tagInterracial LoveDaughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 03

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 03


Characters: Jerome and Rufus the black men, Ida the white mother and Louise the young white 18-19-year-old daughter.

If you're a white woman and you take a black lover you may have to do what Louise and Ida did. This was their initiation into the world of black sex.

As morning came to quickly, Jerome rolled over and saw Louise's naked body lying next to him in his bed. It al came back to him quickly and he reached for her breast. His dark skin covering her very white breast made his cock rise quickly. He bent down and licked the nipple watching it get harder and longer just like his cock was doing. Louise opened her eyes and saw his baldhead over her cheat and felt his mouth on her nipple. She moaned and rubbed his head as she held it against her breast. He sucked on her like a child enjoying the hardness of the nipple now. Then he moved over and sucked on the other one.

Louise reached between them and wrapped her hand around his hard black cock. She moaned again when she felt how hard he was. She pulled him up to her and kissed him hard. She thanked him for last night and told him she had to pee. They walked hand in hand to the bathroom but when she asked him to leave but he told her know. He wanted to watch her. She was embarrassed but finally gave in and Jerome sat on the side of the tub watch this white 18 year old beauty relieve herself. He told her he would wipe her. And he did. He patted her pussy and stroked it with tissue and cleaned the piss off of it. Then he took her hand and turned on the water to the shower.

They showered together for a long time with him exploring her lovely body and Louise was pushed gently down on her knees and he instructed her to suck his clean cock. She did what she was told and as Jerome instructed her. When he was about to cum he told her he wanted to see her drink all of it. He told her things like lovers, real lovers, always made sure they pleased their partners. And that a man always wanted his woman to suck his hard cock and drink his cum. That would please him greatly. He told her since Louise was now his woman he expected her to do the se sort of things for him.

Louise had never swallowed cum before but Jerome told her how she should do it and when it was about to happen he held her head and pumped his black cock into her sweet little pink mouth! She gagged but took it. Finally when he was done spewing his seed, she took a deep breath and swallowed it all. He let her continue to lick and suck him as he told her what to do to drain him. She did it. Then he taught her how to clean his cock and remove any left over cum. She took it all and licked her lips when she was finished. When she was done he pulled her up to him and kissed her and held her.

Louise was crying and told him she felt dirty doing what he made her do. But he held her and kissed her and assured her it was all right. He said it was a sign of ultimate love for her man. She asked him if he was her man and he told her yes. She held him as he kissed and stroked her as and soft body as he told her all the right things he knew she wanted to hear and needed to hear at that point. He stroked her face and kissed her again as he bent down and began to suck on her breasts again and washed her young white beautiful body completely! He licked her pussy as he knelt in front of her but he didn't let her cum. He played with her body and made her pump it against his. Louise was really worked up sexually by the time they were finished.

Fresh and clean now, Jerome didn't take her right to bed. He made breakfast and they ate together. He fed his new young white woman and she fed him. He played her big time again this morning. Louise's pussy was throbbing she was so worked up.

Jerome went and changed the bed again putting another set of fresh satin sheets on it. When they were done eating, he told her they would be spending the day in bed and he would show her some things that she was sure to like. He was about to eat her pussy and make her orgasm. Louise had never ad that done to her before. Her mother told him that the first time the three of them were together but Jerome waited until the right time to show her what it was like. He told her they would play and make love al day until her mother came over around 7 PM. Then they would go out to a club.

Louise smiled and kissed him as he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Louise had her arms wrapped around Jerome's neck and kissed his lips and neck and shoulder, as she became very wet between her legs. Louise wasn't scared at all now. She was very wet and sexually excited and he knew she wanted him to fuck her now. Jerome knew she would be more willing and better today when he fucked her.

I screamed into his shoulder at my sudden orgasm, tightening around him as it rushed over me. I hadn't come in over a year, and the feeling was intense. His cock continued to pump me and the sensations grew more intense as his powerful stride continued.

