tagInterracial LoveDaughter Meets Mom's Black Lover

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover


Louise's head was pounding like crazy! Thankfully her boss let her go home about 2 hours early. "That's funny," she said to herself as she walked up her front walk, "I wonder why mom's car is here." Her first thought that maybe she was under the weather too, so instead of making a lot of noise she came in and closed the front door easy. She then took off her heels and walked softly up the steps towards her bedroom. She saw the door to her parent's bedroom door was closed and she was just about to open it to see if her mom was all right. That's when she heard the sound of a deep breathing and a male's voice on the other side!

The voice had an accent and was so deep she knew immediately it wasn't her dad. That definitely was not her father's voice, besides, he was off on a four-day business trip in Cleveland and had just left this morning.

With her heart in her mouth Louise felt it nearly leaping through her chest as she slowly cracked open the door to see what the heck was going on! "O-oh my god!" she gasped softly. "Mother!! Mother, what on earth are you doing?"

Her mother's head turned to face her eighteen year old daughter, but she was in no condition to respond as she was in the midst of a riding her lover's hard black cock to a stunning orgasm! Louise stood there and watched as her mother was pumping and riding her pussy fast up and down on the shinning wet shaft of the big black man under her. Louise could see his balls being squeezed each time her mother came down on top of him. She just stood there and watched her mother fucking herself on this black man's cock.

"Ohhh! God Louise!" her mother finally mumbled out with more of a moan than words. "What are you doing here?"

Louise replied "I live here. Are you going to introduce me to your new friend?"

As she impaled her body on his cock all the way she grunted out saying, "This is Jerome. He takes care of me when I need more."

"When you need more of what?" Louise snapped at her mother who was trying to hold off her orgasm and talk with her daughter who had moved all the way into the bedroom now and stood there looking at the cock deep inside her mother's pussy. She said, "You're shave! My god you have shaved all the hair off of your vagina!"

Her mother closed her eyes as she felt the man push his hips up into her lifting his ass up off the bed as he began to and rotate his hips making his cock do such sweet and wonderful things inside her body!

Louise watched the white fluid leak out of her mother's womb and run down his black shaft and covered his balls. She knew the black man had just cum inside her mother's pussy. Her mother moaned out saying, "OH GOD! Wait! Wait Jerome! Oh fuck wait! Wait, wait, wait! Oh please wait for me! Oh God Jerome! Please don't stop! Fuck me baby! Fuck me and make me cum! I'm almost there. Louise you're going to have to wait a min……ute. Ahhhhhhh Jesus! Oh God yes!!! "

And with that Louise's mother began rocking back and forth as she pumped her body around on his shaft deep inside her body knowing she was milking the last of his cum out of his cock as she had a huge orgasm. Louise stood there and watched her mother cum as she rode the man's cock to a climax! It had only taken seconds for her mother to begin cumming and moaning and grunting as wave after wonderful wave of orgasmic lust and pleasure filled her mind and body completely! When she was finished she fell forward on top of the man and was panting and breathing like she had ran a mile.

Louise said, " Are you finished now? And I suppose daddy knows all about Jerome?"

Before Ida had a chance to respond Jerome chimed in, "To tell you the truth he does, if it's any of your business!"

"I-I guess it isn't at that? If mom likes you fucking her and dad knows about it, I don't believe it!" Louise replied incredulously

"It's true, dear," Ida replied, "Your father just isn't up to the task of shall we say taking care of my needs!"

I don't understand mom," the stunned young woman replied.

"It's very simple, dear," Ida sighed while beginning to work her pussy up and down on Jerome still semi-hard erection, "Your father is not very good with regards to sex and love making department, and for the past five years or so Jerome has kept me from climbing the walls! He's what I have been needing ever since the first night of my honeymoon. He's what keeps me married to your dad! If your dad hadn't agreed to this I'm pretty sure I would have left him years ago! His cock is small and not thick either. He has never been able to give me an orgasm with his cock. Oh he has eaten me to many to orgasms! And I love it and love him very much. So now your dad eats my pussy and I cum a great deal. Then I fuck him until he cums and it's over. So when he travels like he does once a month for 4 or 5 days well it's OK with him if I invite Jerome over while you're in school. You were never to find out about this. And you must never say anything to anyone. It would destroy your dad and our marriage. You have to promise me. OK?"

