tagInterracial LoveDaughter of the Pastor: Mother

Daughter of the Pastor: Mother


Sam Royal scrubbed the parts of his body just as he had been instructed, washing his face, hands and privates before splashing a little water under his arms and then drying off while looking at his reflection in the mirror.

Sam felt every bit of his 51 years, although that wasn't the way he felt when he was in this very same bathroom a few hours ago. At that time he felt as young as the 18 year old daughter of the preacher he was about to deflower, even though that wasn't his intention when he arrived to do the landscaping at the residence of Pastor Burns.

Things had happened though, and after he took the redhead's cherry Melody's mother had appeared unexpectedly, acting as outraged as he knew she had a right to be. The anger turned out to be just a show because not only wasn't he fired, Sam was getting a promotion of sorts if Lily Burns was to be believed.

"You want to find out where Melody got her freckles and plenty of that red hair from? I already know you don't mind the hair. I'm a 50 year old version of Melody only a lot taller, not as tight in some places, and a double D cup instead of a training bra." Lily had said as she turned around and headed down the hall. "If you're interested it's the bedroom opposite the one you messed up."

Sam was interested even if he feared that maybe Lily Burns wouldn't take kindly to being turned down if he passed on the chance. Just as shy little Melody had been too much to resist, her mother had an appeal to the gardener that was hard to fight, not that he put up much of an effort.

Lily wasn't as cute as her daughter, with her features not nearly as soft and her looks and mannerisms not innocent in the least but maybe that was the appeal of this older woman. Sam had always thought of her as a stiff and starched stereotype of the typical preacher's wife, and right on through her walking in and seeing the blood of her formerly virgin daughter on the sheets and his cock she had played that part to the fullest.

Afterward though with Lily sending her daughter to work at the church's food pantry for the rest of the day, she had changed. Maybe it wasn't a change though. Maybe this was the way Lily Burns really was after all and the prudish Lily Burns was just a front. The way she had talked out at the kitchen table - earthy and vulgar in her talking about the most private parts of his body without so much as blinking - and the way she had bent over to show the gardener an outrageous cleavage that he had no idea existed? That seemed real, as did her seeming contempt for her husband when she had spoken of him during their candid chat.

She wanted this, Sam mused as he pulled on his semi-turgid cock and looked at the admittedly ugly hunk of flesh that went halfway to his knees, the shape of the plum-sized head clear through the long foreskin that hung lower that the musky sac that to his surprise and delight was going to be called on to provided the juice once again today.

"You're gonna get it too, Lily," Sam mumbled as he turned off the bathroom light and headed to the master bedroom.


Lily had her back to Sam and was bending over while looking in a drawer of the bedroom dresser for something when Sam got there. Unlike Melody, Mom was a long and lean woman who was only a couple inches shorter than the burly 6'1" Sam Royal, and her legs were long and not particularly shapely. Her hips were a tad wide but her ass was rather small, and as she bent over the gardener smiled saw that burnt orange fur that grew up the crack of her ass.

There wasn't very much that was shapely about the woman, although she was in better shape that any 50 year old had a right to be because there didn't appear to be an ounce of fat on her from what Sam could see. He mused that maybe she could even use a few extra pounds on that backside as well as some flesh on her stork-like legs, but then she was closing the drawer and turning around while ending his backside appraisal.

"Son-of-a-bitch," Lily Burns said, and Sam muttered something as well as they stood at opposite ends of the bedroom like it was going to be some kind of duel between gunfighters, with each of them staring at the other's weapons. "The fucking thing looks even bigger now."

"You saw it spent last time, but I'm a little excited right about now," Sam mumbled as Lily stared without blinking at his cock while his eyes stared at the biggest tits he had even seen outside of Juggs magazine.

"You like?" Lily said with a smile while her long immaculately manicured fingers cupped her breasts, which so dominated her skinny frame that it seemed they could not be real, except they obviously were even though they made her so top-heavy that it was a miracle her posture always was as rigid as it had seemed.

