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Date Night


It was around 8:00 in the evening and he walked into his house just in time to see his wife putting the finishing touches on her makeup. She looked radiant, sexy and just a hint of slutty. He had spent the last hour running around trying to find the right videotapes for his camera. Tonight would be a night he would never want to forget.

His wife came out of the bathroom spinning around and asking him if she looked ok. His heart raced and his cock started to swell, of course she looked good, so good he wanted to take her right then and there. He told her he was going to watch some TV, drink a couple of beers and wait for her to come home from her evening out.

She kissed him deeply and passionately and told him to be good while she was gone and sashayed out the door, slowly closing it behind her. He went to the fridge and grabbed a cold beer and then headed for the bedroom. Once there he got the camcorder out of the closet and set it up on the clothes hamper in the corner so that it was pointed at the bed. He then went over and slid the dimmer switch on the wall down to low and then went back over and checked the camera. He put it on night shot and made sure it would still capture a good quality shot. All was set and he carefully laid some clothes on top of it to help obscure it from view.

About 12:00 he heard the car pull into the drive, he jumped up and peeked out of the window to see it was in fact his wife. She turned the car off and opened the door just as another car pulled in behind her. He watched for a few seconds until the driver exited the vehicle and saw that it was a man roughly 6 foot tall, maybe 210 lbs. His wife walked to the driver's side and the two of them locked in a hot embrace. He saw the other mans hand around his wife's lower back and it slowly slid down her back and to the hem of her not too long skirt. Once there he saw his hand tighten on his wife's round ass and slowly lift the back of her skirt up. He quickly ran to the bedroom and turned the camera on and peeked out of the bedroom window. They were still embraced and this stranger's hand had the skirt hiked up enough that he could see him diddling his wife's cunt. He saw her knees go weak as she shook a bit in his arms and then she reached for his arm and pushed it away. She held his arm and turned him toward the house and started leading him to the front door.

Quickly he jumped into the closet and pulled the slatted bi-fold doors shut and waited. Within two minutes they entered the room, the stranger still groping at his wife. His wife sat down on the bed and the stranger pushed her back and lay on top of her kissing her deeply as his hand slid up her top searching for her breast. Her hand was around his neck and her head to the side as he kissed her neck and nibbled at her ear.

In the closet his cock grew stiff, how lucky he was to be able to spy on his wife and her new, found friend. He wandered if this man would be slow and loving with her or fuck her hard so she would scream with lust. He reached down and carefully slid his shorts down, freeing his throbbing member. He grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it as he intently watched the show.

By now his wife and her strange lover were naked and she had her hand wrapped around his cock. It wasn't massive or anything like that, average length he though, but definitely thick. She was slowly pulling on it, massaging it as his fingers buried themselves between her glistening thighs. She had her head all the way back and was softly moaning her approval. He had started out soft and gentle but was now being a bit more aggressive and was pushing his hand up into her crotch with more force each time. Her pretty red painted toes were curling tight and she was getting very close to her first orgasm. Her grip was tight on his cock and she pulled it harder and with more authority.

She wanted it, she wanted to feel that thick cock buried in her moist pussy. She wanted to feel his heat as he penetrated her hard and deep. She thought of her husband in the closet and wandered if he was jerking his own cock. Just then, reality came back to her as her body started to convulse from this strange mans fingers ravaging her most private areas. She started to swing her head back and forth and groan. Her groan turned into a primal grunting sound and that in turn led to her crying out.

The stranger then kissed her deeply on the lips and then started sliding down her body slowly licking his way to her breasts. He lingered on her nipples for a moment before he continued downward on his lustful assault. Her belly was tight as she trembled at his touch. He finally found her sweet spot and he slowly licked her from her asshole all the way up to her throbbing clit. Her body shook when he did this and he then buried his tongue into her ass.

Oh my God, she had never felt a man tongue her asshole before. How naughty she thought, how lustful, how unbelievably hot! She could tell this man wanted her as much as she wanted him. His tongue knew no limits and all she could do was wiggle and convulse as his hands held her hips and his tongue delved into virgin ass. Her left hand held his head firmly in place as her right hand tore at the sheets.

Back in the closet he was about to explode. His cock was so ready to cum from his lust that it hurt when it throbbed. He never thought of licking his wife's ass before but he would definitely be doing it in the future! He loved listening to her and he wanted nothing more than to open the closet doors and join the fun. He knew that he couldn't though. Yesterday when they talked about this he promised her that he would stay in the closet for the conditions that she would go through with picking up a stranger and bringing him home so that he could watch.

She cried out as she came again from this exquisite mans talents and then she crawled out from under him and pushed him back onto the bed forcefully. She smiled at him and told him how incredible that was. Then she slid further down and grabbed his cock with one hand, his swollen balls with the other and the licked his fat dick from his sack all the way to the tip. She looked up at him and smiled as she swirled her tongue around, tasting his glistening precum. Just as he began to softly moan, she took his whole shaft into her mouth and worked her tongue around on it. She massaged his nuts and sucked his big cock with a furry; she was like an animal possessed. She took the cock from her mouth and then dropped her head further, pushing his legs apart and stuck the tip of her tongue against his asshole, repaying the favor. She grabbed his cock and started pumping it and darted her warm tongue in and out of his ass. The faster she jerked on his cock, the more he moaned and thrust his hips around as if he were fucking thin air. He cried out that he was going to cum, she rose up and stuck her tongue out and jerked his cock faster until it shot spurt after hot spurt of warm sticky cum. The first shot went high and hit her on the forehead, the second landed on her tongue and several successive ones hit her chin and neck. Her face was a mess with this stranger's seed and she didn't care. She used her fingers and wiped it off and then licked her messy fingers clean.