Louise slumped down in the chair next to the bed watching her mother bounce up and down oh the black cock, which was now completely hard again. She was in a state of complete shock while watching her mother ride Jerome's cock again now for all she was worth!

While she wasn't a virgin, Louise had fucked only two other boys. And she had sucked and jerked off three others in her life. But now she meet her new boyfriend and she had taken his cock on many occasions. While it had always aroused her, it was nowhere near in the league of her mother's boyfriend! In fact none of her young lovers had been as large as Jerome's cock. But he was an older man, maybe 40 years old and her boyfriend was just 20.

Even though she could only see about half of his shaft, it was obvious that it was at least twice as big as any boyfriend she had ever had. And, that included Jimmy's dick! As her mother bounced up and down on the thick organ, Jerome cupped her mother's large breasts in his black hands before leaning up and taking one of her rock hard nipples into his eager mouth! "Ohhhhhhh, Jerome!" she gasped. "I-I'm gonna cum again, I-I'm so fucking close!!!"

Then with some quickness Jerome grabbed Ida around her waist and in one motion rolled her over onto her back while keeping his cock buried deep inside of her hot wet cum dripping pussy. Now Louise had a perfect view of Jerome huge dick pumping into her mother's cunt. In and out, in and out he rammed his hard shaft into her mother's poor defenseless pussy! Louise watched as Ida locked her legs around the black man's ass and then hung on for dear life as he pounded his hard meat in and out of her with brutal savageness! Her mother just continued to lift her ass and rotate her hips trying to match her black lover's motions. Louise listened to her mother moan and beg him to fuck her even harder. She watched as Jerome thrust his body down into her mother's vagina making the air come out of her lungs with each thrust!

Louise tried to look away, but she was too much like her mother, and without even realizing it she slid her hand over her body and down over mound and between her legs. She cupped her pussy and squeezed it tightly! It was burning like she was on fire and when she squeezed it, it felt like Jell-O. She was so wet. Louise unsnapped her jeans and pulled the zipper down. She lifted up and opened them wider so she could slide her small hand down and under her little bikini panties and found her wet opened pussy hole. She began masturbating wildly while staring at her mother's stretched and squeezing vagina! The black cock was all wet covered with cum and her mom's fluids. It was shining at her as she watched it push into her mother's body again and again and again. It was so erotic and exciting Louise sat there and fingered fucked her little pussy in time with her mother being fucked. She was imagining it was her pussy being fucked. She came back to reality when she heard her mother's moans and lustful animalistic sounds.

While her eyes glazed over Louise's teenage pussy lurched out of control in perfect time with her mother's while Jerome roared as his black cock released load after load of hot cum into the hot pussy of the white woman's under him. Her over heated snatch was squeezing his cock as tight as he had ever felt. She was a really great fuck and that's why he didn't care if her husband fucked her every once in awhile too. Her husband's cock was small and it didn't effect the tightness of her pussy at all. He knew she was his to fuck whenever he wanted it. But he just went along with her waiting until her old man was gone. It was actually better this way since he could spend the night and fuck her as often as he could without the old man going nuts or getting mad. Four days with him and Ida would be so stretched her husband would fell her for two weeks. He smiled as she fell on top of him and he knew it was finally over to now. He still had a somewhat erect cock but he figured he wouldn't be able to get it up again now for am hour or so.

He rolled off of Ida and Louise saw the gasping hole of her mother's cunt. He had stretched her good this time. She looked at Jerome as he stood up slowly and turned to face the shell-shocked young woman. Louise had slid off the chair and had long since slumped to the floor in exhaustion after masturbating herself into a huge orgasm with her fingers.

He slowly walked towards her with his semi-hard cock bobbing menacingly before him. She saw it as it bobbed up and won as he walked. She could se it all wet, covered with both her mother's and his cum.! Although she was still wrung out from the experience, she was aware enough to realize that in just a matter of seconds her life would change forever!!! "Now it's the baby's turn," Jerome said softly while slowly fisting his black organ.

