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Dating a Tease


It was a late fall day, overcast skies and a cold mist filled the air, what Jim was doing, waiting for the bus with what seem like the entire freshmen class. He hated taking the bus back to the dorms; they were always crowded and smelled like three day old beer. But his girl Sue, wanted to take the bus, and typically what Sue wants Sue gets. They haven't been dating long, but he learned early on, in their relationship you had to give a little to get a little; and he was hoping to get a little soon, or end up going blind.

Jim wasn't in good mood to start, mid terms were fast approaching, he was behind in everything and now he was stuck in the rain. From behind, Sue whispered into his ear, "How about a movie tonight?"

Jim glanced back with half hearted look sighing, "Not tonight babe, I'm swamped." He knew she wasn't going to give up that easily, but it was some chick flick and he just didn't have the time. Sue must have noticed Jim's disgruntled mood and decided to do what she does best, be a tease. Maneuvering herself directly in front of him and slowly inched her way back until her taunt ass was pressed against the front of his jeans; then she started to do a slow grind. Taking a quick glance around the shelter, no one seemed to notice or care; but now Jim wasn't only tired and grumpy he just pitched a tent in his pants.

As the bus pulled up, they filed in, Jim stood near the back, facing the window doing his best to hide his hard on. Sue circled around positioning herself directly behind him. With a sexy tone she breathed "Come on, you know want to, I'll make it worth your while." Sliding her hand over his pronounced bulge, gently rubbing it. He closed his eyes trying to concentrate on anything but what was happening at that moment. Unrelenting, Sue upped the ante; she slid her hand down the front of his jeans and started to tease the tip of his cock. The touch of her cool finger sent a shiver down the length of his shaft. Taking a deep breath, he prayed to God that he didn't cum right then and there.

The bus was approaching their stop. Sue never wasted an opportunity to tease and this was a good spot as any. Sliding her hand down a little further, she gently squeezed his shaft, whispering, "Would you prefer if I spit our swallow?" Jim had a hard time concentrating on what she was saying over what she was doing. Sue repeated the question, punctuating each word with a squeeze of his cock.

She was playfully demanding an answer before they left the bus. Just to make things a tad more interesting, with a devilish glean in her eye, Sue pressed her hips into Jim's clenched ass, she could feel his leg start to tremble as she massaged that one sweet spot, between the base of the head and the tip of the shaft; driving Jim to near eruption.

"What's it going to be? You're running out of time, I need an answer or you're going to blow it right here and now." Giggled Sue as she took pleasure in Jim's uncontrollable squirming.

Without understanding the question or even thinking Jim blurted, "Swallow."

With that single reply Sue removed her hand and gave him a quick smirk, spouting, "What a perv!" and headed for the door. He quickly followed the rest of the masses exiting the bus; doing his best not to make eye contact with anyone.

The rain was coming down heavier, the herd of students scattered in all direction trying to get out of increasing downpour. Except for Sue, there she stood, in her yellow rain slicker. The hood was drawn hiding her face with just of few wisps of her raven hair wafting about.

"What the hell do you think you were doing back there? " Barked Jim, "I'm in no mood for any of your games, I got too much to do and no time to do it... and what type of stupid question was spit or swallow anyway? "

There was a long pause of silence as both stood there face to face in the rain. "So, you think getting a blow job is a stupid game? "Mused Sue, her face still hidden by the hood. That single question froze Jim in his tracks, "You heard me," huffed Sue "I was offering you a blow job and I was asking you if you prefer if I spit or swallow you creamy hot load. "With a coy look "Well, if you not interested I'm sure I can find a hot stud or two to take me up on my offer."

With that said, Sue turned and started to walk away. Jim quickens his pace and grabbed her by the arm, "What the hell are you talking about? You were going to do what? A blow job? Here? ...NOW!" Jim stammered.

Sue stopped and turned towards him, with that little innocent girl look, laughed, "Not here you stupid fuck...not in public and definitely not on the street corner in the rain. I may be a nymphomaniac, but I'm not a slutty nymphomaniac." With that she turned and headed for Jim's dorm room. Jim followed quickly thinking one thought, she's a nympho?

