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Date with a Doctor


This is the story of one very oversexed slut regaling tales of her sexploits with her online fuck buddy, who encourages her to be as slutty as possible, which she willingly co-operates with.

Date with the Doctor. (Lunch)

Right at this very moment I find myself all sexually excited, tingly and horny.

I've just this second hung up the phone and it's confirmed that my hot and horny fuck date with the Doctor will take place later tonight.

The telephone conversation did get quite lively and in no time we were discussing what would occur during the evening.

I've too go to his house all spiced up just for him and we'll fuck, suck, lick, grope, probe and swap bodily fluids for a few hours.

Hopefully I can meet up with you for more cock or at least email you all about it, as I know how much you like to hear how I was fucked.

I cock teased the living daylights out of him on the phone.

I told him that I've just re-shaved my pussy and that I'll be wearing black seamed stockings, tight black suspenders and spiked high heels.

All of which I will leave on especially for him when he fucks me tonight.

I told him that I was so desperate to feel him slowly slide his cock inside my pussy and that I was hungry to taste his cock and roll my tongue around his bulbous end.

That I was desperate to have his spunk trickle into my mouth.

That I would let his come slide down my throat as I swallowed every last drop.

I had the plastic life like cock inside my pussy when we were on the phone, and I let him have a listen to the cock buzzing away inside my shaved pussy.

You could hear the buzzing as my pussy slurped its juices all over the phallic sex toy.

It was obvious he was stroking his cock at this point, but I warned him to save all of his come for me as I had plans for it!

I've teased him so much that when we do fuck I don't think he'll last long!

But that's not really a problem; I just want some new cock inside me and to taste some fresh come.

I've wound him and myself up so much that I'll come like fuck anyway.

As soon as he enters me I'll be unleashing pussy juice all over his hard cock.

I don't particularly fancy or desire him as I should, but some new cock fucking me is very exciting.

The thought that I can report to you later and tell you all the sexy and sordid details fills me with lust.

He sounded quite nervous but really excited at the prospect of being inside me, so by 8.30 tonight my shaved pussy will be entered, filled and getting fucked.

I'll have a new cock thrusting my tight wet shaved pussy, fucking my cunt hole and feeling my sexual heat for the first time, along with some new fingers fondling my breasts and then pushing into my tight ass hole.

This is the strange thing but he doesn't really get me going as he should.

A new cock always makes me feel slutty and you know I like to feel slutty and you definitely know how much I love cock.

But I know full well that I can tease him to death, so all in all everyone's a winner.

I met him earlier today for lunch to see if we would get on and as expected, I dressed as sexy and sluttily as I possibly could.

I was surprised that he was shorter than me, but I was wearing calf tight black leather boots with 5" spiked heels.

I felt a sense of empowerment towering above him in my high heels and tight clothing.

A little dominatrix to be precise which I felt he rather enjoyed.

I sensed he'd like me all leathered up barking instructions at him.

I know for definite that I would enjoy that scenario.

If he does a good job on me and makes me come a lot and gives me a good load or two of his come, I may just reward him in the future with a little S&M session.

I met him in the Bar Bistro for lunch this afternoon as arranged (just in case we didn't get on).

He escorted me to our table and very gentlemanly, he took my long overcoat from my shoulders.

He gasped when he saw my outfit and figure for the first time.

I was wearing a clinging tight shiny black top which showed off my large breasts with ample amounts of cleavage on display and accentuated my small waist

He kept glancing at my shiny wet look leggings but he didn't have the courage to touch or stroke them.

On this occasion I'd completed the outfit with a very small tight studded Waspie over my skin tight top.

I was wearing no panties and was showing an abundance of camel toe, so if he had been a little more forward, I'd have welcomed a few fingers rubbing my smooth mound for dessert.

He pulled my chair for me and invited me to sit down.

I wiggled into the chair as provocatively as the tight clothing would allow.

Arching my back, my breasts jutted forward as my butt pushed back into the seat.

I slid forward a little to be nearer the table, when my tight leggings separated my pussylips completely.

Slightly parting my legs, the material stretched around my mound, moulding the shape of my pussy into the material.

