tagIncest/TabooDaughter Dearest, Daddy & Dallas

Daughter Dearest, Daddy & Dallas


This story is a sequel to "Daughter Dearest" Readers may wish to consult that story for reference.


It had been six weeks since my Daughter Jessica and I had thrown caution to the wind. Caution, practicality, ethics and everything else. Six weeks since the final taboo fell; six weeks since we had slept together.

The first night, the first time we found each other was lust and desire and passion and grief all rolled into one sex driven act. But the in the six weeks since, the boundaries and nature of our relationship changed. We were together constantly, we had sex, we made love, we fucked, and each one of them was a different extension of our love for each other. We evolved beyond the father daughter bond and into something else. Something more.

Today would bring yet another facet to that dynamic. Jessica rose first, sliding lithely out of bed and crossing the room to stand naked before the dawn spilling in through the open double French doors that led to the back balcony overlooking the pool. We had slept together every night since that first, me spooning her slender form after exhausting ourselves physically. I watched her take in the morning, the sunlight highlighting the gorgeous curves of her body, the light breeze blowing in causing her nipples to stiffen with excitement. This was her morning ritual and one I had no desire to interrupt. She would come back to me when she was ready.

Today I returned to work. I had thrown myself into the company after the death of my wife, and with Jessica away at school, had accumulated a tidy pile of time off. Six weeks to be exact, originally designed to allow me and my daughter time to reconnect, instead was used to cement our status as lovers. But much as I would like to stay, I had to go back sometime. There was a palpable fear with it though, knowing that a return to work brought with it a return to everyday life. And in everyday life, fathers do not sleep with their daughters. And while I was swept up in it, taboo or not, wrong or not, I doubted I could have stopped it even if I wanted to. But I didn't want it to end.

Jessica finished her revere and bounded back into bed, kissing me lightly. "Big day today!"


"Awww... is Daddy worried about going back to the mean old work place?" She said, mimicking a baby and pinching my cheek.

I laughed despite myself. "Read my mind, baby."

"Well, how about if I have something special planned for tonight when you get home?" Her hand reached down and gave my cock a gentle squeeze through the blankets.

"That sounds like just the thing."

"Well you go get in the shower, and I'll take care of everything else. Tonight will be a night to remember!"

Work proceeded with mind-numbing slowness. In a weird way, it felt good to be back. But in the back of my mind all morning was the thought of what awaited me at home, and my erection strained against my slacks and would not subside, keeping me sequestered in my office for the better part of the morning. Which was just as well with all the emails I had to catch up on, but damn it was difficult to concentrate. I was grateful when the phone rang, giving me an excuse to take a break.


"Hi Daddy."

My heart did a double flip and my cock twitched once again just at the sound of her voice. "Hey Jessica. What's up?"

"Well I wanted to know, you remember my friend Dallas? Well she just got back into town today and I haven't seen her since school let out for the summer and I was wondering if she could spend the night?"

It was laughable, my eighteen year old daughter calling and asking for a friend to stay over, just like when she was ten. But it was also gut wrenching, because a sleep over meant no hanky-panky between us. I had to fight down a brief moment of panic at the thought of Jessica not sharing my bed tonight, and a much longer deeper instant depression, knowing that my special evening was off.

"Sure, hon. That'd be fine." I said, trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice.

"Thanks Dad, you're the best!" And then she hung up. Just like that, a chapter had closed. I was back to work, my daughter was back to being my daughter. The second half of the day dragged on even longer than the first half, but by the end of it, I had nearly reconciled the fact that the last six weeks were something to treasure, but not repeat.

I arrived home in a marginally better mood only to find the house empty. The door opened and Jessica and Dallas walked in, loaded down with groceries and an overnight bag that looked as if it had been packed for seven people.

"Oh, Dad, you beat us home." Jessica called out as I rushed to help with the groceries. "You remember Dallas?"

Dallas had been a friend of Jessica's for several years now. With her jet black hair and eyes, she screamed dangerous on the outside, but was really quite sweet once you got to know her. "Howdy, Mr. J." She said, shuffling her share of the bags toward the kitchen.

"Don't fuss with this stuff Dad, we got it covered. Why don't you go change? We were gonna jump in the pool and cook some burgers, make a night of it."

