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Dating Again


I can hardly believe I am dressing this Saturday evening to go out on a date. It's been a long time since a man came to my house to pick me up. I just met him for the first time at lunch today. However, the purpose of this date is not like the dates I had when I was a teenager. Many years have passed. I've been married to Bob long enough to have two grown boys in college. Our sex life has improved now that we have privacy at home. However, we had a problem. A year ago, Bob had an affair which rather devastated me when I found out. I had always trusted him to be faithful. At first I considered a divorce, but then I started thinking. Why would he want an affair? Could I be at fault? Maybe there was something in our mutual sex life that was missing for him. When we rationally discussed the problem and possible solutions, he felt that we should expand our sex life to include other couples. After several agonizing days of talking about it, I agreed to his suggestion.

Bob suggested we make contact with another couple through the internet. One particular couple, Janice and Jim, appealed to us after exchanging pictures and several e-mail messages. Their home was an easy driving distance from us. They suggested we meet one night to get acquainted. I was afraid of being rushed into something and said I preferred to meet on Saturday for lunch. That way we wouldn't be drinking very much and I preferred to meet the couple in daylight hours for a short time to decide if we wanted to meet again. We met them for lunch today. I was a little nervous because I knew by the time lunch was over I had to decided if I wanted to have sex with Jim tonight or any other night.

Janice and Jim already had a table for us when Bob and I arrived for lunch. Jim was very courteous. He stood up to hold my chair while I sat down. His voice was pleasant and we made lively small talk. I thought he was very handsome. The longer I talked to him, the more I was convinced I could accept him as a lover. I noticed Bob was having a pleasant conversation with Janice. She was a very pretty girl and I could see the way Bob looked at her that he wanted her. I think he would be very disappointed if I said "no" to meeting them again.

When we were through eating and continuing to have coffee, I assumed someone would suggested getting together this evening at one of our homes. When the subject finally came up, Jim suggested the guys pick up the girls for a date. Both Bob and Jim would leave their home at 8 PM and drive the half hour to the other girl's home. The two couples would be separated for the whole evening. There was some discussion as to which home each couple should go to when it was time to go home. I said I would feel more comfortable to be in my own home. Then it was agreed the guy's would take their dates to the girl's homes and stay the night.

Although I had met Jim at lunch and felt comfortable with him, I was a little apprehensive about leaving my husband and going out on a date. A date that would definitely end up back at my home in bed with Jim.

Bob suggested I wear a mini skirt and blouse. Also leave off the bra and panties. I insisted I had to wear panties with a mini skirt. I told Bob that Jim would probably enjoy removing them. I noticed Bob was intently watching me dress. I wondered what he was thinking.

Bob was thinking about this evening. He watched his wife, Barb, as she dressed. He saw her step into her lacy pink panties and pull them up her legs to cover her shapely crotch and ass. He was very proud of his wife's beauty. He knew Jim would undress her later tonight in this bedroom to see her completely naked. Jim would kiss her and then spread her pussy with his cock. He would fuck her until he filled her with cum. He would have the opportunity to fuck her several times since they planned to spend the whole night together. Bob's cock was very hard thinking about what would happen later in this bedroom. Then he thought about the very pretty girl he saw at lunch today. He would see her naked and have sex with her tonight. That thought make his cock even harder.

Both Bob and Barb were dressed and ready. Bob looked at his watch to note that it was 8 o'clock

"Guess it's time for me to leave."

"Yes, I hope you have a good time."

"Oh, I'll have a good time with Janice. I'm a little concerned about you.. It's really too late to cancel our arrangements. Jim is probably on his way over here now to pick up his date for the evening. Remember, I love you."

"And I love you very much. If I didn't love you so much, I probably wouldn't be going out on a date with a stranger. But, I plan to have a good time, too. I'll see you tomorrow."

I felt a little lonesome once I heard Bob back out of the driveway. He was on his way to pick up a girl for his date and have sex with her.

I sat down waiting for my date to arrive. Soon, the door bell rang. I got up to let Jim in.

"Hi there pretty girl, I have flowers for you."

I took the flowers, went to the kitchen to find a vase to put them in.

