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Date Night


I sat on the edge of the couch, peering over the windowsill to eagerly watch for Daddy's car. Tonight was date night and he would be home soon. I was wearing his favorite body hugging little black dress, and had curled my shoulder length hair for him. My only jewelry was my silver bangle bracelet that he had given to me last Christmas. I chose to wear black flats since I didn't know what we would be doing. Underneath my dress, I wore my black bra and thong set, with my pink glass butt plug in, as instructed.

The sound of the garage opening told me that he had arrived and I scurried to the door, opening it as he pulled into the driveway. I knew I was being overeager but I always got so excited for him to come home. He grinned at me as he got out of his car.

"Is Daddy's girl ready for our date?"

"Yes! I can't wait Daddy! I got all pretty for you!"

I bounced as I spoke, my excitement bubbling up and uncontainable.

"You sure did. You look beautiful, Baby. Take Daddy's work bag and bring it to my office, while I go freshen up, then we'll head out."

I obeyed, then stood in the doorframe of the bedroom, grinning, while he changed his shirt. Unable to resist, I took two steps and reached out to rub his chest while his shirt was still over his face. His head popped through, and he was smiling indulgently.

"I missed you, too. If you start rubbing on me, though, we'll never make it to the restaurant. We're going somewhere new."

His shirt changed, he reached down to squeeze my ass, tapping the butt plug and winking. He turned me around and led me to the car, locking the door behind us. He opened my door, kissing me before I got in, then walked around to the driver's side. During the drive, he told me about his day and listened to my excitement over a new story I had begun to write. Once at the restaurant, he reached over and unbuckled my seatbelt before going around and opening the door for me and reaching down to help me out. His arm snaked around my waist to secure me for another slow, lingering kiss. I grinned as we pulled apart and bounced in his arms.

"I love you, Daddy!"

"I love you too, Baby."

We held hands as we walked in and Daddy patiently listened as I further went into the plot of my newest story. As we stood waiting for our table, I leaned against Daddy, his large hand still wrapped around mine, my small hand only holding his thumb. We were content to simply people watch in silence. When the hostess led us to our table, we sat together on one side of the booth, with Daddy on the outside edge. After informing us of the specials for the night, she left us to peruse the menus. I was slightly overwhelmed with all the choices, but my mouth watered at several selections. Daddy's hand was resting on my thigh, making slow circles and figure eights as he looked at the menu. I wiggled in my seat, and was reminded of the butt plug as it moved inside me, causing me to still. Daddy smirked because he knew what had just happened.

"What sounds good tonight, Babygirl?"

"I think I want the salmon...but the shrimp sounds good, too...or maybe the stuffed chicken? Ooooo! No I want the pasta!"

"No pasta, Baby, it makes your stomach hurt. I have plans for you tonight, so I need you to feel good. How about we get you the salmon and I'll get the shrimp, and we'll share with each other. I'll also order us the asparagus appetizer. Would you like lemon in your water?"

My stomach made a happy lurch at the mention of playing.

"Ummm, that's fine, Daddy. Can't I please have a Diet Coke?"

"You said the other day you wanted to stop drinking them. You haven't had one in two days, and I'm proud of you. Going another day without one will be one step closer to your goal."

Our waiter came to the table and Daddy ordered both of us water, then our appetizer and meals. Alone again, he turned to me to continue our conversation. We skated from one topic to the next, seamlessly transitioning until our food arrived. Comfortable silence overtook the table, and we shared bites with one another. Just as I brought a piece of asparagus to my mouth, Daddy leaned over and whispered in my ear,

"I'm thinking you have too many clothes on. Go to the bathroom and bring me back your underwear."

He grinned as my eyes got big as saucers.

"But Da—"

The look he gave me stopped my protests and I stood and walked to the bathroom. When I returned, I had folded my thong as small as I could and had it in my balled up hand. I was even more aware of the butt plug and the wetness of my pussy now without underwear on. Once seated, I placed the scrap of fabric in Daddy's hand and he pushed it into his pocket.

"Good girl. Now finish your dinner."

By the time we were through with our meals, Daddy had gently pushed one side of my dress up my thigh. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and shifted in my seat, only to push the butt plug further in.

"Daddy, you're making me all tingly." I whispered.

His only response was to grin into his water glass as he drank.

Daddy paid and we walked out to the car, his arm around my waist. He opened the door and leaned in as I was seated, his hand quickly sliding up my thigh and under my dress to run one finger along the lips of my pussy.

"Get buckled, Babygirl. On the way home, I want you playing with your clit. We are going to go enjoy some play time, and I'm thinking of filling your ass with my cock tonight."

My breath hitched. I had expected this was coming, as Daddy was increasing the amount of time I wore my butt plug. It was in more than it was out. I still couldn't help the butterflies in my stomach. I reached under my dress and began rubbing slow circles around my clit as Daddy came around, then got in and buckled his seat belt. From the driver's seat, Daddy held my other hand and we rode in silence, except for his occasional command to rub faster or slower, typically followed by a moan from me. We pulled into the garage and entered the house, but he stopped me just inside the door.

