tagIncest/TabooDaughter Dear

Daughter Dear


Rosie was depressed. At 45 she was still quite an attractive woman, but her job was really getting her down and her relations with Jake had been going from bad to worse. After many years of being a single mother she had met Jake when she was singing karaoke at the local pub. He was a lot older than her and no oil painting. In fact with his beer gut and nicotine stained teeth she probably wouldn't have spoken to him at all if she hadn't been a bit tipsy and flattered by the applause and compliments that he gave her for her performance.

The truth was that Rosie couldn't sing very well at all, but she had been star struck since she had been a kid. She just couldn't resist getting up on a stage, any stage, and if she got a good reception she was thrilled. The father of her daughter, Jolene, was a fantastic guy. He was great looking and a good father, but the relationship had gone sour when Jolene was still a baby because of Rosie's insistence on trying to make it as a singer and touting herself around every wannabe band in the area.

After that, she never had a proper relationship until Jake. There were plenty of men. In fact just about anybody who promised Rosie that they could help her singing career found a place in her bed, but they were all liars and chancers of course. Jake couldn't be more different. He was funny, intelligent and generous. He worked as a truck driver. He was away for days at an end, driving across Europe delivering meat products and returning with live poultry. It was tiring, hard and lonely work.

Jake's own marriage had collapsed long ago when his wife took advantage of his absences to find herself a new relationship. He had been overjoyed to get together with Rosie and their first two years together had been an awful lot of fun. Recently though, things had not been so good. Rosie's depression had put her off sex so all the past enthusiasm to get home and have two or three days of wild screwing before having to set off in that lonely cab again was no longer available. Jolene had become a complete pain in the ass lately. She was still being a difficult teenager when Rosie and Jake got together. There was no way that Jake could say anything to her. As she went through dropping out of college and then tarting herself up like some hopeful starlet while she hung around the performers at the night clubs she looked at Jake as though he was some piece of shit. Rosie ranted at her in recognition of the repeat of her own life and its disappointments.

Today Jake arrived home in the early evening to find Rosie and Jolene screaming at each other in the kitchen. Jolene's face was painted like a whore and her clothes left nothing to the imagination. It was Friday and she was ready to hit the town. He gave Rosie a kiss on the cheek, which was ignored despite him having been away earning their living for four days and nights. Jolene did not even stop her stream of obscenities as he passed between her and her mother. Only four weeks ago she had become 18 and Jake was hoping that she might soon want to leave home.

Wearily, Jake went to the shower and took some comfort in the powerful stream of hot water stripping the grime of the road from his body. Gasping for a drink, he dried himself off, wrapped a towel around his tired, hairy body and went to the fridge to collect a can of lager. As he did so, Jolene was getting up from her stool as if to leave the house. With mock seduction she looked in the direction of his groin, ran her tongue over her lips and and winked. She had a huge smile on her face as she looked back to Rosie who had a face as black as thunder.

Jake took his can, popped it open and put it to his lips. He was trying to ignore the women at the same time as he was in suspense at whether there would be a next move from either of them.

Suddenly Rosie said to her daughter

"You've got a choice. Get out of the house now and don't expect any support ever again from me or Jake or do everything I tell you to do."

The look on Rosie's face told Jolene that she meant every word and a moment of panic shot through her. She had nowhere to stay and no chance of earning a living in any acceptable way.

"OK. What?"

Rosie whipped away Jake's towel.

"You made out that you wanted it. Suck his dick and do it well."

Jolene flushed bright red.

"Go on. On your knees and suck."

In his shock Jake gulped at his beer, but his prick had no hesitation and shot to a raging stiff in an instant.

To her own amazement as well as Jake's, Jolene dropped to her knees in front of him. She put out her tongue, licked the large purple head and then gingerly took the tip in her mouth.

Rosie grabbed Jolene by her long bleach blonde hair and pulled her face into his groin.

"If you want my man's dick, you just make a fucking good job of it you whore." She yelled.

"Get it down your throat and suck him good you bitch."

Almost spitting out his mouthful of beer, Jake gasped at the feel of the soft young face pressed to him.

"Rosie!" He exclaimed.

