tagInterracial LoveDaughter of the Pastor

Daughter of the Pastor


A sleepy little hamlet near Cooperstown, New York in 1969.


"Hello," Melody Burns said as she leaned on the sill of the open window of her bedroom and spoke to the the gardener who was walking past. "Didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't little girl," Sam Royal replied as he stopped to wipe his brow. "I seen you there watching me most of the morning."

"Sorry. Kind of bored," Melody said. "I'm Melody."

"Sam," the burly black man replied, squinting in at the redhead with the freckles around her pug nose and green eyes which were bright as the grass he had been cutting. "You the preacher's little girl?"

"Yes sir."

"How come you aren't in school? It over already?"

"Yeah. Last week," Melody said.

"And you're bored already?"

"Yeah. I wish they would let me mow the lawn. Give me something to do, but I'm kind of a klutz," Melody shrugged.

"Then I'd be out of a job," Sam said. "They will probably let you do it when you get older."

"Older? I'm going to college in the fall."

"College?" Sam said with a dubious expression on his face. "You one of them geniuses or something?"

"I wish. I do okay though. Why?"

"You look like a little kid is why," Sam said.

"I'm 18," Melody sniffed. "Going to college in September and then next year I get to do missionary work for my sophomore year."

"You a do-gooder like your folks, that right Melody?" Sam chuckled.

"We try."

"If you wanted to do real good you could get me a drink of water," Sam suggested. "Hot as blazes out here."

"Sure Sam!" Melody chirped, and as she got up and went across her bedroom and out to the kitchen the gardener watched the skinny thing depart.

"Wonder if the preacher and Momma know you walk around the house like that?" Sam mused as he got a glimpse at the pale legs exposed by the nightie Melody was wearing, and although she was wearing a bra under the nightie Sam thought he caught the bottom of her butt cheeks when she had turned the corner.

"Damn," Sam sighed as the girl came back into the bedroom with the tumbler of water, and although the nightie came half way down her freckled thighs there were no panties under there because he got to see the shadow of what looked like a big red bush though the fabric.

"Here Sam," Melody said as she reached down and handed the gardener the glass before sitting back down and putting her elbows on the sill.

"Much obliged," Sam said as he took a drink and looked at the pale waif. "Doesn't look like you get much sun."

"I burn easy," Melody said, shrugging her skinny shoulders.

"I've heard redheads are like that," Sam said, his eyes twinkling as he nodded in her direction. "And you surely are a redhead."

"Me?" Oh!" Melody said when she noticed he was nodding at the spray of burnt orange hair that sprouted out of her armpits and visible the way she was sitting.

"You one of those hippie girls?" Sam leered.

"Me? Lord no," Melody said. "Daddy would kill me. He says that we should stay as we were created."

"That so? How come he doesn't have a beard then?"

"Uh - I dunno. I think that's just for girls," Melody mumbled.

"Oh," Sam said, and when he noticed the girl was blushing he added, "Didn't mean to embarrass you or anything - about your armpit hair. Matter-of-fact I think it looks sexy on you. Makes you look older."

"It does?" Melody said and her hands squeezed her opposite elbows. "Girls used make fun of me in gym class though, a lot of them anyway."

"Who cares? You won't see most of them ever again after you go to college," Sam said.

"I guess."

"You got a boyfriend?"

"Me? No."

"Daddy don't let you?"

"Well, he would let me go on a date but the boy would have to come and get like interviewed or interrogated I think," Melody said with a giggle. "I think that scares them off. That plus I'm not all that good looking."

"Nonsense, you're fine looking Melody. You mean if I wanted to go out on a date with you all I would have to do is talk to your Daddy?"

"No silly. He wouldn't let me go on a date with you."

"Oh, you mean because I'm black?" Sam suggested.

"NO!" Melody said. "He isn't like that. None of us are. I was brought up to treat everybody the same, Negroes and..."

"Negroes?" Sam chuckled.

"Well, that's the word Daddy uses," Melody explained.

"Kind of an out of date word. After all, I am black, right Melody?" Sam asked while extending his hand up to her.

"Yes," Melody said softly, looking at the massive paw like he was King Kong ready to scoop her up.

"It doesn't come off you know?" Sam mentioned. "You can touch it, unless you're afraid that it."

"I'm not afraid," Melody countered and she reached out to prove it, putting her pale freckled hand onto the back of Sam's. "See?"

