tagIncest/TabooDate at the Drive In

Date at the Drive In


Note to readers: This story takes place in the busty teacher series by Zaxxon. All copyrights to the characters Nurse Brown, Sarah Stevens, Ms. Shwartz, and Tina are owned by him and are used by me with his permission. Zaxxon is by far my most favorite writer on Literotica and he was most kind to allow me to write a story in his series and to allow me to mention his characters. The authors George Tasker and John Evans (also two of my favorites) also wrote stories that take place in this series. My story takes place between Zaxxon's "After School Aquatics" and George Tasker's "The School Play". I suggest you read all of their stories, as they are all excellent writers. Thank you.


Mike Williams sat on the living room couch sulking. He had his whole evening planned and without warning his date cancelled on him last minute. Mike had just started his senior year at Westville High School after he and his mother had moved away from his previous school after his parents had gotten a divorce. He soon fit in amongst the popular crowd after he joined the basketball team and quickly made some great friends. He loved his new school. Mainly because of the women he was surrounded by. He'd never seen staff at his previous schools like they had here.

First off there was the schools nurse Cindy Brown, a tanned goddess with long brown hair and curves that could kill. And she flaunted it around too which he got a kick out of. She always wore a skintight nurse uniform that was really short, revealing her smooth tanned thighs, and she usually had a few buttons undone in the front so plenty of cleavage was visible. Then there was the school Principle Ms. Schwartz. She usually looked really stern and no one wanted to get on her bad side. But every guy in school wanted to get under her skirt. She was tall and slender with long blond hair that she usually had tied up in a bun. She never wore revealing clothing but nothing could hide her figure. Her breasts were especially huge. There were several times when he had been called into her office for playing a prank or being a little to loud in class. Each time he went he was mesmerized by the sight of her blouse being pushed out to its limit from the swell of her tits. Each button looked like it was about to snap off and go flying across the room.

And of coarse there was the school favorite Ms. Sarah Stevens, the schools unbelievably sexy gym teacher. He always saw her walking around in sweat pants or gym shorts and a sports bra. He loved watching her run laps around the gym with her class, which caused her big firm tits to bounce and jiggle around. She had a body that was tight and curvy in all the right spots. And being a gym teacher Mike could only imagine how flexible she could be.

And then there was Tina. Tina was a redheaded dream that played on the schools tennis team. Her firm teenage body just begged to be fucked. Her tits were almost the same size (maybe as big) as Ms. Stevens's and nurse Brown's. She had recently become the captain for the tennis team and he loved to watch her bounce around in her tight little uniform.

Tina was the reason he was stuck home tonight. He had asked her out with full intentions of fucking her at the drive in. He had even gone so far as to purchase some spanish fly from a friend of his that was guaranteed to work. But then she cancelled on him saying something about staying really late after school with coach Hicks because there where a couple of things she had to go over for the coming tennis tournaments. So now here he was watching TV with no idea as to what he was going to do that night.

As Mike contemplated his evening his mother, Emily, was up in her room talking to her boyfriend on the phone. "What? But Jason we...Yes......Yes I know you have stuff come up at work sometimes but we had this whole night planned." Emily played with the phone cord as she became more frustrated. They had plans to go to the theater and have a romantic dinner. She'd bought the tickets and everything already, but that wasn't the main reason that she was so annoyed. Emily Williams was an amazingly attractive woman of thirty-six who was very sexually frustrated. "Yes I understand. No, no it's ok. Alright, call me tomorrow. Ok, goodnight." With that she hung up the phone and placed her hands on her hips. She turned slightly and caught her reflection in the mirror hanging inside her closet door.

"What a waist." She said to herself as she ran her hands down her lushes' curves. Her small feet were encased in a pair of five inch open toed heels which gave her calves a sexy curvy. Her eyes traveled up the slit along the left side of her dress that led all the way up her smooth leg to her waist. It was obvious that she had to have been wearing a thong otherwise her underwear would have been showing. Her heart-shaped ass curved out as she smiled and stuck it out a little. Emily's hands trailed up her slim waist and up to her best feature, her amazing 40E breasts. Her shoulders and the top of her chest were bare leaving the milky skin of her globes swelling out of the top to the point that it almost looked like they were about to burst out. Her soft pouty lips were a dark red that matched her dress very well. Bright blue, almond shaped eyes sparkled and her curly black hair led down to the middle of her back.

