tagLoving WivesDarling Dana Ch. 02

Darling Dana Ch. 02


A few weeks after our first experience with Lance and Stephanie, I got a phone call from Lance. He told me that he and Stephanie were having a small get together with some friends and was wondering if Dana and I would like to come. I could tell just by the tone of his voice exactly what he meant by get together.

"Who else is going to be there?" I asked.

"Just a few other couples," he answered. "Should be a fun group."

"I'll have to check with Dana," I told him. "Sounds good to me though."

"Already taken care of," he replied. "I called your house first and Dana answered.

"All right then, I guess we'll be there," I answered.

"Can't wait, see you then." Lance said, and then hung up.

I called Dana immediately and I could hear the excitement in her voice immediately.

The fortunate thing was that the party was the next day, so we wouldn't have to wait very long. Lance had told Dana that we should dress casually which was a relief. I was a little nervous about meeting the others that would be there. The comfort level that we had last time with Lance and Stephanie wouldn't be there this time since we'd never met any of the others before. I wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and loafers. Dana too wore jeans as well as a tank top covered by an unbuttoned blouse and and a pair of black slip-ons. Her face and hair were done up immaculately. For dressing casually, she looked damn good!

Once we left, we couldn't get there fast enough. Lance and Stephanie live only a few miles away, which is very convenient. Stephanie and Lance both greeted us at the door and welcomed us inside. Stephanie looked great once again. She was wearing a tank top again, a pair of dark blue jeans and brown shoes. Lance and I looked like twins as he had on a t-shirt and jeans as well. As they showed us into the living room, we were greeted by another couple. They were an older couple, probably in their mid-forties. Stephanie introduced us to Bill and Sandra. Bill was the burly type, about six feet tall and muscular with slightly graying dark hair. Sandra had a few extra pounds on her, but a beautiful face. She was about the same height as the other girls; about five foot seven and maybe 180 pounds. She had a large chest and wore a simple button down blouse and black khaki-type slacks.

Stephanie poured us each a glass of wine and we sat down and got to know each other a little better.

"Alex, this is the couple I was telling you about," he told me. "They introduced us to swinging."

We sat around for about another twenty minutes, then the doorbell rang.

"That should be Ray and Lisa," Stephanie said, as she rose to answer the door.

I looked up as they entered the living room to see that they were an interracial couple. Ray was black and Amy was white. They were both attractive people, in their own way. They appeared to be about our age, maybe a couple of years older, but no more than that. Ray had a similar build to Bill, about the same height and muscular. Ray had a shaved head and was firmer in the mid-section than Bill who had a slight case of middle-aged spread. Once again, Amy was about the same height as the other girls, but she had a much different build. She was very slender, but very athletic. She appeared to have small breasts and big shoulders with a tight little ass on her that made me drool. She had a similar hairstyle to Dana's; shoulder length, curly, dark brown. She was a very cute woman.

Once we exchanged pleasantries, Stephanie ushered all of us downstairs to the basement. I was a little uncomfortable, since the other six all knew each other, probably quite intimately, and I sensed that Dana was too, though she is much more of the out-going type than me. I think we were both a little startled when we reached the basement. We had been there many times before, but it had never quite looked like this. There were two large beds, queen or maybe even king, that had never been there before, as well as the usual couch, loveseat, and recliner, as well as a pool table, bar, and big screen television.

"Just make yourselves comfortable," Stephanie announced. Lance headed to the bar and cracked open a few bottles of wine and champagne. The liquor was flowing very freely as we sat around and talked. Dana and I were both quiet at first, but everyone else was so friendly that soon we were sharing our life stories. The conversation started out innocently enough, but inevitable changed to sex. Of course, the atmosphere lent itself to that kind of conversation. Lance was sitting on the edge of one of the beds with Stephanie's head resting on his lap. Bill and Sandra were on the couch; Dana and I were on the loveseat, and Ray was sitting in the recliner with Amy at his feet on the floor leaning back against the chair.

As I said, everyone was extremely friendly, and the conversation was incredibly hot. I could feel Dana squirming next to me on the loveseat and I knew she was getting very worked up. Amy was very talkative. I think we had her complete sexual history, including every detail. Bill and Sandra had quite a few stories to share, and I was finding myself becoming very attracted to Sandra even though, I never thought I would have. I've never really found myself all that attracted to older women, but there was something very sensual about her that I was finding very appealing.

I was just beginning to find myself getting anxious to move things along, when my darling Dana spoke up. "I don't know about the rest of you, "she exclaimed, "but I think I'm starting to get drunk."

"Well we don't want you passing out, that's for sure!" Bill joked.

"Since I'm sure everyone is anxious to be with the newbie's," Bill said, "Why don't we do this the seventies way and put names in a hat?"

We all agreed that that seemed fair, and Lance got up to grab a hat. He had two hats, one for women and one for men. He held the hat with men's names and Stephanie held the hat with the women's names.

The first names drawn were Stephanie and Ray. "I'll be with you in a moment big boy!" Stephanie giggled.

Next out of the hats were Bill and Amy. Bill stood up and replaced Ray on the recliner.

Next up were Lance and Dana, leaving me with Sandra, much to my delight. I was starting to get nervous that I was going to be paired up with Dana! Not that I don't enjoy sex with her, but this was our opportunity to try someone new, and I didn't want to miss out! I knew that Dana would be more than happy to be with Lance again, as she had enjoyed herself immensely the last time.

Amy and Bill stayed at the recliner and had already gotten started by the time the rest of us paired off. Ray and Stephanie headed for the couch, while Dana joined Lance on one bed and Sandra and I headed for the other.