"Look how different we are," Sam said as they looked at the hands on the window ledge. "My skin is so black, and yours is so pale and white - except for the freckles that is."

Melody giggled loudly at that, and rubbed her fingers against his skin more to prove to the gardener that she wasn't as nervous as she really was.

"Aw! You're so cute when you blush," Sam cooed.

"Your skin is soft," Melody said as she let her hand slide up to his wrist.

"Yours is too Melody," Sam replied as he reached over with his other hand and touched her freckled forearm, making the down stand up straight in response.

"Your hairs are crinkly," Melody giggled as her hand went up a bit on his forearm.

"Yours is soft as a cloud - what's the matter child? Ticklish?"

"No," Melody said, shivering as the gardener's hand slid up the inside of her bicep and under her arm.

"You like that baby?" Sam purred, stunned that not only was she letting him touch her that way but was leaning out the window to make it easier for him.

"I guess I must. Sometimes I do that to myself - don't even realize I'm doing it. I just sit there and rub my thumb in the hairs because it feels nice," Melody admitted as she bit her lower lip after her confession.

"You sure do have a lot of hair in that little hollow. You know, if I came in there I betcha I could rub it even better," Sam said, and that brought the girl back to earth, causing her to pull back.

"Sorry. Shouldn't let you be doing that."

"Did no harm girl. Now you were saying that boys that want to go out with you would have to talk to your Dad," Sam reminded her. "I would do that."

"He would never and not because of your color either. He would say you're too old. He would never," Melody repeated, although he could see that the thought of it got to her.

"I'm only 51. You're 18. Both of us are adults."

"Wow. You're older than my Dad," Melody said. "You don't look it."

"I'd look better all cleaned up," Sam said. "Kinda sweaty righ now."

"I know," Melody said and watched as Sam took off his shirt and tied it around his waist, exposing

an upper torso that was a little soft in the waist but broad and still pretty muscular in the chest, shoulders and arms.

"Not bad for a old man, huh Melody?" Sam said as he noticed the girl staring at his body.

"Sorry," she mumbled. "I shouldn't be - I mean you have work to do."

"Your Daddy pays by the job not the hour, so my time is my own," Sam explained. "So if you were to invite me in, there wouldn't be anything wrong with that. We could talk and maybe do some more of that touching we were doing."

"Why not?" Sam asked. "Didn't you like it? Seemed like you did. Or is it that you liked it too much? Did it make your tingly inside? I know it did me."

"What's wrong honey?"

"This isn't right," Melody said. "We shouldn't talking like this or touching. Especially the touching."

"No law against it. No law against feeling good when somebody touches you either," Sam said. "Seems to me you liked it when I touched you, didn't you?"

"Still not right."

"It did feel good though, right?

"The sins which lead most souls to hell are sins of the flesh," Melody said. "We all fight our demons on a daily basis."

"By that look in your eyes when I was stroking your arm and telling you how pretty you were - well - it seemed liked you were losing that fight," Sam mused, and while Melody shrugged she said nothing in return.

"Haven't you been with boys before?"

"At school. Half the class were boys."

"I mean doing other things. You know, things that boys and girls do."

"Kissed a couple," Melody said.

"That all?"


"Did you like it?"

"I guess."

"Never did anything else?" Sam asked, and when Melody showed a little hesitance in responding he pressed her.

"You saying you never said to yourself, I'm tired of being goody-good and maybe I'm entitled to be a little naughty for once?"

"You won't tell anybody, will you Sam?" Melody said.

"Promise," Sam said as he leaned on the sill.

"Last week after school let out I went into the woods behind the ballpark with Charlie Parks," Melody said. "You know him?"

"Afraid not. A classmate of yours?"

"Yes. Anyway he had these little bottles of liquor. I guess his father got them on a plane or something. Charlie had four and he gave me two."

"You drink them?"

"Yes but I shouldn't have because they tasted yucky and made me dizzy too," Melody explained. "After we drank them we started kissing and then he - took his thing out."

"Oh. What did you do then?" Sam asked.

"Can't believe I'm telling you this," Melody said.

"It's okay. Did you suck on it?"

"No!" Melody snapped. "I uh - you know?"

"You jerked him off?" Sam said as he watched Melody make a circle with her thumb and finger while moving her hand up and down, and after she nodded he asked her if she liked doing it."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Did he cum? Did you keep jerking it until he shot?"


