tagIncest/TabooDaughter and Dad

Daughter and Dad


I'm Mike, an old shit of fifty-three, a widower, a seven handicap golfer and fit as can be but haven't had a hard-on in about five years. Oh hell, the medical community has tried every thing you have ever seen advertised about Erectile Dysfunction and none of that crap worked on me. I am resigned to spend the rest of my life just remembering how great sex used to be .......... #$%^&*(#@.

I have a thirty-two year old daughter, Patty, who is divorced. She is a good-looking gal who had a real asshole for a husband who she finally dumped a couple of years ago. She has a great job in the computer industry and visits me about once every three or four months from the other side of the country. I'm in Maryland and she lives in San Diego.

Things were going along OK when I got a call from her asking if I'd like to join her on a company paid ten-day vacation to Paris, France. She had won some type of sales contest and the prize was the trip for two to Paris. Since she had divorced the asshole she asked me to take his place.

"You betcha honey. Where and when do we meet?"

She was going to meet me in a week at the Baltimore Airport where we would get an Air France flight to Paris. Damn, I needed something like this to get me out of the funk I was in. I couldn't be happier.

She looked fantastic coming up the jet-way from her California flight and we weren't going to have a long layover in Baltimore. So far so good.

The overseas flight on Air France went perfect other than the fact that almost every overseas flight from the US to Europe is a night flight and I hate them; I can never sleep on the damn things.

The first three or four days on France were great. We saw a ton of the world famous sights and wore ourselves out traipsing through a number of churches and museums but we laughed and joked the whole time. Patty picked out some superb restaurants and since the cost of food was covered in her prize we ate like royalty.

One night we sat in the hotel lounge sipping brandies after a wonderful day just chatting about all we had seen and enjoyed. We had just finished our second drink and she said that she was ready to hit the sack. Her prize only covered a single room but she was able to get one with two queen sized beds so everything had been fine in that regard.

She used the bathroom first and when she came out in her nightgown all I could think of was what an asshole her husband really was. She has a body to die for and a job making tons of money. What the hell was he looking for? I shower in the morning so all I had to do in the evening was to brush my teeth and wash my face before bed.

This was our fourth night in the city and we had come to bed around ten and I was damn near out on my feet so when I hit the sack it bothered the hell out of me when I heard her sobbing.

"Patty, what's wrong honey?" I asked quietly.

"Oh Mike, what the heck is wrong with me. I love that I could be here with you but why the hell couldn't I find a husband who appreciated me?"

"Patty, that's a question for the ages. There is nothing wrong with you. That guy you were married to is the asshole of all time. I just looked at you when you were getting into bed and thought there would be tens of thousands of guys who would go nuts to be able to be here in my place. Your ex truly needs psychiatric help. Just rest easy honey. You WILL find the right guy and we'll have a great day tomorrow." I whispered.

"Mike, can I come over and sleep with you in your bed. You can hold me like you used to do when I was a little girl."

"Sure honey. C'mon over."

It's a good thing I have the Erectile Dysfunction problem or I would have had a giant hard-on when she came over; daughter or no daughter.

I cuddled close to her with my arm around her waist and it wasn't long before she took my hand and moved it up to cup her breast. I never realized just how large and firm her breasts were.

"That feels better for me, I hope it won't bother you."

"Bother me. It damn sure won't bother me holding a breast like yours."

She stayed like that for a few minutes and then rolled over to face me pushing her beautiful breasts hard against my chest and then lifted her face and kissed me. Oh God.

"Patty, I have a problem that is going to prevent this from going much further. I have ED and there just isn't any way I could get an erection so if you are thinking of having sex with me my penis won't cooperate."

She cuddled even closer and asked, "Are your tongue and fingers incapable too?"

Oh my God, she is asking if I would be able to perform oral sex on her and would my fingers be able to give her any pleasure.

"Patty, they all work fine if that's what you want."

"Mike, I just need to feel that I am wanted." She whispered quietly but with a whimper in her voice.