My clitoris was exposed now and being delightfully stimulated by every move.

The slightest move, even an intake of breath was forcing the material to caress my clit.

Slowly crossing and uncrossing my legs stimulated my labia and clitoris perfectly.

Almost squirming now I began a little light conversation.

Swapping snippets of information we discovered a little more detail of each other's lives.

We ordered a very light lunch and a nice bottle of wine.

The conversation during lunch started quite formally, but soon got quite saucy after a little coaxing by me.

As the Bistro was fairly empty, I encouraged him to open up and for us to tell each other our likes and dislikes in the bedroom, what turns us on, what we like to do etc.

Once he got in the flow he really opened up so I decided to take control back.

I feigned that I'd dropped something and bent over with my back arched and ass in the air.

My ass was almost in his face, as I slightly parted my legs.

He couldn't help but notice the black shiny material stretched tightly over my shaved slit, revealing every contour of my pussylips, holding my pussylips slightly apart and encasing my full ass.

The gossamer shiny material was so thin and stretched so tightly, that not only my pussy but my asshole must have been on display.

Whilst bending I could feel my wetness dampening the shiny material.

The stretching material caressed my opening with every slight movement.

Taking my time to retrieve the imaginary object, I ensured he viewed as much of my sex as possible, as I wiggled very slowly back to an upright stance.

When I returned to the table his face was somewhat flushed.

Once I regained my seat I deliberately smoothed my tight top over my breasts, which had spilled somewhat with the bending movement, pulling the top just enough, to know that a glimpse of nipple was available.

Tucking my breasts back into their confines, I smiled an open mouth smile, licking my teeth seductively in the process.

"Did you enjoy the view?"

He shook his head obediently.

"Then I'm sure you'll enjoy the view when you're sliding in and out of my pussy tonight!"

I wish I had a camera at that moment, to capture the lustful look on his face.

To break the tension I placed the napkin across my empty plate and informed him nonchalantly, that I love cock, and love to be fucked, it doesn't matter the size, as long it's hard and shoots come!

I told him that if the mood takes and it often does, I do like to see a man ejaculate and if he's pushed the right buttons, I like him to come all over my face.

I absolutely love to watch a man shoot come, especially all over my tits or my face.

As the slutty conversation was leaving my lips, I could feel the tightness of the crotch digging into and separating my pussylips.

Then I told him that I do like to be told how the fucking is going, what the guy wants to do to me, no matter how filthy or slutty that may be and that I really get off on a lot of dirty talk whilst a hard cock is inside me.

I did all this maintaining eye contact and smiling throughout, running my tongue over my lips and teeth.

He looked a bit red in the face and shocked at my forthright approach and my colourful use of language.

I'm sure he had a hard on because I can guarantee, it had been some time, since I was this turned on.

He immediately replied by telling me of his preference for the high heels and stockings look, is a big fan of large breasted narrow waisted women (playing into my hands there!).

That he is partial to giving and receiving oral.

He does like a woman to take the initiative and direct the proceedings, choice of position etc.

He has always wanted to take part in the fetish scene but never found the woman to join him. He would love to have sex with a woman who wore thigh length boots and PVC lingerie willingly.

This really intrigued me as my favourite fuck outfit is my PVC Waspie.

The boots should not be a problem as I could borrow my friends or maybe even get him to splash out on a pair...no pun intended.

Was I sitting next to an imaginative sex bomb or some loser who can't afford a hooker?

I answered that one myself.

As a Doctor I don't think he'd be financially destitute so it looks like I was letting a sexual deviant into my pussy (not for the first time), plus acting the hooker is an excellent role play fantasy in the bedroom.

He claims never to have tried anal sex but would like to give it a go;

He was really cautious with that last statement but I just smiled knowingly and let my tongue run over my teeth.

We moved from our table and headed for the exit.

The exit was a large spacious lobby with no people in the vicinity.

I pulled the doctor toward me and slid my tongue down his throat.

Placing my coat around my shoulders he guided my arms into the garment.

As the overcoat landed on my hot body I gently brushed my lips against his.

I said that I'd call him later and arrange to meet up for a fuck that same evening.

