tagErotic CouplingsDate with the Doctor Continued

Date with the Doctor Continued


Continuing my dates with the Doctor I moved our frenzied sex life up another level

Date with the Doctor. (Next Steps)

After three months of quite regular hardcore fucking, the Doctor has at last plucked up the courage and asked me to attend a fetish event with him.

He's offered to kit me out in any clothing I require for the occasion and will book a hotel room within the complex and we can stay the weekend.

He phoned me early this morning and dropped this bombshell on me stating that he'd send me a few links on email of appropriate outfits etc that I may find suitable.

I only need to select the outfits, tell him which ones I'd like and what sizes and he'll take care of the rest.

I almost came on the spot with the excitement of it.

Continuing he said he would want a photo session of me in all of my outfits, and that he expected me to wear them for other guys as long as he was the first to see and experience them, he didn't mind.

He even said someone else could take the pics as he knew I saw a guy now and again who was quite the photographer and he'd want the pics to be professional and artistic.

I agreed in principle and made a few demands of my own.

If we go to this fetish event will I be his exclusive property or will we be able to mingle with other guests.

He stated that he'd never been to one of these events but as long as I spent time with him he would have no issues with me mingling and circulating.

He said that the info he had on this event stated that the venue had a feeling booth, sex rooms, bondage rooms, dance hall and restaurant bar.

I asked him to email as much detail of the event across to me as soon as possible.

He said he'd send the link along with the outfit links. I told him I'd look through the links and get back to him later with my final answer.

He said there was no rush as the event was six weeks away.

I logged on to my PC and sure enough there was the email from the Doc with all the links attached.

Opening the email I clicked the first link which took me to a Fetish outfitter.

I paused and thought this could take some time and I may choose the wrong outfits.

Women will always choose different to men, so I decided to ring the guy who photographs me and ask his opinion.

"Hi honey. Could you do me a small favour?"

"Fire away what is the favour?"

"One of my callers has invited me to a fetish event and I've to select the outfits.

Could you pop around and help me select a few, plus when they arrive I want you to take a few pics of me parading around in the outfits."

"I'll pop around now if you slip into something comfortable and I can slip into you whilst we select your outfits"

"That sounds very delicious to me. I'll get ready now and I'll be waiting when you arrive"

Knowing that he's a Stockings fan, I placed a pair of seamed fishnets on my legs and attached old faithful, my Black PVC Waspie to the stockings then tightened the Waspie.

Slipping on a pair of spiked high heel playboy shoes I then covered my body with a black see through dressing gown.

Tieing the gown in the middle I went back to the PC and browsed the fetish website.

Almost everything was PVC or Latex and all of it looked very tight indeed.

The models on the site were fairly thin where as I'm slim but very curvy...thankfully!

I opened every link that the Doc had sent and left all of them open on the screen for when camera boy arrives.

Looking at the erotic outfit was definitely having the desired effect on me.

My pussy was getting very wet and I decided that maybe a little solo action before cameraman arrived would be in order.

Opening my bedside drawer I took out the plastic suction cock and placed it in the centre of my computer chair.

Holding my pussylips open I slowly began to impale myself on the plastic cock.

Just as the bulbous head of the cock reached my cervix the intercom sprang into life.

Lifting myself off the cock I answered the intercom with my pussy gaping.

"Come straight up" I said and replaced the receiver.

Opening my front door I framed the doorway in my black see through gown with my Waspie and stockings clearly visible beneath.

Camera man turned the corner of my landing smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"We do look available" he said as he placed his hands on my waist and pulled me toward him.

I could feel the beginnings of a very prominent erection nuzzling into my pussy area.

"Everything is available to you. Come inside" I said "You've to help me pick out some stuff".

Closing the door behind us I discarded the robe and slid my pussy back onto the cock on my seat.

Unbuckling his belt, I slid his jeans down his thighs and sat the cameraman on the chair next to mine.

His cock proudly standing to attention I couldn't resist and lifted myself off the plastic cock.

I opened my pussylips and slid my cunt onto his hard cock till he was inside me totally. Enjoying the heat of his cock I slowly rode back and forth as my pussy gripped the meaty shaft.