"T-turn? Turn…. for what?!?" Louise asked feebly.

"Suck it!" he replied firmly while pushing the thick cock head only inches from her mouth!

"N-nooooo, I can't," she mewled softly, "p-please, leave me alone."

He grabbed her roughly by the hair and forced her mouth against his black almost purple dick head! She was in a state of absolute panic, but from next to her came the gentle reassuring voice of her mother who said, "Don't fight it, baby girl! Jerome is a very considerate lover. You're old enough now to experience what a black man with his cock can do for you."

Her mother's words were so soft and calming that she almost smiled as she opened her mouth, allowing the smooth mahogany head to slide in and lay on her young tongue.

Immediately Louise's pussy drenched her panties again as she rolled her tongue around Jerome growing cock in her mouth. God he tasted different. Not good somewhat bitter but she didn't care as she felt the cock growing in her hands and mouth. He tasted nothing at all like Jimmy did, he was hotter and thicker too as the head became larger with each second that passed. In fact, she was becoming so aroused that the urge to put the thick dick into her young pussy was almost unbearable! With one hand she cupped Jerome black nut bag which hung down long and low since he had cum twice already.

While with the other hand she gently masturbated him up and down the long hard shaft now in her hands. With his hands on his hips he stared down at her pretty young face. The only warning she had which she didn't realize at the time was Jerome's balls tighten fast and hard in his nut sack. IT didn't dawn on her as his cock got harder and thicker that Jerome was going to cum. She was administrating her mouth and hands like a young expert. He couldn't last very long from see her young body and feeling her mouth on his dick. So then without warning her and telling her he was going to, there was just a loud grunt from Jerome. As Jerome's cock shuddered hard in her hands, and as she looked up into his eyes wondering what was going on, Jerome sending a torrent of his hot spunk pumped into her unsuspecting mouth! She nearly gagged when the first blast of hot cum slammed into her throat and Jerome held her head so she couldn't move her mouth off of his cock. But after she took a few gulps she was able to drink down every last drop of his seed. When his cock was finally drained of its sperm, Jerome leaned down and easily scooped the young white cocksucking beauty up in his arms and carried her over to the bed where he lay her down next to her well-fucked mother! She smiled at her daughter and stroked her face.

Jerome stared down at the mother and the daughter and was amazed at just how much they looked alike. Louise was the spitting image of her mother and he was sure Ida looked just like her when she was 18! He stood there with drops of his cum leaking from his cock head as it hung down again softer and drained for the third time. He smiled down at these two beautiful white women and said, ""Okay, baby, strip off your clothes, it's about time you found out what a real fuck is all about!"

Her mother was helping her out of her clothes and Louise certainly wasn't the first teenager that Jerome had fucked. Nor was she the first white one, but he couldn't quite remember having enjoying one quite this much! As Ida removed her daughter's bra and panties, Jerome pecker began to stir as he drank in the unbelievable sight of the young woman's perfectly formed white body!

Louise shuddered uncontrollably while eyeing Jerome growing erection, but the need to be filled with a hard cock over took her fear and panic as she began to spread her legs and offered her tiny cunt to the black man for his own personal use and pleasure! He slid between her open thighs and took his time pleasing her body. As he did he moved over and on top of her, carefully pressing his thick dark black head against her straining opening! Ida helped them both by gently opened her daughter's tight lips while running Jerome head up and down the trembling girl's tiny slit! Louise's breathing was already becoming increasingly labored now as she her excitement grew with each second as she watched them both work his black cock up and own and around the pink insides of her open slit! She was full of anticipation and want. She was scared, yes, but she was also full of lust and need and want to feel and be fucked but this big cock.

Her mother whispered softly to the black man, "She's as ready as she is going to be baby, g slow and let her have all of it!"

It was really like and the first time for Louise! Her tiny little pussy had never felt such a thick thing going into it! She was about to be devastated by a cock that would rip her tiny pussy apart if not done correctly. Once the cock head popped inside, Louise gasped and moaned softly, "Oh my God! I-I don't think….I don't think I can take it!! Oh God it's sooooo huge!! Oh easy! Oh god go easy!!"