Sandra and I sat down on the bed, and then began kissing. She had full soft lips and was one hell of a kisser. I was really enjoying myself as we collapsed onto the bed. I lay on top of her and we continued kissing as I reached down and began unbuttoning her blouse. Once it was unbuttoned, I placed my hand on her breast. They were huge! Luckily she was wearing a bra with a front clasp, and I immediately unhooked it. She had large dark brown nipples atop her mountainous breasts, and I moved my head down and began sucking on her left nipple. She was cooing gently as I nibbled her nipple. As I played with her breasts, she pulled my t-shirt over my head and massaged my back.

I slowly moved my way down over her belly and reached her waist. I undid the button on her pants and slid them down and off. She was wearing a pair of pink satin panties, and I could see hairs sticking out the side. I kissed around her crotch; her thighs, her belly, then finally removed her panties. As I had suspected she had a full brown bush. I like a hairy pussy though, so I was not deterred. As I moved my head towards her pussy, she placed her hand under my chin and lifted my head up. She just smiled at me, and then I rolled onto the bed next to her. She knelt up and undid my belt, and the button and zipper of my jeans. She pulled my jeans down followed quickly by my boxers, exposing my engorged member. She grabbed hold of it with her right hand then smiled, before enveloping in with her mouth. She proceeded to give me and absolutely amazing blowjob. I had never before felt anything like it.

Trying to delay the inevitable, opened my eyes to see what else was going on in the room; foolishly thinking that would somehow prolong my orgasm. Dana was sitting on Lance's face as he ate her out; Amy was sitting on the recliner with her ass on the edge of the seat as Bill furiously ate her pussy, and Stephanie was on her knees giving a standing Ray a blowjob. I realized immediately that the last thing I should have done was look around the room at a group of others having sex as well. I knew that I was nearing the point of no return, so I pushed Sandra's head away. She took the hint and lay back on the bed. Conveniently enough, there was a card table between the two beds with an array of condoms and other sexual paraphernalia. Sandra grabbed a condom and handed it to me. I hurriedly ripped open the package and put it on. I could hear Dana crying out, as well as various other indistinguishable moans and groans. My head was swimming with sexual thoughts, and I feared I was going to explode!

I positioned myself between Sandra's legs and gave myself a few tugs getting good and hard. I spread her fleshy legs as far apart as possible and placed the tip of my cock between her lips. I teased her for a few moments, moving my cock around her lips before finally plunging into her. As is to be expected, she wasn't very tight, and I slid easily into her. Though she wasn't tight, she knew just how to please me. Once I was fully inside her, she squeezed her legs together; her pussy muscles contracting around me. She was so wet and so warm! I couldn't believe how good it felt. I honestly wasn't very sure how it would feel considering how experienced she was, and how loose I thought she'd be. I guess it's just like anything else, and you improve through experience. As I fucked her, I kept my eyes open so I could see her face and body and engrain the image of my head of me fucking this middle-aged woman. She looked so beautiful, caught up in the sexual frenzy. As I felt my orgasm coming like a runaway freight train, I picked up my pace until I was fucking her with absolute abandon.

I guess she too knew what was coming because she groaned, "Alex, come on my face, I want you to come on my face!"

I couldn't believe it, I had never had a woman ask for that before, and that was absolutely the last straw. I pulled myself out of her and ripped the condom off as fast as I could. I scooted up her body and placed my dick just a few inches away from her face. Before I could do it myself, she grabbed hold of me and started jerking. It was a matter of seconds, before I exploded, my come splashing across her face. Most of it ended up on her chin and mouth, but some also landed in her hair, which for some reason, I found incredibly hot.

She wiped my come from her face with a tissue, and then the two of us sat up to see what everyone else was up to. Bill was lying on his back on the floor as Amy rode him like a bronco. As I had suspected, she had very small breasts, but a killer body. Dana was on all fours on the bed as Lance pummeled her from behind. Her face was buried in a pillow, muffling her cries of ecstasy. They soon joined us watching the show when Lance pulled out of her and came on her ass and back. Ever a gentleman, he grabbed a few tissues and cleaned her off, before they settled back on the bed.

The best sight of all though, was Ray and Stephanie. She was lying back on the couch with her left leg over the back and her right one spread wide as Ray hammered her pussy with his cock. I had never seen a black man and white woman together in person, especially not a blonde woman. The contrast made for a truly incredible sight. Ray soon noticed that we were all watching as Amy had just finished swallowing Bill's load.

Ray pulled his cock out of Stephanie very slowly. I was shocked by his size. He was at least a foot long! I'll never forget what he said next, "I want to fuck your ass baby!" Stephanie didn't hesitate to move onto her knees, her ass sticking straight in the air. Ray grabbed a tube of KY and began applying it to her asshole. He then placed the tip of his snake at the entrance, and then slowly eased his way in. Stephanie was whimpering, her face clenched and beet red as he proceeded to inch his way deeper inside her. As he got more and more in her, I could see tears streaming down her face. "You all right?" he asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." She moaned. Ray continued entering her until finally he stopped, about 3/4 of his way into her, and then started to slowly pull out, then back in. His thrusting started very slowly at first, and then picking up his pace as her ass began to accept him more easily. She was crying out louder that even Dana ever had, and Dana is often extremely loud. Just as Ray had settled into a steady pace, he began to groan out. We all watched in anticipation, knowing what was about to happen. His groaning finally reached a crescendo, and then stopped. Instead of covering her with his spunk, he had filled his condom with it. The rest of us booed kiddingly, but they were oblivious. As soon as he had climaxed the two of them collapsed like a ton of bricks.

That pretty much ended the evening. We said our goodbyes and agreed that we'd all be seeing each other again.

Bill and Sandra mentioned to us that they planned on hosting a get together in the not-too-distant future, so we gladly exchanged phone numbers with them. If their party is anything like this one was, I can't wait!

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