tagNonHumanDaughter of the Moon

Daughter of the Moon


From the day I was born I was unwanted. Not by my parents but the village I was born.

You see the day I was born my village was stricken with a plague. This plague killed all the other children in my village, and making all the women of childbearing age unable to have children. My mother was spared due to her age.

You see my parents had all but given up hope to have a child when my mother became pregnant. She prayed to the Moon goddess for a child and became pregnant shortly thereafter. I was a miracle being my mother was well into her thirties which back then was very old. But after the plague the village blamed me and my unlikely birth for causing the plague. Of course my parents did not believe them, but they were afraid that they would kill me so they agreed to take me from the village. They took me out of the village and kept me safe in a cave not far from the village but far enough to make the villagers happy.

I grew up safe and very loved by my parents, a pretty normal childhood if you take in to the fact I never left the cave, except for after dark when no one would see me. It was one of the night I was about 8 years old and playing in the moonlight that one of the villagers stumbled onto our cave. She was a woman in her early twenties and she seemed very sorrowful. So being a child I approached her. When I did I touched her shoulder to ask why she was so sad. She screamed seeing that I was the child that had brought the plague upon the village. I told her to scream and that I would not hurt her, but she just ran away as fast as she could. She of course did not tell anyone of her encounter with me for fear that she would be exiled or killed. It was forbidden to wonder anywhere near the cave for fear of the plague returning.

About a month later the woman became ill. She went to the village healer to find out if she had the plague. The healer asked why she wanted to know if she had the plague, so the woman confessed to her abut her encounter. The healer assured her she was not infected with the plague, but was with child. The woman was more then excited, she and her husband had been trying but since she was of childbearing age when the plague hit she was sure she would never conceive. This news spread across the village the elders proclaimed that the plague was gone and that they were free. Months went by and the woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but none of the other women could conceive. The woman was asked why she was the only one to conceive when all the other women could not. She then told them that I had touched her a month before she conceived. The Elders met with the healer after hearing this, the healer said that is was possible that the bringer of the plague was also the only one that could rid them of it.

After there meeting with the healer, the elders came to the cave to see for themselves. My mother was frightened thinking they were here to kill me. But it was not the case. They brought with them another young woman from the village, and asked me to touch her as I touched the other woman. And being a respectful child I obliged them. After that they left and sure enough a month later the woman was with child. The Elders proclaimed from then forward the I was a miracle and sacred. They were to protect me at all costs.

In the ongoing years I was visited by all the women in the village that wanted to conceive children and after just a touch they did. One day though a stranger was traveling through the woods and was attacked by a wolf. My father was out gathering wood for a fire when he came upon the man. He was extremely injured and close to death. My father carried him back to the cave, to tend to his grave wounds. I was the tender age of 15 by this time, I came to help. I grabbed the water we used to bath with and began to clean his wounds, as I did though the wounds seemed to heal. Within mere moments the man was completely healed. Once again it was a miracle, and new spread to the village of my ability to heal wounds as well as the plague.

After this the traveler finished his travels and along the way told everyone he met of the miracle healer in the mountains. The news spread like wildfire, it traveled past our borders and into the other territories. You see we were a secluded village in a wilderness territory ruled by no one. But plagued with beasts and no one wanted this territory. The closest Territory to hear the new was a Territory ruled by a ruthless Vampire, and his Clan. When he heard of the miracle he knew he had to have the child.

He sent his most trusted adviser the the village where I was and asked the elders if he could see me. But because he was a vampire he was requesting to see me at night, and the elders were less than obliged to allow it. The vampire then revealed himself as a vampire and the elders had no choice seeing as this creature could kill the entire village. They brought him to the cave and asked my parents to see me. My mother called to me and as the obedient child I was I came. The Vampire looked at me. I was 16, I had silver white hair that matched to moon, a rather petite frame, modest chest, Ice blue eyes, full lips the color of crimson and porcelain skin. He reached out to kiss my hand. When he touched my skin he felt a strange warmth travel though his hand and knew I had done something. He asked to talk with me in private. My parents obliged as long as we did not leave the fire. The vampire talked to me asking of my childhood and my abilities. He also asked of my dreams and wishes. We talked till the sun came up. The vampire saw the sun and started to run for shelter in the cave, but found that the sun did not burn his skin, it warmed it. He stood in the sunlight basking in it's glory. I on the other hand did take shelter in the cave not because the sun burned but because I was tired and the sun was bright.