"Shut up Babe." Replied Rosie."I have had it with her. She is driving me mad. She treats you like crap, she is a lazy bitch and if she wants to have some dick she can get it here and not take the piss."

"You said you would do what I said, so you are going to suck his dick if you want to stay. Is that OK?"


With that, Rosie took Jake's Prick in her hand and put it again to her daughter's lips. Jolene's bright lipstick smeared the cock head and she kept her lips closed until Rosie slapped her left tit very hard where it bulged from her skimpy top. The little squeal that Jolene uttered parted her lips and Rosie pushed her head hard forward so that the engorged dick of her boyfriend filled her daughter's mouth. Before Jolene could show any resistance, Rosie got her head in both hands and worked her face back and forth in a rapid wanking action as she told Jolene to suck.

"Do a good job bitch. Make him cum and swallow it. If you bite, or even if you spill any, you are going to get a whipping until you wish you were dead."

Overcoming his initial shock, Jake warmed to the unfamiliar sensation of a warm, wet female mouth on his cock. He took a deep swig from his can and stroked Rosie's hair affectionately. Jolene seemed to be in some state of shock. She was not struggling, screaming, biting or doing anything.

"Go on. Suck it. Get your mouth working. You have had a dick in your mouth before. Now show some respect and suck." Amazingly, Jolene's lips closed and her cheeks sunk in as she sucked on the large throbbing member. Rosie held her daughter's head still for Jake to savour the sucking for a moment and then said "OK. Now swallow." She pushed Jolene's head hard into Jake's groin.

Jolene gagged. Rosie drew her head back for a few seconds to let her get her breath and then thrust it in hard again. Jake felt his prick enter and stretch the young throat and felt Jolene's nose sink into his pubic hair. Without warning he shot his first spurt into her throat just before she coughed him out and the rest pumped into her face and hair. Jolene never said a word. She remained on her knees looking blank until Rosie said:

"Good try,but you didn't swallow like I told you. Go to my bedroom. Get all your clothes off and kneel by the side of the bed."

As soon as Jolene left the room, Rosie kissed Jake really passionately then she knelt down to suck and lick his prick clean.

"I have been thinking Jake. Jolene isn't your daughter. She is my responsibility, but she is going wrong and I don't want her to ruin her life or ours. I haven't been looking after you properly either. In future I am going to treat you properly as you deserve and I am going to make sure that Jolene does as well. I want you to discipline us both. I don't want you having sex with Jolene. I only did that because of her behaviour. I will give you all the sex you could ever need. Now please take your belt and go and give her a good thrashing."

Jake had no idea what to say so he said nothing. Rosie took his belt from his trousers and handed it to him. Together they went to the bedroom. Jolene was clearly still in shock. Her lovely naked, young body was fully displayed as she knelt beside the bed. Rosie said:

"On your feet, legs apart and hands behind the back of your head."

Jolene blushed, but did as her mother ordered. Jake and Rosie were both surprised to see that her pubic hair was shaved off and she had a tattoo of a little red devil on her groin.

"Even more of a slut than I realised."

Jake looked for a moment before taking control of the situation. He told Jolene to bend over and clasp her ankles. She did so and he started spanking her ass with the leather belt.

After half a dozen strokes she was wriggling and her buttocks were getting very red. Just as he was wondering whether he should stop, Rosie arranged a pile of pillows on the centre of the bed and suggested to him that Jolene should be laid on there so he could lay on the strokes a bit harder. Jake agreed. He told Jolene to get up and lie face down on the bed with her buttocks raised by the pillows.

With this done he told her that she was going to get another twenty strokes and she had to call out the number of each one. Jake was now bringing the belt down with more force and the brilliant red cheeks of Jolene's ass were throbbing as she tried to clench them against the pain. Tears rolled down her face as she called out:



"Aaaargh, please stop."


"Ouch! Help!"


Jake stopped the belting.

"You missed one didn't you? Go and stand in the corner with your hands behind the back of your head."

He went over to Rosie and they whispered together as they watched Jolene sobbing in the corner. Her ass was so red it looked like it was glowing. Jake asked Rosie if she thought that Jolene had taken enough and if he should let her off the remaining seven strokes. She said no. He should add on some extra for her calling the wrong number and in future she should say 'Thank you Sir.' As well as calling out the number for each stroke.