She admired her figure in the mirror one more time before she sighed to herself and walked out of her bedroom after shutting off the light. She strolled down the hall with her head down and her eyes closed in disappointment. As she walked down the stairs she heard the TV on so she headed towards the living room where she found her son Mike sitting on the couch flipping through the channels with disinterest.

"Sweetheart what are you doing home?" she asked as she stopped in the doorway looking over at him.

Mike looked up and immediately began to admire his mother's body. Her pale skin contrasted well with the dark green of the dress, as did her jet-black hair. "Yeah, my date got canceled last minute. And all my other friends are out so I'm stuck here for tonight." He said as he adjusted himself on the couch to hide his growing erection.

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry." She said sincerely as she leaned against the doorframe and folded her arms under her breasts, which forced them to bulge out even more. She crossed her exposed leg over the other as she put her full weight against the doorjamb. "Looks like we're in the same boat. Jason canceled on our date tonight also."

Suddenly a light went off in Mike's head. His eyes trailed over his mother's sexy curves. Her nipples were just barely covered by the lip of the dress as her arms continued to push against her tits. "God what I would give to get my hands on that" he thought to himself. He'd had sexual fantasies about his mom sense the first time he jerked off. All of his friends dreamed of fucking her and he defiantly couldn't blame them. Both he and Emily lived comfortably with the money she got from the divorce but she still planned on getting a job. She told him that she was going to apply at his school to be a secretary. He couldn't help but laugh to himself as he imagined all of the guys at the school finding more excuses to go to the office to not only see Ms. Schwartz but to get glances of his mother as well.

A broad smile came to his handsome face as he suddenly remembered the drug he bought from his friend. Mike's mind swam with images of him desperately impaling his mother in the back of their SUV. She moaned loudly as she urged him on with her legs spread wide. Mike shook the image from his thoughts before he spoke. "Um, Mom? How about we go out tonight?" he said as he sat up, "I really wanted to go to the drive in theater, and sense your available why don't you come with?"

"Hmmm." She thought to herself as she placed a finger to her soft lips. She started to smile as she placed her hands back onto her flaring hips. "That sounds like fun. I haven't been to the drive-in theater in years." She turned away and began to walk down the hall to the stairs. Her heels clicked loudly on the wood as Mike watched her ass sway from side to side. She stopped and turned around to look at him again. Her breasts jiggled with the slight movement. "Why don't you get the SUV ready? Just give me a few minutes and I'll be out." She smiled again as she headed back to her room to change.

Mike jumped up with excitement and quickly headed towards his room. He grabbed the small package of white powder from a drawer in his room before he headed towards the garage. He jumped into the SUV and started it up as the garage door opened. He pulled out into the driveway before parking. His foot tapped impatiently as he waited for his voluptuous mother to come out.

A good twenty minutes had passed before Mike heard the creaking noise of the front door. He looked up and his jaw dropped at the sight of his mother as she walked towards the vehicle smiling and waving happily towards him. Her jet black, curly hair bounced around her bare shoulders with each step. Her blue eyes sparkled and matched the bright blue lipstick that covered her soft plump lips. The top halves of her tits jiggled and bounced in the tight confines of the white tube top that also left the pale skin of her flat stomach bare. So much of her breasts were swelling out of the top that her nipples had to be just barely covered by the edge of the material. A black miniskirt hugged her hips and went down to about three inches of her thighs. Mike could make out the top edges of her black bikini bottoms poking out from the waist of his mothers' skirt. The muscles of Emily's thighs and calves were visible as her legs flexed with each step. Black, four-inch pumps lifted her feet off the ground as her legs glided one in front of the other. Her fingernails and toenails where painted the same bright blue as her lips. A small gold anklet was the finally accessory to top off her outfit.