The vampire immediately left for his homeland to tell of the miracle. Upon returning home the ruling Lord demanded to hear of the child. The vampire went into detail and even told him of his ability to walk in the sun. Now the Lord knew he had to have her. He spoke to his wife and she

agreed, they must have her. This time the lord went with his wife and was planning on bring me back with them. Now the Lord and Lady had two sons and both of them were very handsome and unwed. Though they were twins the younger of the two was an evil ruthless conniving prick. So instead of obeying his parents he decided to follow and make the Child his own.

When the Lord and Lady came upon the cave they found me gathering wood for a fire alone. They sent their person guard to capture me I saw the creature coming for me and I ran as fast as could but he was faster. He grabbed me and I fought with all me strength but he was stronger. He felt a surge of heat run through his body as the adviser had described., but being caught off guard by the feeling dropped me giving me the chance to run. I reached my parents and told them what had happened. My father then grabbed his sword and told me and my mother to hide in the cave and not to make a sound no matter what we heard. We did as commanded my mother and I ran to the farthest point in the cave ad hid. The Lord and Lady rode in to our camp and told my father to give up the child and they would let them live. He being a very protective father refused, but my father was old and unable to fight and fell from the first attack. They grabbed my father and commanded he call for me. Seeing he had no choice he did as the commanded. My mother told me to stay and went out herself. As she exited the cave she was grabbed and told to call for me, but my mother being the strong willed woman she was she refused. They held her tight and they started to drink and drain her blood from her body. With this she let out a blood curdling scream, and I came running. I exited the cave to see both my parents laying on the ground at the feet of the Lord and Lady. I ran to them. And touched their wounds but they were gone. The Lord told me I was to come with them or face the same fate as my family, I refused and told them I would rather be with my family. Then the Lady decided to take a different approach. She told me to come with of the village would face the same fate as my parents. I could not let them die for me so I went with them, my head held low and my heart broken, I climbed into the carriage.

As I climbed into the carriage I saw a dark figure out of the corner of my eye. It was their son, he was to late. The Lord and Lady Grabbed my hands to help me into the carriage, and to feel the warmth of my touch. When in the carriage I kept looking out the window at the dark stranger. The Lord and Lady were to engulfed in the euphoria of my touch they did not notice. As we left on the long journey back to their palace They had me touch all the guards so that the journey would take less time seeing that they could now travel n the daylight. We reached the Palace in four days. I was still sorrowful and quiet. I had not spoken a word since we left my parents' bodies laying on the ground for the wolves.

The guards escorted me to a large room at the top of the tower, and told me this is where I was to remain until the Lord and Lady decided what to do with me. I walked around the room looking at everything, it was beautiful, I had never seen anything like this. The bed was very large and soft with satin sheets and a big thick Blanket made of the same. The pillows were softer than the one I had at home. I opened to closet to find Many beautiful gowns. I looked in the mirror, i was dressed in a raggedy old dress of my mothers that hung from my small frame. As I was looking at everything I noticed there was no window in this room, and I longed to see the moon, it always brought me peace.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my belly, I hadn't eaten since we left and I was starving. I went to the door and knocked. I heard a rough voice come from the other side, asking what I want. I explained to him I had not eaten and I was hungry. I then heard him talking to another and then footsteps going down the stairs.