"Then what?"

"He," Melody started but stopped. "I can't."

"Let me guess. He had you lift up your skirt - you wear those plaid ones as part of the uniform don't you? And then you pulled down your panties, right? You let him put his finger inside you?" Sam asked and Melody nodded.

"Bet you both liked that," Sam whispered "That Charlie, did he like it when he saw how much hair you had down there?"

"Huh? How..."

"I could see it when you were bringing back the water for me. Nice big red bush you got down there on you Melody."

"Omigod I didn't..."

"Oh, I thought you were trying so show me how sexy you were," Sam said sadly.

"No, I swear. I didn't know."

"It's okay honey. Anyway, I liked your story. That Charlie. Did he want to do anything else with you?"

"Yeah. He had a - you know - one of those rubbery things that he wanted to put it on his thing and put it in me but I wouldn't and he got mad.

"He the only boy you ever touched?"


"Tell me about his thing. He have a big one?"

"I dunno," Melody shrugged. "Seemed like it to me."

"Want to see mine?" Sam asked.


"You sure?" Sam asked. "You wouldn't have to touch it or anything. Just looking would be fun, and maybe you could lift up to nightie to let me get a look at how hairy you are down there."


"Maybe take off your bra to so I could see your breasts?"

"No. No way."

"I don't care if they're little. Heck, more than a mouthful is a waste."

"I can't."

"Because I'm black?"

"No, I swear. I just can't."

"Well can I come in to use the bathroom then?" Sam asked. "Just to take a leak?"

"I guess. I'll let you in."


Sam was already waiting at the kitchen door when Melody appeared, and as she brought him down the hall the gardener could see her pert little butt which was clearly visible through the nightie.

"There it is," Melody said as she pointed into the room.

"Sure got a lot of freckles, don't you Melody?" Sam asked as he looked down at the galaxy that covered her back and shoulders.

"I guess," Melody said as she reached around the corner and flicked on the light before turning to go back to her room.

"Melody, you don't have to go," Sam said as he entered the bathroom and headed to the toilet, reaching down and lifting the seat. "I'm not shy. You can watch if you want. I don't mind."

"Can't," Melody said, but to Sam's surprise while she leaned away from the doorway she kept her head clearly in sight.

"You want to watch. I can tell, just like you want me to touch you some more."

"No I don't."

"Nothing wrong with what you're feeling child," Sam explained. "I was young once myself. You got feelings going through you that you can't explain and can't control. It's part of growing up. All that wiggling and squirming you've been doing while we was talking and touching? It's the woman in you trying to get out."

"No. You're wrong," Melody said but didn't move.

Sam smiled and undid his belt before letting his work pants drop to his ankles, and after looking over to see if Melody was still there he unsnapped his boxers and let them drop down as well, making sure he was angled a little bit towards the door.

Sam tried to pretend that he didn't hear the gasp that came from the girl and calmly gave his flaccid cock a couple of long slow pulls before glancing back over.

"Takes a while for me to get started," Sam said but Melody's eyes were fixated on what he was now letting hang down toward the bowl. "There we go. Ah!"

As the yellow stream blasted out and then was reduced to a trickle and then a dribble, Sam wiggled the hose to dry the tip before asking if Melody would like to shake it for him, but she shook her head and turned down the hall to her room.

"Heh heh heh," Sam chortled before he flushed the toilet and stepped out of the clothes that were around his ankles, and after he washed and dried his hands he went down the hall in the direction Melody had gone.


"Hope you wanted me to follow you," Sam said when he found Melody by the dresser in her bedroom, and when he looked at his reflection in the mirror Melody was next to, he got a look at himself the way she was seeing him.

Sam sucked up his little belly a bit at that image but he knew that wasn't what Melody had been looking at.

"No. You shouldn't be in here. My Mom..."

"She never comes home until later with your father," Sam said, having become familiar with their schedule over the years. "Nothing to be afraid of. I'm no different that Charlie, right? I mean besides him being white probably, correct?"

"No. His - thing - it had a head on it," Melody mumbled.

"Huh?" Sam said, wondering what that church school was teaching about anatomy. "Oh. No child, see?"

Sam grabbed his penis and slid the foreskin back, exposing the glans that was plum-like in both size and hue, with the wrinkled skin that had been hiding it being coal black in contrast.

