It was a Friday night, and since my divorce I was surfing the net visiting adult sites. I found this one site which featured adult movies with the center of attraction being Daughter-in-laws seducing their Father-in-laws. I immediately started thinking about my Daughter-in-law Helen. Helen calls me Dad and loves to tease me, she is Filipina and stands 5'7", slender with breasts the size of large oranges and nipples extending a ¼" when hard. She likes to wear sleeveless T shirts without a bra during her visits. She will stand next to me and rub her chest on my shoulder blades while running her hand down my shirtless back, little dose she know how that stimulates this 70 year old man.

After a couple of hours surfing I decided to hit the sack, I enjoy sleeping in the raw and was in the middle of a vivid and erotic dream involving Helen when I head someone in the house. I put on a pair of walking shorts, I don't wear briefs, in order to investigate the noise, as I tiptoed down the stairs I heard the kids and knew that Doug and Helen had let themselves in and were putting the kids to bed. I greeted them and by doing so surprised all of them. I forgot that I only had my shorts on and I was still semi-erect, Helen approached me to give me a kiss which was her way greeting me.

Seeing her only caused me to become more aroused and she noticed and gave me a great big kiss and a hug. As she pulled away her hand dropped and brushed my dick smiling all the time. I told all of them to be quite and go to bed because that was where I was headed. I went back upstairs and removed my shorts and lay on top of the bed thinking of Helen and how I would love to let eat her.

The next morning I awoke to Helen sitting on the side of the bed with her hand rubbing my dick and smiling all the while, when she saw I was awake she let go of my dick and said breakfast is ready. I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me placing her hand back on my cock as I ran my hand up her shorts where I discovered she didn't have any panties on. I used this opportunity to rub her pussy as I held her hand and moved it up and down on my dick. She gave a moan and a shudder and pulled away from both my hand and cock, smiling as she left the room.

Upon my arrival in the kitchen I noticed that Helen had changed shorts because I'm sure that the others were wet from her juices. I greeted Doug and gave the kids a great big hug and kiss, and then I went to Helen and gave her a kiss and squeezed her ass which brought a smile to her face. Doug asks if it would be possible to have a talk after breakfast. After breakfast, Doug and I retired to the study where Doug began to tell me that he got laid off and they were about to lose their house. He wanted to know if they could move in with me since I had such a large house. I ask if Helen was aware of what he was asking and did she approve? Doug said they had talked about having to move, but she had not given him any answer or suggestion on what they were going to do. We called Helen into the study and told her about the conversation and wanted to know what her feelings were on the matter. Helen told us that if they did have to move in with me that she would be more than happy to take care of me and the house.

A week later the kids moved in and Doug went job hunting and the kids started their new school so that left Helen and I alone. I was heading for the kitchen when Helen came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel. She asked where I was going and I told her to get a cup of coffee, she said she would get it for me. Still wrapped in the towel she sat a cup on the table and I reached up and pulled the towel off her body, I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me until I could make her sit on the table in front of me.

Helen's pussy lips were larger than I had seen before and I found her pussy very sexy, raw, and hot. I glanced up at her. I could see in her eyes the wanting. Her eyes were begging me to eat her pussy and hoping I wasn't just teasing her. I move toward her. She gasped for breath in anticipation. My lips made contact with her hairless flesh. Her pussy smelled of a combined scent of soap and womanly musk a scent signaling to her mate, come fuck me. My tongue lapped her lips and swirled her clit. Her hands found my head as she let out a moan. I began tongue-fucking her hole and lapping her from asshole to her clit. Her head fell back, her eyes closed and she gave into the pleasure I was giving her.

She continued moaning and groaning as my tongue worked on Helen's cunt. Then suddenly her eyes opened, she looked down at me with a determination in her eyes. She took my head and pulled me into her pussy. She held my head tightly and slowly began grinding her pussy against my face. Looking down at me with a slight smile she whispered, that's it, Dad get in there, lick my pussy, mmm. Her hands guided my head where she needed me to be.

My tongue danced on her wet, meaty pussy lips and swirled in and out of her hole. Moans escaped her lips and she continued to encourage me. Oh Dad that's it, lick it, lick my pussy. Her fingers gripped my head and she held on tightly, forcing me to eat her. She gasped as my tongue darted across her clit. Oh OMG, that's it, make me cum! Then, without warning she yelled, OH FUCK! She began grinding harder fucking my mouth with her cunt, slobbering her wetness down my chin. My tongue worked feverishly on Helen's pussy not wanting to disappoint her.