Shortly there was a knock on my door before it opened. There stood a tiny woman holding a tray of food. She placed to tray on the table near the center of the room. She pulled out my chair so I could sit. She told me that she was to be my maid and was to tend to my every need. As I was eating she went to the back of the room and began filling a large tub with water for a bath. This tub looked like ten people could fit in it. She added soap which made bubbles and perfume that smelled of flowers. When I was done eating She walked over to me and took my hand and lead me to the tub. I looked at her with a questioning look on my face. She told my she was not a Vampire, merely a human servant. All the servants were human she told me. She asked my name as she proceeded to undress me for my bath. I told her my name was Trinity named for the sacred trinity of the Moon, Sun and Earth. She smiled and began to undress herself. He then helped me into the bath and began to clean my body. I had never been washed before, well not since I was a child. And defiantly not by a stranger. I asked her name hooping it would feel less awkward. She said her name was Sarah and she had been a servant since she was a child. She then continued bathing me and washing my hair. After the bath she wrapped me in a large cloth that felt soft on my skin and had me sit so she could comb my hair. It took her a very long time to comb my hair because of how long it was, it almost reached my knees. After combing my hair she went in to the dresser and pulled out an elegant sleeping gown. She helped me put it on, she also turned down the bed and helped me into it. She told me sleep for tomorrow would be a long day.

The next morning I was roused by Sarah bring me breakfast. It smelled wonderful, and I immediately got out of bed and sat at the table. As I ate she went to the closet and took out one of the beautiful gowns. She chose the blue on to match my eyes. She also grabbed a corset and stocking and a very nice pair of shoes. Now I had never really worn shoes, so I was a little worried about walking in them seeing that they had a raised heel. Sarah told me not to worry she would show me how to walk and I assured me I would be sitting most of the day anyway.

I finished eating and Sarah undressed me again and began to dress me first she put a pair of bloomers to cover my naked bottom then the corset. I did not like the corset it was tight and made it hard to breathe. She then helped me with the stockings and the dress. She had me sit down as she combed my hair and put it up. She then put the shoes on me and helped me walk. After a minute I got the hang of it, but was still a little unsure. Just then The guard entered my room without knocking, Sarah yelled at him for his brutish behavior, and told him he is never to enter a lady's chamber without knocking. He just scoffed at her and proceed to tell me He was to escort me to the Great Hall while my maid went about her duties. He grabbed my arm and forcefully dragged me down the stairs. I was tripping and stumbling the whole way and his grip on my arm was hurting me. By the time we reached the Great Hall I had tears in my eyes from the pain in my arm.

I stood in front of the entire court of Vampires, I felt like a cow on auction. It would have bothered me more but I was more concerned with the pain in my arm. The Lady saw the tears streaking down my face and asked what was wrong. I looked at my feet, and didn't say a word. She then walked toward me and with he finger lifted my chin. She told me I was not to fear her or anyone else I was a treasure and no harm was to come to me, and I was to tell her why I was crying. So in a quiet voice I told her of the brutish way I was Dragged out of my chamber and of the pain in my arm. It felt as if it was broken. She looked at ma arm and felt for the bone it was not broken but my arm was very bruised. She walked back to her throne and told the Lord what I told her. They brought the guard to them and made him explain his actions. He told them he was told to bring her and He did so, he wasn't going to be gentle because I was human, he wanted to get here as fast as possible. They had him dragged away to the dungeon to await execution. The lord then stood up proclaiming that any harm that came to me the person responsible would face the same fate.

With that done they got down to business, they told me and the court That I was going to bless all the land with the ability to walk in the sunlight. Starting with the nobility and working toward the peasants. They took me to a small chair in the front of the thrones and told the court to come and they would be blessed. But they were to pay an offering first. The Lord and Lady's two sons were the first to approach me. First was the eldest Rein, he took my hand and gently kissed it. Looking into my eyes the whole time. His gaze was intoxicating. I found my heart starting to beat faster and I couldn't take my eyes off him even as he walked away allowing his bother to come for his blessing. The younger brother was not as enchanting as his older brother but still attractive. He also kissed my hand, but I just looked toward his brother, which did not please Viktor but I couldn't help myself.