"Followed by junk food and a movie marathon, right?" I said, knowing the girl's routine by now. They both started giggling in response. "Okay, I know when I'm not wanted."

Jessica swatted me with a bag of hamburger buns. "Go get changed. We'll meet you outside."

I darted upstairs to change out of my shirt and tie, and once again was hit with a pang of sadness when I saw the bed. Jessica had changed the sheets and made it up for tonight. I knew I would be sleeping in that luxurious softness alone. I couldn't blame her, Dallas was a good friend, and she was entitled to more childhood pleasures than the adult ones we were sharing of late.

I got into my board shorts and headed back down the stairs, bringing extra beach towels with me for the girls. Beyond the sliding glass door on the deck was the stainless steel grill, which I set to flame to prepare for the burgers. The girls weren't out yet, and the pool looked very inviting after the rough day at work so I dove in to cleanse my thoughts. When my head broke the surface I saw the girls coming out on the deck. I smiled and waved. They waved back.

Jessica had already changed into her suit, a modest yet revealing blue one piece with a narrow front, high cut hips and plunging neckline. It accentuated all her curves in all the right ways. I remembered when she and her mother had brought it home, how I had complained how revealing it was. Now I didn't seem to mind so much.

Dallas stood there for a moment, in her baggy t-shirt and shorts, almost as if waiting to make sure she had my attention. Then she began to strip. I don't mean she shucked her clothes, I mean she performed a simple but effective strip tease, tantalizing me with the movement of her body and the clothes that were coming off. She slid her shorts down first, making a show of getting them over her rounded hips and butt. There was a flash of white, and then it was gone as her t-shirt billowed and dropped below her waistline, covering her hips and whatever lay beneath. She raised one leg and kicked the shorts off with a flip, then spread her legs into a wide stance as she gripped the bottom hem of the T. She looked right at me as she did this, and I was torn between needing to look away, and needing to see.

She slowly brought the t-shirt up. It rose up past her crotch, and I saw a white bikini bottom. It rose up past her hip line, and I saw the tie string sides dangling dangerously off her hips. It rose up over her belly, and I saw Dallas was full figured but pleasingly so. It rose up to her bust, and I saw first one then the other as her breasts fell into the open, barely covered in a matching white bikini top. It rose up to her neck, and finally made it over her head where she shook her dark hair to free it. She tossed the T aside where it landed next to her shorts. She turned to grab a towel, and I saw the very tiny thong back of her suit slide deftly between the cheeks of her ass and disappear. She whipped her head over her shoulder, looking at me and smiled.

"What do you think of her suit, Daddy?" Jessica asked me from pool side where she had been watching my reaction to the show being put on. "Isn't great?"

"Just great." I agreed, watching Dallas jump into the pool, her anatomy defying physics as she did it.

"She was a little gun shy about buying a white mesh bikini but I talked her into it."

"Wha-?" I started to try and form a coherent sentence, but Dallas broke the water before me—flesh rising up, water cascading down—and sure enough, it wasn't enough that it was a thong bikini that seemed a size too small for her voluptuous form, it wasn't enough that it was white, but white mesh. And now that it was wet, the fabric turned sheer and exposed all of her. I never knew what Dallas was hiding under those baggy outfits, and now that I did I never would have guessed. Her tits—and at this size that was the only word to describe them—were fucking huge. Double handfuls plus some, they strained against the fabric, against the strings looped up over her shoulders and behind her neck, which were losing the battle to hold them upright. Her nipples were rock hard in the cool water, standing straight out from the bull's-eye center of each one. If she had been lying on her back we could have used her as a sundial and told time.

"What do you think Mr. J?" Dallas asked me as the water continued to run down her arms, down the mountains of her chest, down her belly to rejoin the ocean below. Dallas was built solid—she was a big girl—but everything was proportional, very well rounded, a big contrast to Jessica's form. It occurred to me if the view topside was this impressive, what must her sheer thong bottom look like? What secrets was it not hiding? Her eyes followed mine as I did glance down, and then forced myself to look up, up past her visible breasts to her face. But she was still staring down, and smiling. "I guess that means you like."