A few light moans left my mouth as his cock twitched away inside my cunt. Looking at the screen in front of us he could see a selection of very tight latex clothing.

"I'll be able to tell from your reaction which outfits you like" he said as I squirmed slowly on his cock.

Taking the mouse in my hand I began to look through the various outfits on the assorted websites.

Every now and then cameraman's cock would twitch inside me to indicate he liked a particular outfit.

Holding my breasts in his hands he began to roll my pierced nipples between his fingers.

My state of sexual arousal was now reaching its peak.

I began to select clothing he'd twitched his cock too and placed them in the shopping cart on the screen; we'd placed a fairly large amount of clothing into the shopping cart, when he asked was I purchasing boots and shoes.

I'd never really given it much thought, but as the Doc was footing the bill I said we'd browse.

We selected a pair of Black Thigh Length Bed boots with matching tie up shorts and a pair of Platform stilettos.

We then chose a pair of black rubber look stockings.

We'd chosen a black PVC Catsuit, Black PVC Basque, a bright pink PVC suspender belt and half cup bra set.

We'd also purchased a Black wig and a long blonde wig.

Moving on to the accessories we purchased a pink pair of elbow length gloves in a tight wet look material and an identical black pair.

I left the articles in the shopping basket and would inform the Doctor later so he could pay for the goods, but right now my pussy needed fucking with the cock inside me. Riding forcefully on the cameraman's cock I began to feel my orgasm approach.

The cameraman was tweaking my nipples delightfully as my orgasm flushed over his cock. Leaning back into his body he began to nibble my ears delicately as the last waves of orgasm swept over me.

Lifting myself off his cock I turned to face him and impaled myself on his glorious cock.

As the cock slid into my cunt I kissed him deeply, slithering my tongue into his mouth as our bodies joined together.

Rubbing his index finger over my asshole he pushed his cock back at my rhythmic movements. The movements became more frenzied as we both approached our impending orgasms. Holding my right breast in his hand he held it up to his mouth and began to suck on my pierced nipple and the surrounding area.

Riding his cock, I could feel the suction of his mouth on my breast as he nibbled and sucked my entire breast.

Cameraman asked when he would be taking the photos of me in the new outfits.

"As soon as the guy paying for them has had a little fashion show" I panted as my orgasm took over.

Grinding on his cock, my pussy juice began to seep out of my pussy as the cameraman's cock began to twitch violently as he began to empty his seed deep into my pussy.

What a fantastic way to start the day, a deliciously warm cream pie.

As my orgasm subsided I could feel his cock shrinking inside me.

I moved cautiously as his cock slipped out of the grasp of my pussy.

With my pussy positioned just above his limp cock, I began to squeeze the walls of my cunt and push the come mixture out of my cunt and onto his flaccid cock.

With most of the body fluids now saturating his cock I stood up from him and then knelt between his thighs.

Holding his semi erect come covered cock, I ran my tongue over the length, reaching the tip, I placed his cock into my warm moist mouth.

Salivating over his cock I looked him in the eye as I continued to fellate the ever growing cock. He reached over to his jeans and removed his mobile phone and proceeded to take pictures of me sucking his cock back to life.

Playing my part perfectly Held his now erect cock and licked the length as his camera clicked away.

Taking his length back into mouth, I swirled my tongue around the throbbing flesh as my hand grabbed the base and my other hand gently rubbed his balls.

Moving down the length I began to lick and kiss his balls, taking one into my mouth and sucking the testicle gently.

I then proceeded to lick every drop of come off his cock as he continued clicking away. Releasing his cock from my mouth I stood before him and took two steps back.

The camera continued clicking as he photographed me in my Stockings, Waspie and high heels. My full tits and well fucked shaved pussy, prominently on display.

I leant against the computer desk and raised one leg.

My pussy lips opened as my legs parted.

Holding a pussylip in each hand I held my cunt wide open as he clicked away.

Picking up the plastic cock I thrust the entire length deep inside my cunt.

My pussylips swelled around the plastic shaft as I plunged the cock in and out of my pussy, fucking myself with the phallic toy.

I'd now forgotten about the camera and concentrated all my efforts on my own sexual pleasure. As the phallic toy almost brought me to orgasm I felt my being turned around.

