tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDate Turns into Some Fun

Date Turns into Some Fun


Tim was pleased with himself. Mountain biking had been a good idea. He had taken Erica on a handful of more typical dates but those had not gotten him much more than some heavy making out. Each time he would try to go farther Erica would gently but firmly remove his hand from the part of her body that he was trying to fondle.

Erica was attractive but not in the typical "hot girl" kind of way. She didn't wear a lot of make up but she didn't need to. She had the kind of face if you glanced at you would think, "she's cute" but the longer you stared the more attractive she became. Her shoulder length chestnut hair framed her features. A straight nose and high cheekbones but it was her lips that Tim really liked. They were full and seemed maybe even slightly large for her face. Tim didn't just want them on his lips.

Tim found the way Erica dressed to be frustrating. She typically wore baggy or loose fitting pants hiding her ass. Even today going bike riding she wore unrevealing basketball shorts. And her sports bra covered by a t-shirt did little to show of her large breasts. But she was certainly in shape and didn't have much trouble keeping up with Tim on the trails.

Biking had been fun but they were both now tired and sweaty. But neither really wanted to be done for the day. Erica asked if Tim would like to go swimming back at her apartment's pool. Tim thought this was a great idea not only to relax and cool off but also to get a better view of her body in a swimsuit.

Back at her apartment Erica changed in her bedroom while Tim changed in the bathroom. He didn't have swim trunks with him so he just took his underwear off and put his shorts back on. When Erica came out she was impressed to see Tim not wearing his shirt had a nice athletic build.

Tim on the other hand was a bit disappointed to see that Erica was wearing a one piece. He was hoping for a bikini. But she did look great; the suit hugging the curves of what Tim could see was indeed quite a nice ass. Swimming was great as they splashed around and chased each other around the pool. Tim would occasionally squeeze her ass or brush up against her chest for a little too long, which Erica responded with playful slaps or water shoved in Tim's face.

Erica was obviously becoming aroused with her nipples poking at her bathing suit. After having their fill of the pool they dried off and went inside. Erica had wrapped her towel around herself once again covering her gorgeous body. Tim decided it was now or never. He tossed his towel over a chair and went to Erica. They looked into each other's eyes not saying anything. Tim leaned in and kissed her. Softly at first but slowly he became more aggressive.

Tim took her by the wrists and backed her into the wall. Erica's towel fell to the floor as he kissed and sucked on the side of her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips. Tim knew she was his. Tim brought both of Erica's hands behind her back. He snaked his left arm around hers then pulled her right wrist to the small of her back. She was effectively pinned in place.

He continued to kiss her and with his right hand free he lightly grazed the swimsuit fabric on her breasts. Erica jumped slightly but had nowhere to go. Tim continued caressing the fabric, Erica's nipples were tingling and becoming hard. Both nipples creating small bumps on the fabric of her suit. Tim gently squeezed them. Erica tried to move away but Tim pulled her wrist up towards her shoulder blades causing her to grimace. He released a bit of tension letting her arm move back to it's original position.

Tim then grabbed the bathing suit strap on her right and let it fall off her shoulder. Erica stared at him wide eyed. He did the same to the left. He then slowly peeled the right side down exposing her large breast. Erica's face flushed red. Tim stared at her. Her breast was noticeably paler than the rest of her skin from the lack of sun. She had the largest areola Tim had ever seen. It was a bit puffy and quite dark compared to the rest of her skin. The nipple was hard and a bit larger than a pencil eraser.

Tim leaned in keeping eye contact with Erica. She shuddered as his tongue flicked the tip of her nipple. His tongue slowly traced a circle around it; he then massaged it with his lips. He worked his way around the areola sucking on as much tit as he could fit in his mouth. He sucked at her tit pulling it away from her body he then bit down softly on her nipple letting the weight of her breast hang. Erica groaned arching her back towards him.

Erica could feel the warmth building inside her. Her pussy was already moist. Tim pushed his body up on her. She could feel his cock through his damp shorts pressed against her thigh.

Tim then roughly pulled the other side of her top down freeing her left breast. Erica closed her eyes turning away inadvertently offering her left side. Tim licked and sucked and massaged it. His tongue flicked wildly back and forth across her tender nipple. She felt like she was going to cum just from him sucking on her tits.