As they lay in bed he told her to play with his cock. She sat up and took it in her hand. "Feel it, just feel it baby. Feel how hard it is" he told her with a deep soft voice. He thrust his cock up and down in her small hand as she watched the head move up and down. She smiled at him and he said, "Lick it for me. And move around here so I can see your pussy and touch it and lick it!"

She moaned and told him she had never had her pussy licked. With that he sat up and rolled her over on to her back. He knelt between her long lovely legs and licked up one and down the other. His tongue licked and his full lips sucked her thighs leaving more love marks for her boyfriend or father to see. His mouth then covered her small pink pussy and he sucked. She arched and cried out telling him how wonderful it felt. When he shoved his long tongue into her hole she screamed with delight and began to pump her hips fucking her pussy on it! He smiled as he inserted his two fingers as deep as he could get them. Then as he fingers fucked her hole he sucked and flicked his tongue over her hard pink clit! He squeezed it between his fingers and sucked it again and again and again. Louise screamed with rapture as she arched her back, lifted her ass and hips up off the bed and fucked her lover's black face. She humped and humped and humped her body like a wild woman cumming like she had never cum before. "Oh fuck yes!" she said over and over again as Jerome stayed between her wide-open thighs and sucked that white pussy like the talented man he was. She almost bent in half backward as she lifted up higher and higher off the bed shoving her cunt into his mouth!

Jerome tasted her cum and felt her shutter as orgasm after orgasm ran over her young white body! He had her and he knew it! He held her ass with both hands up off the bed and licked from her ass hole up over her clit and then back down into her hole again and again and again! Louise couldn't stand it any longer she pulled on his head and ears trying to get him to come out from between her legs. Finally Jerome smiled and moved up over her. He kissed her and put his tongue into her mouth letting her taste he own cum. He broke the kiss and smiled down into her beautiful face. He said, "You like that baby? I told you baby, I cum in your mouth and you cum in my mouth. The ultimate sign of love sugar."

She pulled him down and kissed him hard. Then she held him, and opened her thighs wider and whispered, "Fuck me! I need you cock in me! Fuck me Jerome and cum inside my pussy! I want to feel you cum in me baby! Fuck me baby! Fuck me my lover!"

He slowly lifted up and told her to put him in her pussy. She took his swollen fat black cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit. Then she positioned the head at the center of her hole and Jerome slowly pushed it in!

"OH God yes!" she moaned out as he pushed more of his dick into small white cunt. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck meeeeeeee!"

Louise was cumming again and Jerome was almost all the way inside her. He started to pump his cock slowly now in and out, in and out of Louise's stretched wet pussy hole. God she felt good, so tight, so wet, so young, and so fucking white. He smiled as he picked up speed.

The intensity of their sex and lovemaking continued to build. He felt her body turning inside out as her pussy gripped him tighter and tighter as he pumped his black cock into her. His hard dick seemed like it could go on forever, and she cried out in frustration, as she climaxed over and over again but he didn't!

Jerome pushed her legs up over her head and looked down over her young white body as he bent her almost in half and thrust his cock into her harder now. Louise smiled up at him and told him to cum in her pussy! He bent himself forward over her body as her feet were up around his neck. She said, "I want you to cum for me! Cum over and over for me baby! You have to cum Jerome! I want you to be pleased too baby! Cum in my cunt baby! Cum in my tight, white little pussy. Yes that's it baby! Cum baby! Cum in me Fill me baby! Fill me with your seed."

Louise said things she remembered hearing her mother tell him during one of their sex sessions. "Oh yes fuck me and cum in my white pussy! Pump your black seed in my little pink pussy Jerome! Oh yes do it!! Do it! Oh God yes do it!" Louise told him. Her words were really driving Jerome on. He was close he wanted to cum in her so bad now he hurt! He wanted to fill her small twat and really show her what a black cock could do to her. But she was just to lovely a white woman and he couldn't hold off any longer! He was humping into her like a machine. And then he felt it! The balls under his cock almost disappeared as they went up into their sack. And then…… He cried out like a fucking animal and arched his back and pushed his cock as deep as he could get it inside her young body.