Lily's pale pendulous breasts hung down to her waist with their sheer size sending them that way, but they weren't sagging so much as they were just huge and had nowhere else to go. Her nipples were pale pink bullets that were centered on aureolas that were bigger than drink coasters. Her breasts were milky white and the freckles that covered her shoulders, arms and neck made them look even more pale in contrast.

"Them's some incredible breasts," Sam said as he wondered whether her daughter's little buds would look like that in three decades, although that seemed impossible, and as he pictures the bland woman who passed the collection baskets at church each week he added, "Don't know how you always hide all of that woman come Sundays, much less keep from tipping over."

"Don't think much of the congregation would care much for them but I can tell you do," Lily cooed as she looked down and watched the gardener's cock making little lurches upward like it was being lacked up until it was almost pointing at the preacher's wife. "And they're called tits."

"Tits," Sam said as he reached down and took his cock in his fist and stroked it a couple of times, letting the foreskin expose the bulbous knob of his manhood before letting it go. "Not used to your dirty talk, but I like it."

"Anybody even deep throat that horse cock of yours?" Lily said while motioning Sam to close the door and come in.

"Hell no," Sam said as he went over to Lily who was meeting him halfway, his eyes straying to the wild triangle of burnt-orange hair that overflowed the delta between her bony hips, the hue of the fur a bit darker than Melody's had been. "Don't remember anybody ever trying though."

"I don't mind failing but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try," Lily sighed as she gracefully went to her knees and grabbed the dark black monolith in her hands, pumping the shaft and licking the head that was like a plum in size and color.

"Fucking son-of-bitch!" Sam cried out as he watched Lily's mouth slide down the shaft while her face strained as if she was trying to swallow his cock and then winced when he realized what he had said to the preacher's wife. "Sorry."

"What about?" Lily snorted after she let her mouth slide back off of his cock, her saliva showing that while she hadn't gotten it all down her throat she had slicked up about 7 or 8 inches of it with her spit. "Don't be a gentleman Sam. I get enough of that shit here as it is. Talk like I was your slut. Your whore. It turns me on to hear it as much as I like saying it."

After spitting that out Lily's mouth swooped down on his member again and didn't stop until the tip of his dick hit her throat, and then as if his glans had tripped a switch she was like a machine.

"Oh yeah," Sam said as he ran his hand through Lily's hair and then tried to see how serious she was about that dirty talk. "Suck that big black cock you slut. Lick my balls."

Lily did just that, yanking his cock upright and licking the crinkly haired sac before popping the smaller nut in her mouth and seeming to try and suck the sweaty orb right off his body.

"Nasty bitch," Sam cackled as he grabbed his cock from her and smacked Lily on the top of her head while she looked up at him with a twinkle in her eye and a caustic mouth.

"Not dealing with a kid anymore, you black bastard," Lily said defiantly with a grin that indicated to Sam that she was kidding, sort of. "You're with a woman now. Think you're man enough to handle my pussy?"

"You'll find out when you're begging for mercy in a little while," Sam chuckled. "That preacher's pussy will never be the same after I rip that thing up."

"Talk is cheap you Mandingo motherfucker," Lily said as she jumped up and threw herself onto the bed and spread her legs wide to expose the furry valley that wasn't as densely thatched as her daughter's but was impressive nonetheless. "Show me what you've got."

Sam took the two steps needed to reach the bed and climbed between the long spindly thighs, and when Lily made it clear that there wasn't going to be any foreplay by clawing at his shoulders to pull up to her, the gardener moved up and after stroking his cock through the hairy opening that was dripping wet he pushed in.

"How you like it now?" Sam cackled as he forced his cock into an opening that was close to being as tight as Melody's had been, but while Lily's initial response was a scream she not only took it but pulled him closer as her nails dug into his back.

"That all you have?" Lily spat at him, her eyes blazing as she wrapped her legs around his ass. "You fuck like a preacher. Fuck my cunt like you mean it or don't waste my time."