Tim relaxed his grip on her wrist and pulled it from behind her back. He placed her hand on his shorts where his semi-hard cock was hanging against his leg. The size of it startled Erica. She attempted to pull her hand away but Tim held it in place. He then began using her hand to massage his dick through his shorts. Once she got in to the rhythm of it Tim removed his hand allowing her to continue on her own. Rolling his dick back and forth in her fingers and tracing the length of it. Erica had only slept with a handful of guys and they were all her boyfriends at the time. She had no intention of having sex with Tim, certainly not after just a couple of dates. And yet here she was massaging his dick.

Tim took her face in both hands and kissed her deeply, their tongues darting back and forth. Erica then moved her hand to the top of his shorts her fingers disappearing inside followed by the rest of her hand and then arm as she reached for his bare cock. She grabbed a hold of it jerking it against his leg. But her motion was limited so with her other hand she undid the shorts button and zipped them down. Tim's shorts dropped to his ankles giving Erica a view of his massive dick for the first time. It was already easily 7 inches long and had a decent girth to it.

"He's not even all the way hard." Erica marveled.

Tim put his hands on her shoulders and pressed firmly until her back slid down the wall and she was staring directly at his crotch. He grabbed the top of her damp hair in one hand and with the other he took his dick and smacked the side of her face with it. He then smacked the other side, then her forehead. It didn't hurt but she was embarrassed as he continued working his way around her face with his big piece of meat. She found herself thinking about it in her mouth.

"Do you like to suck dick?" Tim asked. She didn't say anything. "Have you ever sucked a dick this big?" She still didn't respond as he rubbed his dick across her lips. "I don't think you have. But you're going to. And you'll look gorgeous doing it. But first I want you to suck on my balls."

Slowly she parted her lips as he lifted his sack towards them. "You're going to need to open a lot wider than that to fit them in there." She opened more and he set them on her tongue. After a minute she wrapped her lips around them and sucked on them, moving them around with her tongue. She massaged his legs and crotch as she pleasured him with her mouth. Tim couldn't believe his good fortune.

When he had enough he pulled his balls from her mouth. He then tilted her head back until she was looking in his eyes. He then placed the head of his penis at her beautiful full lips, running the tip of his cock back and forth, all the while maintaining eye contact. He then started pressing forward slowly pushing into her mouth inch by inch. He was huge in her mouth and she could feel his dick pulse and throb as it continued to grow harder. It was more than she had ever taken but he continued sliding more of it into her. Finally it hit the back of her throat and she gagged. Saliva was filling her mouth.

Tim pulled back until only his head was still in her. Saliva ran down her chin as she tried to catch her breath. Tim pushed his dick back into her. Once again he hit the back of her throat. This time when she gagged he held it there. She started to panic but just as quickly as it came it subsided and she stopped gagging. Tim then pressed further; she could feel his dick sliding down her throat. Finally she felt his pubic hair against her lips, his balls resting against her chin. He then pulled out, saliva coating his cock, dripping down her chin on to her chest.

Tim then slid back in, much easier this time going his full 9 inches. He then moved back and forth sliding in and out enjoying the sucking noises she was making. He held both sides of her head as he fucked her mouth. Erica had nowhere to maneuver, the back of her head against the wall, his dick relentlessly pumping. Occasionally he would linger in the back of her throat making it impossible to breathe.

Tim could feel the pressure building in his balls. He pulled out letting her get a deep breath of air before sliding all the way in and holding it there. He could feel her throat contract as he shot his load down her throat. His knees weakened. He used one hand to steady himself against the wall as he inched his dick back out of her. He let her catch her breath enjoying the view of her kneeling in front of him saliva and cum dangling from her chin. Her beautiful tits rising and falling.

He used his finger to catch the strand and put it back in her mouth. She licked his fingers. "Are you enjoying yourself?" he asked.

To her surprise she was. She had always found Tim attractive and fun to be around but had thought he was a bit of a pushover. But today sure had changed that outlook. Still enough was enough she had already gone farther than she had intended. She nodded. "Yes Tim, that was fun but-"

He cut her off. "Stand up." She did and he promptly pushed her against the side of her couch. She fell forward her hands stopping her fall on to the cushions. Her knees were against the side of the couch and she could feel Tim standing behind her.