"Thank you for the flowers, they are pretty. I'm ready to go."

I locked the front door behind us. When we walked to his car, he held the door open for me to get in. I remembered when I used to date, I didn't buckle the seat belt, but sat close to my date. Now I decided to act more like an adult and sit in my seat buckled in. I knew there was plenty of time to get sexy with each other. There was no question as to what we were going to do on this date. It was a matter of going out for awhile, then going home for sex.

We made small talk as Jim drove. I didn't ask where we were going. He finally parked at a cocktail lounge.

By the time we had finished one drink, Jim said, "Since I'm driving, I don't want to drink anymore right now. Let's drive down to the beach."

I agreed. We drove to the beach and sat in the car. I undid my seat belt and moved over beside him. We lightly kissed at first, then our kisses became very sexy. He suggested we get out of the car and walk. We took off our shoes to walk in the sand. We stopped to hug and kiss.

I could feel wetness on my panties and I could feel his hardness as he tightly pulled me to him. We walked back to the car to get a blanket out of the trunk. We spread the blanket down on the sand for us to sit down. The moon was bright and seemed to be a very romantic evening. We laid down to kiss some more. His hand started roaming my body. He was feeling my breasts through my blouse, then he pulled the blouse up from my skirt to move his hands to my bare breasts. His lips kissed my neck and then on down to kiss each of my nipples. By now he had one hand at my crotch to feel my clit thought my panties.

I moved one hand down to feel his hardness though his trousers. We both were beginning to breath a little irregular as we shared open mouth kisses. His tongue was tantalizing my mouth and tongue as we both were getting very sexually excited. I wanted to feel and explore his bare cock, but it was still zipped up in his pants. I searched for the zipper. He helped me free his cock from his trousers and shorts. Now I could feel his throbbing bare cock.

About that time, someone walked near us.

I said, "We have all night. We would be much more comfortable back at my home. There's too many people walking the beach."

We straightened up our clothing, picked up the blanket, and got in the car. We drove to my home mostly in silence. We had our own thoughts about what we were going to do the rest of the night. I was wondering if he was going to like sex with me. He was very hard a few minutes ago, but would he be nervous and loose his hardness. Am I sexy enough for him to fuck me several time, or would he cum one time and then go to sleep. He was practically a stranger to me. Would I have an orgasm? I often have two orgasms in one night, but how will I react with him? Then my thoughts turned to my husband. I wondered how Bob was getting along with Janice. Was he already in bed with her? When we had lunch today, Bob looked so eager to have a date with her. I can't blame him because she was very pretty and had a shapely body. If tonight turns out to be a success for all of us, would we like to meet again?

Jim was having similar thoughts. He thought she was so sexy that he wanted to fuck her all night long. But would she like it that much? He was used to his own wife and they had their own preferences. Would she like to suck his cock? His own wife liked for him to cum in her mouth, but some girls think it is distasteful. He decided to not rush or be pushy with her.

While riding along, Jim reaches his hand over to take Barb's hand in his. She squeezed it giving him the thought that she liked to be with him. Her mini skirt was high up on her legs allowing his hand to feel her leg as they held hands. When they stopped at a traffic light, the street lights were bright enough for Jim to see her legs all the way up to her panties. He was looking forward to seeing her completely naked.

I watched Jim turn into my driveway. Now the "wheels were in motion" for an all night sex romp with a handsome man I just met today for the first time. Thinking about that made me a little nervous.

I unlocked the front door. Jim picked me up to carry me over the threshold as if I was his bride. We shared a lingering kiss before he put me down. I thought it was rather romantic.

I headed for the kitchen, "Let me make drinks for us."

I poured a double for each of us because I wanted to get a little buzz before I got serious about sex. We sat in the love seat to sip our drinks. We talked and occasionally kissed while he had one hand massaging my bare legs all the way up to my crotch. I spread my legs to give him room to feel my crotch through my panties.

Our drinks were about gone when he said, "Your panties are very pretty. Wouldn't it be nice if they disappeared?"

I responded, "Alright, let me make another drink to take in the bedroom with us."