Jerome loved hearing white bitches pleading for mercy at the hand of his black cock. But mercy was something he was all out of as he pushed more and more of his dick forward, driving his thick black cock into this young woman's pussy. He continued to push until he was ball deep in the tight little white cunt! "YES!" He said to himself. I'm in! He looked down into her eyes seeing the fear and the want. He smiled as he slowly pulled out about half way before pushing back into Louise's tight cunt. It felt like a vise around his hard shaft! He was so pleased with himself.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, mother!" she gasped. "He's so fucking huge, it hurts sooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaad!"

"Do you want his to take it out baby?" she whispered into Louise's ear.

"Oh no! Oh God no!" she panted. "F-fuck me Jerome! Only…only go slow!! Oh yes! Oh God yes! I'm gonna fucking cum al ready! Ohhh God yessss!!!!"

Ida leaned up and kissed Jerome on the lips before whispering into his ear, "She loves your big fat cock, now make her cum like the little whore she is!!!"

Jerome smiled at the mother and just loved fucking white bitches. And this was a real treat fucking a cute little eighteen-year-old white bitch! She had a second and then a third orgasm back to back as Jerome fucked her now like he had fucked her mother. "Oh My God yes!", Louise cried out with pleasure and pain! It was something she had never experienced before! She didn't know they existed together only a thin different between plan and pleasure. But together they can be so much better than just one.

Louise screamed this time as her body took over and climaxed on his big black cock buried all the way inside her tight little pussy! She arched her ass up and he thrust down into her again and again! She cried out for him to fuck her harder and faster. As her mother stroked her face and kissed her gently, her black lover fucked her daughter like a damn machine now.

As he piston in and out of the hot little cunt he quickly passed the point of no return. Then his cock head began doing all his thinking for him! He couldn't have stopped now even if wanted to! His ass had literally become a battering ram as he pounded his black shaft in and out of Louise's poor little pussy with remarkable quickness!

Years of pent up passion and need that none of her former lovers had come close too was flowing from her body now as the black man fucked her like no one had ever done before. Louise's now wide-open cunt was trying to hold his cock inside her and she squeezed the wall soft her vagina as tight as she could and Jerome loved it so damn much. These thin white girls should do like to fuck us black men!

Ida leaned in and casually licked the poor girl's nipples driving her ever so close to the edge of her forth climax! Finally neither she nor Jerome could take it even another second as their loins locked and her legs wrapped around his much bigger body. She held him tightly as orgasms of brutal intensity ripped right through them, sending them into a joint and mutual orgasm! His cock pumped and pumped and pumped his cum into her young and eager body. She held him and cried out over and over with each shot that she felt being pumped inside her body. Her boyfriend had never cum this deep in her before. Jerome was cumming directly over her cervix and into her birthing canal. If she wasn't on the pill Louise would now be impregnated with the black man's baby! That might for another time. Right now Jerome squeezed his ass muscles trying to hold on to the last of his orgasm. Louise shuttered with the feel of hot cum deep in her belly, and the black man's big hard cock shrinking in her pussy tunnel.

While they lay together in a twisted mass of arms and legs Ida whispered softly to her daughter, "Now do you understand baby? Now you know why I wanted Jerome when you dad is away? He can't come close to doing that to me. Jerome is so good and such a great lover baby! Do you see now why I have him here?"

With a knowing smile the stunned young woman simply nodded her head before drifting feeling her black lover roll off of him. She fell asleep and yes, now she knew why her mother had a black man in her bed! She dreamed about Jerome fucking her again and again as she slept. When she woke up he was fucking her mother again. Louise watched as she hoped she would have him again before her father returned from his trip.

When Jerome left after the four days he had fucked Louise three more times. Most of his tie was spent satisfying the huge lust of the mother. As Louise's mom closed the back door she turned to her daughter and said, "Now I want you to listen to me good. Would you like me to share him with you baby?"

Louise's mouth formed a huge smiled and she went to hug her mother and thank her.

Ida said, "Wait! Look before we agree on this, you have to understand and agree to some rules. Number one, you will only fuck him when I'm with you. Never alone, understand, never!! You must never be alone with him."

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