I need to fuck your mouth Dad and with that she held my head tightly and used my face as her personal fuck toy, grinding hard and indiscriminately. Pre-cum had long soaked through my shorts as my cock strained against the material. OH FUCK DAD, I'm cummmming. Oh FUCK Dad I'm, I'm, here it cum's!!! Helen's muscles tensed and then she released a deep guttural moan and released her juice while her body shuddered and jerked uncontrollably. Oh fuck, that's it, drink my cum Dad. Her grip eased as she relaxed. I was intoxicated with her scent and her taste. I wanted more. I couldn't stop licking her. I glanced up as she was trying to push my head away because she was so extra sensitive, but she was smiling down at me, her fingers on either side of my face, she whispered, no begged me to stop but her body was saying something else. I continued to lick her pussy till she had another climax.

I made Helen stand up and turn around and lay back down on top of the table, her arms were stretched out holding on to the table sides. I sat back down and started kissing her ass cheeks and spreading her cheeks I was able to lick her cut and asshole. I took out my upper denture and proceeded to tongue fuck her lovely asshole, Helen jumped the first time my tongue hit the mark but then settled down and started moaning. There was a tub of soft butter on the table so I used the butter as lubricant and stuck a finger up her ass while still licking her pussy. First one finger, then two and finally three. Her asshole opened and I stood up behind her and with butter on my dick I inserted directly into the hole. I told Helen that she was tight and the feeling was indescribable, all she could do was moan and begged me to give her more. I slowly pushed all 7" in until my balls hit the back of her ass cheeks.

As I started to withdraw her moans got louder and louder, I then shoved back in hard which brought cries from her mouth, that's when I really started pounding her ass. I told her I was getting ready to cum and I was going to fill her ass. Helen started pushing back when I moved forward and flexing her ass mussels and hollering I'm cumming, this speared me on and I shot my wad right where I wanted it, deep in her ass. As I soften I fell out and moved around to the front and pulled Helen's head to the edge of the table and told her to clean me up. Helen opened her mouth and went to work on giving me a real good cleaning. I told Helen that I'm going to enjoy them staying here, she got off the table and kissed me telling me she knew as much. Helen stated that she had been trying to get Doug to fuck her in the ass but he wouldn't, said it was too dirty. Helen told me that she was glad that I took her in her ass because now she was addicted and as long as they were with me she wanted me to fuck her in ass every chance we had. I told Helen that I wanted to fuck all her holes and for her not to worry, we will be fucking each other till the cows come home.

When Doug arrived home that night he said he had found a job as a manager of a call center and the only draw back was he was on night shift. His hours were from 10 pm till 10 am. I looked as Helen and smiled and she was smiling also because she knew what was going to happen. The first night Doug went to work Helen had already put the kids to bed so that left just the two of us to do anything we wanted. I told Helen that I had a couple of rules I wanted followed, one was that she was not to wear any panties or bra while in the house alone with me, second was I would be introducing her to my toys. I had Helen stand in front of me and I started to strip her of the shorts and T-shirt, as I lifted the T-shirt up I went straight for her tits kissing and sucking them, Helen started moaning and pressing the back of my head.

I had Helen get down on her knees and bend over the coffee table with her ass sticking up, after I took off my robe I started kissing and licking her ass and pussy. I reached in the pocket of the robe and pulled two things out, KY jelly, and an egg vibrator. As I applied KY Jelly to her asshole I also applied Jelly to the egg and inserted it into her pussy. I hit the control and started the egg to pulsate, she let out a moan and that was when I slid my dick into her ass, I thought she was going to go crazy, her moans got louder and she kept saying fuck me harder, harder. As I increased the speed of the egg I could feel its vibrations through the thin membrane that separates her ass from her pussy. Helen screamed that she was Cumming, and I was right behind her unloading cum in her beautiful ass. Helen came so hard that she passed out for a few minutes. When she came back to life she got up slowly and turned around telling me that she loved me and what I did for her. I knew right then that Helen and Doug would never move out and back into their own place, Helen wouldn't let them.

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