This new man in her bed lay there for a second gathering his mind and then sat up, telling her how unbelievable she was. She smiled at him and remarked that he was quite an inspiration. They kissed tenderly and his cock began to grow again. He laid her back and lifted her legs. Her breath was short and she shook, not from fear but in anticipation. The night was already amazing and she couldn't wait to feel this man inside of her for the first time. He grabbed his own cock and rubbed it lightly on her moist cunt lips, she gasped. He then leaned forward so that the head parted her lips and he just held that position for a moment. The suspense was driving her out of her mind and she tried to thrust up at him, she just had to feel him now! He smiled at her and pulled back, and then in one lustful and powerful lunge, he buried his manhood as deep as it could possibly go.

She gasped so hard and loud she felt as though she would pass out. This man had built up so much anticipation that she thought she would go insane before she finally would be able to feel him inside of her and now here it was.

Standing there watching this other mans cock going into his wife sent him over the edge and his cock erupted in his own hand. Thick white cum coated his fingers and dripped from the tip of his own cock. Oh, how he wished he could fuck his wife at this moment or at least feel her lips on him as this other man had his way with her.

She bent her legs and grabbed her red painted toes, spreading her legs wide and giving this hot man full access to her body. She moaned every time he plunged back into her, his full wait pushing her down into the bed and his cock so thick and hard driving her out of her own mind. She cried out for him to fuck her hard and fast, she barely recognized herself, normally being well reserved in front of other people. Her own husband spent years trying to get her to open up more and more. Now here she was lying there like a well-fucked whore as a total stranger used her for his own pleasure while her husband hid in a closet watching.

Harder and harder he fucked her, she called out louder and louder for him to continue. He was fucking her as hard as she has ever been fucked and loving every minute of it. Her body shook, she was coming and screaming, her nails digging into his back like an animal holding down their prey. He let out a moan and yelled that he was coming with her. She bore his weight on her body as she felt his fat cock throbbing and pulsing deep in her cunt. Her own body continued to convulse and her breathing was so heavy she couldn't catch her breath. He slowed down and finally collapsed on top of her. She felt him slowly withdraw his man meat from her aching pussy. The she felt something warm and wet trickling down her ass crack. Oh my God! I forgot the condoms in the night- stand! She couldn't believe it, she had her tubes tied years ago but never did she plan to let another man fuck her, let alone cum in her. How wicked she thought, another man had just filled her pussy full of cum as her husband hid and jerked his cock.

The stranger stood up and slowly dressed as they made small talk and complimented each other. She grabbed her panties and wiped the cum from her inner thighs.

Back in the closet he was awash from pulling on his own cock for so long. He had always had this fantasy of watching his wife with another man but never though he would be able to get her to do it. Now look at her, naked, sweaty and freshly fucked.

She walked him to the front door and kisses him deeply on the lips, thanking him for such a wonderful evening. She took his phone number but explained to him that she was after all a married woman and was not interested in an ongoing affair. She did wink at him though and in no uncertain terms let him know that she would be up for a replay of the evenings events on a very infrequent basis.

She closed the door, locked it and turned around to find her husband standing at the end of the hall staring at her. His cock was half hard and red. She walked up to him and kissed him deeply on the mouth and fondled his half limp cock. He in turn reached between her legs and found her very creamy and wet. She told him how sorry she was for forgetting to have him wear a condom and explained that since she was not used to using them that as things got heated, it was the furthest thing from her mind. She begged his forgiveness as she slowly played with his now growing member. He picked her up and carried her to their marital bed where her rubbed his now rock hard dick against her oozing hole. Her pussy was swollen and red as he slowly slid inside her stretched and cum filled hole. He began to fuck her as he asked her how it felt to have a total stranger plunging his cock deep inside her and asked her how it felt to feel another mans load oozing from her. She began to moan and meet his thrusts as he talked to her about this evenings events and she came like a train, even harder than she did for the stranger.

After watching the video that he had recorded, she spent many times alone watching it and finger fucking her self to explosive orgasms. Now she wants to do it again, but this time she wants to be the one in the closet and her husband on the bed with a stranger, a sexy female that he picks up on his night out and brings home. She has even asked if she can call the stranger again and have a date with him, after all, not only was sex with him hot, but the sex with her husband afterwards was incredible.

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by Easypeter05/23/18

Great story

My wife told me to watch as she flirted with my friend . She walked up to me and whispers saying she's going to fuck him on the patio. She pulls him through the door onto the patio. His wife asked if Imore...

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by satinlvr_mwf03/22/18

The Anonymous Whiners...

seem to be multiplying.
As for the story, the piece might beneft from some more backstory development. Why was this happening? A bet won or lost?
I think that the video camera seems a bit contrite,more...

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