He kissed me gently on the lips and I slithered my tongue between his lips to give him a little taste of what lies ahead.

He escorted me to my car like a true gentleman, which concerned me a little as I needed fucked not etiquette.

Placing his hand around my waist he held me close to him.

My breasts pushed against his chest as he kissed me deeply.

His other hand slid down my thigh, as he slowly moved his hand to my groin and at last began rubbing my smooth mound.

His index finger parted my pussylips as the shiny flimsy material sensually slid between my cuntlips.

Almost pushing the material into my pussy he rubbed his hand back and forth along my shiny covered slit.

The electric sexual urge shot through my pussy as I thrust my mound onto his exploring fingers.

With his tongue penetrating my mouth I moaned softly as I bucked against his fingers.

His other hand held my right breast and began to rotate the quarter cup filled bra in unison.

Slithering his tongue up my bare neck, he gently nibbled and tongued my ear then he whispered he would love to fuck me if I was wearing stockings and high heels.

Placing my free hand on his crotch I gripped his impressive bulge and slowly trouser wanked his cock.

Flicking my own tongue over his neck and earlobe we aroused each other through our clothing.

The pressure of his fingers caught my clitoris and removed the hood as he stroked my outer pussy through the thin shiny material.

Using the thin shiny black material like a condom on his finger he pushed a finger into my pussy.

A wonderful mini orgasm swept through my pussy and dampened my shiny crotch.

As we pulled apart from our kiss, he maintained his delightful pussy rub.

I kept my hand firmly gripping his hard cock through the material of his trousers as I smiled at him and whispered in his ear

"Maybe I'll wear stockings when we meet up as long as you promise to fuck me good".

Getting into my car I smiled at him as he stood there in a state of sexual shock.

I scooped one breast from its bondage showing him my erect nipple.

"Oh and I think your cock will be fucking my ass later!"

His bulge was visible as I waved my goodbyes and drove away.

My little orgasm and the situation in particular had raised my sexual appetite somewhat.

I thought about his anal sex dilemma as I turned the corner away from the bistro.

I do enjoy anal sex as long as the cock is not too big.

If the cock is too big then ass fucking is more for effect than pleasure.

There is something extra naughty and slutty about anal sex.

Especially when having anal sex with a new cock.

First date anal sex is the ultimate in sluttyness.

The chance that this cock may never enter you again really adds to the excitement and does appeal to my slutty nature.

When you're bent over being fucked hard from behind you know they're looking at your tight asshole.

They desperately want to fuck you in the ass, and start to lube your ass with pussy juice or saliva and slip a finger or thumb in your ass, in the hope you'll let them slip their cock inside.

Then they get all excited when you don't resist their attempts to fuck your tightest of holes.

You know the second the cock goes in your ass that they think you're a filthy slut and their cocks grow an extra inch.

Ooh I love that! It adds a little extra horniness to the occasion.

It's made even better when you turn your head toward them and ask them to fuck you in the ass.

Every guy I've ever done this too always lets out a groan before grabbing their cock, lubing it and sliding it inside my ass.

I only want to be fucked by guys that want to really fuck me!

To use and abuse my whole body, to treat me like I'm a filthy cock slut, Because when I'm being fucked, that's exactly what I am.

I am a filthy slut!

So if he does fuck me good, he may just get to slip that cock inside my ass for some hot anal action!

And judging by the length and girth of his cock after my trouser wank, I think my ass may just get filled on our date....

Date with the Doctor. (Preparing for the Date)

I'm sitting typing this dressed up all sexily so that I can go straight to his flat, tease him a little, taste his cock and get fucked as soon as I log off.

I'm squirming with desire in anticipation. I'm wearing loads of makeup and lots of Lipstick with a layer of lip-gloss.

I want to look and act like a total slut as this may probably be the only time I fuck him plus I don't want any gentlemanly behaviour tonight.

I want to be fucked and fucked dirty.

He'll think he's fucking a porn star (which I am I suppose).

Him being a Doctor I've decided to be extra slutty as I don't want him trying to get involved and want a relationship.

I just want to be fucked as often as possible by as many different cocks as is possible.

I may even take my digital camera along for a few souvenir pics.