"Look Tim." Tim reached forward grabbing one of her dangling breasts and massaged it. He stared at her ass and the area of cloth that was covering her pussy. With his free hand he slid his fingers across the length of her pussy's slit. He slowly stroked her feeling her moisture. "I really shouldn't..." she started to say but trailed off.

He pulled the fabric to the side revealing her supple lips. He ran his index finger through, barely parting them. She was unbelievably wet and despite what her mind was telling her she wanted to feel him inside.

Tim slipped two fingers in rubbing her clitoris. It felt amazing as he gently moved around. He then took a hold of both sides her bathing suit and pulled it down to her knees. He then stepped closer and positioned the tip of his dick against her slit. Without any warning slammed the entire length of his dick inside her.

Erica screamed out in a mixture of surprise, pain and pleasure. Tim then began working his hips back and forth pumping her slowly at first then faster and faster. Her tits swayed back and forth. Tim loved the noises escaping Erica. The heavy breathing, the gasps, the ohs and ahs. The sound of his hips slapping against her ass.

It had been awhile since Erica had last had sex and certainly not with anyone as big as Tim. The electricity she felt as his shaft divided her was amazing. Feeling him sliding back and forth along the walls of her pussy. Erica was about to cum. She tried to hold onto it and prolong it but the pleasure was too intense as the endorphin waves crashed over her and she came all over his dick.

Erica was worn out but Tim just kept fucking. She went from leaning on her hands to resting on her elbows. This caused her breasts to dangle just over the couch cushions. Her sensitive nipples grazing back and forth on the couch rubbing them raw but god, it felt good.

Tim had both hands on her ass cheeks massaging and spreading them. He was transfixed on her tight little butthole as he pounded her cunt. He took his index finger and slipped it into her pussy. With his finger now lubed he pressed it against her tight little asshole. Erica instinctively clinched and looked back at him. Her eyes widened as he slowly pressed the tip of his finger inside her ass up to the first knuckle. Slowly worked in and out until reaching the second knuckle.

No one had ever done anything in Erica's asshole before. It felt oddly pleasant; Tim now working his entire finger in and out. Slowly he worked a second finger in. After a bit Tim removed his fingers he then pulled his dick out of her pussy and placed the head against her asshole. Erica looked at him wide eyed and slightly scared. "Pull your cheeks apart" he told her.

Resting on her neck and shoulders she did as she was told. Tim slowly applied pressure. Immediately Erica's ass muscles started flexing and releasing. Tim kept pressing forward. The head of his dick disappeared into her ass and she let a slight scream. "Oh my god it hurts!" She cried out.

"Keep your ass cheeks spread." Tim instructed. He continued pushing his dick deeper into her all the while her ass squeezing like a vice. It was the most intense pleasure he had ever felt. When he bottomed out they both lay there not moving. After catching his breath Tim reached one arm in front of her waist the other across her chest then picked her up. With his dick still inside her, he turned and laid her on to the floor resting on her stomach with him straddled on top of her.

Tim then began working in and out of Erica's ass. Slowly at first but he was eventually able to build a nice rhythm. Erica had got past the initial pain and could feel his dick on the other side of her pussy. She was building to orgasm again. Tim grabbed both ass cheeks and fucked her for all he was worth. Erica couldn't believe she was cumming again and so quickly after the last. She moaned in pleasure as she came.

Tim had never felt so hard in his life. His balls were about to burst. The sight of his dick thrusting in and out of Erica's gorgeous ass was too much. He could feel the pressure in his balls about to release.

Tim pulled out and rolled Erica onto her back. He continued to straddle her as he worked him self up to her armpits over her face. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards him. With his other hand on his dick he pumped furiously. His first shot exploded on to her forehead, the next on to her right cheek. With her mouth open Tim took aim. The third hit her in the back of the throat and slid down. The fourth now losing steam landed on her tongue. She let it lay there.

Erica then took his dick in her hand and continued pumping him. Three more shots hit her in the face. She then took him in her mouth and milked the rest out of him. Erica had never looked so beautiful, her face covered and dripping with cum. Mountain biking had been a good idea indeed.

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