Bending over the desk with cock still inside me, I felt cameraman's cock nudge its way inside my asshole.

The tip stretched my opening as the rest of his length rather easily slid inside my ass. I pushed the plastic cock deep inside my pussy as cameraman's cock completed the double penetration. Arching my back to raise my ass into the air and bring my tits into play I begged cameraman to fuck me. He thrust wildly in and out of my ass while he continued to click away with his camera. Holding my own ass cheeks, I spread them as wide as possible so he could see his cock pounding my tightest hole.

A sensational anal orgasm swept over me as cameraman thrust his cock deep inside my ass. An anal orgasm accompanied my earlier vaginal orgasm as the twitching of his cock informed me that his own orgasm was imminent.

Holding onto my Waspie clad waist, he buried his second load of seed deep inside my ass.

Clinging onto to my Waspie clad waist he pounded my ass forcefully. I could feel the surge of creamy liquid splash against the wall of my anal passage as his cock produced spasm after spasm.

This was delightful, two cream pies in one morning.

He removed his cock from my ass as I held it wide open for him to take a few last pics of my fucked ring.

His come trickled out of my ass and ran in to the crack of my pussy, mingling with my own come. Placing my finger in my ass I scooped the remnants of his come and massaged them into my swollen pussy lips.

Clicking away he captured the scene on his mobile.

Without a second thought I impaled the plastic cock inside my ass and thrust it in and out purely for the camera.

Removing the come soaked plastic I placed it between my lips and licked every drop of anal orgasm off the plastic cock.

Cameraman looked at me with a huge grin on his face. Looking down at my breast I could see the distinctive mark he'd left on my breast.

A fucking love bite!

If I didn't look a right slut before I sure did look like one now!

I can't explain how I felt or what I thought but for some strange reason, me standing there in Black stockings, Waspie and high heels, with a shaved pussy and pierced nipples now covered in love bites, filled me with a tremendous sexual feeling.

Cameraman took a load of pics of this glorious scene and without being touched I had a fantastic orgasm.

Still quivering from my sexual exploits I walked over to cameraman and kissed him softly on the lips, letting my tongue snake inside his mouth and explore the crevice within.

Cameraman moved his mouth from mine and said:

"If the photo session is half as good as that we're in for one hell of a time!"

Smiling at him I just winked and headed off to the bathroom to freshen up.

A quick douche, a rinse of mouthwash and a refresh of makeup and I returned to the PC. Cameraman had dressed and was waiting to be excused.

"You head off now and I'll contact my benefactor and arrange delivery of the outfits we've chosen. As soon as they arrive I'll drop you a line and you can swing by with your camera."

Leading him to the front door I unlatched the door and gave him a nice lingering kiss then said my goodbyes.

Closing the door I tottered through to the PC and contacted the Doc informing him of my selections and the costs.

He said he'd pop around in 10 minutes with his credit card and complete the transaction for me. Looks like I'll be getting a second helping of cock but how was I going to explain the love bites? I returned to bathroom and proceeded to cover my breasts and upper body in foundation.

The love bites weren't as prominent and covered quite easily.

Spraying a little perfume on my neck and a little around the room to remove the obvious smell of sex,

I replaced the see through black gown and awaited the arrival of the Doc.

I'd only just completed my tasks when the intercom rang for the second time.

"Hi it's me." I buzzed and let the Doc into the building.

His footsteps echoed through the hallway as he eventually turned the corner onto my landing. The door was opened already as he pushed it open fully and announced his arrival.

"I'm here" he hollered.

"Come in and close the door" I responded.

He closed the door and walked down my hallway heading toward me. I stood in the frame of the door as he stared at my silhouette.

"Fucking hell I didn't expect this" He stammered. Truth to be told neither did I.

"Well I do like to surprise people" I replied.

Placing his hands inside my robe he rubbed the cinched waist of my Waspie and playfully cupped my breasts. Grabbing my breasts he began to suck on the nipples.

"Suck them hard" I panted.

He sucked quite forcefully on both breasts as his hand made for my shaved pussy. Inserting two fingers inside my already fucked pussy, he began to finger fuck my gaping hole.