"In fact." Said Rosie. "She should have one stroke on each of her tits and one right between her legs to make her think a bit harder about that tattoo and shaving her pubic hair."

Reinforced, Jake ordered Jolene back on the bed and told her the new counting requirements. She was to start at thirteen and go through to twenty on her ass.

The pain was terrible, but Jolene dutifully called out:

"Thirteen thank you Sir."

"Fourteen thank you Sir."

Strangely, after the break in the corner, she had a warmth and feeling of pleasure inside her. Each stroke of the belt still hurt as much, but she had a glow about her that she liked.

After twenty, Jake ordered her to her knees with her hands behind her head. When he told her that she was to have one stroke on each breast she gasped with shock. She had not heard their whisperings. Before she could think any more about it, or consider resisting, Jake brought the belt down on her right tit. Jolene yelped with pain as her tit jumped up and down from the force of the blow. Jake looked at her and she said:

"One thank you Sir."

He positioned himself on her other side and belted her left tit.

She let out a short scream, but needed no prompting to call the number and her thanks.

To complete the punishment Jake instructed Jolene to lie on her back with her crotch at the edge of the bed and her legs as wide apart as she could get them. With her so fully exposed and crying with pain and embarrassment, Jake climbed onto the bed and stood above her. He brought the belt down hard onto the spread lips of Jolene's cunt.

She screamed and grabbed her burning pussy to try to soothe it.

It was Rosie who said:

"Thank Jake quickly and properly for correcting you or you will get some more."

"Yes Mum. Thank you Sir. Sorry Sir. Thank you for punishing me as I deserved."

Hesitantly she dropped from the bed to her knees and edged towards Jake with her face down. He had never replaced his towel and had given the whole punishment naked. Now Jolene nestled her face beneath his belly and with her hands behind her back she kissed and licked his balls before taking his prick in her mouth. When he was hard she throated him with the skill he would have expected to find only in a professional. Rosie went behind, got to her knees, and started rimming her man as her daughter gave him the blow job of his life. Soon Jake shot another load into Jolene's mouth and she swallowed it completely.

Rosie is often sore these days, but she is always happy. Jake has smartened himself up and he always rushes home from his work full of enthusiasm. He is properly the Head of his household.

And what about Jolene. Well, she no longer wears bright lipstick and provocative clothes. After her mother encouraged Jake to punish her she changed completely. She took a cleaning job and she is studying in her spare time. Every Friday that Jake is home from work she presents him with a list of things she has done wrong or failed to do and asks him to correct her appropriately. She has her punishments naked and with her mother present,but she doesn't suck Jake's dick any more. Recognising the value of a stable and disciplined life she asked Jake to find her a suitable man to become her future husband.

Not very long ago Jake's boss confided in him that since he had become a widower he was unhappy with his life. He had everything he needed to be very happy except a partner. He had girlfriends, but he knew they were only really interested in his money and he could not feel anything for them. He had noticed how Jake had become so much happier in recent times and wondered what had changed since they had both been unhappy when he'd had a drink with him six months ago. After a chat with Rosie, Jake decided to have an evening with his boss and make a suggestion for him.

John Winterson arrived at Jake's home wondering what awaited him. He knew they were going to have dinner, but Jake had made it clear that he also intended to help him change his life in some way. What could that possibly mean? He had much more in life than Jake and, although they were of a similar age, he was a far more fit and elegant person than Jake. He did not like to be disrespectful to a good employee and friend, but he was not sure what Jake could really do for him. Rosie answered his ring of the doorbell with a deep curtsey.

"Welcome to our home Mr. Winterson. We are honoured by your visit and I am available to make your stay pleasurable in any way possible."

Rosie was ravishing. She was beautifully made up and dressed in a French maid outfit that showed off all her assets in the most attractive way. John was momentarily taken aback until Jake appeared and said:

"Please come in John. Rosie and I are delighted you were able to come and she means what she says about pleasing you."

