tagInterracial LoveDating Our Neighbor Ch. 01

Dating Our Neighbor Ch. 01


Matt felt his wife's pussy tighten as he pushed himself as far as he could up inside her. Her hips were gyrating around his lap as her head flew back with her mouth wide open.

Her hair was so long that it tickled his legs when she moved. Her pussy gripped his cock like a vice as her hips moved. Matt arched his back sending a tiny bit more of his cock inside her smooth tanned belly.

"I've never felt you this tight."

Darla didn't reply. All she did was keep her mouth wide open as she moaned and squeezed her own breasts while Matt held onto her waist as tight as he could to keep her from falling backward.

"Why don't you admit it turned you on baby?"

"Shut up and fuck me....Harder!"

Darla's pussy was dripping like a leaky faucet. Matt kept pushing his cock up inside his wife as she rocked back and forth with her head still leaned back.

Matt starred at her chest watching her hands gripping her large breasts. She was squeezing them in her hands while tweaking her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

Matt had a grip on her waist. She rode him hard as she moaned and groaned above him. His eyes moved lover to her smooth flat belly. He loved her belly button and they way her belly had a tiny slight curvy bulge making it just sexy enough to his liking.

Her pussy was shaved smooth and bald the way he liked it. She had sat in the sun all afternoon getting a tan leaving a V shape across her belly area making a sexy appearance.

Matt felt her body start to quiver. Her arms and legs started to shake next as she began to groan. Darla's head jerked from side to side as she strained to catch her breathe.

Matt held her waist very tight as he felt her body violently jerk. Darla gasped out loud and tried to speak at the height of her orgasm but only a few sounds escaped her lips as her whole body trembled.

Matt thought for sure she was going to tear off his cock the way her pussy had tightened. He kept arching up inside her pussy he felt muscles begin to relax.

"I knew it would get you turned on you little slut."

Darla got an angry expression on her face as she started to lift herself off her husband's legs. He tried to hold her down but it was too late as his slimy cock slipping out of her wet pussy.

"I'm going to clean up if you're not going to cum."

Darla's foot barely touched the floor when Matt grabbed her by her arm and roughly pushed her body down onto the bed and quickly got on top slipping his cock back inside her wet dripping pussy.

She quickly grabbed his face with her hands giving him a deep passionate kiss than wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Fuck me hard baby."

Matt drove himself into her as she held his neck and rubbed the back off his head. She starred at him intensively as his body banged into her upturned ass. He was knocking into her with great force making her head slid along the pillow.

"That's it baby. Fuck me hard and cum for me."

His breathing was labored with his thoughts everywhere as his thighs slapped against the back of her thighs making loud noises throughout the room.

Matt started to gasp for air as his body tensed and moved quicker until he pushed deep inside her with a few last thrusts of his cock and began spewing his hot load deep inside his wife's belly.

She rubbed his back as she kissed his neck feeling his cock throbbing as it squirted the last few remaining drops of cum inside her pussy. Matt had collapsed onto her body as he caught his breath.

"That was so good baby."

Matt still couldn't speak as he finally raised his body off his wife. She was covered in sweat from him and her as he finally regained enough strength and said.

"You were thinking about Rex, weren't you?"

Darla gritted her teeth and extended her arms out and pushed her husband off and away from her as she quickly jumped out of the bed. Matt started to laugh as she quickly grabbed her thong and bra off the floor and started to stamp her feet on her way into the bathroom. "Fuck you Matt! You just wait! See how long you go without any pussy?"

Matt was laughing hysterically as he heard the toilet seat drop and the sound of her pee splashing in the toilet.

"Are you going to make me your little cuckold now?"

Matt laughed but there wasn't any reply coming from the bathroom as he lifted himself up and got out of bed to see what she was doing. Matt walked into the bathroom where he found his wife combing her long blonde hair in the mirror and slapped her ass cheek making a loud noise.

"He probably has dreams about how hot you would be in bed."

Darla stopped combing her hair and turned around facing Matt who was taking a pee and replied in a loud whisper.

"God damn it Matt. You know if might hear what your saying so shut up and just forget about it."

