tagInterracial LoveDaughter Goes Black Ch. 02

Daughter Goes Black Ch. 02


Jay's balls were slapping furiously against her clit now, in an urgent rhythm, as he desperately strained to reach his orgasm. His hands were gripping her sides as he rammed away at the round little ass in front of him. But while he was presently fucking Celeste Harris, a 45 year old secretary from the English department at the University where he worked, in his mind he was 6 miles away in his daughter's bedroom. In his mind he was the young black man that he had witnessed fucking his daughter just five days ago, and the ass in front of him was merely a plaything that allowed him to act out the scene he had watched through his daughter's bedroom window.

Jay reached down and grabbed his date for the evening by the ankles. He lifted her feet off the bed about four inches, allowing him deeper access. He was rewarded by a series of loud moans as he drove into Celeste harder and faster. He looked down at her tight bottom, which was still very firm for a woman her age, and then closed his eyes, imagining that of his daughter Jaime. The vision of the massive black shaft of his daughter's lover was practically burned into his brain. And while he had a more than ample eight inches, he couldn't help but feel small as he pictured those two huge black balls shoved flat against his daughter's pussy lips, filling her with what had to be about ten inches of cock.

With a roar, he pulled out of Celeste, and flipped her over on to her back. She quickly wrapped her legs around him, locking her ankles tightly behind his ass as he found his stroke yet again. He buried his head in the blankets above her shoulder, trying to force every last inch of his cock into the pussy, trying to recall every image he had seen that night. Celeste came with a scream, digging her nails into his back. Jay never broke stride, his eyes screwed shut, his ass pumping feverishly as he imagined he was the black stud about to fill his daughter's 20 year old pussy with cum. A few brutal strokes later he felt his balls start to twitch, felt his orgasm marching smartly up the shaft of his cock, and with a final screaming push he released inside her, thrust after thrust of glorious, mind numbing relief, a momentary lapse in the torture that had wracked his brain since last Friday night.

After catching his breath, Jay opened his eyes and looked down at Celeste. She was still lost in the moment, still tightly wrapped around his muscular body, still grinding her hips against him and breathing heavily. With a sigh, Jay relaxed his arms and collapsed on top of her. His dick was starting to get soft and he could feel his cum dribbling down his balls. Now he had satisfied his need, and he turned his attention to a more pressing matter, getting the hell out of Celeste's house as quickly as possible.

With profuse apologies, the excuse of an early morning meeting, and countless promises of a repeat performance that weekend, Jay was on his way within thirty minutes, headed home with a happy cock but a troubled mind. He had been like this since seeing Jaime and her black lover last Friday night, unable to concentrate and trapped in a constant and almost painful state of sexual arousal. Celeste had come on to him since the day he joined the faculty at the school. Unwilling to get wrapped up in the affairs of a recently divorced but still damned attractive woman, he had politely resisted her advances for most of a year. But after seeing his tiny twenty year old daughter stuffed full of the biggest dick he had ever laid eyes on, he had quickly moved to take Celeste up on her offer. After a nice dinner and almost two bottles of wine she had proved to be a very accommodating and accomplished partner.

Physically, she was a somewhat fitting stand-in for Jaime he thought. Standing only 5'4" and with a curvy if not still somewhat trim body, she was at least close enough in appearance to allow Jay to slip off to fantasy land while he sampled her pleasures and imagined over and over what he had seen that night. And as he pointed his car towards home, he replayed the scene in his head yet again.

Jaime had returned home from a night out with a college basketball player in tow. A young man who was nationally known, a local hero likely to be selected in the NBA draft someday. His daughter had stripped, sucked, and somehow fucked a cock that resembled a compact car, in size, and she handled it like she had been doing it for years. And Jay had watched the whole thing from the porch roof outside her window.

It didn't surprise him that she knew the guy, she had been on a rotation as a student athletic trainer with the basketball team the previous spring, and would continue on until the end of the next semester. Before that she had served as a manager for the women's volleyball team, so Jay was quite sure that she had come in to close contact with him and many other athletes and was probably friendly with most of them. Jaime had always been outgoing and upbeat, and she seemed to make friends easily.

As he pulled up the darkened street to his house he saw the lights were out. But the living room was illuminated by the flicker of a television set. It was almost midnight and Jaime would most likely be watching Letterman or Leno, something they often did together before heading off to bed. He eased the car back the driveway and parked and quietly made his way through the tall fence surrounding the back yard. He slid the patio door open and padded into the dining room, which was next to the living room. He could hear the television blasting from the kitchen. Jaime was there alright, asleep in his easy chair, remote control firmly gripped in her hand. How she could sleep with all the racket from the TV he didn't know, but he wasn't about to wake her.

Jay took a moment to look her over. She was in a tank top, and a tiny pair of red cotton shorts. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a pile on top of her head and he let his gaze wander over the tanned legs and up to her chest, which was rising and falling in a slow rhythm as she slept. She had been a gymnast all through high school, and a damned good one too as he recalled. All of the training and work throughout the years showed in her form, not as muscular as it had once been but was now perfectly toned and curvy. Even though she was only 5'3" tall, she had a very statuesque build, a perfectly flat stomach, and a round ass set off by her strong thighs.