What followed was nothing approaching lovemaking. It was more a primitive mating, with the two tearing at each other savagely as they drove the mattress half off of the box spring. When they kissed they were almost swallowing each other's tongues as their wet bodies, covered with each other's sweat and saliva, slammed together with the slapping of flesh echoing like thunder in the room.

"Cum you slut!" Sam screamed as he held Lily's shoulders down when she seemed to be levitating off of the bed, her eyes rolling back in her head as only the whites of her eyes were no visible

"Fuck!" Lily howled as her pussy convulsed around his manhood and every vein and muscle in her long slender neck was visible with the arching of her back but her orgasm did nothing to calm her down but seemed to inflame her even more.

The two ended up tumbling off the bed soon after, with Sam able to take the brunt of the fall for both of them when they slipped off the sliding mattress by landing on his back, but Lily seemed more upset that they had become uncoupled than the tumble.

"Shit!" Lily cried with eyes blazing as she scrambled up to straddle the gardener while frantically trying to impale herself with his thick manhood, and when she lowered herself down on the huge cock roughly she howled, "Fuck. Fuck me!"

"Gonna cum!" Sam said when after a couple of minutes of the preacher's wife riding him like he was a bull he could hold back no more, the sight how Lily's over-sized jugs rolling around above him as he struggled to grab them becoming too much.

"Wait you fucker!" Lily screamed as her eyes practically popped out of her skull. "Wait... wait...argh!"

Mercifully Lily's pussy signaled her orgasm just as Sam let loose, his cock spurting inside of the preacher's wife like a geyser while she contorted in some crazed dance on him until he went limp in her.

"Damn," Lily groaned as she collapsed on top of Sam, his cock slithering out of her as they embraced for a minute before Lily announced, "You were good - really good. I like the cuddling but let's get this bed back together first."

They got to their feet and after Sam righted the mattress Lily threw the sheets on it and fell into the pile of bedding.

"Sheets have to be changed anyway. Just relax for now," Lily said. "Although you are going to have to leave before much longer I'm afraid. Too bad. I could go for some more."

"Wow. All I can say is you got more energy than I do," Sam exclaimed as he rolled up next to Lily and put her hand on her breast which was still an impressive sight even with her on her back.

"That's right, you've been fucking all day," Lily said with a smirk. "I won't ask who was better, although I'm tempted."

"You were both special," Sam said as his hand slid over her slippery skin and kneaded the doughy jug.

"A politician," Lily chuckled.

"The preacher is a lucky man," Sam offered.

"You don't think what we just did is what usually goes on here do you?" Lily said. "Nothing but missionary in the dark with a lot of faking thrown in, and after Robert screws me - well let's just say that unlike then my pussy is aching right now. Don't apologize either. It aches good."

"I'm a hurting puppy myself," Sam admitted, his back reminding him that he was not a spring chicken any more in other parts of his body even though the cock was working fine.

"Sorry about that," Lily said as the gardener toyed with the long sparse hairs in her unshaven armpit. "I don't know if Melody explained but..."

"She said people here have to remain like you were created, or at least the women do," Sam said. "Don't bother me none either way."

"I'm used to it. Poor Melody though," Lily said. "She's so hairy and these days aren't like when I was her age. She gets teased so, but I bet that when she goes away to college she'll start shaving."

"She's gonna be cute either way I suspect," Sam concluded.

"Thursday," Lily said. "You busy?"

"Always busy," Sam said as Lily rolled over and toyed with his nipple before rubbing the soggy curls on his chest. "What did you have in mind?"

"More of the same, if you're interested that is," Lily said, looking at him as his nibbled at the curls under his muscular arm.

"Supposed to rain Thursday anyway," Sam said as Lily's hand reached down and grabbed his flaccid cock by the stump and flopped it around.

"You like it in the ass Sam?" Lily asked, and when she saw the look on his face she quickly added, "I mean giving not taking."

"Only did it once," Sam said. "I liked it fine but the girl..."

"I'm not a girl Sam," Lily added. "And that stuff I was saying while we were going at it?"