The evening drug on for what seemed like hours and my stomach started to hurt as I was getting hungry. I motioned for the Lady to come to me and Told her I was hungry. She then told the court That the blessings would continue the next evening. They called my Maid to come and escort me to my chambers. While I waited I stared at Rein as I had been all evening the Lady saw this and smiled. I turned my eyes away every time he glanced at me for fear he would catch me staring. I was lost in a trance when he noticed me staring and he smiled. I immediately turned my eyes down to my lap. My maid reached me and grabbed my hand helping me to the stairs. At the base of the stairwell. I saw a new guard waiting, I removed to shoes and gave them to Sarah. As I did so I heard a voice from behind me ask " do you not like the shoes" I looked back and saw Rein. I explained that they were beautiful but I was not accustomed to wearing shoes and They made it hard to walk. He smiled and offered to escort me to my chamber. I bowed and accepted his offer. Sarah followed behind.

As we walked up the long winding staircase, Rein talk to me asking my questions about myself and how I liked my room. I answered and asked him questions about himself. When we reached the top of the stairs he kissed my hand and asked if he could call on me another time. I smiled and nodded. Sarah watched and when she entered the room smile at me.

She said " It looks as though you have caught the eye of the prince"

I smiled and told her of my feeling when I looked at him. I told her I am a mere child of 16 and have never laid eyes on a man as beautiful as him. She smiled and said he was over 100 years old and never married. I thought it odd, she explained that he did not want to marry for the purpose of creating an heir or expansion of the territory he wanted to marry for Love, and he never found it. She smiled until now. Sarah then left to get me some food and I was left alone with my thoughts. Why was I felling this way toward one of my captures? And was I horrible for it because they murdered my family? I then sat and cried for my parents hoping they were at peace. I was still crying when Sarah returned. She asked me why I was crying and I told her stay the held me in a comforting embrace and Kissed me forehead telling me It was alright and everything would turn out for the better. She told me my parents would want me to be happy. I ate then wanted to sleep so Sarah turned down my bed and helped me out of my dress and into my bed clothes. I laid down and fell right to sleep.

Time went by quickly in the palace I had manages to Bless all who brought offerings and since I was so obedient was allowed to wonder the palace, and the yard as long as I had an escort which was usually Sarah, who I had become fond of and thought of as my friend, no sister. Every once in a while Rein would escort me as would Viktor. I was coming upon my 18th year and they were planning a big celebration. I had never had a celebration for my birthday and I was getting excited. The entire Kingdom was invited and I was told there was to be a surprise.

The day of my Birthday I was so excited I could hardly wait, I ran down the stairs still in my nightgown to see all the commotion. I was watching the whole palace in an uproar getting everything ready. When I heard Rein come from behind me and tell me it was not appropriate for a lady to be seen n her bed clothes. I was so excited I had forgot what I was wearing and became embarrassed and ran to my room. Sarah was waiting with a very stern look on her face, then a smile. She helped me dress and fixed my hair. We both rushed down the stairs. As we reached the bottom we came upon Viktor. He smiled and asked Sarah if he could take me for a short while. Sarah obliged with a small curtsy and went about her duties. Viktor walked with me around the palace showing me everything they were doing in appreciation of my blessings and their gratitude for me. I thanked him and gave him a hug. We happened upon Rein and he told his brother that he would be escorting me from then on. This just infuriated Viktor and he stormed off.

Rein then led me to a secluded corner of the great Hall and we talked there for a moment. I could feel butterflies in my stomach, as I always did when Rein was this close. He told me that I had blossomed into a beautiful young lady. I was unable to look at him so I looked down and blushed. He then Lifted my chin with his finger and leaned in and Kissed my lips ever so softly. I once again blushed he then Grabbed me around me waist and kissed me more passionately, and I couldn't control myself and I kissed him back. I saw Viktor walk up behind Rein with rage in his eyes. He grabbed Rein pulling him away. They began to fight as they fought they ended up in the middle of the room. The Lord came in and in a blink was pulling them apart. He asked Rein what happened and he told his father that Viktor had just attacked him unprovoked. The Lord then looked at Viktor and he explained that he caught Rein kissing me in the corner and he thought it uncouth to do so before the announcement was made and that He was the one that should have me not Rein. The Lord looked at both of them and explained to Viktor that Rein was the eldest therefore he was to chose his bride first.

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