tagLesbian SexDate Night Ch. 01

Date Night Ch. 01


I write based on my imagination. All the characters in this story are of legal age and consent. In other words, over 18.


It's Sunday night and you know the drill. Every Sunday, we would go out for dinner and a movie. Tonight was Mexican, not that you knew it. You spent most of the meal on your knees under the table. That was why we picked Sunday. Less people went out so the two businesses we chose would be less busy than usual. Less chance for you to get caught. Though, I could tell that the waiter tonight was overly suspicious of the number of times you took a "bathroom break" that night. Each and every time, I would just grin and give your hair a tug under the table. In my right hand was the device you had learned to love and hate at the same time. A switch that wirelessly controlled the vibrator that was buried deep in your pussy. It was always inserted right after you got out of your shower and before you got dressed in your slutty best.

A pair of heels that made your sexy ass look much more defined and helped to make long legs look so much longer. A pair of thigh high white stockings. It was always thigh high, always stockings but often switched colors depending on what else you were wearing. White was the color tonight to go with the pink skirt you wore. It barely covered your ass cheeks, which were hanging out rather obviously because of the lack of cover that your pink thong offered. On top, a white button up blouse that was just a size too small. For a good reason. The way those buttons strained against the pressure that your large tits offered made every single move you made that much more interesting. Trying not to pop out of the few buttons that I did allow you to have buttoned. Under that was a black cup less bra that offered merely support but no cover. It would add to the humiliation that everyone could see those perky nipples pressing against the thin fabric of the blouse. Your hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail that offered for a good handle for those times you had your face buried between my legs. It also helped those rare times when you refused to do something or tried to show a spark of stubbornness. Which you seemed to be prone to. But those moments were few and far between. Like now.

With you on your knees, your make up smudged from the time you'd spent between my thighs, pussy juice coating your face, you had tried to deny me of my second orgasm of the night before my meal had even come. However, you were persuaded by a simple click and a very powerful buzzing deep in your cunt. I could feel you adjusting under the table as the waiter came by once again to ask what it was you'd be having that evening. I could tell it was taking you all of your self-control to keep from moaning out loud when I ordered you a tequila and a simple soft taco. Chicken instead of beef. Limiting your food intake make the evenings that much more fun. And I loved the surge of control it gave me to order for you. The young man's eyes darted towards the legs of the table and then back up to me. He knew something was going on, but couldn't quite figure out what. Or maybe he knew what was going on and just couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that a slutty woman like you would possibly be acceptable to a well dressed woman like me.

After he left, I gave your leg a nudge with the toe of my black, leather knee high boots. Without much of a fight, you slowly crawled out from under the table on your hands and knees. Your ass high in the air, giving me the first urge of the night. However, that would have to wait. We had plenty of time to get to that. Besides, I carried a large purse and plenty of toys for the trip to the theater and even during the movie. Quickly, you wiped your face with the napkin and straightened your hair. The few people that were in the restaurant gave you looks and a few whispers were exchanged, but you didn't seem to care.

"Seems as though you had fun down there," I whisper slyly with a soft wink in your direction. My fingers curl around a simple glass of water and I take a sip before sliding it in your direction. The only response you seem to be able to muster was to pick it up and take a long sip yourself.

It wasn't long before our food arrived and you took small, slow bites, your eyes on the table the whole time. I didn't prefer to eat in silence, however, you were having problems keeping quiet from the stimulation of the vibrator in your pussy as well as eating at the same time. Which would probably explain why your plate simply had a few bites taken out of it when the waiter came back.

"Get up, go to the bathroom and take off your panties, slut. I don't think you'll need them tonight and the waiter has been looking at you since we got here. I think he'd appreciate a tip and a story to tell his friends. Hurry back."

Without a word, you got to your feet, a bit shaky on those heels because I hadn't ceased the vibrating. However, I did stop it as soon as I saw you reach the door to the women's restroom. While I waited, I sat and finished my meal. Just in time to see you come back. The blush on your cheeks was a rather welcome sight. I was starting to get the impression I had lost my touch in embarrassing you. Once you took your seat, I waved the young man over and looked in your direction.

"Speak up, slut. I do believe you have something you'd like to say to this young man, right?"

There was that blush again. And your eyes, almost begging me not to make you do this. But you were in too deep. And you knew the punishment would be anything but pleasurable if you didn't do as you were told. Last time you had been rented out to a sorority to use for the night. Both as a house maid and a sex slave. I had a blast watching those young college aged girls going to town on every hole in your body. Making messes on purpose just to watch you clean them up. To watch them push your face in their toilets when they weren't cleaned to their liking. You swore after that, you'd never let something like that happen again. You wouldn't ever be a disappointment like that.

"I just wanted to give you your tip, Sir. And a story. I know you think I'd been going to the bathroom all night, but that's just not true. I've been under the table servicing my Mistress like a good slut should."

There was that blush again. This time, it came from him.

I guess they didn't cover this in the training manual or something. He looked like he wanted to say something, but before he could, your hand came up from under the table and slid that nice pink thong across the table to him. From the look of it, he didn't seem like he was going to take it at first, but he did and walked away quickly.

"Very good, whore. Finish your meal. We have so much more to do tonight," I said simply enough as I leaned back in my chair. For the time being, the remote to your vibrator was tossed into my purse and my water was picked up. A long sip was taken and the glass was put back down. I tossed a pair of twenty dollar bills on the table and then rose to my feet. A slight adjustment of my own thigh length black skirt to make sure I was covered modestly and the red tank top I had on before I made my way to the door of the building. I could tell you shoved a few bites into your mouth before rushing off after me. Not even able to take the time to adjust your own skirt, the table next to us got a nice show of your bubbly ass as you ran away.

Once we were out of the restaurant, I made my way to my car. The black BMW sedan chirped and unlocked at the press of a button on my key ring. Then, taking your place in the passenger seat, you spread your knees wide in the seat and waited. If I wished to play with you before or even on the way to the theater, you made sure that I had the access I might need. I had to admit, you were such a good submissive, and I was going to make sure to reward you one way or the other.

In a fluid motion, I opened the door to my side of the car and slid into my seat. Once the key was in the ignition and the car was cranked, my eyes came to rest on the wet pussy you had put on display for me. I'm sure your mind is just reeling with what I could possibly be thinking. However, that's for me to know and you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Next time:

The trip to the theater as well as the movie. I wonder if you'll manage to keep quiet this time or if it will be another awkward movie experience. Oh the possibilities.

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