Matt's pee was splashing in the toilet as he continued to laugh. "I think it's just too damn funny is all."

"You won't think it's funny if he hears everything your saying."

"How do you suppose he's going to hear what I'm saying?

"The door is still open going out to our deck. Do you remember telling me you got hot when we have sex?"

Matt leaned around the doorway and peeked out toward the door as Darla poked him in the ribs on her way back into the bedroom. Matt saw his wife slipping into a short cotton dress she liked to lounge around in and walk out onto the bedroom deck.

It was hot pink and fit her tight. It barely covered her ass and left a lot of cleavage exposed. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. Matt loved seeing her wear it around the house. She looked to sexy and inviting wearing it.

She was definitely angry at him for teasing her during sex. Matt walked out into the bedroom and sat on the bed while slipping on his underwear. Darla was seated on a lounger with her legs pulled back against her chest.

She looked sexy as hell with much of her tanned thighs exposed in that short little dress that Matt wanted to pull her back inside and fuck the shit out of her again. He shouldn't have been so hard on her.

Darla had been lying out in the sun early that afternoon working on her tan and decided to unhook her top. She was out on the grass lying on a towel next to the hedge that divided theirs and their neighbor's private deck.

They lived in a detached condo but they were built only ten feet apart. Their neighbor had been so quiet that Darla didn't think to look over on the grass next door near that hedge.

She didn't see their neighbor laying out on a lounger drinking a beer until she had flipped over and it was too late when she found herself starring right into his eyes. It was too late to try and cover her boobs. Her top got twisted when she rolled over leaving her exposed and with nothing to try and hide her breasts with but her hands.

Darla told Matt how embarrassed she felt especially when Rex smiled back and asked her if she wanted a beer. Darla told Matt how she assumed Rex would apologize for peering at her but instead offered her a beer.

Darla surprised Matt when she told him how Rex got up bringing a can of cold beer over to her and was completely naked. Darla explained that Rex told her that he once belonged to a nudist club so it didn't bother him that she wanted to tan her boobs.

Rex is a middle aged black man who recently retired from the service and bought the condo next door. He was a boxer in his younger days but kept his muscular body in great shape.

Matt began teasing Darla when she told him about seeing Rex's cock and ball sack. Darla explained that she never seen anything as large as Rex's and went into detail on how Rex just stood in front of her while they talked as if it were natural.

Matt had listened to Darla as she explained how Rex sat down with her on the grass and chatted while she held the can of beer in one hand and tried to keep her boobs covered with the other.

She got him laughing but then she went into more detail about Rex's cock. Darla seemed fascinated with talking about his size and compared its girth to her wrist. Matt remembered how he broke out laughing when he recalled the way Darla described his ball sack.

She told him it was large and rather loose. She said it looked like he had two heavy lemons pulling down his sack. Matt busted out laughing. Matt had been out playing golf that morning.

A few minutes after Darla told her story they were naked in bed kissing and that's when Matt noticed how wet and aroused she was and began teasing her about the encounter with Rex.

Darla brushed it off and said she had been horny since the night before. Matt wasn't having any part of it and kept teasing her during sex and now she was angry.

Matt slipped his pants up than stood up while putting on his shirt when he heard Darla talking out on the deck and before he had a chance to see who it was she was getting up and walking out of sight toward the other condo.

Matt peeked out the door over the low hedge dividing the two patios. He could barely see a portion of his wife's back while she stood leaning over the hedge presumably speaking to Rex. He could hear her laugh as he buttoned his shirt.

Matt slipped on his socks and sneakers than took another look out on the patio but couldn't see his wife any longer. He slid the patio screen door open and leaned around the corner.

She was gone. Matt went out onto the patio and heard them talking inside his place. He walked back inside figuring they were talking. He started conjuring up a few things to say to her when she returned.

Matt thought twice about it knowing she would just get angrier with him. Maybe that's why she went over there to speak with Rex. Damn! She's wearing that damn little dress!

Matt began to wonder now. He knew his neighbor was getting a good eye full of Darla's body in that outfit. Matt figured it couldn't be any worse than what he saw early that afternoon.

