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Dating Lisa


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

Joe and Don were sitting around the apartment they shared discussing life and it weird side when the conversation turned to women. After each had contemplated how they wanted to have the most beautiful of models, or movie stars to be their own companion, Don sighed and told Joe “I want Lisa back. I miss her. I just wish there was a way to get back in her good graces.”

“YOU --- in her good graces? That will be the day!!” Joe amused himself.

“She was so perfect in every way” Don reminisced

“If only I could use that new drug we’re my professor is working on – the one that will make her do what we want.” Joe said

“What drug is that?” Don asked

“You never listen to me – do you Don?” Joe admonished his friend. The one I have been telling you about all semester --- DH42conform --- it brainwashes the person into doing whatever the giver of it wants.”

“How?” Don asked

“Well, first you give some of the DH42conform to the patient and within 2 - 3 hours you can condition that person to go under a trance and even obey like they were hypnotized. You find an object to relate them to the hypnosis like a necklace, ring, pendent or something unusual, then whenever they see this object they become fixated on it and they will obey commands that you give them.” Joe explained.

Don listened intently. But didn’t catch on right away to the idea, and asked “So if I show this beer bottle to someone under your drug, every time they see this beer bottle they will do what I want?”

“Yes, that is why to be safe, a beer bottle is too common, you have to choose something that no one else has – everyone has a watch, so it must be very different in some special way. Lots of people have class rings, so that would not work, and you don’t wear a necklace …”

Don interrupted “does it have to be jewelry or can it be my eyes or I could wave my hand in their face and put them under?”

“I don’t think it would have to be jewelry but it should be something that you have with you, but not see all the time, so you can flash it in front of them and put them under your control.” Joe reasoned.

“Flash it huh? ---- MY COCK!! I could flash that at her and she would do as I wanted right?” Don jumped at the idea.

“Do you think of anything OTHER than your dick?” Joe asked.

“But it is out of the way until I need it, its always with me, and it is very unusual” Don replied.

Joe thought for a moment, “Well, every guy has a dick, this is true – however, in your case, not everyone and certainly very few white men have a dick as big as yours --- so it might work.”

“Great – but 2 – 3 hours doesn’t seem like enough time to work with Lisa and convince her to stare at my cock --- right now, she doesn’t like me too much.” Don lamented

“No, it only takes a very short while to condition someone’s brain under this drug – you flash them the object, tell them what you want them to do and give them a keyword, so that they will obey your commands.” Joe continues to explain.

“How do they come out of the trance?” Don asked

“The object is out of their sight and they have finished the command that you gave them.”

Don was intrigued by this idea and asked his friend “OK every time Lisa sees my cock, she will go under this hypnosis and do what I tell her – Right?”

“Yes, but it would be best if your cock was used as the trigger, and phrase was used as the condition.” Joe went on to explain “Like you could use the word ‘PET ‘ as a conditioning word that has to be obeyed. Then when she looks at your cock, she is under your spell, but won’t act too weird in public. And at home you could give her the command that anything you tell her after saying the word PET she must obey. That obeying you gives her pleasure…makes her wet, horny etc – there has to be pleasure in it for the subject to work diligently. Of course when your cock is in your pants, which by the way is not that often” Joe grins at his friend “She would be normal”

“This is wonderful news. When can we get some of this drug? Can you steal a little for me to use on her? C’mon, you can do it!” Don prodded his roommate.

“I might be able to get some without anyone noticing, but it will be tough --- and besides, it won’t work – not on her anyway.” Joe took a big swallow from his beer.

“Why won’t it work? It has to work on her. I have to have her back.” Don pouted.

“Something about the chemical make up – it has not seemed to work on women. So far, it only has worked on the Professor’s male subjects.”

They both sat there sipping on beer and thinking to themselves when suddenly Don came up with an idea. “If I can’t have Lisa, then no one else will either. I will make Lisa see that the guy she left me for is not worthy of her attention.”

This is where I entered the picture – you see, I thought I was the luckiest guy on earth – going out with Lisa, the sexiest creature on campus. Little did I know that my fate would soon be in the hands of a mental moron named Don.

I met Don at a bar just off campus, he overheard me saying that I wanted 2 tickets to a concert that was coming up soon.