He accompanied me to the kitchen to help with the drinks. Then we walked down the hall to the master bedroom.

We put the drinks on the night stand while he hugged and kissed me. Now I knew it was time to get naked with him. I unzipped my skirt to let it fall to the floor. He stepped back to look at me. Then he hooked his thumbs in my panties to pull them down to expose my bush. I stepped out of one leg, then kicked the panties away with my other foot.

He laughed, "So that is the way you get out of your panties."

Before I could say anything, his mouth was on my mouth for a long sexy kiss. I could feel his hardness though his pants. I backed off and tugged at his pants to help him unzip and get out of them. Then his shorts dropped down to expose a very hard cock. Again he held me close for another kiss. Now his bare cock was pressing against my nude body ready to fuck me. I unbuttoned my blouse and let it slip off my shoulders.

Now that we both were naked, he picked me up to carry me to the bed. He laid me down and proceeded to kiss and suck my nipples. He was very gentle and I was enjoying it. I had briefly felt his bare cock while we were on the beach. Now I wanted to feel it again and explore it.

I laid still allowing him all the time he wanted to kiss and suck my nipples. Then when he came up to kiss me on the mouth again, I moved down on his body to feel his hard cock. The best way for me to explore his cock was to take it in my mouth. I moved my tongue up the full length from his balls to the tip of the head to measure it's length. It was probably a little longer than my husband's cock. It's shape was a little more curled up from the bottom to the tip than my husbands. I wondered if it would feel different in me. I swirled my tongue around the head to compare it. The head was definitely bigger. Then I knew it would stretch me more as the head probed to enter my pussy. My tongue roamed below the head to explore the girth. It was about the same as my husbands. Now I knew I would get a cock a little longer, a larger head, and a curve that I had never had before. I was curious to know how it would feel in me.

We sat up in bed to finish our drinks. While sipping, I had one hand on his cock to occasionally move it back and forth. He liked to feel my breasts and roam one hand over my body.

He said, "You are very beautiful. Your skin is so soft. I like to feel all over your body."

"I wonder what our mates are doing now. It's probably late enough for them to be home and in bed together."

"I think my wife is very sexy and I know she will show him a good time. She may be sucking him off right now. If not now, she will before the night is over. She loves for me to cum in her mouth and she is an expert at it."

"I know Bob likes sex that way because he always likes to cum in my mouth. I'm sure he is enjoying himself. He is a good lover and I'm sure Janice will enjoy sex with him. Tomorrow, Bob will have to tell me all the details. Of course, he will want to know what I did, too. You don't mine if I tell him?"

"That's fine with me. Janice and I will talk about our experiences, too."

Jim took the initiative to kiss my body starting with my neck and moving slowly down my body to my crotch. His tongue flicked over my clit causing my body to respond with a sexual surge. I pushed up to his mouth. He turned around in bed allowing his cock to be near my face. Then he rolled me up on top of him in a six nine position. Now this monstrous cock head was facing me as I took his cock in my hand. I took as much of it in my mouth as possible while I could feel his tongue moving up and down my slit searching for my hole. I knew there was sufficient light in the room for him to see my pussy and ass. I could hardly believe I was allowing a strange man to see my most private parts close up.

I was moving my pussy in rhythm to his tongue and lips on my clit. The feeling was very erotic. Jim was very experienced in making a girl respond and feel good. I was working up and down on his cock the best I could. Before I knew what was happening, his cock started jerking and spewing cum in my mouth. I speeded up my mouth movements on his cock and jacked it with my hand at the same time while he moaned, groaned and his body shook. I held on to his jerking cock so that I could consume all his cum. When he quieted down some, he started sucking my clit again. I could feel I was building up to a peak and soon had an orgasm.

I rolled off of him to lie on my back beside him. We laid still without speaking for a little while. Then he turned to face me, "You are so sexy. That was wonderful."

Now that he complemented me, I felt better. Before he said that, I was beginning to wonder if he was disappointed in sex with me.

I answered him, "Yes, that was very good. You are a good experienced lover."

We got up to go in the kitchen to make another drink. We made small talk about our lives and what had happened in the past. It was nice to get more acquainted with each other. We sat up in bed to finish our drinks.