Jim fumbled with the key trying to get the door unlock and was praying that his roommate was out. Sue waited, tapping her foot mumbling, "I hope you don't have that much trouble getting YOUR key into MY lock." With that said, the door finally opened to reveal an empty room. Jim entered thanking God that his roommate wasn't in; and started to strip right on the spot. Tossing his rain drenched jacket off to the far corner, he was fumbling with the buttons of his shirt, popping the ones that didn't undo easily.

Moving lower Jim started to unbuckle his belt, Sue reached over, brushing his hands aside, "Slow down tiger, what's your hurry?" she cooed as she pulled his belt free "We have to discuss the terms of this little arrangement before we can get down to the nitty gritty."

"What terms?" stammered Jim" You said you're going to give me a blow job. That's what you said at the bus stop, or was I just dreaming that along with your hand down my pants?"

"That I did say." she purred as she flashed a devilish grin." But I didn't say when or where. And, what am I going to get out of this deal? I'm going to suck your cock and get a mouthful of cum. What am I going to get in return?" Sue walked towards the door, locking it; undoing her coat, and dropping it to the floor.

With her back to the room, Sue smoothed out the few wrinkles in her grey mini dress. Jim watched as her hands caressed her waist line, then following the curves of her full hips, moves down over her taunt ass, and ending with a slight tug of the hemline. Sue turned and walked back across the room; there with a not too subtle sway to her hips and a slight bounce in her breasts. The shear knit material did little to hide the outline of her nipples. The dress was clinging to all the right places from the sensual valley of her breasts, the swooping curves of her hourglass hips to the forbidden land between her thighs.

Taking a chair on the far side of the room Sue sat as if she was holding court. Her legs parted slightly causing the dress to ride up her thighs; giving Jim a brief glimpse of her moistened panties. "Jim, my eyes are up here." playfully sneered Sue. "Now let's get to the matter at hand. What's in it for me?"

There was a long silence as Jim thought how best to answer. Knowing if he doesn't answer correctly it will be a long lonely term; with only his hand to keep him company. It couldn't be something as pedestrian as a dinner and movie. Jewelry would make her out to be superficial at best or a whore at worst.

"Well I'm waiting." Sue chirped while tapping her foot. A thought came to him, something she could not refuse.

Squaring his chin and steadying himself, Jim offered her the pleasure of mutual satisfaction. "I will do you while you do me." Thinking to himself that is a win-win situation for all involved, and if all goes well even more.

"Is that the best you can offer? "scuffed Sue, "I can walk down the hall and get a dozen guys to do the same thing? I need you to be willing to do things other guys would never dream of doing. If our relationship is to grow, both personally and sexually we both need to be willing to live outside the box. I want you to be as committed as I am, to expanding our sensual horizons." Sue placed a hand on each of her tits, clutching them.

Jim could see the sparkle in her eye as Sue upped the ante once more, and responded. "I am committed to our relationship and am willing to do anything you want or need." Jim struggled with his pleas as his cock was straining to freed, "I am willing to go down on you as you're willing to go down on me."

"It's not the same Jim," retorted Sue as she got up and moved closer "You licking my juices is not the same as me downing your cum. I want you to do the same thing I willing to do, take a load of your cum." With that one sentence, Jim was speechless, his brain just stopped. If I'm going to eat your cum, don't you think you should down the first shot as a sign of your sexual growth?"

She was by his side now. Her hand started to roam toward his bulge, giving it a firm squeeze. With her patented school girl charm, she was working the situation and Jim. Jim definitely didn't want to blow this, but how could he get out of eating his own cum and not lose face. Without thinking he blurted out. "I'll eat my cum; if you eat yours first. " Jim was hoping that Sue being a tease wouldn't follow through; believing teases were all about the show but never willing to go the distance.

With a look of astonishment on Sue's face Jim though he was free and clear. But that thought quickly vanished as Sue stood up and that perky tease of a look that he knows all so well, disappeared, and gave way to a not so subtle look of a horny temptress that just cornered her prey. Reaching under her dress with both hands, wigging her ass, she pulled down her dampen panties and handed them to Jim.