"It's called a foreskin, and sometimes people get that snipped off their kids after they're born, like your friend did I guess," Sam said. "Didn't they teach you that in school?"


"Well, outside of that I guess we're the same, right?" Sam said, knowing that wasn't likely to be the case.


"Well then tell me what the other difference is<" Sam said. "If his was bigger that's okay. Doesn't bother me none."

"No - yours is bigger," Melody said. "Way longer and fatter, and yours - yours isn't even hard yet is it? It gets even bigger then, right?"

"A little," Sam said but that was the truth because even though his cock was still pointing downward it was already somewhat aroused and wouldn't get much longer than the 9 or so inches it was just then. "You want to see it get hard Melody?"

"Sure you do honey," Sam said in ignoring the timid shake of her head. "If you want to see what it looks like when it gets hard, just lift up your nightie a little for me."

"That's it - a little higher," Sam was saying after a minute or two of a stalemate before Melody took the hem of the garment and lifted it up slowly, and by the time she had raised it to her belly button and had exposed the entire wild jungle of burnt-orange hued hair that guarded her sex, he was fully aroused.

"So pretty," Sam said as he reached down with his fist and stroked his erection. "Now why don't just pull that nightie off and take of the bra too. You want to show me those titties of yours. I like them little ones."

"That's it honey," Sam whispered as Melody lifted the nightie up and then unhooked her bra, exposing her perky breasts that were mostly puffy aureolas and nipple. "Oh darling, you're so beautiful."

"I'm scared," Melody sobbed as Sam came up to her and gave her a hug while keeping his erection off to the side.

"I know honey," Sam said as he took her freckled hand and brought it down to his cock, and he could feel her fingers shake as she lightly held him like she was scared it would break. "Nothing to be scared of though. Feel it throbbing in your hand?"

"Yes," Melody said, her whisper shaking like her body as Sam kissed the top of her head before bending lower.

The gardener bent down and kissed Melody's right nipple before letting his lips slide down to almost take the entire breast in his mouth before repeating it with the other side.

"Oh child you're so wet," Sam gasped as his hand went down and his fingers raked through the dense thicket.

"I can't - don't know how to do..."

"Nothing to know. Let Sam take care of you," he said as then lifted the woman/child up and set Melody on her back in the bedding before parting her skinny thighs and lowering his face into the untrimmed forest.

Sam's mouth burrowed into the soggy bush until his tongue found the opening. He ate out that virgin pussy and felt the girl squirm and writhe around the bed while the scream that accompanied her orgasm filled the little room, and as her skinny legs flailed in the air she knew he was going to end up doing what he had no intention of doing originally when he started work that day.

"Got to have you child," Sam heard himself saying as he climbed up to his knees and rubbed his cock where his tongue had just been.

"It's too big - it really is! It hurts," Melody was sobbing as Sam tried the force the bulbous knob into what felt like the eye of a needle. "OW! Please don't hurt me!"

"It's okay - it'll all be over in a second," Sam gasped just before the crown of his member popped into Melody, and he tried to cover her mouth with his own to stifle the unearthly howl that came out when the membrane that had served her well and kept her pure for 18 years gave in under the pressure of his massive organ.

Sam's husky, sweaty body held the girl as she slowly recovered from the initial shock of it all, and when she seemed better he raised up a little.

"There - better now right?" Sam said.

"Still hurts - don't put it all in," Melody gasped.

"It's not honey. Just have the tip in," Sam swore, and when he looked down he was right because most of his cock was outside the bush, which was covered with the evidence of what he had done. "Gonna feel good soon. I swear."

"Oh oh oh," Melody was grunting as each little thrust worked his cock a little deeper into still virgin territory, and he tried to be gentle while letting the teen get used to the totally new experience.

"You cumming Melody?" Sam asked a couple minutes later when her hands dug into his biceps and her eyes bugged out, and then she was arching her back and squealing while her pussy convulsed around his cock.

"Omigod!" Melody cried out less than a minute after her first orgasm ended because she was cumming again and then she was yet cumming again not long after, her thrashing so violent that that Sam had all he could do to keep her on the bed.

"No more please," Melody was whimpering. "It really hurts now."

"Okay child, but it was good for you?" Sam asked as he slowed his thrusts while sliding almost all of his cock into Melody.

"Yes," she said with a wince and after she nodded and repeated "yes," he then asked if she was mad as him.

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