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Date Night


7:17. "Shit," he thought, "I was supposed to be home at 7:00." Tonight was date night, and his wife would be waiting for him. He quickly shut down his computer and texted his wife: "I'm so sorry, love! I've been swamped at work, but I'm on my way." He took the elevator down to the lobby and walked to his car. He still hadn't heard back from his wife; "she must be mad," he thought. "And rightfully so." He worked long hours, and date night was the one night a week set aside for them to fully enjoy each other's company.

As he drove home, he seemingly hit every red light, and still no text from his wife. He finally pulled into the garage at 7:42. "Shit. She must be pissed," he thought. He walked to the front door, and as he was opening it, he said "I am so sor..."

"You're late," she said in a flat tone, cutting him off. He looked up, and there she was, sitting on the stairs, wearing nothing but a black lace bra, a pair of black stockings, and a black lace garter belt. Her right hand swirled around her clit. "I started without you," she said in that same flat tone.

"I can see that," he said, grinning.

"What are you smiling at?" she replied coolly. She walked down the stairs, pulled his work bag off his shoulder and threw it to the ground. She grabbed his necktie and pulled him into the bedroom. By the time they got into the bedroom, his cock was straining against his pants.

There he saw the bed made up in clean white sheets, with a stark black strap and cuff at each corner. "Strip," she said. He obliged, pulling off his tie, and tearing away at the buttons of his shirt. As he was pulling off his pants, he stumbled and fell onto the bed on his stomach. She yanked them off, along with his underwear. "Flip over," she said. He did so. She grabbed his right wrist firmly and secured it in one cuff. She followed with his left wrist. She moved her hands down his body, scratching lightly, until she reached his ankles. She secured each one in a cuff and stood up to admire her work. His arms and legs were spread, with his cock pointing straight up. "Perfect," she said.

"I've already come twice, but you're going to help me come a couple more times before we get to you," she said. Nearly before he finished saying "okay," she had straddled his head, placing her pussy right up against his mouth. "Lick," she commanded. He did as he was told, swirling his tongue around her clit. He could feel her wetness seeping down onto his chin, and he felt his cock pulse - he loved how wet she got. He sucked and licked her clit, as she ground herself against his face, moaning softly. She reached down and grabbed the back of his head, pulling his hair gently at first, and then more firmly.

"Fuck," he said, relishing the slight pain. He licked faster now. He could feel her pussy starting to swell against his tongue - he could tell she was getting close. Her breathing grew more frantic, and he wished he could reach and grab her ass, her hips, her breasts, anything. But the sensation of the restraints against his wrists turned him on even more. As he looked up, admiring her breasts swaying gently as she ground herself onto his tongue, she came hard. He could feel her body quiver against him, and her pussy pulse against his tongue.

Meanwhile, his cock felt harder than ever. "Well, what are we going to do with this?" she asked, poking at his dick. She lay down next to it, and licked it from base to head. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his dick, making him quiver. "Oh, sensitive, huh?" She flicked her tongue against his frenulum. Finally, she grabbed the base firmly with one hand and took it deep into her mouth. He let out a long moan. She moved her mouth slowly up and down his shaft, swirling her tongue as she went. One hand stayed at the base of his cock while the other began scratching his chest, gently at first, and then harder, and harder. He gasped, and a jolt went straight to his dick. She could taste pre-cum leaking out of him. "Mmmm," she said.

She took her mouth off of him, and mounted him, placing his dick flat against his stomach. She began to grind her clit against the shaft of his dick, every few grinds touching his super-sensitive head. She reached down and dug her nails into his chest, just above the nipples. Again he gasped, half in pain, half in delight. He could feel a drop of pre-cum leak out onto his belly.

"Your pussy feels so fucking good," he said.

"Don't talk," she replied. "I don't care what feels good to you right now. This is about me." She reached down and placed one hand firmly on his neck and the other against his mouth, choking him slightly, and muffling anything he might dare to say. It felt incredible, and he felt his cock pulse. She kept grinding, and as she got closer to coming, her grip on his neck grew more and more firm. Pretty soon, he could barely breathe. As she came, she clenched so hard that he was gasping for air. When she removed her hand and rolled off of him, a huge pulse of pleasure ran throughout his body.

"Whoa," he said, a bit disoriented.

"You okay?" she asked, some concern coming through in her voice.

"Yeah, I liked that."

"Hmm. Good. Okay, now it's your turn," she said. She stood up, and pulled one of her dildos and some lube out from the nightstand. She kneeled down at the end of the bed, in between his spread-out legs. She squeezed some lube onto her finger. She massaged his asshole with it, swirling her fingertip around until he eased up. She slid her finger in, and he let out a deep moan. She found his prostate and poked at it lightly, making him gasp with delight. She pulled out her finger, lubed up the dildo and slid it in. She slowly pushed it in and out, and he let out small squeals and moans of pleasure. She squeezed a bit of lube onto her free hand, and began swirling it around the head of his cock. She gripped it firmly, and slid her hand up and down, as she continued to push her dildo in and out of his asshole. Before long, he started breathing fast and heavy, and she sped up both her thrusting and her stroking.

"Oh god... Fuuuuuck..." he said, and he erupted all over his stomach and chest. His cock pulsed in her hand, dripping come down her fingers. When he was finished, she grabbed a bath towel from the nightstand and wiped off her hands. She tossed it onto his chest, un-did one of his wrist restraints, and walked out of the room.

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by Anonymous

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by Josie_0307/15/18

I like her style

Oh sweet!
I've had similar fantasies, but in mine there's a strapon : )


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by ted287407/14/18



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