I realized where her gaze was directed, and yes, my own board shorts were failing to hide a secret of my own. A very large secret from the feel. A hand suddenly snaked around my body and grabbed a hold of my shaft, giving me a start. Jessica was in the water behind me—how could that be since I never heard her get in?—grabbing my hardness with a fond touch. "It's okay to like her, Daddy. I like her too." She left my side and walked up beside Dallas, standing too close together. They smiled again, then kissed each other, deeply, with passion. My daughter's great breasts smashed up against Dallas' huge mounds, and their lips and tongues explored each other's mouths. Jessica took one free hand, ran it down Dallas' belly and plunged it below the water, but from the sharp intake of breath Dallas gave, I had a pretty good idea where it wound up. "Remember the 'something special' I promised you? A night to remember? Well Dallas volunteered to help me out. It's cool, she knows. After all, I was fucking her at school before I even came home, so I felt it only right to include her in our fun." I starred non-believingly from one girl to the next.

Dallas giggled again. "Jess tells me you have a huge dick, Mr. J. Can't wait to get my lips around it."

"Oooh he does. Show her Daddy. Take out your cock for Dallas."

The two eighteen year olds looked at me expectantly. Whatever my fears I had about the way tonight was to go evaporated, and I suddenly found my brain running through the possibilities. Numbly, I loosened the drawstring on my shorts and began wading toward the shallow steps. I dropped my pants, and my ridiculous excitement sprang forth, ready to be shown off.

"Wow. Nice one Jess. I always thought your dad was hung, but this..." She trailed off as she reached for me, and began to slowly fondle and stroke my engorged member.

"Do you wanna taste it? I love the taste of his cum."

"Thought you'd never ask." Dallas said, sinking down into the water as she kneeled before me. The water lapped up against her tits in the transparent bikini as she took my cock into her mouth.

"Dallas taught me everything I know about cock sucking, Daddy."

Did she ever. It was to my great surprise to learn just how good my daughter was at sucking cock, but Dallas put her to shame. Watching her move, the water rippling around her, the breeze on my body as I stood naked in thigh-deep water while she sucked and tugged and before I knew it I blew a huge load right there. I don't know why, but I expected Dallas to balk, but she expertly took every drop of me into her, then with a mouth full of cum, turned and kissed Jessica. If I hadn't just exploded, I would have again. This gorgeous eighteen year old was snowballing my own cum with my daughter.

Their open mouths and lips and tongues touched and explored again, this time with great globs of me passing back and forth between them. "You're right." Dallas said after swallowing the last of me. "He tastes great. Making me hungry for more." She eyeballed Jessica in her blue one piece.

"Later." My daughter responded, swatting her away. "We have burgers to cook and we don't want to ruin his desert." She nodded at me. "After all, this is going to be a night to remember."

Dinner flew by in a blur that still didn't pass fast enough. I had regained my composure after my orgasm in the pool, and found myself raring to go for another round. But dinner was... well, dinner. The girls were behaved (and dressed) and the conversation was polite and innocent. We cleared the table together and had the dishes washed and put up when each one took me by the hand and lead me upstairs.

At the top of the stairs, I expected to turn right, into the master bedroom, but they both went left, to Jessica's room. Once in, they sat me in a chair facing her four poster canopy bed. The room hadn't changed since she had gone away to school, and was still a bizarre combination of youthful stuffed unicorns and teddy bears, and a teenager's makeup and boy-band posters.

"Wait here." And with that, they both left the room.

Surrounded by the reminders of my little girl, I was once again overwhelmed with nostalgia for times past, and shuddering revulsion at times recent. When they returned to the room, all thought was wiped from my mind and replaced with carnal hunger.

Both girls attended the same school—a prep institution—and both had changed into their school uniforms; tight, white button down shirts, plaid mini-skirts, white stockings and black heeled shoes. I had thought—more than once—the arcane dress code only fed into the "school girl fantasy" but had never gone further with my complaint than that. Now I was faced by two beautiful vixens in school girl outfits for real. I had seen my daughter come home in her outfit, noticed the way the shirt clung to her swelling breasts and revealed far too much. Dallas was a nightmare. Her ample tits bulged obscenely against the shirt, which she had tied off in a knot and left her belly exposed. They had both worn their glasses, giving them that bookish, librarian look, and put their hair up in pig tails. Stereotypical school girls.

And I couldn't have been more turned on.

"Mr. J," They purred, falling into the role play they'd apparently developed for tonight. "We know we both did just horrible on the test today." Dallas pouted her bottom lip after licking it. "Is there anything we can do for extra credit to make it up?" Both girls sauntered over to where I sat on the bed.