Spying the cleaned plastic cock he grabbed it with one hand and pushed it between my pussylips.

As the cock entered my cunt I moved my own hand onto his jeans covered cock. His cock was frighteningly erect as I rubbed it vigorously.

As his fingers found my G spot I realised that I'd only just finished fucking one guy and here less than half hour had passed and I was about to fuck another.

What a slut I am!! I can't deny that it felt sensational.

My cerebral sex organ sent my passion limit into overdrive as his fingers rubbed my G spot as an amazingly strong orgasm gripped me.

Female ejaculation spouted from my fingered pussy as my legs buckled under the sexual onslaught.

His fingers were now coated in a thick creamy liquid as he continued to plunder my pussy. Bucking on his intruding fingers I somehow managed to lean forward and undo his jeans and release his cock. His cock sprang forward and my lips naturally circumvented the bulbous end.

My mouth sucked the tip of his cock inwards as I swirled my tongue around the rim.

His come drenched fingers were now tousling my hair as I sucked his cock with unbridled passion. Salivating over the hard cock, I held the base tightly then looked him straight in the eye as I continued to worship his cock.

Gently nibbling his cock end with my teeth I ensured that he witnessed a very slutty blowjob. Removing his cock from my mouth I placed him in the computer chair, placing a thigh either side of his, I slowly straddled his hard cock and gracefully impaled my pussy.

His pubic hair brushed my clitoris as I began to ride his cock effortlessly.

The hood of my clitoris opened right up as his pubes tantalised my love button. Placing his hands on my Waspie he began to thrust at my pussy.

Holding me tightly it felt that he was pushing me down onto his invading cock.

"I'm going to buy you one of these in shiny red PVC" He stated as his cock ploughed into me.

"With shiny black rubber stockings" I added as his cock grew even harder.

"And you can fuck me when I wear them at the fetish night" His cock grew even harder.

"And maybe you can wank when someone fucks or licks me when I wear them"

That was the catalyst as his cock twitched violently;

I jumped off his cock just as a stream of hot come spurted into the air.

I managed to get my face in the way of the second spurt as his come splashed across my face. Grabbing the base of his cock, I directed the final spurts to the back of my throat as thick creamy globules of spunk filled my open mouth.

Scooping the come from my face I licked my fingers clean and continued lavishing attention on his cock with my swirling tongue.

The scent of sex now filled the room and Doc looked like he needed a little recovery time.

"Do you fancy a drink and we can select the outfits, and then we can possibly resume" I stated.

"Sounds like a wonderful idea. As long as you leave your current outfit on"

"As if I would remove it" I responded.

Swaying my hips I swept into the kitchen and poured us both a glass of cool white wine. Returning to the PC I found him already adding his credit card details.

"Do you not want to deselect a few items?"

"Fuck that! Get the lot. It will mean lots of fucking in all those devilishly sexy outfits"

Not just with you I thought to myself.

"I'll have to think of a way of repaying your kindness" I mocked.

He looked up at me with a boyish grin, as he returned his stare at the PC.

He looked at the pictures of all the outfits, boots, shoes and wigs on the screen.

The total was visible at the bottom of the screen and I couldn't believe he'd spent so much.

A little slither of guilt swept over me at this point as it was hardly an hour ago that some other cock was bringing me to heights of sexual ecstasy and here I was fucking another guy who was prepared to spend a fortune on me.

Ok so the outfits were for his pleasure, but I do like to wear outrageous lingerie whilst being fucked so I suppose everyone's a winner.

When he had finished his transaction he clicked on the link for the fetish party.

The pictures that appeared on the screen sent my libido into overdrive.

My mind flashbacked to our recent fucking, when I said he could watch as I was being fucked in the outfits.

I've misjudged him somewhat.

I knew he was sexually adventurous but I never took him for having voyeuristic tendencies. This was a new and exciting discovery.

We would definitely explore the fetish scene at the organised event, but we could also expand my threesome experiences, especially with the cameraman who could capture the occasion on film.

I may even contact the Porn Baron and invite the Doc along to watch me being fucked on set. The possibilities are endless as long as the Doc agrees.

I'll mention it later when his cock is in my pussy or ass and gauge his reaction.

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