Matt decided to fool around on line for a while and look at a little porn. He clicked on Karen Kay's interracial site and followed the link to the desperate white wives site and started reading the stories.

It just dawned on him that he showed Darla these sites a couple weeks ago. He began getting concerned now. He wondered if perhaps she had a curiosity about black men now that she was exposed to these sites.

Matt remembered a remark she made when he was teasing her. She had said something about making him her little cuckold. She never used that term up until now. Matt knew she was kidding but it made him wonder about Darla reading Karen's stories.

Why would Darla distinctively tell him in detail about Rex's cock and balls? Mark played a video sample on Karen's site. He leaned back in the chair for a moment wondering if Rex was over there naked.

He thought about walking over there and seeing what was going on. He introduced himself to the man a few weeks ago when he moved in. Matt remembered shaking hands with Rex. He had large hands. He was very friendly and invited Matt over for a drink but he was on his way out to play golf that afternoon.

Matt figured Rex was probably just being neighborly since Rex had invited him over that day. Matt continued reading a newly added chapter of a story he'd been following.

Matt was getting hard reading it and stroked his cock through his pants. Matt chuckled as he read a part about the husband in the story licking and eating his wife's pussy after she came home from a date with a black guy.

This woman in the story had long blonde hair and was about as sassy as Darla could be at times. He wondered which of these stories his wife had read. Matt had an idea. He had a complete history log of activity right at his finger tips on here and opened the log.

Matt's heart was racing as he examined the internet log. He looked at the URL's and checked out the times they were visited. Darla was on here just before he got back from playing golf. Matt counted the pages she visited and found over forty in the log.

He started checking them one at a time to see which pages she visited. She read the story called open marriage. Matt's cock was pressed hard against his pants as he looked over the other pages.

Darla was more interested in interracial sex than he first thought. Matt thought she had just checked out the sites because he mentioned them to her but now he wondered if her exposure to Rex was making her more curious.

Matt decided to shut everything down before Darla returned. He casually waited on the bed with his hands tucked behind his head thinking about what he should say when Darla returned home.

Matt heard Darla walking on the deck and a second later she was sliding the screen door open with two cans of beer in her hands.

"Here you go sweetie."

Darla gave him one of the cold cans of beer as he slid himself up against the head board. Darla climbed into bed next to her husband as he took his first sip.

"Rex was showing me some pictures he took before he left Iraq last year."

"I wasn't expecting you to go out wearing that dress."

Darla gave him a silly smile as she scooted a little closer on the bed.

"He practically already saw me naked this afternoon."

Darla drank a little beer than added. "Rex seems very nice. I told him you were home waiting otherwise he wanted me to stay longer so he gave me a beer to bring to you."

"Doesn't he have a girlfriend?"


Darla started to laugh as she added. "He did ask me if I knew anyone that was single. He mentioned something about going to this party next weekend for one of his buddies from the service."

Darla took another sip as Matt sat listening.

"He seemed a little depressed about going alone."

"What about that redhead with the long legs from your bowling team?"

Darla shook her head. "She just got engaged last week. I told him I'd check around."

Matt set the can down on the night stand and twisted around and began rubbing her thigh. Darla parted her legs as she leaned her head forward to kiss her husband as he moved his hand a little further along her inner thigh.

She gave him the can to put on the night stand and scooted herself down onto the bed wrapping her arms around Matt's neck as they kissed. She lifted one leg keeping them spread as Matt felt her soft wet pussy mound.

He carefully inserted a finger into her slit and felt how wet she was as they kissed. She shoved her tongue deep inside her mouth as he moved his finger against her clit.

"Want to fuck me again?"

Matt just kissed her again as she started to unbutton his shirt. He moved around and pulled his pants off while she slipped the tight fitting dress over her head. Darla waited until Matt undressed and straddled his legs almost intently.

She leaned down putting her lips to his as she scooted her ass back until she was in line with his cock. She quickly raised one leg reaching down and inserted his cock between her tight pussy lips.

Matt grabbed her ass while she lowered herself down kissing his face as the same time.