"Strip here. Hands behind your back, holding your elbows, back against the wall, legs spread."

He watched as I peeled the dress over my head, then removed my bra. I stood as instructed and waited as he looked up and down my body. His hand reached up and pinched one nipple, rolling it slowly before tweaking it. Lightly trailing his fingers over my skin, then bending down to kiss my shoulders and neck, grazing me with his teeth and sending goosebumps up my arms. He squatted in front of me, pinned me to the wall with his hands on my hips, and licked my clit. My legs nearly buckled and I groaned as he suddenly sucked, his teeth lightly grazing my clit. He continued to lick, but released his grip on one hip to slide one finger into my pussy, then two, and used the rest of his fingers to push on the butt plug. My head rested against the wall and my eyes closed as pleasure spread up my body. His pace picked up and my body jolted as he began to finger fuck me. My moans became louder, and my hips pushed into his face, eager for more.

"Please fuck me with your cock, Daddy! Oh that feels so good."

After a few more licks, he stood, and took a step back. I watched as he kicked off his shoes, undid his jeans, then stepped out of them. My hips involuntarily pushed toward him, a silent plea for my pussy to be filled. He stroked himself and pointed to the floor. I immediately sank to my knees.

"Keep your arms behind you and open your mouth."

He reached out and spread his hand through the hair at the back of my head, then gripped and firmly pushed my open and waiting mouth over his hard cock. Slowly, he worked himself in and out, giving my jaw time to warm up. I allowed the saliva to flow freely, sliding my tongue down and up the length of his shaft with each slow thrust. His grip on my hair tightened further and his pace picked up. I was now frequently gagging around him as he hit the back of my throat. Tears were beginning to roll down my face but I moaned around him, eager to encourage him to continue, enjoying the feel of him getting harder in my mouth. Thrust, thrust, thrust, gag, hold, pull out and then pause a beat while I caught my breath before he began again. He suddenly stopped and pulled out of my mouth, saliva following in a trail, and the hand in my hair tilted my head back to look up at him. His cock stood at attention right in front of my face, and I licked my lips.

"Such a good girl. You like it when I fuck my holes, don't you? They belong to me. Tonight I'm going to claim another one. That little asshole is mine tonight, but first I'm going to watch you make yourself squirt, then let you ride Daddy for an orgasm so you'll be nice and relaxed."

His hand released my hair and he gently helped me to my feet and pressed me against him, his cock pressing against my stomach. His hands gripped and kneaded my ass cheeks as he leaned in and kissed me slowly and passionately. My body melded to his, enjoying his tongue slipping into my mouth before returning the favor and sliding my tongue into his. He smacked my ass cheeks, making me squeal, then led me to our bedroom.

"Lay on your back with your legs spread. Start playing with yourself while I get a towel."

Knees up, legs spread wide, my bare pussy was open and I began to slick my fingers with my own arousal. He returned to our room with a folded towel, and stopped halfway across the room to watch me. I stroked my fingers up and down, in and out, rubbing my clit with each turn. He motioned for me to stop and I lifted my hips for the towel to go underneath, then he moved to sit next to me on the bed, down at my feet for the best view. He reached out and inserted two fingers, then pulled them out and began stroking himself.

"Ok, Baby. I want a puddle on this bed, but I want to see you do it to yourself. Keep going until I say stop."

"Yes, Daddy."

I slid two fingers into my own pussy, firmly but gently stroking the rough spot just inside. My toes curled and I moaned at the sensation. I rubbed, keeping up the same pace, knowing this would give Daddy what he wanted. My g-spot swelled, and I pressed more, in and out, keeping a steady rhythm.

The first wave streamed from my body, and I felt it seep beneath me on the towel. I continued to stroke and rub, pulling out occasionally to rub my clit with my wet fingers before continuing. Gush, after gush, after gush came. Daddy reached down, stopping my hand before pushing two fingers into me and stroking me himself.

"Give it to me, Babygirl. Daddy wants your juices."

I bore down and released at the same time, flooding his hand. My head fell back and my back arched. He pulled out and began vigorously rubbing my clit, sending my orgasm flying all over the bed, then reached up and pushed his fingers into my mouth. I sucked and licked him clean, and he leaned forward to lick my pussy before crooning,

"Good girl. You're Daddy's good girl. Get up, Baby, so you can go for a ride. I want you to cum all over my cock."

We switched places, moving the towel aside. I straddled his hips, and reached back to guide him into me. He slid in with ease, and we both moaned as he filled me. Leaning forward, I began to sway back and forth, causing my clit to rub against him. He reached up with one hand and placed it on my throat, then applied just the right amount of pressure that drove me wild. He sat up just enough to smack my ass with his other hand and I moaned. I could feel the telltale tingling working it's way up my body already.

"Daddy I can feel it. I don't wanna cum yet.", I slightly whined.

I moaned and tried to slow down my pace, but this was met with several sharper smacks on my thigh, then his grip on my throat tightened slightly.

"That orgasm is mine, Babygirl. Don't try to keep it from me. Cum for Daddy."