“I have some tickets back at my place I will sell to you for just 10 dollars over face value – see I can’t go to the concert I lost my girlfriend” Don told me.

So I followed him to his room and while waiting for him to get the tickets, I took him up on his offer for a drink. Little did I know that he had put the drug DH42conform in my drink. The next few hours were a blur – I can remember bits and pieces of what he was telling and showing me. I could have sworn that I was being shown his dick. This was not a usual dick, but one that must have been 8 – 9 inches soft and as thick as all four of my fingers combined. He showed me his dick from far away, and close up. I saw it while looking down at it as well as looking up at it from my knees. I remember him telling me how hard my cock should be. I can vaguely recall his words “You get a hard on from looking at this dick” and “you get a hard on from obeying” The word “BOY” kept coming to mind. When he said ‘boy’ all I wanted to do was please him. Pleasing him gets my dick hard. A hard dick feels pleasure. I can’t even remember if I got the tickets or not, I just woke up in my bed the next morning not exactly sure if this was a fantastic dream.

That day I had a date with the beautiful Lisa, but when I went to her apartment to pick her up I found Don waiting at the door trying to talk to my new girlfriend on the other side.

“C’mon Lisa, let me in. Lets talk. I need you” Don was begging from the outside of her apartment.

I recognized this person as the one that sold me the tickets for the concert…but I was afraid I just couldn’t believe the fantasy or dream I had experienced last night. He didn’t seem to take too much notice of me so I thought that it just was my over active imagination.

“Excuse me” I said to Don as reached past him to knock on Lisa’s door. “It’s me – Larry” I told her as I knocked.

Lisa opened the door for me --- and Don pushed past her and walked into her apartment uninvited. I stood in the doorway with her, and look at this Don person standing in her living room. I wasn’t up for a fight, and I knew that lots of people were crazy over Lisa, so I waited to see how she wanted to handle this intruder.

“We’re over for God’s sake Don – get a life and forget about me and mine” She told him

“I have more to offer you than anyone else” he tried to convince Lisa.

“Don, you have nothing to offer me. You have nothing that I want or need.” She shot back, still standing her ground

“What has he got that is so much better?” Don asked pointing beside Lisa to me

“For one thing, he has brains. I can carry on a conversation with him. You seem only interested in one thing. Larry has many interests and hobbies” She told him in defense of dating me.

I was proud. I started to see that this guy she used to go out with is an asshole.

With that, Don drops his pants exposing his cock and balls to us both. While I laughed at first, and tried not to look, curiosity got the best of me and was hearing what he was saying while he tried to convince Lisa she had made a mistake.

“This is all for you Lisa. This magnificent cock, and all the cum I have stored up for you in these huge balls.” Don started his attempt to win Lisa over.

“Ahhh, we get to the one thing you are most proud of – your DICK!” She says.

“Just look at it” he told her.

“Thanks, I’ve seen it before…and of course so has almost every other girl on campus” She snapped back.

Don sneered “Does HE have a cock that can please you like mine?”

“That is none of your business” She answered, trying not to stoop to his level.

“Just look at it --- it turns you on --- it feels so big and soft now, but it gets even bigger after that nice and hard. You want it --- you desire it ---- you want to stroke it, and watch up close as it grows.” He was telling her –yet she wasn’t the least bit interested. I on the other hand, couldn’t take my eyes off it. I wanted to stroke it as he said it…. I wanted to watch it grow.

Don knew what he was doing to me. He had programmed me last night. Lisa didn’t know this, nor could I remember it all. I just continued to stare.

“You showed it off way too much. It is all you have Don. A BIG OVERGROWN DICK.” She started getting annoyed with his actions.

“It is big --- it is masculine --- it is powerful --- LOOK at my dick. Watch how I stroke it. Your mind is struggling --- holding back ---- think how good this cock makes you feel” as he went on

I was in a fog. I could hear him… I could see that cock of his … I stood there fixated to it.

“It excites you --- it turns you on.” Don continued.

Lisa stopped him, “You are a good fuck. That is true. There are very few white guys hung like you. Unfortunately it is the ONLY thing you can do, and it is the ONLY thing you think about. While I dated you, there must have been 5 or 10 women that had your dick. I don’t need that embarrassment anymore.”