Mike continued to stare at his mother as she came around to the other side of the SUV. She opened the door and stepped up onto the frame before climbing into the seat. She crossed her smooth, naked legs before her and adjusted her skirt before she looked out through the window as if this was a normal thing. After a few seconds she looked over at Mike to see him still staring. She laughed loudly as she saw his face. After she composed herself she looked back at him. "I figured sense you had to put up with your poor mother on a Saturday night I'd at least look the part of a date."

Mike shook his head and smiled as he began to back the SUV into the street. "Well you certainly pull it off well." He smiled as he looked back over his mothers' curves as she stared back out the window. Another flash came into his mind as his eyes roamed over her body.


They were both in front of the truck panting and sweating. The only thing Emily was wearing were the black pumps as she was bent forward gripping the sides of the hood with her small blue nailed hands. Her hair was clinging to her sweaty back and face as she looked over her shoulder at her son. Mike was naked as well as he gripped his mother's hips tightly and rammed into her hard. Emily's firm cantaloupe sized tits were squashed against the front of the car and the swell of her tit flesh stuck out from her sides. She flexed her legs and pushed back against her sons invading cock as she threw her head back around and moaned loudly into the air.

They were at the drive in and all the cars around them had their lights turned on and aimed at both mother and son. "Is that Mike and his mom?" Mike heard someone say. He smiled as he looked down at his large cock as it shined with Emily's wetness. He slapped her ass as he continued to pump into her again and again.

"Ooooo...." Emily cooed as she looked back over her shoulder at her sons' sweaty body. Her eyes were closed as she pursed her blue lips at him in a playful kiss. Her ass jiggled each time her sons' pelvis slapped against her loudly.

"I can't believe he's fucking his own mom!" Emily heard one of her sons' friends say as Mike fucked her. She looked over at the small crowd before she pushed her upper body up from the hood and flung her hair onto her back again. Her huge tits swayed and jiggled between her arms as she humped back against her sons cock.


Mike shook the image from his head so he could concentrate on his driving. Luckily, the theater was only ten minutes away and soon they had pulled into a dark corner of the parking lot.

"Ooo this is so much fun." Emily said to herself as she continued to look out the window as a few more cars pulled in. She recrossed her legs exposing even more of her thighs as she drummed her fingers on her knee in time with the music that played on the radio.

Mike turned off the ignition and looked around. None of the cars were to close so they had a little privacy. The windows weren't shaded but it was dark enough. Besides he didn't think he would care if anyone did see them. Hell, they'd probably be jealous. He looked back over his mothers' unbelievable curves and clenched his fists to keep himself from reaching out and pulling the lip of her tube top down to free her enormous breasts.

"Hey mom, do you want a drink or something from the concessions stand? I'm going to head over there." Mike said as he opened his door and hoped out.

"Um, sure. Just get me a large Diet Coke, I don't want anything else." Emily replied as she turned to look at him and brushed a lock of hair out of her face. The movements of her arm made the tops of her breasts jiggle slightly.

Mike smiled at his mother before he walked off towards the food stand. He had to adjust himself because walking was becoming incredibly uncomfortable with his huge erection. He speed walked to the concessions stand in his excitement and ordered two large drinks. Mike headed out the door soon after and went around the backside so no one could see him. He took the small packet of powder from his pocket and looked at it. Scott had said that there was enough in here for four doses and he said it was great stuff and fast acting. Mike felt that he had to be sure though. This might be the only time he'd be able to pull this off. Without a second thought he dumped the whole thing into his mothers drink and stirred it in with the straw before he headed back to the truck. When he got there he noticed that his mother had climbed into the back and pushed all the seats back, including the front ones, so it almost took up as much space as a queen sized bed. "My luck keeps getting better and better." Mike thought to himself as he looked inside the SUV.

Emily was stretched out on the seats lying on her side and propped up on one elbow. The lights from the movie screen gave her pale skin a pattern of other colors. Mike could make out the lines in her thigh muscles as she stretched out. "Here's your drink mom." He said as he handed it to her and crawled in before closing the door.

"Oh thank you sweetie, I was really thirsty." She quickly took two large sips before she put it down and turned her head to watch the film.

