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Darla's Games Day 13


Sleep came, eventually. It wasn't easy. I don't think it was easy for any of us. The alarm was way too early. I was sweaty from being in the middle and wearing a heavy nightshirt. I noticed hands on my body, from both sides. It was nothing sexual per say, just my best friend on one side and my lover on the other, both sleeping towards me with a hand resting on my body. I shivered and wiggled to encourage them to wake up and move.

We groaned and Julie got out of bed first. "Either of you want first shot at the shower? We might run out of hot water with all of us here. I guess I should be a good hostess or something."

Farin yawned in response and closed her eyes and rolled onto her side towards me and wrapped her arm around me to my hip. I rolled my sleepy eyes in response. "Go ahead Jules, it's yours." I said, stifling a yawn of my own.

She looked at us, noting Farin's arm around me and rolled her own eyes. "I won't be long. Don't..." She shook her head, leaving the thought in the air and left the bedroom door open as she went to the bathroom.

Farin smiled at me and fluttered her eyes open. "Was she mad?"

I looked into her eyes and smiled. "Umm... yeah."

Farin giggled. "Maybe she's jealous."

I blushed. I kinda wanted her to be jealous... at least I thought so. "Shut up." I kissed her a good morning kiss. Just a peck, no tongue.

Farin scrunched up her nose. "Morning breath."

"Fuck you, it's your pussy on it." I laughed.

"You should get a couple of strokes out of the way while she is in there." Farin suggested. "Want me to help?"

I groaned. Of course she was referring to the five near orgasms I needed to exert upon myself before school today. "Shit!" I exclaimed.

Farin looked at me for the source of my exclamation. "What?" she whispered.

"I don't have the enema with me." I muttered. "You think Darla will be okay if I skip it today?"

Farin frowned. "Yeah, cuz she is so understanding. Well, how is she going to know anyway?"

"Good point." I smiled.

Farin reached down and put her hand on my thigh and felt over towards the joint of my legs. I rolled my eyes. She laughed. "Just trying to help."

"No." I groaned. "You are trying to drive me insane. Just don't push it okay? When I say stop, please just stop. You know I can't control it."

"Okay, I promise." Farin grinned. And she began lifting my nightie and easily found my already wet pussy.

And she began to play me like an instrument.

Her fingers moved dexterously through my outer lips and as needy as I was I felt I would burst in orgasm as soon as her middle finger delved into the sweet recesses of my inner folds. The first time her fingertip touched my clit I bucked my hips forward to maintain that delicious contact as long as possible. Then she did something that startled me and excited me all at once, she slapped my pussy.

Giggling at my reaction, she leaned in and kissed me passionately and I welcomed her tongue into my mouth as she slapped it again. I moaned into her mouth, my mind focused on the coming of the next slap that would bring me to a higher level of excitement, of need. But it was denied.

"One?" Farin smiled as she pulled away from the kiss.

I looked up at her dumbfounded, my mouth open and breathing hard. "Yeah." I replied.

"Want a break?" she smiled.

"No, but yeah, better take a breath or two." I replied through heavy breaths.

"Wait here, don't go anywhere." Farin instructed with a smile as she darted from the bed and I heard her running down the stairs. She came back a short minute or two later with a glass of ice. I was thirsty but there was no water in the glass.

"This should help." She smiled and took an ice cube and pressed it against my clit firmly. I moaned at first from the contact but soon was crawling away as the frozen water almost burned my most intimate of places with cold. It worked though, I was no longer anywhere near to an orgasm.

The downside was, when she started up again, it was a long time to heat me up. But, Farin did seem to know my body, or maybe all pussies, very well and soon had me humping her hand again. "Two"

Another few seconds of ice and it was back to the races, with some rough rubbing of my entire pussy to warm it back up quickly. She deftly maneuvered her fingers into my slit and worked my clit, no longer fighting off the edge that was there the first two times, it took a little bit of work to get me there again. And when my hips humped up at her fingers, she pulled away. "Three."

I moaned in anguish, wanting nothing more than to cum, but the ice was applied again and I almost came at the contact. Then the cooling, then cold, then freezing as my clit retreated back into its protective hood to escape the menacing ice.

"We better stop there." I said, moving to get out of bed.

"Two more." Farin said. "I guess you can do them at school if you want. I'll be happy to help."