Jay crept into the living room and sat down on the loveseat. It was slightly behind the chair and in the shadows of the living room he was quite invisible to her. He turned his body sideways and laid his head on the edge of the loveseat. From here he could still see the rise of her breasts, and the slope down her stomach as she reclined in the chair. He continued to admire her form, all the while running through the mixed feelings of guilt and lust that had risen in him for the past week. Even though he had just left Celeste's house less than half an hour ago, he could feel the stirring in his pants yet again. And he wondered how he was ever going to chase the feelings he was having from his head.

A sudden commercial break pumped the volume to a higher level. Jaime stirred in her chair, and Jay quickly closed his eyes as he laid on the loveseat, so if she woke up and saw him, she would merely think he was also sleeping. It wasn't unusual for them to fall asleep late at night and for one to send the other off to bed in the early hours.

Jaime was awake now, but barely it seemed. She flicked through a couple of channels on the remote, and stopped on Black Entertainment Television. Jay was breathing as quietly and slowly as he could, which was unnecessary as the din from a music video would have probably muffled a barking dog. Jaime stirred again, re-adjusting in her chair and settling back once again. He noticed the video featured some hip-hop star or another, shirtless and muscular, his tattoos dark and black and covering his arms and chest. As far as he could tell, the video was basically an excuse to showcase young black girls in string bikinis shaking their asses in front of a camera.

The video that followed seemed to be a carbon copy of the first, a different but equally attractive black man surrounded by incredibly curvaceous young woman wearing next to nothing. Jay noticed that Jaime was a bit more alive now, her fingers were nervously stroking the remote control in her right hand and her chest was rising and falling a lot faster than it had been a moment ago. As the tempo of the music picked up Jay noticed that Jaime was moving slowly in the seat, her left hand which had been out of sight now slowly stroked up and over her breasts, gliding over the fabric of her tank top and pausing slightly as she gently pressed the palm of her hand against each nipple.

Jay was now barely able to contain his ragged breathing as he realized that Jaime was turning on while watching these young black men. Still oblivious to his presence, Jaime started to pick up the pace now. The remote control in her right hand was gliding up and down around her thighs, and she paused momentarily to push the end of it against her clit, grinding her hips upward against the hard black plastic. Her left hand was now playing under her shirt, and he could see the bottom of her tits protruding from under the thin fabric. He could see her fingers slowly encircle her left nipple and pinch it, which brought a sudden, small cry from her lips.

It was as if someone had thrown a switch at that moment. Jaime responded to her own touch urgently. Digging her heels in against the extended foot of the recliner, her hips shot upwards and she arched her back. Dropping the remote onto her stomach momentarily, she yanked the thin cotton shorts down just past her knees. They stretched violently against her calves as she slammed her thighs apart. Jay's breathing was now coming and going in long pulls from his chest as he knew that he simply couldn't let his gorgeous young daughter know he was in the room. His cock was bulging against his zipper, which was already tight against him as he lay awkwardly on the loveseat.

Jaime wasted little time getting to the point. Her eyes never left the television screen as she pulled both of her tits out of the tiny tank top, a steady motion on both of her nipples as she pulled and teased. She slid at least two fingers in to her pussy, just how many Jay couldn't tell in the darkness, but whatever she was doing it was quickly driving her over the edge. She was moaning softly to herself now, the word "yeah, yeah, yeah" coming out in time with each stroke of her hand. Her palm was smacking against her clit and he could practically hear the wetness inside her as she tightened every muscle in her body against her own hand. Soon, Jay could see her head tossing from side to side, and now there was no mistaking her motions even in the shadows. She paused for a brief moment, rubbing her entire hand around, spreading the wetness over her lips, and all her fingers. And with a smooth motion her hips shot upwards again, and Jay could plainly see that his daughter was pushing all four fingers and her thumb against her mound.

It was a battle she seemed determined to win, and the sight was almost too much to bear. Cum was trickling from the end of his dick and he thought he might just go off in his pants. Jaime was grunting now, literally trying to shove all five of her fingers and her hand inside her pussy. Her hips were grinding upwards and he could see her nipples standing upright as she abandoned them to push on the back of her hand in a desperate effort to stretch herself even wider. He could see the reflection of her juices on her hand, and fingers, the tightened muscles in her stomach pushing out as the shadows played on her body's muscular definition. Suddenly, and without any warning, Jaime cried out, slamming her ass down hard against the recliner, her head and shoulders coming completely off the chair back. Her mouth was open and her eyes were now shut tightly as she still pushed her body against her hands. A few more small moans escaped her as her back gently eased against the chair again. She raised her left hand to her lips and let her fingers trace over them, tasting her own juices moving her head around against them, lost in a blissful state.

The television was still blaring away, and both Jay and his daughter found their breathing and heart rates returning to normal. And while Jaime was for the moment satisfied, Jay had an entirely new and different problem to deal with. She was awake now, and he was laying six feet away with a massive hard-on and no easy excuses to explain his presence. He lay still as a stone, hoping that she might eventually go back to sleep, hoping that she might decide to do it again, and praying that she didn't turn her head and see her own father watching her in a most private moment. The next few moments were sheer terror and excitement as she did nothing to cover her tanned body and her hands roamed freely around her skin. Jay could see the tan lines over her breasts, the contrast from her brown skin to the pale white of her chest. And then, it happened…..

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