Date Night


Taking his hand away from her sucking mouth, Dave placed both palms on Nancy's full, ripe hips. He looked down to watch his cock gliding back and forth between Nancy's ass cheeks, his sweat dripping onto her sun kissed skin making it shiny in the dim light.

Sliding his hands up to grip her tiny waist, he began to fuck harder. The smacking sounds of their sweaty bodies grew even louder and her big tits swung wildly as she pushed her ass back against Dave's pounding hips.

"Oh yes!......Fu-Fuck me DAVE!" she exclaimed in pleasure as she stared at the men crowded around them. Just about every one of them had their cocks out into the open now and they were all jerking themselves.

The hot wife loved being watched.

Taunting the men, her tongue curled from her gasping mouth, "You like watching me get fucked don't you? You all wanna be next don't you? Huh?"

With both of their bodies glistening with sweat, Dave threw his hips forward until he slapped loudly against her round uplifted asscheeks. Nancy moaned loudly and made a squealing sound each time Dave's cock reamed out her cunt. The couple continued fucking like two animals in heat, rapidly working toward their hot climaxes.

Dave smiled at the men and paused.

With her cunt lips tightly surrounding the very base of his fuck shaft, Dave put on a show for their audience, slowly rubbing himself against Nancy's glorious golden asscheeks, working his prick around inside the gorgeous woman's tight wet pussy.

Nancy' moaned loudly feeling Dave's prick throbbing deep in her pussy. Her nipples ached as she ground them into the cold steel of the car hood. She found herself grinding her hips back against Dave's teasing thrusts.

Finally finding strength deep within her, Nancy pushed herself back up off the car hood. Her large, sweaty breasts hung down heavily, swaying and bouncing with each smack of Dave's hips against hers. She hissed loudly as Dave reached around her to cup her big slick tits in his hands. Her pliant globes overflowed his grasping hands as he kneaded the sweat-slippery flesh with his fingers.

Another hissing sound, not from her, came from Nancy's left.

She quickly opened her eyes and watched as long thick ropes of cum jumped from the head of the big cock to the side of her, the same cock she had teased with just one lick. His cum shower arched in the air and the thick jets of cum splattered onto the hood of the car, narrowly missing Nancy's gorgeous rocking body.

She smiled, pleased with herself that she could turn a man on so much with her exhibitionism.

"Fuck me!" she purred loudly for all the men to hear.

She was getting even more excited as she watched the cock stroking men getting close enough to splatter her naked body with their hot thick cum.

"Come on, fuck me! I need your"

Twin jolts of erotic pleasure zapped through Nancy's breasts as Dave pinched her hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and pulled her tits out taunt by the nipples.

"Harder! Harder!" she yelled.

Her body bucked backwards against Dave, putting on a final show for her aroused audience. It felt so incredibly naughty, so erotic, so forbidden for a married woman to do this with her lover in front of so many strangers.

Dave let go of Nancy's big tits and once again gripped her firm hips, both of them fucking as fast as possible trying to climax before their strength gave out.

An uncontrollable trembling started at the top of her head and travelled down her body like a tidal wave. When it hit her loins, she screamed out her passion as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Nancy hadn't really expected her climax to hit her so quickly, or with such force.

Suddenly her eyes glazed over and she couldn't see a thing. Shivering, mashing her huge tits against the hood of the car, she gushed out her pussy-juice around the invading prick that spread her cunt lips so far apart.

"Awwwwwwwww!" the hot babe groaned, her knees quivering, knocking against the side of the car as she tried to stay upright on her aching legs.

Dave's strong hands dug deeply into her luscious ass cheeks, stopping her from falling. Her body trembled from head to toe, her knees shaking, her cunt contracting around the plundering cock.

But he hadn't finished.

Dave continued to drive hard into her pussy. Each time Nancy's cunt got completely filled with his prick, a trickle of girl-cum oozed out to dribble down the insides of her shapely, naked thighs. His face was set in a grim, hard expression. Her sweet cunt was squeezing his invading prick tighter than ever, like a velvet glove, driving him wild with ecstasy.

Howling loudly, Dave tossed his head back on his shoulders as he drove his cock into Nancy's cunt. Without warning, his balls suddenly erupted and he squirted thick streams of cum deep inside this gorgeous pussy, unable to control himself any longer.

"Arrrrggghhh!" he growled, jerking his hips in a frenzy.

Nancy had been right when she suspected she would cum hard. When she felt the hot load of cum deluge her pussy, it only served to intensify the spine-tingling ecstasy that was already going through her tight body.

"Awwwwww!" she groaned, gasping for air.

As his grip on her hips weakened, she felt herself slipping off the car, unable to find sufficient strength to keep herself bent over its hood the big-titted nympho slumped to the ground.

Gasping for air as she turned her face up to Dave, the first thing she could see in the dim light was his big shiny cock. Unable to resist, she gripped the root in one hand and took him back into her mouth. The taste of her own pussy-juice and Dave's cum on his meaty cock head made her shudder with arousal.

All around her, she could hear men groaning as the sound of cum landed on the car hood and the tarred parking lot.

Some covered her back, her tits, her cheeks and her hair. It turned her on all the more.

Gently massaging her nipples, she continued to suck on Dave's cock until all the men had fired out everything they had to offer.

It had certainly been some "date" night.


Later that night.................

Luxuriating in the huge bubble bath at home, Nancy's hand teased her cunt lips as she recalled the wonderfully hot evening with Dave.

Having sex with all those guys watching had been incredibly hot, and even the guilt she felt because Dave was the husband of her best friend, Kearstin, couldn't dampen her mood.

The sound of the phone disturbed her thoughts. There could be only one person calling at this hour...

"Hi Jeff honey! I know......I can't believe you're gonna be home in two whole days!"

Her hand found her clit as she listened to his voice.

"Yeah... no... I didn't go out tonight. No I'm a good girl. I just stayed here tonight. I was going to go out with Kearstin, but then she had to work late so I'm just taking a bubble bath."

Her legs spread wider and a grin split her face.

"Ok. I love you too. See you at the airport on Saturday! Bye."

THE END..............for now................

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