Repositioning herself into the chair; Sue hiked up her dress above her waist and draped each leg over the arms of the chair. And for the first time he laid eyes on Sue's pussy. Her dark bush was full and natural, only a light trim to keep a neat triangular shape. Her raven colored bush glisten with moisture, her inner lips were wet and protruding from the thick mat of hair. Her scent started to fill the air. Raising a single finger, she licked it, and slowly glides it around her slit. Her hand covered the mount of damp pubic hair, slowly rubbing in circles in one direction than the other. The action before Jim was memorizing, he could not take his eyes off of her. His penis ached and was straining to get out, undoing his pants they dropped to the floor, before he could make another move Sue warned him to stop what he was doing, this was her time, he will get his turn soon enough.

With that said Sue continued her assault of her clit, rubbing and tweaking till it was full, firm and exposed. With one hand she pulls back and spreads her outer labia. With the other hand she slid one finger in and out between her swollen inner lips, moving back and forth, faster and faster. Then two fingers, then three were banging away at her wet pussy, the moist sounds of a finger fucking could be heard echoing off the concrete wall. Sue's hand was a blur, moving in and out of her vagina.

Placing her well lubricated thumb and finger on either side of the clitoris, she started to roll and pinch it like a small ball of clay. Her eyes were tightly shut; her breathing was short and staggered. She started to rock back and forth in the chair. A low rumbling moan past her taunt lips as sweat covered her body. Sue started to tremble, then, there a short shiver as an erotic jolt rushed through her body, her eyes when wide open, her hands became still, her head with back, she gasped as her body stiffened as waves of pent up pleasure were released.

Jim's rock hard prick was oozing pre cum as evidence of the growing wet spot forming on his briefs. The thin material couldn't restrain his growing lust; he could fill the pre cum trickling down his shaft. Jim wasn't sure how much longer he could last or even if he wanted too. Not a second after that though had passed he came. Without a touch of a single finger, cum spurted out, once, twice and a third shot, drenching his briefs, his shaft and balls. He could fill the hot sticky goo gathering at the base of his balls, creating a somewhat uncomfortable but pleasant feeling.

As this was happening Sue was coming down from her orgasmic high, her limp body slouched in the chair. Her tits raised and lowered with each long slow breath. A pool of cum puddled around her ass. Removing her fingers, she licked each one clean. Then Sue reached back into her dripping pussy for a second and third helping, scooping her juices and licking it off her fingers. After her slutty performance, Sue refocused her attention to Jim, who sat there perched on the side of the desk, eyes wide open, slacked jawed and a large wet spot in his shorts.

Sue's eyes became thin slits as she stood up, flashing a leer at Jim that made his softening dick retreat even faster. Without saying a word, Sue methodically slipped one shoulder strap off, then the other; her dress slid down following the curves of her body, till it came to rest on the floor. This is the first time Jim saw her completely naked body and he wanted that moment to last forever. He had dreamt of this on many nights as he jerked off in bed. He has seen and fondled her breasts on few occasions as she jerked him off. But this time her breasts looked different, they seem larger, her soft areola, fuller, darker and the nipples wider. As she moved towards Jim, he felt a stirring in his loins.

"I did my part Jimmy boy." mused Sue" It's your turn." Glancing down at the cum covered briefs. Jim gave a sheepish grin and shrugged his shoulders, suggesting that there was nothing he could do. "Listen here, I held up my end of this agreement, if you fail to do the same, you will owe me big time, is that what you want Jimmy boy. You owe ME!" Sue stated in a cold and detached fashion. All Jim could do was to shake his head.

Sue reached down and tugged on his briefs freeing his cock. Kneeing down Sue's lips were within a tongue length of his groin, she gave a little pucker and gently exhaled a slow breath caused an involuntary jerk. With a coy smile Sue realized there was still life down below. She started to work his fleshy member and within moments it started to reshape, to grow to Jim's astonishment. Grabbing Jim's hand she cupped it along his shaft and let him continue to jerk off. Moving behind him, Jim could fill her tits pressing against his back, her hands wrapped around his chest, massaging his nipples with her palms. Whispering into his ear all the things she could do to him afterwards.

Working his shaft with all he had, Jim's hand raced back and forth along his cum covered member, with the erotic promises echoing in his ear, Jim was close to cumming again. Sue sensing the moment at hand she retrieved shot glasses and handed it to Jim. With a few strokes he shot his second load into the waiting glass.