I obeyed and again settled into a rhythm that made my clit swell and my toes tingle. Reaching down, I placed one hand on his chest while I rode him. I could feel the edges of my orgasm making their way up and in. My breath caught, and my fingers dug into his chest, as the orgasm built.

"Daddyyyyyyyy. Oh oh oh pleaseDaddydontstop."

My mind blanked and my head fell back as I thrust harder. All I could do was moan and babble incoherently, partial words escaping my mouth before becoming garbled.

"AhhhhDaddyI'm gonna cumOhohohohoh."

He loosened his grip on my neck and stroked down my body as I came. Lifting his hips, he slightly changed the angle and my pace, and the waves of my orgasm continued. As I came down from my orgasm, I leaned forward and rested my head on his chest. He rubbed my back and head, while I ran my fingers through his chest hair.

"Alright Babygirl, I want you to get up and lay on the bed with your feet on the floor."

He helped me up and then walked to the drawers while I got into position, and though he didn't say to, I automatically clasped my hands above my head and waited. Daddy returned and pushed on the butt plug before pulling it out. I felt cold lube trickle between my ass cheeks. His free hand smeared my hole with lube, then he dipped three fingers into my pussy, causing me to jolt unexpectedly in pleasure. His thumb found my sensitive, still throbbing clit and rubbed it gently. While he rubbed, he removed the fingers from my pussy and worked one lubed finger into my asshole, to ensure it was well lubricated. I then heard the sound of him working lube onto his cock, setting my stomach to butterflies again. His dry hand gripped my hip as he pressed himself to me.

"Ok, Babygirl. Are you ready? Remember, your safeword is red if you need it. I won't be upset if you need it."

I nodded and he began to push into me. My breath quickened and he stroked my back, stopping his entry and allowing me to get used to just the tip of his cock. I felt him begin moving again, and tensed up before remembering to relax and push back against him. He continued his entry very slowly, stroking my back and murmuring encouragement, stopping when he felt me tense up and giving me a moment to get a handle on myself. He finally was in completely and just held himself there for a moment. My pussy ached to be filled as he stretched me, and I wiggles my hips slightly. He reached around and stroked my clit, then slowly began to move inside me. Pulling back just a little before entering again, working himself into me, giving me the chance to get used to this new sensation. With each small thrust, he pulled out further, until I was taking his whole cock slowly over and over again. My hands gripped the sheets.

"Oh my god, Babygirl. So tight around my cock. You feel amazing. Such a good girl."

He continued his slow entry and exit, using his grip on my hips as leverage. I pushed back into him with each entry, encouraging him to continue. Pleasure began to overtake the discomfort of unfamiliarity.

"Please Daddy."

I couldn't tell him what I wanted, but taking my cue, he picked up the pace of his thrusts, causing me to moan. His fingers dug into my skin, and I gripped the sheets on the bed tighter as he drove us both towards orgasm. He suddenly pulled out and patted my bottom, then began stroking my back.

"But Daddy! Please!"

His voice came out ragged,

"You did so good Baby. I'm proud of my good girl. I'm so very pleased that you got the courage to overcome your fear to let Daddy take you there. Go get Daddy a warm soapy rag, and clean me off, then I'm going to fuck you and give you my cum since you were such a brave girl."

I ran water in the bathroom until it was warm, then lathered soap before walking back to him and cleaning him off. His cock was so hard, and I worked it with my hand a bit, gripping him and pumping it up and down. His head fell back as he enjoyed my attention. I rinsed away the lather with a non-soapy portion of the rag, and then tossed the rag to the laundry bag for the next day's wash. Before I could turn, I felt his hands in my hair and at my hip as he took me to the bed and pushed me into the mattress. He leaned forward and bit my shoulder, causing a high moan to escape my lips, then thrust into my pussy in one smooth motion.

"I held back taking your ass like I wanted, but I won't be holding back anymore. Put your hands behind your back."

I reached my arms back, my chest falling to the bed, and clasped my elbows. He reached out and wrapped one hand around my arms, pulling me on to his cock, using them as leverage as he slammed into me. Thrusting hard enough to jolt me up on my toes. I could feel the bed scoot slightly across the wood floor with each stroke. It wasn't long before I could tell he was close, his movements becoming more jerky with each thrust. My breasts pressed into the bed, and I turned my head to watch him from the corner of my eye.

His hand gripped my hair again, and the sting of shock caused tears to come to my eyes, but I was floating, my mind blank, so I didn't mind. I just wanted to be filled with his cum, proof that I had pleased him and been a good girl. He pounded harder, slowing his pace some, but driving into me with more urgency than before. Each stroke sent shock waves down my body that felt down into my bones. He leaned forward and thrust again, becoming still as his orgasm filled me. I pressed my hips into his and he released my hair to stroke my back then pat my ass before pulling away and out from me. He picked me up and put me on the bed, his cum seeping out onto my leg. He climbed in himself and pulled me against his body. He leaned on me, pinning me to the bed and wrapped his arm around my waist. Nuzzling my cheek with his nose, and making long strokes along my arm, he relaxed next to me. And as my eyes became heavy, I heard him whisper into the dark.

"Good girl."

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