tagInterracial LoveDaughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 04

Daughter Meets Mom's Black Lover Ch. 04


Louise held both men's hands as the three of them walked back into Jerome's bedroom. As Jerome was kissing and running his hands all over her well built body she felt Rufus move in behind her. She felt his body pressing into her from the back as Jerome pushed into her from the front. This was the start of an Oriole cookie he said.

As Jerome and Rufus both played with her pretty white body working to sexual desires up more Jerome instructed her on how this double fucking was going to work.

As both men fingered both of her young holes they also played with her breasts. Rufus held them up high so Jerome could suck on them. She was being stimulated from all sides and she moaned as her lust and sexual need built and built. After a few minutes of them standing together Jerome instructed her to get back on the bed.

She saw Jerome's almost hard cock bouncing up and down as it bobbed with his excitement for her body. Jerome had never had such a young, beautiful and so very well built white girl. Louise was special and was learning to really enjoy being fucked more and more. She climbed on the bed as she watched Rufus stroking his thick cock and watching her moving towards the center of the big bed. Then he smiled as she lay back and looked at Jerome.

Jerome climbed up on the bed and told Louise to just relax. He told her that the pain of having two cocks in her holes wouldn't be bad at all since he had just fucked her ass only a little white ago. She looked nervous as Rufus climbed up on the other side of the big bed. With the two black men on both sides of her she looked at Jerome as he said, "OK baby! This is how we make a real Oriole cookie."

Jerome explained that fist she would come and sit on his cock as he slowly pushed it back into her ass hole. Then once they were conformable, Rufus would move in and put his black cock into her sweet little white pussy. Jerome promised her she it wouldn't hurt and in fact she would never feel anything as good as two cocks fucking both her holes. She smiled and kissed him and told him she trusted him and was ready.

A few minutes went by as she moved over his long hard cock and squatted down as she moved over his cock and positioned it at the doorway of her ass. Then as she lowered her ass down on his cock, Jerome inserted it deeper and deeper into her little pink ass hole. When he was deep enough, Jerome told her to come back on his chest. He gently pulled her back and as was now lying on top of him. As she did, she felt his black cock slid even further into her ass. He sighed from the tightness of Louise's little pink hole. When she was comfortable with it, she told Jerome she was ready for the other cock. Rufus smiled again and move in to fuck her cunt.

He smiled down at her and told her how nice her white cunt looked. Then he moved between her wide-open legs as Jerome held them open. She moaned feeling every move of his cock in her ass. As Rufus straddled both Louise and Jerome as Jerome lay under her young white body, he positioned his black cock at Louise's other hole, her pussy hole. He knew he was going to fucking love how she felt. She looked so young, so white and so much like a whore with a black cock in her ass and now another one in here cunt.

Jerome knew if Louise's mother knew they were double fucking her daughter she would go nuts with rage. But once Louise had done it he would wait for her to tell her mother what they had done after she left.

Rufus positioned his cock at Louise's sweet little pussy and told her to open it up for him. She used her fingers and spread her cunt lips wide. He licked his lips knowing just how good this was going to feel around his thick cock. He was going to fuck this young white woman like she had never been fucked before.

She moaned as she felt the head of Rufus's cock move into her hole. Jerome held her tight as Rufus pushed. They had double fucked a lot of women of all colors and races. But now having Louise was a special treat for both of them. She was so young and so eager. Rufus pushed and pushed and Louise moaned and moaned as his cock went deeper and deeper into her tight little body. When he as almost fully inside her, he told them both he was ready.

They began to fuck her in unison in and out, in and out, in and out, both cocks moving in the same motion. First she was stuffed then she felt so empty when their cocks were almost out of her body. Then when they pushed back in she cried out with pleasure. Jerome cupped her breasts as Rufus sucked on them now. She was being fucked and worked on by both black men who were pros at seducing women and driving them crazy with lust and need to be fucked. They had been doing this a long, long time. Louise was no match for them. They drove her wild with orgasm after orgasm, as they fucked her in and out, in and out, again and again and again! She screamed with rapture as the next climaxed drove her over the top. I

It was then that they changed their motion. As one moved in the other moved out. It was different and her orgasm was mind smashing! She lifted up as best she could and gripped Rufus and rammed her cunt on his shaft. He smiled as he felt his nuts tighten in their sack. He yelled out, "Oh fuck yes baby! I'm going to cum in your white pussy and pump my seed deep into your womb. I hope you're on birth control or other wise your ass is knocked up tonight!"