"I won't have time. I'll get them in the shower." I replied. It was a lot quicker for me to get close with Farin doing it, I guess just the fact that it was her hand instead of my own. Surely, I knew my own body better than anyone else.

"Speaking of which..." I said as Julie walked in the room with a towel wrapping her hair and another around her chest.

"Next." Julie smiled and sniffing the air purposefully, gave me a look of disapproval.

I blushed. "I'll go." And I bounded off for the shower to get the stench of my pussy out of her room.

I locked the door to ensure my privacy and turned on the water. Sitting on the toilet seat, I spread my legs wide and worked my fingers between my lips, sliding the thick juices up and down over my clit. It quickly poked it's head out to enjoy the direct stimulation of my wet fingertips and eyes closed I was soon speeding towards a needed climax.

With a grunt of dissatisfaction, I stopped and stood to get the water running in the shower. I thought about a cold shower to cool off, but they are so uncomfortable. So, I enjoyed a nice warm shower and took particular care to clean up my ... pungent scent to be delicate.

As I rubbed Julie's shampoo into my hair, I contemplated getting my fifth near orgasm out of the way. I figured I'd better do it now. So, letting the shampoo soak into my hair, I went for it, using the pounding of the shower for assistance by spreading my legs and standing so the wonderful stream slapped against my denuded sex. It took very little manipulation from my fingers before I was humping lewdly at the falling flow of water, basically humping the air.

This completed, I washed down there again and rinsed out my hair. Wrapping two towels as Julie had, one on my head and one around my breasts, I exited the shower, wishing I had brought my toothbrush in with me to get the taste of Farin completely out of my mouth. Not that it was repulsive, just, I didn't want to start the day with pussy breath.

I went back into Julie's bedroom and it looked for a moment like I had caught the two of them in a heated discussion, and they dropped it at my entrance. You know how people look with their faces kind of red from arguing and they were so close to each other, like they were in each other's faces. Well, either that or they were making out and got caught, but I kind of doubted either of them would do that with the other.

Farin turned her frown into a smile and excused herself for her turn in the shower, slapping my ass on the way out the door. She closed the door behind her and Julie and I stood there wrapped in towels looking at each other. She gave an exasperated breath and forced a smile and then scrunched her nose as she looked at my wrists. And then I remembered as I looked down to see where she was staring. The tattoos.

"What is that?" she asked pointedly at my wrists.

I quickly pushed my hands defensively behind my back and cursed myself for forgetting to put on the gaudy jewelry I had been wearing since being marked by Darla's friend Barb. "It's..." Fuck me. What the hell lie am I going to make up now?

Julie, I guess, had enough and walked purposefully towards me. She wasn't angry, just curious. "Come on Carrie, let me see." And she reached for my wrists behind my back and suddenly we were there, right up against each other, naked but for our towels and her arms were around me as she reached for my wrists.

She laughed... a good sign for the moment, but how would she react when...?

"Carrie! What the hell did you do?" Julie nearly screamed. In the struggle she had seen the lesbian silhouettes on my shoulders and forgetting my wrists for the moment, practically manhandled me to turn my back to her. My shoulders slumped and I just let her look at them.

"Holy shit!" Julie exclaimed. "Carrie, this better not be permanent. Does your mother know?"

Biting my lip, I figured I needed to tell her something. "It's just henna, chillax." I hoped that sounded conversational and not argumentative as I said it.

"Damn Car." Julie traced the design on my right shoulder, the one I knew to be a woman with a whip beating a bound woman. "Did Farin make you do this?"

"No." I whispered. "She was against it actually." This was true of course, but might have been a better explanation than whatever lame excuse I was going to come up with. Julie then noticed my left arm with the Dyke heart and grabbed my arm and looked at my left wrist with the word SLAVE imbedded in the design of a henna bracelet. "Jesus Christ Carrie. What possessed you to do this?"

I am not going to cry... I grit my teeth and forced it back. "I don't know." I mumbled and laughed unconvincingly. "Moment of stupidity I guess."

I didn't fight her anymore as she read the LESBO on my right wrist and finally noticed the leaking pussy drawn on my right arm. "Carrie, this isn't funny." She pushed me back to the bed and sat next to me. "What is going on? I know you. You don't do this crazy stuff. Are you ... Is someone making you do this?"

Wow! Slap me upside the head with a board. Good guess Jules. I couldn't look at her. I knew she would see right through any lie I made up right now.