"I liked it fine," Sam assured her. "I had fun saying the stuff and really liked you using that language. It was so - unexpected."

"I've managed to master the art of being the pastor's wife in the real world while being the filthy whore in the bed, although I don't get many chances to do it anymore," Lily confided. "I meant how you felt about the other stuff though. The Mandingo and the black bastard? I didn't use the other word though. hate that word."

"Didn't bother me," Sam said. "Hell, even if you used the n-word - hell I been called it in anger boatloads of times so it wouldn't bother me to hear it in passion."

"Just the same, I think I'll stick with the other words," Lily said with a laugh. "Although Robert would frown on anything but Negro. And you, well you can feel free to call me a white bitch or a preacher's cunt."

"Is that right you big titted slut?" Sam asked while pawing her massive globe. "You ever have anybody fuck you between these jugs?"

"Put it on your list for Thursday, you horse-cocked motherfucker," Lily exclaimed but as she started pulling on Sam's cock in earnest she looked over at the clock. "Shit. No time."

"I suppose I can wait," Sam said as they climbed off of the bed, and as he watched Lily go over and get fresh sheets he motioned at her pussy. "You're going to drip on the floor."

"Good grief," Lily said as she looked down at the semen hanging off the hair around her pussy. "You come in quarts."

Sam offered to help make the bed but Lily shooed him away, mentioning that Melody would be home soon and if she saw him in her parents bedroom it might be tough to explain.

"Have to get my equipment loaded in the truck anyway," Sam said as he went around to kiss the preacher's wife on the cheek, but she turned and gave him a kiss that was far more fitting given the circumstances.

"Take your vitamins Sam," she said. "And I'll buy the lube."

Sam Royal got his equipment together and was about to leave when he saw a timid wave and a familiar face in the bedroom window. Melody.

"Hi Sam," Melody said. "You still working?"

"Just finished darling. How are you?"

"Sore," Melody said while making a face. "But happy too. I was tired of being the good girl all the time. Did Mom yell at you?"

"Oh yeah," Sam said with a chuckle. "She's a yeller alright, but we're okay now. Her bark is worse than her bite."

As he said that Sam made sure his shirt was covering the teeth marks Lily had left on his collarbone, and then asked Melody how things went at the food pantry.

"Okay, Umm... I was going to ask you if you wanted to come over Thursday," Melody said shyly, but then as Sam started to panic when he thought about a previous engagement here the teen added, "but Mom told me I have to work at the food pantry all day Thursday."

"You really wanted me to come over?"

"Sure, you know. To talk," Melody said and then blushed and lowered her face as she added. "And stuff."

"You nasty girl," Sam whispered. "I thought you said you were sore?"

"I am but, anyway it's not as bad as it was," Melody admitted. "It will probably feel a lot better by then. You know, I really liked doing what we did."

"I sure did too girlie," Sam said with a wink while adding, "You're the sexiest little thing I ever saw."

"You will come back next Tuesday right Sam?"

"Correct little girl," Sam said. "I'm here every Tuesday around 10."

"Mother and father leave around 8:30," Melody explained. "If you wanted to come by earlier, like around 8:31..."

"People in the neighborhood usually don't like to hear mowers going that early," Sam told the petite redhead. "Of course, I could hold off on the lawn work until the normal time. That way I could come in and we could - what did you say - talk?"

"Yeah, and stuff," Melody giggled.

"Nasty. That way I wouldn't be all sweaty when we - talked."

"I don't care about that," Melody said. "Next Tuesday then? Can't wait."

"Me neither child," Sam said as he waved and started to go.

"Sam?" came the whisper from the window, and when the gardener turn he saw Melody take a step back and lift her blouse along with pulling her bra up to show him her perky little titties again. "Don't forget about me."

"Nasty girl," Sam chortled as he kept looking until Melody lowered her blouse, and only then did he wave and depart.

"Crazy family," Sam muttered to himself. "Redheads must all be crazy."


thank you for reading

I have written more of these people but since the rest will be much different that this and likely will not be for everybody I am keeping it separate if I submit it at all.


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