She moaned as Jerome's cock thickened in her ass and he began to cum. He held her hips and pumped his cock filling her ass hole full with his cum. He pumped and pumped and pumped into her from behind until he was drained. As he was doing it, she felt the two cocks rubbing together again each other with only a thin membrane separating them. As they moved in and out of her in unison once more. Then she felt Rufus cupped her tits hard leaving handprints on both of them as he screamed out with a roar as his cock began to shoot his cum deep into her pussy. Their cocks were cumming almost together and the feeling was unbelievable, almost indescribable. She cried out with a wale that she was sure the pother people in the building could hear. And Louise climaxed one last time. It felt like it was coming from her toes to her head and then centering in her clit. Jerome had been rubbing it all the time they were fucking! She grabbed his hand and as Rufus pushed one last time filling hr with all his black cock she rubbed Jerome's hand with her own knowing exactly how she liked her clit worked on. She masturbated her self as both men finished fucking her two hole.

They collapsed together drained and sexually satisfied. Rufus rolled off of her and she felt his cock pop out of her well used cunt. The cum began to leak out of it as she rolled over between the two men. When she did she felt Jerome's big but now soft black cock pulling out of her ass. She was to exhaled to move. The men fell asleep with her small white body between them.

It was Louise's first double penetration, but certainly not her last. She was slipping further and further down the road to Jerome's life of sex, pimps and whores. She smiled as she felt the warmth of the cum leaking from both her holes. She felt her breasts they were sore and extremely sensitive. She ran her fingers over her clit and it was throbbing, sore and very red. Her shaved pussy was stretched and her ass hole was disgustingly stretched. She looked at both men and saw their soft deflated black cocks as they laid there with their eyes closed. She smiled thinking they were no bigger than white cocks when they too were drained of there cum. She closed her eyes and fell asleep wondering what was going to happen next.

When morning came she was alone in the big bed. She felt sore and stiff as she sat up. There was a dried circle of cum under her and caking on her vagina and thighs. Her young little round ass was sore and so was her pussy. She felt lightheaded as she swung her legs around to the side of the bed. She sat there for a few minutes looking at all the suck makes on her breasts and stomach and thighs. She was sure there were some on her neck too.

Jerome came into the room from taking a shower. His black skin was still somewhat wet and it shinned with droplets of water as he wiped his body. She watched his black cock moving from right to left as he walked into the room and to the edge of the bed. She smiled up at him and asked, "Where's Rufus?"

He smiled and told her he had already left. He stood there in front of her nude and with his cock becoming semi-hard as he looked at her body. She was well used last night but looked very lovably and very young this morning. He almost had a slight twinge of guilt for doing what he did to her last night. She looked so small between the two men fucking her. But then he watched as Louise took here small white hand and lifted his semi-hard cock up as if she was examining it!

She said, "Your cock is so black baby! It's just so black!"

He laughed and took another step towards her. Now his cock was getting harder as it lifted up on its own and the head was close to hr face. He said, "Why not kiss it good morning for me. You know you like the taste don't you?"

She smiled up at him and said she was dirty and needed a shower. He smiled and said, "Give it a kiss before you take one."

She opened her mouth and started to kiss and suck on his dick. It grew harder faster now. In seconds it was sticking out almost at a 45-degree angle and pointing directly at her lips as she licked and sucked on it for his pleasure. He smiled thinking; "I didn't even have to tell her to suck it! She just took it in her hand and started to suck. All I did was ask her to kiss it!"

He liked her attitude and her willingness. He would have to push her further tonight when good mom was there too. He wanted to see how much he could get Louise to try and do for him tonight when her mother was with them. Rufus would be back then too. He was sure the four of them could get Louise to try a great many new and sexual things. He smiled as he looked down at her pretty young face sucking his hard black cock. He said to himself, "Yes, Louise is one of those special bitches made for sex."

She took his hard black cock in her mouth and sucked making noise as she did. Jerome moans and held her hair as he moved his hips now slowly fucking her mouth. He realized she was really going at it and it wouldn't take long for him to cum this morning. He was going to take her out and but her something nice for blowing him this morning.

He moaned again as she sucked his cock head hard! "Oh God baby, suck me! Suck me harder, faster! Yes, yes, just like that. Suck my dick. Suck my dick baby!"

His black's cock is so hard it hurt. And he didn't know if he wanted to cum in her mouth or pussy. It felt so good having her lips around his shaft as she sucked him hard again! "Jesus, my cock feels like an iron pipe! Oh God yes Louise suck it baby!"

Louise feels her pussy full of her excitement and dripping with her juices again. She moved her hand down her body and between her opened thighs. Her pussy smelled of dried cum and she knew she needed a shower but she wanted to make her black lover cum first. She inserted two fingers deep inside her snatch and kept pushing then inside as she fucked herself with them. She grabbed her entire pussy and squeezed it hard as she moaned on Jerome's cock as he had it deep inside her mouth. She had learned to deep throat now and as she took more and more of his big cock she felt it move down into her throat and she moaned again making Jerome moan from the vibrations of her throat. She was very good at sucking cock now. He had trained her very well over the weeks they had been together.