The movie went on and both mother and son watched in silence. Mike wasn't watching the movie however. He was paying more attention to the fully stacked firm body of his mother. She had just finished her drink about ten minutes ago and he could see some slight changes come over her. Emily had rolled onto her back and propped herself up on her elbows with her legs slightly bent. Her black hair cascaded down her shoulders and was spread out on the seat. Her skin had a slight blush to it on her face, thighs, neck, and the top of her breasts. Her thighs were rubbing together a little every now and then and he could see her nibble and lick her lips slightly. Mike smiled to himself, as he knew the drug was taking effect and that he'd soon be able to make his move.

Emily couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. She was so fucking horny! She'd been feeling it for the past ten minutes especially. She rubbed her thighs together as she felt her pussy get wetter and her clit get more sensitive with each passing minute. Was she this frustrated with Jason? She had been looking forward to fucking him after their date and now that it had been canceled maybe it was just adding to her already overflowing lust. She closed her eyes for a second and nibbled on her lower lip as her toes curled in the black four-inch pumps. Her rubbing of her thighs was getting her more excited. "God I need a nice hard cock right now!" she screamed in her head. A small whimper escaped her lips. Suddenly she heard a small moan come from speaker for the movie. She opened her eyes and saw the beginnings of a sex scene on the huge movie screen.

"Oh god." She moaned softly as she laid back and watched as the scene played out. She forgot all about her son as one of her hands slid down into her skirt and under her bikini and she immediately began to work her fingers around her lips before she shoved three of them in. Her other hand griped the seat tightly as she worked her pussy. "Oh god!" She exclaimed as she finally began to get a release.

Mikes eyes opened wide in shock. He had been hoping to get a small sign and then move from there but he didn't expect anything like this. He could hear wet noises coming from under her skirt as his mother pleased herself right beside him. She wasn't even watching him anymore so he knew he had to make his move now.

Mike quickly pulled his shirt off while he kicked his shoes off of his feet. Still watching his mom with eagerness in his eyes he began to undo his belt and pants. Pulling his jeans and boxers completely off. Soon he was completely naked beside his mother. She was still watching the action on the screen and fingering herself mercilessly.

Her whole body felt hot and her skin tingled and itched with lust. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy making loud wet sucking noises. She imagined the actor on the screen rubbing his hands all over her body. She smiled as she felt her skirt being undone by his hands and slid down her firm smooth legs. Her hips worked against her hand as her fingers found all the right spots to move around in. Emily's breasts jiggled and stood out on her chest like two huge cinnamon buns and her nipples pressed against the white cotton top making two small indentations.

Mikes hands were shaking with excitement as he slid his mothers skirt off her legs. Her skin was smooth and soft but the muscles underneath were firm. He could make out the subtle curves to the muscle in her calves and thighs. His cock was rigid and swollen as it bounced against his abs as he moved up a little and reached for the ties on the sides of his mothers' very small panties. He gently undid the bows as she squirmed on the stretched out seats. He smiled as he pulled her bikini bottoms off of her smooth hairless cunt and flung them onto the steering wheel behind him. He watched in fascination as Emily worked her fingers vigorously in her tight cunt. Mike slid his hand up and down his length, feeling precum drip from the tip and down his shaft. He loved to watch the muscles in her legs as her toes curled and pushed against the floor of the large truck. Soon enough his eagerness took over as he gripped his mothers legs behind her knees and spread them wide as he got between them. He stood on the floor with his legs bent so his cock was perfectly aligned with his mothers' pussy as she lay across the seats. He didn't even care if he was wearing a condom or not.

Emily imagined her clothes being taken off which increased her excitement. "Mmm.......yes...." she said weakly as her body surrendered from the pleasure. She loved the feeling of cool air on her thighs and pussy as she felt her legs being spread. Then a hand gripped hers and pulled her fingers from her soppy cunt. "N-no......" she protested, as she was broken out of her trance. That's when Emily realized that her legs really were spread and that it wasn't a dream. Her eyes blinked the fuzziness away as she looked around the SUV.

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