"God damnit Carrie. Was it Rebecca?" Julie grabbed my shoulders and forced me to face her, but I just couldn't look her in the eyes and lie.

"No." I answered. "It was just something stupid. It will be gone in another week."

"Bullshit. Someone made you do this and we are not leaving until you tell me who." Julie stated.

"Please Jules," I started. Was I ready to tell her everything? I was last night. Could I do it now? Every time I found a way to hide the lies, another truth came up that was simply undeniable. I forced myself to meet her eyes and tried so hard not to cry. "Just leave it alone, please? Trust me? It's not what you think. It was a bet ... sort of ... I lost and this was the punishment."

She glared into my eyes. "Who?"

"It doesn't matter." I replied. "It's done."

"Who?!" She shouted at me and shook my shoulders.

A tear escaped in spite of the fight I had made to keep them in. "Please Julie, just... it will be gone in a week... I can't have you involved too."

"Too?" Julie shouted. "Too?! Who? God damnit Carrie, give me names or I'm calling your mother."

Now, that would be bad. I could see me living with my Dad and his plaything now. "Julie... please don't tell my mom. She can't know what's going on. It would... she'll send me to my Dad!"

"Maybe that is what you need then. Carrie, you are going to tell me what is going on. I don't know what you got into, but you are getting out of it now. Who?!" Julie demanded again and shook me and my towel came loose and she gasped as I reached for it too late.

She only saw a corner of it, but she yanked the towel away and looked at the rest of my decorations. Slut, Whore, Slutty Little Lesbian Fucktoy, cunteater, all those wonderful words to remind me of what I had become. I tugged the towel away and covered back up and she let me.

"I'm calling your mom." Julie got up and I grabbed her arm and knelt on the floor and held her for my dear life.

"Please Julie!" I begged. "You can't tell her. She will flip out."

Just then Farin walked in wearing, you guessed it, a towel. She saw me on my knees grabbing Julie's wrist with both hands, her half dragging me to walk to the door. Her eyes wide, she saw my towel on the bed and me naked and I guess figured out what had happened. It was enough of a diversion to stop Julie for a minute. Farin walked in and closed the door behind her.

"Did you do this?" Julie yelled at Farin. She had stopped progressing towards the door and turned and pointed at the tattoos on my body.

Farin looked dumbstruck for a moment, then regained her composure and shook her head no. "Julie, calm down."

"Calm down? Calm down?!" Julie yelled. "Ever since you came into Carrie's life she is dressing like a slut, acting weird, never around, lying to me...She NEVER lies to me. And now I find this crap all over her body? And you want me to calm down?"

Farin stayed calm, surprising me, I would be a bit scared if I were her. "Please Julie, please just sit down." I begged. "I can't go live with my Dad and his whore, I can't do it."

She turned on me and I could see the fury in her eyes. "I don't want you to live with your Dad either Carrie, but this is getting resolved right now. WHO?!" She glared at me and being met by silence, glared at Farin.

"Okay." Farin breathed out heavily. "Just please sit down and I'll tell you. Carrie can't."

"What do you mean she can't?" Julie raged, refusing to sit.

"It's..." Farin began and I could see her creative wheels turning.

A knock at the door interrupted us. "Julie?" It was her mom and the doorknob was turning and I quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped it around my body as I retreated to the bed.

"It's okay mom." Julie answered as Mrs Petrili looked inside, responding to the yelling. Julie's mom looked concerned, but Julie waved her out. "Seriously, it's fine."

Julie's mom left and silence ensued.

"Jules, I'll tell you everything." I broke the moment of silence. "If you promise not to tell my mom."

"Carrie, I'm not promising you that without hearing what it is you are into." Julie answered. "I am not going to sit by and let you get treated like a ... " She looked at the words on my chest. "Like a whore. You are NOT a whore or a slut Carrie. I am not letting some bitch convince you that you are."

Wow. Pretty much how I would be. Out for blood.

"Farin." I whispered. "Get dressed and go to school. I don't think we are going to make the bus."

"Oh damn Carrie." Farin exclaimed. "You are so over dramatic sometimes."

"It was Darla." She told Julie pointedly. "She likes to play stupid games and make stupid bets. Carrie has won more of them than she lost. This was a pay off for one of them was that she had to get this stupid henna." Farin blurted out, interrupting me once again in my attempt to tell Julie the truth finally.