Finally Jerome pulled his cock out of her mouth. She looked up at him questioning why he had taken it out. He said, "I have to have you now. I had to fuck you."

She lay back and left her legs hang off the bed. Jerome moved between them and she opened them for him. She looked down her body and saw his hard black cock pointing at her open pussy. Her mouth just watered from the sight of the two colors of their bodies as well as that very hard dick touching here pussy hole.

Jerome held her hips and pushed as his cock moved into hr young white body. She moaned as she felt the head moving up inside her rubbing the walls of her pussy tunnel. "Oh God yes!" she moaned as he fully implanted her now. He stayed still letting her adjust. It was getting easier now with each fucking. Her body was becoming accustomed to his black cock. He smiled as he looked down and saw the lust in her young face. Jerome began to fuck her as he held her hips and pushed in and out. She smiled up at him and said how much she loved being fucked by his big black cock! He smiled down at her and moved faster. He was already close when he pulled out of her mouth! He knew he wouldn't last too much longer. Her body was just so perfect and her face was so young looking. He held her now as she wrapped her legs around his bass and pushed him into her. "Harder baby! Fuck me harder", she moaned as he thrust deep into her body.

He moved her up and lifted her legs up so her feet were on his shoulders. Jerome began to really fuck her now. He was ramming his cock into her young pussy. Again and again and again he pumped it into her small body. Louise knew what he liked to hear as he fucked her like this, "Oooohhhh! Oh yes! Oh God yes Jerome!! Fuck me! Fuck me baby! Fuck me good! Give me all of your big black cock! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God YES! YES! Jeromeeeee!! Oh shit! Oh yes baby! Yesyesyesyes!!Yessssss!!!!!!!"

Louise climaxed was a surprise to Jerome. He didn't think after last night she would actually cum. He was sure she was that sore between her legs. But she loved fucking and was humping and cumming as he looked down and saw her young body going wild. He felt her pussy squeezing his shaft and trying to milk it! And that was all it took. He moaned and slammed his dick fully into her as his balls released his cum. Again he moaned with his rapture and Louise was thrusting her pelvis up and lifting her as and hips of the bed giving him the ride of his life. She was going wild as he shot load after load of his seed into her again! She was yelling at him, "Fuck me harder, harder, harder baby! Oh God yes, Fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!!"

He gave her everything he had and then fell on top of her. She held him feeling his heart beat rapidly and his breathing was as quick and shallow as she was own was. This was a really good one. The orgasm for both of them had been super good.

After a little while he rolled off of her and told her how good she was. How she had fucked him as good or better than any woman had ever fucked before.

She smiled as she stroked his dark face and finally said, "Shower. I need one now for sure. Come with me baby! Wash my back."

They got up and walked into the bathroom. Her pussy dripping again with his black seed. He had filled her so many times over the past two months that she didn't even wipe it off her thigh any longer. She just let it run down her legs.

They went shopping for hours and Jerome purchased a great many things for her to wear. Each one was sexy, very reveling and showed a great deal of her young white body. She didn't care who saw her with Jerome now. He was her lover, her man and as long as he wanted her she was his. He brought her many things and if he liked them and wanted her to wear them and show everyone her body, she would wear them for him and only him.

They walked back to the car with their hands full of clothes. They then drove to Louise's house where her mom, Ida had made lunch for them and Rufus who was also scheduled to come over at noon for lunch. Ida was now Rufus's woman and Louise belonged to Jerome.

Whenever Ida's husband was gone like he was now, Rufus and Ida would have sex, all sorts of sex. Louise was single so even when her dad was home she would go see her lover. Ida's husband usually left on Monday and didn't return until Friday afternoon. Once a month he would be gone for four days and Ida would have three full days of sex with Rufus. This month was no different. It was Wednesday and he would be gone for two more days. That's why she had invited Rufus and Jerome over to her home. Besides Jerome loved to fuck her when she was his in her husband's bed. He got off on that. Now Rufus wanted the same thing. It was dangerous but so erotic. As far as everyone was concerned her husband wouldn't be back until Friday. He had called her from New Mexico last night telling her that he wouldn't be back until Friday. She had just got home and was opening the door when she heard the phone ringing. She was out of breath and had no idea how long the phone had been ringing when she picked it up. After a quick conversation she told him she was very tired and was going to bed. She told him Louise was out on a date and that she loved him. She said she would see him on Friday. That as it and then she did go to bed. She was beat.

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