They sat down in the lounge and Rosie brought them an aperitif before going to the kitchen to serve dinner. While they were waiting for the food to be ready Jake explained how the source of his happiness had been a complete change in the arrangements in his household and that it was Rosie who had discovered the key to their new life. John listened enraptured as Jake told him about Rosie's weekly maintenance sessions and the system of punishments he gave her for any breach of the rules they had agreed together. Today was her maintenance day and she was also due a punishment for overspending her housekeeping budget. Jake had saved that punishment to give it in John's presence and it would be carried out after dinner.

"Wow Jake. You are a real surprise. I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything John. Enjoy your meal and what I have to show you afterwards, but there is more and that can wait until later."

At that point Rosie invited them to come through for dinner. It was an excellent meal for just John and Jake. Rosie had eaten earlier and she concentrated on serving the men. When they were finished Rosie served them a brandy in the lounge and Jake told her to go to the bedroom and get herself ready. When they had finished their drink the two men went upstairs.

Rosie was naked on her knees with her legs apart and her hands clasped behind her head. Beside her on the bed she had placed her punishment book open at the last entry and beside that was a range of spanking implements. Jake showed John the punishment book which recorded that Rosie had last received her maintenance a week before. She had five minutes of hand spanking followed by five strokes of the belt, five paddles and two strokes of the cane on her buttocks. She had not received any punishment during the week, but two days ago she had entered her £10 overspend. Beside the entry was a space for Jake to record the punishment due.

"Well Rosie. You will have your normal maintenance in a minute, but what do you think you are due for your misbehaviour."

"Sorry Sir! I know my budget and I knew I was failing you when I did it. Please correct me severely as you think fit."

"No suggestions then? What should it be and where? Cane on your belly perhaps?"

"As you wish Sir. I deserve at least one stroke for each pound I overspent. Maybe six on my breasts and another four on my pussy to make sure that I cannot forget my duty again."

Jake duly entered '6 tits' and '4 cunt' in the punishment book, but he left the implement clear for the moment.

"You see John. She knows what she deserves and she is harder than me."

Jake sat down and took Rosie over his knee. He asked John to keep time and gave her five minutes of vigorous hand spanking to warm up her ass. When he was finished, Jake ordered Rosie to her feet to bend over and clasp her ankles. She was already crying gently when he started thrashing her backside with his belt. The five strokes left her brightly welted and crying loudly. For the next stage of her maintenance Rosie knelt with her forehead on the floor and her ass high, knees apart. Jake picked up a two foot long leather paddle. It was stiff and two inches wide. Again he gave Rosie five hard strokes which she called out clearly despite her yells of pain and constant crying. With her ass completely red and purple with raised welts criss crossing every part where the implements had crossed Jake picked up a long thin cane. Raising his arm he brought it down hard on Rosie's scorching ass.

"One Sir. Thank you Sir." she cried out through her tears.

Jake gave her the second just below the first and she collapsed onto the carpet as she called out the required number and thanks. Jake ordered Rosie to the corner where she stood with her feet apart and her hands behind her head.

Jake and John left her there and went downstairs for another drink.

"That was just amazing Jake. Do you really do that every week?"

"Yes I do and more than that. She has punishment for every time she breaks a rule and she will also have pre-emptive discipline if she is about to do anything in connection with which she has had to have punishment in the past."

"Surely she wasn't serious when she asked you to cane her tits and cunt was she?"

"Oh yes. And I will in a minute. Once it has gone in the punishment book she gets it. There is no way out and no excuses. But I am not going to use the cane. I save that for more serious cases. I am going to use the riding crop on her tits and my leather flogger on her cunt. Come on let's go and do it."

Rosie was still in place, but no longer crying when they returned. Jake ordered her to her knees before him and made the entry of the implements in the punishment book. He told her the punishment and she thanked him. Remaining on her knees Rosie put both hands under her right breast and held it up. Jake gave her three hard strokes of the crop and she called them out. He hit each time in a different place leaving the imprint of the crop clearly in the flesh. Rosie then raised her left tit in the same way and received the cropping. She was now crying loudly again as she laid on the bed with her legs wide apart. Jake gave her two swipes of the flogger from the front and then got on the bed to give her the other two from above.

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