However, she was telling the truth. Just not all of it.

"This isn't a game or a joke." Julie interrupted. "Look at her. That isn't funny. No wonder she isn't showering at school. I'm calling her, this shit stops now." And she stared Farin down, daring her to try to stop her from getting to her phone.

"Julie, you'll make it worse for Carrie." Farin said sadly. "Look, don't you think I want to stop this? Do you think I like that crap on her body any more than you or Carrie? And I'm her sister and she won't listen to me. I'm Carrie's girlfr..." She stopped the word and I appreciated that.

"Oh? Really? What kind of a girlfriend let's her SISTER put tattoos on her girlfriend?" Julie asked rhetorically.

Farin looked sad. "I know, you are right. But I do love her Julie, and Carrie loves me. I tried to tell Carrie not to bet my sister, but she always thinks she can win. She usually does, just not this time."

I couldn't believe it. She was blaming me! Like I wanted to play these games.

"It's just Henna Julie." Farin continued. "It will be gone in another week."

"So I heard." Julie growled. Then she turned to me. "Carrie." I looked up at her. "You tell me. Tell me the truth. Are you doing this on your own?"

"She isn't being" Farin began.

"You shut up!" Julie yelled. Then she turned back to me. "Don't you dare look at Farin, Carrie. You look me in the eyes and tell me. Did you make this bet?"

I couldn't do it. I could not look her in the eyes and lie to her. "Julie, you have to just let this go, please." I begged as I looked at the floor.

"Not going to happen. NOW." Julie commanded.

I shuddered. "You don't understand Julie. They will hurt me."

"Bullshit. It's stopping one way or the other Carrie. Either you can let me help you do it or your mom can do it. You choose." Julie insisted.

"Fine, I'm doing it because I want to." I whispered. "Is that what you want to hear?"

"No, I want to hear the truth." Julie replied, finally moving her voice down to a normal decibel.

I looked her in the eyes. In spite of her anger, they were soft and warm. She wanted to help me so badly, I know I would be the same way if the shoes were on the other feet. "If you want to help me, let this go, please." And the tears won.

She hugged me and I cried on her shoulder. And she cried too.


We missed the school bus. How could we not? But a call to Rebecca got us all three a ride to school. Julie refused Farin's offer to have Darla drive us in. And she was trying to forbid me to talk to her, which I wish were that simple. In the car, Rebecca was civil, as she always was when Julie was around. I could tell by her occasional smirk in the rear view window when she saw Julie looking at me that she knew some of what went on.

Julie commented on my lack of underwear, which was quite obvious since she saw me get dressed. I shrugged it off as another lost bet. I was low on good reasons.

For her part, Farin was mostly quiet. She texted a few times, I assume to Darla. And Darla surprised me by not calling me to bitch me out.

When we got to school, Julie and I went to first period together. She blew off her new friends from the cheerleading squad to stay at my side. I was worried she was going to try to keep me in her sight for the entire day. But following first period, when the bell rang, Julie had to part my company to attend her Honors Math class while I headed the other direction for my own classroom. And then my phone vibrated.

Looking at the screen, I froze, then started running. I had forgotten about the latest of Darla's games. At the restroom closest to my math class, I quickly ran inside and pushed open the handicap stall door to find Farin there smiling at me.

"Hurry up Carrie." She giggled. "On your knees, you can get me off quick and win a day."

It hurt me that she would think of me this way. But I guess I was oversensitive after the morning we had. I wasn't happy about it, but I knelt there on the sticky bathroom floor and lifting her skirt, I slid her cute pink panties to the side and pressed my mouth to her pussy.

Fighting time, I didn't waste any on foreplay, but needing it to be good for her so she could get off quickly, I did squeeze her breasts with my hands while my tongue worked on her clit. Three minutes later, I was rewarded with the taste of her cream. I cleaned her up with my tongue, pulled her panty back into place and we hauled ass to class, sinking into our seats just before the bell rang.

Whew! I thought as I sat down. Two days off. I could do this! I could be out of Darla's hold by Friday.

Apparently, there was no longer to be any pretense as Courtney instead of Rebecca was seated to my right. "Good morning Carrie!" Courtney chirped, turning to face me. The makeup almost completely covered her black eyes. Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear. "I can't wait to get you to our toilet you talented little slut."

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