I lifted her chin up to face mine and planted a kiss on her. "Patty, you are wanted all right." As I was saying that I let a hand drop down to her waist and proceeded to lift her nightgown up so my fingers could give her some of the pleasure she was so desperately seeking.

She was soaked and my fingers needed no lubrication to enter her. I first had just one finger exploring the folds of her pussy lips and had it go in a little and then I let it slip out and had it join up with another finger. The two of them went in as far as they could and then began a slow but steady movement around her clitoris. At first I had them slide out while lightly touching her clit and then slipped them all the way encouraging her clit to get uncovered. While I was doing this with my fingers I had moved my mouth down to her breasts and let my tongue wander all over them. First up the sides and then I concentrated on her nipples and her breaths were coming faster with each different thing I tried.

All of a sudden I stopped and pulled them out of her as I moved my whole body down so my face was in direct line with the lips of her pussy. I used my hands to spread her pussy lips to make way for my face to get all the way against her clit before I was going to let my tongue go to work. By then she was throwing her hips hard at my face and was tossing her head from side to side and biting her hand to keep from making so much noise that we would be attracting the gendarmes.

"Oh God, this is unbelievable. Mike, don't ever stop".

I moved my face off to the side to make room for my fingers to fuck her pussy while my tongue was still working her clit. Her moans were getting louder and her movements were becoming wilder. Her breathing was getting so fast it was almost scary when she squealed, "I'm coming. Oh God, I'm coming"

My hand didn't stop fucking her pussy until she completely came down from her orgasmic high. She pulled me up to her face where she covered my lips with hers and held me tightly.

"Oh, this was wonderful for me but it was a horrible thing for us to do. It was sinful and the Lord will never forgive us."

"Patty, the Lord doesn't want any one to suffer the way you had with that marriage you were in. You never did a damn thing other than to treat that guy like a king and he just shit on you. Don't tell me the Lord wanted that for you."

I was holding her tightly as I was saying all of that but I did have one hand lightly caressing her breasts as I spoke. That seemed to turn her on again and this time she slid down until she had her face opposite my listless cock. She moved one hand inside my boxers and lightly caressed it. She had her fingers going up and down the shaft and then circling the bulbous head of it without any reaction from it. What a damn waste, a sexy thing like her trying to make love to it and it wouldn't respond.

She kept her hand doing the same thing over and over until she moved closer and took as much of it as she could deep in her mouth. Oh my God, I am not sure but I think I felt the slightest response from it. Wouldn't that be a kick in the ass if all of the medical experts I had been to couldn't do something a tender blowjob could. Well, it wasn't getting hard but there was some life in it after all. As she was doing this I swung myself around so I was able to bury my face in her pussy while she had my cock in her mouth. That did it, her moans were back and almost as loud as before.

"Patty, I think you could get me to have an orgasm if you simply stroked my cock with your soft fingers or continued to go up and down the shaft while it was in your mouth. I don't think it would have to be hard for it to cum."

That was all of the advice she needed and it wasn't too long before I could feel the heat start deep within me and then move up to my balls just before I began to shoot a load in her mouth.

"Patty, that was terrific. That hasn't happened in years." I said breathlessly.

I swung around and held her tightly and she did the same to me. I didn't ever remember feeling so close to anyone.

"Patty, we will have to get to sleep if we want to be out and about in the morning." I said as her face came up to meet mine.

Once again I just spooned to her with no intention of doing anything else as we were going to sleep.

The next morning after getting ready for the day we had breakfast in the hotel dining room and she said that she wanted to do just a little shopping before we did any more sightseeing.

"No problem honey, I'll find something to do while you shop. Who knows maybe I'll even do a little shopping of my own."

She was going in and out of some the fanciest shops in town and I finally got tired of it and told her I would meet her at a particular street corner in an hour. She agreed and made a dash for some shop or the other. I had my own ideas.

I found the place I was looking for a couple of blocks off the main drag, got exactly what I wanted and had them wrap it and went to the corner to wait.

She was right on time and was all smiles. "I got what a wanted and even got it on sale." She speaks French so she was able to negotiate with the sales people.