I moved my hand to his cock which was beginning to get hard again.

I said, "Your head is much bigger than my husbands. I'm wonder just how it's going to feel going in me."

"I hope you will like it because I want to bury it in you."

He rolled over on top of me as I spread my legs and pulled my knees up toward my breasts. I reached down to aim his cock. He positioned himself to allow me to move the head up and down my slit to mix his precum with my wetness. Each time the head touched my clit, I could feel a little shock in my body. I then aimed it at my hole. I tugged it forward with my hand to let him know I was ready to start entering me.

I softly said, "Ease slowly in."

I could feel the big head spread me. He pulled back out, then moved in again a little deeper. He kept slowly moving back and going in a little deeper each time until he was fully buried. We shared a very long sexy open mouth kiss while we laid still. I pulsated my pussy on his cock causing it to jerk in response to each squeeze.

He said, "That sure feels good. You are so very sexy. I'm so lucky to be here with you."

I knew I was pleasing him and I was enjoying it too.

He started back and forth erotic movements while I hunched up to him. After a few minutes, we rolled over for me to sit on and ride his cock.

He held my breasts to keep them from bouncing up and down so much. I leaned forward now and then to share a kiss with him. I started riding him faster causing him to grunt and groan. I could feel an orgasm building up in me, too. Jim stiffened and pushed up harder as he shot spurt after spurt of hot semen into my womb. I accepted his explosion in my belly with an orgasm of my own. My pussy was pulsating on his cock, my clit throbbed with pleasure. I collapsed to fall forward onto his chest gasping for air.

I laid on his chest for what seemed like a long time. Finally, I grabbed some tissues to catch his cum when I raised up. My husband always liked for me to take his limp cock in my mouth after he had cum. I assumed Jim would like it too. I stuffed the tissues in my hole and kept my legs together to keep the tissues in place. I moved down in bed to take his now satisfied cock in my mouth. I rolled it around in my mouth with my tongue. It was coated with his sticky cum. The head was still much bigger than I experienced with my husband. I cupped his balls and licked all around them, then up and down the shaft. His cock was now small enough that I took it fully in my mouth. By now most of the sticky cum had been cleaned off.

He said, "Oh, that is so good. I like what you are doing. My wife never does that for me."

I felt as if I was really pleasing him, giving him a new experience.

I again took his cock fully in my mouth, sucked on it as I pulled back causing a plopping sound as it popped out of my mouth.

"There, glad you liked it. Now I have to go sit on the commode to let your cum drain."

Once I was back in bed, we cuddled and he started drifting off to sleep. I could tell by his breathing that he had fallen asleep. That was alright with me as I was tired and not interested in more sex. He rolled over away from me in his sleep. Now I felt like I was by myself and awake, thinking about what had happened tonight.

I wish my husband was lying beside me now to make me feel loved and wanted. I'm in bed with a very nice stranger who is sound asleep. Is this what love and marriage is about? This stranger is a very good lover and I enjoyed two satisfying orgasms with him, but I miss my husband right now. I am only doing this because I love my husband and want to make him happy. He had one affair that I am aware of, and if I didn't agree to sharing sex with another couple, he would probably have more affairs. He is now in bed having sex with a very pretty girl. He wanted it. This is the best way, no secrets. And, I am having a sexy good time with this stranger. The one thing I'm going to suggest is that after sharing sex with a couple, we then go to bed with our own husbands for the remainder of the night, or at least, be in the same house together. That would be alright if I knew he was in the next bedroom with a girl.

I gradually slipped off into a deep sleep. I woke up to feel Jim's hand at my crotch. I didn't know what time it was, but I knew Jim wanted more sex. That is the reason I am in bed all night with this guy. I had two orgasms earlier in the night and was not in the mood right now. I was still tired and sleepy. I was lying on my back, so I spread my legs. I would let him use me for his own pleasure. He took the hint, and positioned himself on top of me. I reached for his cock to aim it. This time I was sufficiently lubricated with his previous cum.

I aimed his cock at my hole and said, "Go ahead, push it in."

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