“It wasn’t 5 or 10” he retorted.

“Yeah, maybe more” She shot back.

Up until then no one was paying much attention to me. I was falling in love with a cock. I had never had a gay thought in my head in years, I was seeing his cock like it was the first time. AND I WANTED it.

“I’m not leaving here until you suck my cock” Don warned her.

“No WAY!” Lisa exploded back

It was a set up!!

“Maybe your new boyfriend will. He must like what he sees. He has a hard on for me.” Don taunted.

Lisa’s eyes went right to my crotch. Sure enough my dick was rock hard. It was tenting my loose fitting pants.

I didn’t say a word. I couldn’t say anything. I could only stare at his cock and balls.

“Bet you want to see my cock up close don’t ya?” Don mocked.

I wanted so bad to run but instead felt a bit compelled to do whatever he said. Seeing his cock made mine feel so good. I knew that only pleasure could come from this. Little did I know that those feelings were exactly what he had programmed me to think whenever I saw his particular cock.

“You like big cocks boy?” Don mocked me…but at the same time was also helping to reinforce his programming with the key word boy. It clicked. Did I like big cocks….of course I did. He said so.

Then standing in the middle of Lisa’s living room, Don invited me to come a bit closer. “Boy, come here”

I obeyed. I could sense that Lisa was tugging on my arm trying to keep me from going to him..but I shrugged her off and went to stand in front of him.

“You would just love to shower this cock with little kisses.” It was more of a statement of his truth, but since I really didn’t want to do as he was commanding, and he hasn’t used the keyword ‘boy’ I just stood motionless in front of him, blocking Lisa’s view of the activity.

“You are hard inside those pants aren’t you boy?”

I answered exactly as I had been programmed. “yes Sir”

Don smiled because he knew that the hypnosis from the drug was working. “Tell me boy, WHY are you hard inside your pants?”

“I get pleasure from seeing your cock Sir” I meekly answered.

Don looked past me toward Lisa and asked “You left me for a faggot?”

In his eyes, he could humiliate Lisa’s boyfriend – then even if he couldn’t have Lisa, the next person wouldn’t either……. And who knows, maybe the guy she chooses after this dork goes down on another guy in front of her.

Unfortunately I was the dork right now --- standing in front of a guy with his pants to his ankles, while he fondles perhaps the largest and frankly the nicest looking cock I had ever seen. I hadn’t looked that much at guys in the shower during high school PE class. But I had seen my share of porno movies and magazines to know that this guy could put many of them to shame.

“Your knees feel a bit weak boy, kneel down so you can get a real close look” Don tantalized

What he said seemed so true. I wanted to run out of the room. I just couldn’t move from that spot. In fact the only thing I could do was obey him. As I sank to my knees, I could feel a bit of pre-cum form on the end of my dick. It felt good to obey him. I was now eye level with his cock. A massive tool that hung down so that the base was even with the hair on my head, and the tip was nearly at my chin.

Don looked at Lisa who was almost in shock at the scene playing out before her eyes. She was speechless at first. Then as she saw me staring intently up at his huge cock, she called out “Larry, don’t do it.”

I couldn’t react quickly enough. I could hear her in back of me, imploring me not to suck his cock, and I wanted to snap out of this funk, get off my knees and throw this former boyfriend out a window. But at the same time that she was saying not to do it, Don was waving his cock in front of my eyes telling me how much I want it.

“Go on and admit it boy, you love my cock, don’t you?”

“yes Sir” I humbly answered.

“It is enormous and manly. It has POWER, and you want to suck off some of that power Don’t you boy?” Don entertained himself at my expense.

“yes Sir” I again replied. My own cock twitching every time I answered him.

As he stared at Lisa, he gave me the final command, the one that allows me have his cock. “WORSHIP ME BOY!”

“yes Sir” I answered, and before I could finish saying sir, my mouth was laying kisses on his shaft.

