it as gently as I can. I love you."

I shook. It could come to that and I guess I was just now realizing it. Darla could have my lover beat me if she wanted to and we would both hate it and have to take it. I whispered back, "I love you Farin, it will be okay. Better you than Rebecca."

Darla drove down the road and pulled into a liquor store, the same one we had gone to the night I met them. She got out and slammed the door and came out a few minutes later with a couple of bags. Beside her was another woman, maybe in her early thirties judging by her appearance. They were talking and laughing and came together to the car. I turned quickly towards Farin.

"Shit, hug me Farin, hurry." I asked her in an effort to cover up.

Darla sat the bags on the hood and opened the door. She popped the trunk, grabbed my clothes and through my clothes and the alcohol in the trunk and shut it. The woman with her had short blonde hair and wore jeans so tight I wondered how she got them on and a black Harley Davidson T shirt. She also wore black boots that came just below her knees.

The mystery woman kept sneaking glances at me through the window and I felt so humiliated. Farin had my front covered as she hugged me, but I knew the woman had a clear view of my naked ass. Darla opened her door and got in. "Sit facing the front Carrie. Farin, you stop covering her."

I sobbed and turned around. My nipples were painfully erect from exposure. The woman looked in approvingly and laughed. Darla started the car and told Farin to buckle me in. She then wound down her window. "Well?" She laughed at the blonde.

"I'll just follow you." She smiled. "You sure about this?" She asked, checking me out the whole time.

"Oh yes." Darla snickered. "It's just what the little bitch needs."

"Okay." She laughed and I saw her go around the corner of the liquor store and a minute or two later she pulled out on a motorcycle. She had a cell phone in her hand, and once Darla reversed from the parking lot and pulled towards the road, the biker girl snapped her phone shut and put her helmet on and pulled behind us.

I was shaking. I had no idea what was going on and Darla was really starting to scare me. We drove for a bit and finally I started to recognize scenery and soon we were pulling into Darla's house. The biker girl never fell behind and pulled her cycle right up next to Darla's car.

"Okay Carrie," Darla put the car and park and took out the keys. "You better do as you're told or things are going to be infinitely worse for you. Now get your ass out of the car and into the house."

She got out and popped the trunk and pulled her seat up. I rocked to try to get out after Farin undid my seatbelt and Farin helped me with a push. She put her hands on my hips to steady me and once I climbed out, she followed.

Darla had grabbed the bags out of the trunk and shut it. I noticed that she had not gotten my clothes out. She fumbled with her keys as she walked to the door. The biker chick got off her motorcycle and turned off the ignition and walked by me with a pat on my ass.

I jumped away and she laughed and caught up to Darla, offering to take a bag from her. Darla opened the door and soon we were heading inside and I was thankful to no longer be outside naked.

My hands cuffed behind my back forced my breasts out obscenely in front of me and it did not go without notice that my nipples were erect, from the cool air, of course.

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