He cried again and again as load after load of his black "nigger" cum pumped into her white young body He filled her and it squirted out as he fucked her again and again cumming in her. The cum splashed on both of them as she lifted her as and fucked him back giving him all she had. He had instructed her on how to finish a fucking! She did very well. When it was over he fell on top of her drained. He lay there for the longest time as she stroked his back and let her legs fall back on the bed. She rolled him over and took his wilted cock in her hand. She slide down and began to lick and sucking as she cleaned his black snake clean of both of their cum! She had graduated and was now a talented white whore just like he had taught her. She was his now and he could do pretty much what he wanted with her body. That's the way the afternoon went. They fucked, took a break and then fucked some more. It was like noting Louise had ever experienced. She was use to back seats of cars or a basement when parents weren't around. Now she was in a condo and fucking a black man in his bed. No one to bother them and no one to break it up, she had never been fucked so many times in her life. Her body actually hurt from it all but it was a fantastic hurt. She smiled as she head the sound of the front door unlock and knew it was her mother coming to Jerome's condo.

Louise didn't know it was so late. In fact Louise didn't know what time it was or day for that matter. As her mother came directly into the bedroom to see if her young daughter was OK, she saw her covered in cum and the bed messed up and Jerome laying there next to her.

He lay there with his legs open and his cock still shinning from the cum inside Louise's pussy. He wanted Ida to se what they had been doing. Ida saw his black cock shinning and still somewhat hard as her daughter held it in her hand. He told Louise she was doing a great job. Then he asked Ida if she wanted to join them.

She smiled as she bent down and kissed him feeling him cup both her breasts. Then she said, "Don't we have to be at the club to meet your friend at 7PM? If so you both better get cleaned up it's late."

Once they had showered they started to get dressed. Ida had brought Louise a change of clothing and as she got dressed Louise told her mother what they did while she was gone. Her mother wasn't shocked but she was a little upset that her daughter had let Jerome cum in her mouth and that she had swallow all of his cum. She was also a little upset that Jerome had talked her daughter into fucking her ass. But Louise told her how wonderful it had been. Ida knew Louise was hooked badly on his cock and the sex they had during the time she was away.

Louise told her mother how big Jerome's cock felt inside her pussy. But for Ida, he was average. Actually Jerome wasn't a freak at all. His cock was around 7 inches maybe even a little smaller. He was thick but not overly so. Louise and Ida both enjoyed being fucked by Jerome greatly. Ida didn't know why his cock always felt so much hotter and bigger than her husband's did. Actually Jerome's cock was about the same size as her husband's cock was. However, when Jerome fucked her she always felt stuffed. She was sure it was only her imagination. Actually her husband was a little thicker than Jerome was, but Jerome was just so much nastier when they were together.

Ida told Louise that Jerome's cock felt so big because she was just turning 19 and she hadn't had many men. Louise's breasts were around 34B but tonight in the outfit she had on they looked bigger. There were suck marks al around them and Ida tried to cover the marks with makeup.

The spell Jerome had over these women was very special, but especially over Louise. Tonight they would be going out to a club and bar. They would drink and dance and since it was a black bar she and her daughter might be the only white women there. It turned out that there were six other white women in the place. Jerome remembered when no white women would be seen dead in a place like this. He smiled thinking, "Just another thing that had changed for the good of the black man. He knew that most white men would never come busting in here looking for their woman. The white man would be too afraid to do that. If his woman was in here she was most likely being fucked already by one, two or more of the black men in the club anyway. They loved to share the white bitches between them. It was most likely already too late for the boyfriend or husband if the woman was in here in this club. But sometimes a white man was brave enough to come into the bar. The woman would be made to stay where she was and her man would be asked to leave by the bouncers. If he didn't, well then he would be thrown out after being beaten badly.