I was all over that huge cock. I licked and slurped my way up and down his shaft, occasionally brushing against his balls with my chin. I was taking him into my mouth (or as much as I could at the time) when I heard Lisa run from the room and slam her bedroom door. On the one hand, I wished I could go be by her side, to comfort her, but on the other….well, I had to OBEY. I had to worship him. It felt so good to obey. My own cock while much smaller than his, was hard as a rock and rubbing the inside of my pants as I moved around to do a better job on his solid tool.

Don smiled as he had gotten much of what he wanted. He hadn’t gotten Lisa back, but he did have her new boyfriend on his knees in her apartment worshiping his massive member. Life was good for Don again.

Don spent the next few minutes making sure that Lisa heard all of his commands to me.

In a loud tone of voice, I heard him tell me when to lick the shaft…. When to lick the tip… how to kiss his balls, and most of all how to take more of him down my throat. Each command was punctuated by the word ‘boy’ giving me great pleasure obeying them.

Finally when he was about to cum, he pulled his dick from my mouth and told me sit back on my heels and stare up at his cock while he unloaded it on me.

“Boy, I want you to softly rub under my ball sack with one hand, and I will let you see your reward for obeying me.” I did as instructed, and he let loose his first shot of cum.

“Boy, try to catch my sperm in your mouth, but stay where you are on the ground” Don sneered again.

“yes Sir” and I opened my mouth trying to catch his sperm just as he ordered. I only caught the 2nd and the 5th shot of his seed, while the other 8 shots went on my face, neck, shirt, and pants. The last shot dribbled off his cock and fell to the carpet.

“Boy, lick up that carpet, then you can go home” Don informed me and left while laughing all the way out the door.

I obeyed him as he brushed past me --- yep, I was licking the carpet right where his seed had dripped. When I had completed the task he ordered, I came out of my funk. His cock was gone from my view, and I had no more commands to comply with. But strangely, I could not remember everything from the time he dropped his pants to when I finished licking up the carpet. I spit out a few carpet fibers, and wondered why I was on my knees in the middle of Lisa’s living room. I looked around at myself and saw that I had goo on my shirt, pants, and skin. I could hear Lisa crying in her room and before I bothered to clean myself off, I went to her door to find out what is wrong.

I knocked; Lisa flung open the door – with a tear-streaked face asked, “How could you do that with him ... right in front of me?”

“Do what?” I had to Enquirer

“DO??? You know what you just did. It is not bad enough, but you insult me by coming to me with his slime all over you.” She replied

“Lisa, I don’t know what you are talking about.” I thought for a moment, and then asked, “What happened to me?”

Lisa looks at me like I am crazy and then tells me – “It is bad enough that I dated that slimeball, but I don’t have to watch while he gets you to suck him off. If I knew that you were more excited over a man than of me…. Well, I would not have gone out with you. You made me like you. I cared about you. THEN YOU DO THIS STUNT.” She was getting pissed, and I did not understand everything she was saying.

“I don’t get excited over guys, and I don’t go sucking them off” I countered.

“Well, just who was it that looked like you, sounded like you, and just got through having the hard on of his life watching Don show off his cock. And just who was in the middle of my apartment saying ‘Yes Sir’ to that scum bag, and then putting his cock into your mouth and kissing it all over.” Then reaching out to the cum on my shirt collar, dipped her fingers into the wet slime and held them up to my nose. “I suppose this isn’t his ejaculation is it?”

“I really don’t remember much after he dropped his pants” I tried to explain.

“Get out.” She told me.

“But Lisa, I ---“

“Get OUT!” She yelled at me.

I did the next best thing. I couldn’t explain what happened. I couldn’t console her; all that was left for me was to leave.

When I got back to my apartment, I phoned her and left a message. “Lisa, I don’t know what happened back at your place. I can’t explain my actions. I do vaguely remember just what you were saying. I think I really did what you said…but I am afraid I don’t remember. I don’t know what is going on --- I wish I did. I can assure you that there has to be an explanation because I am not into guys.” Then I felt like letting the embarrassment end “Please call me so I can understand it all.”

She didn’t call back that day or the next.

But just when I ran into her in the library I think she had calmed down, and I invited her back to my apartment. She said she would be there past 7 because she has to run an errand before the bookstore closed. I agreed to meet her there. I had 2 hours to kill and went back to my apartment to clean up the place.

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