"Good for you now let's go back to the hotel and we can show each other what we bought after we have lunch." I suggested.

Rather than find our way through the Metro (subway) system I hailed a cab and he had us at the hotel in a few minutes.

We had a nice lunch in the hotel dining room and then were ready to go up. When we got up the room she breathlessly opened her package and pulled out a very nice looking scarf that had a famous designer label on it and did a twirling kind of move as she wrapped it around her neck.

"Now what did you get?" she asked.

""Hold on, I need to use the bathroom first."

When I returned to the room I was nude and had a great dildo strapped on. It was a solid eight inches and rather thick.

"My cock was the exact same size as this thing when it got hard but since it doesn't work very well anymore I think I can make up for that with this." I said with a huge smile plastered all over my face.

I never knew she could undress so quickly. She was on the bed and beckoning me to join her before I knew it.

After leaning over and using my mouth on her lovely breasts I lay beside her and she let her hand trail over the dildo. "Oh my God, I don't think I can ever take all of that in me."

"I'll just go as slow and easy as you want and let's see how much you can take before you tell me to stop."

I smeared a little lube on it before I pushed it against the lips of her pussy and it slid in a few inches. I kept up the pressure and I soon had about five inches in and more was on its way. She threw her hips up at me and that did it. I had the entire eight inches buried and she was screaming "Fuck me, Yes fuck me."

Wow, talk about liking something. I quickly dropped my mouth onto hers and locked her lips in a warm kiss while my hands were grabbing her tits while the dildo was being driven in and drawn out.

"Oh yes, Fuck me forever with that."

It didn't take long before she had thrown her legs in the air as her orgasm overcame her and was screaming for me to fuck her. Again I dropped my mouth on hers to kiss her and smother her noises.

She eventually quieted down and we lay there facing each other and with our lips locked on each other. My hands were lightly caressing her breasts and they seemed to be turning her on again. This woman is insatiable.

"Patty, I want you to use your mouth on my cock to see if you can get it to show any more of the life it looked as if it had last night."

She slid down on the bed with her hand leading the way to my cock. When she was positioned she let her tongue start licking the shaft and taking just the head of it in her mouth without trying to bury it. She was using her tongue on the bulbous head while she was slowly sliding her hand up and down the shaft. She was both jerking me off while she was sucking me off.

Whew, if this didn't work, nothing would. I let my hand get her hair intertwined in my fingers and lightly, ever so lightly put a little pressure on the back of her head towards my cock.

I could feel something starting deep within me but it didn't feel anything like me getting aroused but at least there was life in that part of me.

Pulling away from her I told her to put her lovely big tits on each side of my balls while she was doing this with her mouth to my cock. I rolled on my back and she rolled over on me and did exactly as I asked. Now I could really feel something starting deep inside and my cock was twitching with life. Holy shit, it was beginning to get hard. Not a world class boner but more life than it had shown in a long long time.

She slipped her mouth off and said, "Mike, I think we are getting somewhere. I can feel your shaft getting a lot harder than it has been up until now," and she lowered her mouth back to where she had it.

Damn, it really was getting hard. Not stiff enough to be able to ram it into a tight pussy but certainly getting there.

She kept her tits surrounding my balls and began to have her mouth go ever faster on my cock. She soon had about five inches buried and I could actually feel it getting harder; not rock hard but a hell of lot stiffer than it had been in years. Wow, the heat was building inside of me and it didn't take much more and I was unloading into her tender mouth. She swallowed it down and then just lay there with it in her mouth and her tongue slowly licking every drop of my juices off me.

"Patty, that was terrific. I swear that you'll have me back to normal by the end of the week," and she just laughed saying, "I hope so."

We were facing each other and she kept planting one kiss after the other on me and all I could think of was that I was sorrier than hell we were related. She let her hand go back down to my balls and I had my fingers buried in her pussy. I had two fingers in her and began to swish them back and forth and that seemed to drive her a little nuts.

"Oh God Dad, what the hell are you doing to me? That feels different than anything you have done so far."