Jerome remembered how Ida felt and acted the first time he took her with him in the club and the bar. She was so excited that night being showed off to all these black men, that she didn't even notice one of her tits had sprung free from her outfit as she danced. Jerome had picked out the dress especially for her to wear that night. It had a very low and deep plunging neckline with built in bra that elevated and pushed her breasts up showing the cleavage and the firmness of the white bitch's tits. It was short, 7 or 8 inches above the knee. The bottoms of her ass cheeks would show when she walked and Jerome never allowed her to wear panties, thongs yes, but panties, never. He was happy to show her off to the brothers.

He was very proud of her as he walked her around the bar introducing her to various important men. They were nice and polite and kind to her but both she and Jerome knew every man in the place wanted to fuck her. And they would have immediately if Jerome had offered her up to any of them. But Ida was his white woman then and he didn't share her, not yet.

The dress really showed off her body. And now as she finished dancing and walked back with Jerome to the table with one tit hanging out, her nipple was hard and red and very visible and available to see by any man who looked. And as white and firm as they were most of the black men in the place were looking at her again and again.

Jerome didn't tell her about her breasts being out, he was just admiring her very white breast that was exposed for his pleasure and the pleasure of everyone. But then he realized he didn't want to jeopardize what he had accomplished with her so far. He took the material of her dress and concealed her tit as she looked down and blushed greatly. She thanked him not realizing that her breast had been out for quiet awhile when he finally covered it again. He said, "Baby I hope you like the dress I bought you. And for me to look at!"

That had been some time ago when Ida and Jerome were a new couple. But, he was going to do the same thing tonight to Louise. He was going to introduce his new piece of meat to the club and he knew the men would go wild wanting this very lovely well-built young white woman.

As they entered the club most of the men knew him. They didn't even card Louise since she was with Jerome. He walked Ida and Louise over to the booth and let them slide in first. Louise's dress rode up showing off the white thigh high nylons she had on. Jerome had her wear them almost all the time now with no panties. He was able to have a look at her completely shaved pussy whenever he wanted. She always allowed his hand to ride up between her thighs and she actually opened them automatically for him now as she enjoyed him playing with her body and her bald pussy. Ida had been taught to do the same but Jerome wasn't very interested in her tonight.

Yes, Louise's pussy was now completely shaved and she offered it to Jerome when he wanted it. Jerome had watched as her mother shaved her daughter's smaller young pussy earlier this evening before they left the condo. She was bald now just like her mother's cunt was. He had sat on the edge of the bathtub and watched both white women shave and clean each other's pussy. Then he inspected them both and smiled as he took them both back to the bedroom. They shaved their cunts just before they left for the club. Both were nice and smooth now.

If they had the time, Jerome would have fucked Louise first and made the mother suck him hard again. He knew Ida would taste her daughter's and Jerome's cum on his wet black cum covered cock as she placed it in her mouth and sucked on him. She would lick and suck on his cock a long time since it would be very soft almost completely deflated from fucking the sexy tight daughter. He smiled as he was thinking Ida would take it in her hands seconds after it had slipped out of her daughter's gapping pussy hole. Then after Ida had sucked him back hard again, he would thanked her by fucking her hard and long as Louise played with her mother's breasts and clit helping her get off over and over again! Louise learned very quickly and did what Jerome asked her to do!

As they sat in the bar, Louise noticed Jerome looking up her dress and knew he got a good look at her pussy. She only smiled at him as she pulled her legs open more. Jerome sat next to her and he played with her cunt continuously. He even played with her pussy as men came over and talked with him. At first Louise was embarrassed and blushed but soon she was use to it and didn't even bother to try and pull her dress down or put her legs together. She just sat there talking with the men too while Jerome played and showed off her sex to all of them. Louise was satisfied with her new sexuality now and in fact if the truth were known she was starting to like it more and more.

The three of them attended the club twice each time Ida's husband was out of town which was about a week a month. Jerome took Louise to the club a few more times without Ida. In fact Ida didn't know he was seeing her daughter that much and even when her father was in town. But Louise was seeing Jerome as much as she could and being fucked and trained. She loved being fucked so many times and being showed off at the club to other men. Louise was fitting in very nicely and becoming more and more Jerome's full time slut. Then the next time Ida's husband was gone, Jerome took them both out to dinner and then to the club.

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