"You feel tight sweetie!"

Darla kissed his face as she moved her hands onto his chest and started to move up and down. Matt held her thighs and watched her move as she moaned and worked her pussy muscles around his cock.

Her nipples were rock hard and rubbed against Matt's chest as she leaned over and planted kisses around his face and neck.

Darla moaned again as Matt started to arch his body up to meet her downward thrusts.

"That's it sweetie, fuck me hard."

Matt increased the tempo as her hips swayed above him. Darla breasts were large and dragged across his chest every time she lowered her head to give him a kiss. Matt knew why she was so aroused and it turned him on as well knowing that Rex got her this way.

He started to think to himself that she ought to visit Rex more often if she were going to come home this horny. Matt kept watching the lust in her eyes as she worked her petite body above him.

Her hair was so long that it touched his shoulders giving him chills as it tickled his skin with her movements. Matt didn't want to ruin the moment but took a chance as he watched the lust in her eyes.

"It feels so good baby. I'll have to have you visit Rex more often if he gets you this horny." Matt waited gritting his teeth hoping he didn't say the wrong thing. Darla only moaned and felt her pussy tighten around his cock as she continued to move on his lap.

"Fuck me baby!"

Matt kept going and felt a little relieved that she didn't get angry again. All Matt knew at the moment was that she was working her pussy muscles like never before. She arched up a little further pushing her boobs into his face. He obliged her by taking one in his mouth and nibbled on her nipple.

Darla's pussy was dripping wet making a wet sound as she moved up and down above her husband. Matt could feel her arms trembling and a moment later she was practically screaming out loud as she had an orgasm

Matt was too excited to last any longer, and almost instantly came with his wife spewing his hot cum deep inside her pussy. Matt was breathing hard trying to catch his breathe as Darla appeared disappointed that he came so soon.

His cock was deflating and slipped out of her pussy as she hesitantly moved off his legs.

"I didn't mean to cum so quick."

"That's alright baby. It was good."

Darla kind of fell back on the pillow putting her hands across her forehead as she caught her breathe.

They dressed and went out to dinner. They were getting ready for bed that night when Matt circled his arms around Darla from behind kissing the top of her head. She pushed her little round ass back against his crotch laughing and reached around giving his cock a squeeze.

Matt must have been exhausted because his cock was still soft as she felt around and kept laughing and said.

"I must have worn you out today."

Matt just laughed. "I never saw you this horny in one day!"

She kept rubbing on his cock and balls looking at him seductively. "You're going to have to start working out and get in shape like Rex."

"Wasn't Rex a fighter at one time?" "You have a nice body." She turned and gave one of his arms a squeeze. "You need to build up your muscles a little more. I'll have to send you to the gym!"

"Don't expect me to tone up like Rex! He's a foot taller than me and about one hundred pounds bigger!"

Darla gave him a kiss than jumped into bed as Matt turned off the light. They cuddled and kissed once Matt got into bed.

"I felt so sorry for Rex, honey. I wish I could find someone to go with him this weekend."

Matt stroked her hair as he kissed her nose.

"What about Margie?"

"I don't think she'd go out with a black guy honey."

Matt laughed and replied. "It's not like she has to marry the guy or anything. Maybe you could explain the situation to her and work something out."

"She was dating Rick so I don't know."

Matt kept kissing her face as they hugged. "Where exactly is Rex going this weekend to want to bring a date?"

"I guess he's getting together with a bunch of service people and most are married or bringing a date with them."

"You mean he just wants someone to go there and show up with him? If that's all its about than why don't you just go with him if you think he's that nice."

Darla hesitated but Matt knew she was thinking about it.

"I'd have to talk to Rex and see what he thinks about it."

Matt was getting hard just thinking about Darla going out to a party with a black dude. He pulled his body back away from her so she wouldn't find out he had an erection. It was too late because she put her hand down there and found out he was hard making her laugh.

"You little devil! Your dick is hard just thinking about me going out with Rex!"

"I' am not!"

Darla leaned close and gave him a kiss. "You are too!"

She played with his cock taking it in her hand and stroked it while kissing his face.

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