"Milk that cock!" yelped Sue, "You need to get every drop for it to count," slapping his ass, leaving her hand print behind. With the last drop safely in the glass the only thing left to do was to drink. Raising the glass to his lips, Jim got a faint, but pungent odor of cum. Sue chuckled "don't worry; it doesn't taste as bad as it smells... Go on; drink it up before it gets cold. Believe me, there's nothing worst that eating cold cum."

Jim looked inquisitively toward Sue, he was going to ask how she knew, but thought better of it. Focusing his attention to the job in hand; with a deep breath and a quick glance at Sue, he placed the edge of the glass to his lips, tilted his head back and his cum slid in.

Jim's cum coated his mouth, it felt like warm watery Jell-O, but the taste was not like any flavor Jell-O made. It was salty with a bit of a musky taste; but there was a third unique taste. It was like nothing he has ever tasted before. The only way he could describe it was cum. As he swallowed the bitter after taste became evident, causing Jim to gag slightly.

Once all of it was down; Jim looked at Sue as a six year old boy who just finished his plate of vegetables and was waiting for just dessert. Sue wrapped her arms around his neck, their lips lightly touching at first, then deeper as their tongues entwined. "I'm impressed, I didn't think you have the balls to do it," mused Sue in her sultry tome "Do you know how turned on and horny I am?" Sue placed one of Jim's hands on her sopping wet bush. Jim could feel the course wet pubic hair sticking to his fingers, sliding one finger in he could feel the warmth of her pussy, and the softness of her skin as the walls contracted. Jim could only imagine what it must fill like with his cock.

"Do you know what we really need to do right know?" whispered Sue. Jim nodded his head with a lustful look burning in his eyes. "If we get cleaned up right away, I bet we can still make the mid night showing of the movie. " Sue voice had changed back into her perky preppy voice, the sultry tones of the vixen was gone. Sue flashed a smile and headed for the closet to retrieve a towel and set of panties that she kept there for emergencies. Jim sat there in utter silence, not believe what he just happened. The look of total disbelief flashed across his face.

Jim's stunned look didn't go unnoticed by Sue, stopping what she was doing, placed her arm around his shoulders and in the best caring voice she had "Listen Jim, I promised you a blow job, but I never said when or where, and right now is not the time. "As she glanced down, cupping her hand around his soft fleshy member, "you just shot two loads. I may be good, but I'm not that good, there is no way I could breathe life back into that dead soldier. " Sue giving it a squeeze like a wet rag causing Jim to flinch in pain. "Even if I could, he would only be firing blanks. And when I go down on you I want your little soldier to be firing a full load of your hot cum down my throat." With that said she patted him on his head and finish dressing.

Jim realized there was no sense in arguing, she was right, he was down for the count. As he got ready for the movie, he thought to himself,"This is one crazy bitch. If I stay with her it's going to be one hell of a bumpy ride, and I just can't take this shit."

Three days later Jim was finishing the last of his midterms, Sue was there to meet him, giving him a peck on the cheek and a cheery smile; they started to walk down the hall arm in arm. Sue suggested to celebrate he should take her out for lunch. Jim laughed and agreed. "Maybe we can have dessert first?" Sue said glibly.

Jim shrugged, "Sure, why not." With that, Sue tugged Jim into an empty classroom and locked the door. Pushing him back against the wall, undoing his belt and before he realized what was happening Sue had his cock in her mouth. The sensation of her warm mouth on his cock left him speechless. Her moist mouth and dancing tongue quickly hardened his soft member. Removing his cock, she kisses the tip gently and glides her tongue up and down its length.

Jim felt that unmistakable sensations that a man gets when a seasoned cocksucker uses her tongue. Taking a breath Sue started to bob her head up and down, sliding Jim's spongy head a little further in each time, until her nose nuzzled into his pubic bush. Jim could feel his head brush against the back of her throat, her throat opened and closed trying to draw the meaty intruder in deeper. Sue withdrew, Jim's rigid cock sprung to full attention. Looking down he saw his cock dripping with saliva; it felt larger, it looked larger than it ever did before. The skin was stretched taunt, the shaft swollen, ready to explode. He could feel the beating of his heart in it, he needed to cum soon or his cock was going to burst.

The rush of cool room air swirl around his penis which ached for the warmed of Sue's mouth and caressing tongue. Gazing down at Sue he realized right then and there, his perky little tease was gone, and was replaced with the sultry temptress.

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