I'm sitting here wearing a tight white almost see through blouse with a very tight short grey pencil skirt with matching jacket.

Walking is almost impossible this skirts so tight.

Underneath I'm wearing black and pink tight French style knickers which mould around my hips and pussy with matching half cupped bra.

My nipples are almost visible peeping over the bra through the flimsy material of the blouse.

My pierced nipple is most prominent and will come as quite a shock to him as I never mentioned it when we had lunch.

Some sheer black hold up stockings with a tarty seam with which I'm wearing a Black tight PVC suspender belt purely for effect and a pair of Wickedly High heels finishes off the look.

You can see the shape of the straps and clasps of my suspender belt due to the tightness of this skirt.

You won't believe how horny I am at the moment.

I am so looking forward to having him inside me.

Running his hands up my stockinged thighs, as he plays with the straps on my suspender belt, as I entwine my legs around his back as his cock ploughs my cunt to orgasm.

I love the anticipation of a new cock about to slip inside me.

Getting his cock as hard as possible, holding the erect cock, guiding it toward my swollen pussy lips as it opens my hole and slides inside my wet cunt.

Wondering how tight it will feel all hard and hot.

I'm squirming at the thought of a new cock inside my pussy, fucking me deeply.

I love to hold a hard cock in my hand and guide it into my wet pussy and feel it sliding inside me inch by inch.

If he's aroused me enough I will come like fuck as he penetrates me.

That's the ultimate compliment to come on a cock as it slips inside you for the first time.

I've even taken the precaution of performing a partial enema to ensure my ass is ready to accept some cock if the mood takes!

And the mood I'm in right now it will be taking some cock.

Good job I lubed it up good with some baby oil in the shower!

When I arrive at his flat I think I will be gentle with him and let him take control.

I take control all the time and I don't think that is the best way to start with this guy.

I'll be in control it's just that he won't notice. I will let him kiss me and hold my breasts, pushing my mound into his crotch so I can feel his hardness as his hands knead my breasts.

I'll slip my jacket off and allow him to gently undress me.

I'll encourage him to strip me, removing my outer clothing first till I stand before him in my fuck me underwear.

I'll parade around letting him see my huge breasts, firm ass and small waist, with my legs encased in the shiny black stockings and my waist accentuated with the suspender belt.

I'll let him unhook my half cup bra and I'll ease away from the cups, letting my pendulous breasts free for his eyes to feast upon.

He'll kiss my nipples and tongue my pierced nipple as I slide my tight French knickers down my thighs exposing my freshly shaved cunt.

I'll now be standing naked except for my stockings, suspenders and high heels, which I'll be keeping on for our fuck.

You guys do like to see a girl dressed in Black stockings and suspenders!!

I'll do my little slutty dance for his eyes only, displaying my swinging breasts and smooth shaved pussy.

Every guy I've ever fucked has been mesmerised by my slut fuck striptease dance.

I can't wait to show you my sexy dance on my new pole!

You'll love it when I open my legs wide and display my smooth pussy lips and opening.

My exposed large breasts and shaved pussy will be available to do with as he wishes.

My nipples will be proud and erect and my pussy will be hot and very wet in anticipation of his cock thrusting into me.

I think he will shake with fear a bit. He told me he likes to lick pussy, so it looks like I'll be getting lots of that.

I'll kneel before him and rub his cock through his trousers.

He'll remove his shirt and trousers, then take his boxers off.

Hopefully I'll be impressed at the length and girth of his cock.

I'll gently lick his hardening cock, from his balls to his bell end, holding his hard cock as I begin sliding my knees apart wide exposing my shaved cunt as I suck his cock noisily.

I'll then manoeuvre my position so I can get one of his balls in my mouth as I slip a finger inside the rim of his ass.

I'll move away from his cock and lie back on the floor, holding my cunt open with my legs wide apart, I'll finger my pussy slowly and insist that he pushes his tongue deep in my pussy and licks me to orgasm.

As his tongue slowly worms its way inside my pussy I'll move my pelvis and encourage him to tongue fuck my cunt. Holding my own pussy lips open I'll fuck my pussy against his tongue and lips till he tastes my come for the time.

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