"'Different good' or 'different bad'?" I asked. This was the first time she had called me Dad in many years instead of my first name her mother let her use.

"Oh hell, you can tell from my breathing it is 'different good'. Keep it up."

Just then I thought I'd try something different. I had my index finger soaked with her juice and I let it come out of her pussy and slipped it back in further until it was lightly touching the red bud of her asshole. She squirmed a bit when she felt where it was but when I slid it all the way in she let out a small squeal saying, "I couldn't take your cock up there but your finger feels terrific"

I finger fucked her ass for a bit before moving around so I could bury my face in her pussy. She loves my tongue.

I then rolled her on her back and slid on top of her. I was going to fuck her in a simple missionary fashion and I felt she would love it.

As I positioned the head of it in front of her pussy I locked my lips to hers and she quickly wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and threw her hips at me high and hard. The dildo went in with one long smooth slide and she let out, "Arrrgh, that feels awesome."

My thrusting was going to be a lot slower than it had been and I lightly massaged her tits as my dildo went in all the way. She quickly got in sync with my thrusts matching them with her own. She then started something a little different that would have really driven me wild had it been my own cock in her rather than the dildo. When I drove in all the way she began to roll her hips from side to side and around and around when the dildo was at the bottom of our thrusts. It started to get her going even hotter than she had been and I knew it wasn't going to take much of that before she was going to be having a monstrous orgasm. Sure enough she started to throw her hips in the air and locked on to my lips with hers so hard I damn near couldn't breathe. It was a good thing we were kissing for her screams would have been frightening to anyone that would have heard them.

"OK sweet lips. Let's get showered and then get back out on the town. There are a whole load of things to see and only a short time to see them as the saying goes."

We had heard how spectacular the views are from the tour boats on the Seine River that goes through the city and were anxious to experience them. The recommendations were to take one at night when a lot of the things to see are lit by floodlights and are more breathtaking so we put that 'fun thing to do' on the back burner. This afternoon was going to have us at the top of the Eiffel Tower and we could take the tour boat this evening after dinner.

There are multiple elevators taking tourists to the top of the Tower and we were fortunate not to have to wait at all to ride them. We had heard from other tourists they had to wait over an hour to get on them so we were lucky.

The views from the top viewing platform do take your breath away and you come away with a much better feel for the 'lay of the land' so to speak. From ground level it is sometimes hard to get a good feel for just how various things relate geographically to one another.

When we got to the upper level platform there were only two other couples, there and one of them had finished their sightseeing and soon took the next elevator down. We were left with one other couple up there with us and they were at the other side of the viewing platform with a lot of elevator apparatus between them and us. That was all Pat needed. I was behind her with my arms around her waist looking out over the city when she got all wound up and began to throw her ass back at me and then swirl it around. She let one hand drop to her side and reached back and soon had it inside of my pants and was working my cock fast and furious. I almost shit with embarrassment fearful that the other couple would walk around to our side and see what she was doing. She began to let out loud moans and squeals and then turned her face to me with a big smile. Sure enough, the other couple came rushing around to our side of the platform to see if there was a problem. I looked down at Patty and quickly realized that she was just being a giant tease and I blushed with embarrassment as the other couple just looked at us. Although I was hiding a laugh I made up my mind that I would have to find a way to pay her back.

We stayed up there for a good while before coming back down to street level and then just taking a stroll around the long park that's there. It is a quiet peaceful place and we had a long talk about where this new relationship of ours was going. We talked, but didn't resolve a thing.

It was getting close to time for dinner and we hadn't thought of a place when all of a sudden it was as if a light went off in Pat's head.

"Damn, we just passed one of the best places in town for good food with a view but it will be packed. Le Jules Verne is the place and it is on the middle level of the Eiffel Tower. We were going to have to back to the hotel to at least get jackets to wear so we grabbed a cab. I immediately went over to the concierge and asked him to get us reservations at that restaurant and we wouldn't be satisfied with anything other than a window table. He gave us a big smile and nodded that he would. Pat went past me and rattled off some French shit at him and he smiled even broader.

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