Jessica leaned over so that I could see down her blouse; she wore no bra, and her breasts dangled tantalizingly before my eyes. She put her hand on the crotch of my pants. "There must be something we can do to bring it up. Our grades, that is..."

Dallas threw a hand to her forehead in mock melodrama, and exhaled, heaving her tits emphatically. "You can really give it to us, Mr. J—the extra credit. There must be something long and hard we can do." She spun away and leaned forward on the post of the bed, thrusting her butt toward me. The skirt rode up higher as she did, I could see her smooth shaven hairless pussy and ass below the pleated plaid.

Jessica let out a fake gasp. "Dallas! You forgot to wear panties to school today!" Her massaging hand never left my crotch.

"I did?" Dallas said, reaching back to lift the skirt higher and check for herself.

"What now? We have the big game after school today, and if you do our cheerleading routine like that, the whole school will see and we'll get in more trouble!"

"Why would we both get in trouble?"

"Oh, I forgot mine too!" And Jessica lifted her skirt to prove that yes, she too was sans panties. The girls were hamming it up good, but I found I didn't care about their "play acting." The throbbing erection in my pants that Jessica kept rubbing was overriding all other thoughts at the moment. I could only think about getting it inside Dallas, and fucking her in her short skirt while my daughter watched. "Maybe if you gave us a chance to do extra credit after class, sir. Then we'd have a reason to miss the game."

"I think we deserve to be punished. A detention would keep us after class too." Dallas said, running a finger down the crack of her ass and over one cheek.

Jessica undid my fly and pulled my raging hard on out and began sucking me off, one hand still massaging the base of my cock and balls. "Lemmie get you nice and wet so you can punish her."

"And then you can make me nice and wet..." Dallas purred as she crawled cat like up on the four poster. She planted her hands and knees, leaving her exposed ass high in the air and looked over her shoulder at us.

Jessica grinned at me, kicked her shoes off and sauntered over to the bed, swinging her hips to give the skirt the full movement it was capable of. One at a time she removed Dallas' shoes, then hoped up backwards on the bed and snaked her way underneath her so they could sixty-nine. I watched as my daughter spread her friend's pussy lips apart and began to lick; long, slow deliberate strokes with her tongue from her clit to her ass. I presumed from the difficult time she had staying on task that Dallas was doing the same to her.

I rose from my perch and crossed to them, stiff dick leading the way, homing in on the eighteen year old pussy in-front of me. Jessica reached out with one hand—the other was busy flicking the clit in her face—and guided me to the entrance of her friend's dripping pussy. She reached up and pulled Dallas further open and apart and held her for me. "Fuck her Daddy." I needed no encouragement, and drove the length of me forward. Dallas screamed in surprise and pleasure, her dark hair flying wildly as she reared her head back. My daughter sucked and licked on my balls while I pounded her friend, and Dallas was slurping up Jessica in turn.

"Oh God!" Dallas panted. "Fuck me Mr. J. Fuck me hard!"

I grabbed her hips and pushed the mini-skirt up higher, enjoying the view of her alabaster flesh beneath my fingers. Dallas was tight but no virgin, and I found myself envious of the boys who had been here previously. Or was it her own father? She certainly didn't seem fazed by me and Jessica. With all the panting and sucking and slapping noises, I found myself carried away by the fantasy. "Naughty girl!" I shouted, as I buried myself in her.

"Oh yes!" She responded.

"Dad you look so great pounding her! Make her pay!" Jessica encouraged me.

"I want you in my ass! Fuck my ass!" I paused. I had never fucked anyone's ass before, not even my wife. Jessica had never indicated a desire for it in our explorations, either. Dallas was bucking hard now. "I need that cock in my ass! Punish your dirty little school girl! Jess, hold me open for him!"

Jessica reached up as she had before and pulled Dallas apart, but this time higher up, exposing her puckered little asshole. I pulled my dripping shaft from her pussy and slid it up the crack of her ass, allowing it to hesitate resting on her opening. Dallas shuddered, and Jessica had a hard time holding onto her. I wanted to ask her if she was sure, but was afraid to break the spell we were all under. I shifted and put the swollen head of my cock right on her ass. Jessica pulled her open, and I pushed in. First the head, then inch after inch of my shaft slid into her.

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