Daughter of the Pastor


"No," she whimpered. "I'm not mad."

"Good child. You needed that as bad as I did. Here I come," Sam said while sliding his cock almost all the way out before impaling her one last time and letting out a groan as his seed spurted deep into her womb, jet after jet of his sap filling her pussy until he went limp in her.

"Don't cry honey," Sam said as he looked down at the sweaty and now ruddy complexion of the girl he had just deflowered.

"You shot you stuff into me. You didn't wear one of those things Charlie had," Melody sobbed.

"I can't get into one of those things - but don't worry because you can't get pregnant. I mean, my sperm count is low. I couldn't have kids. That's why my wife left me back then," Sam said. "So there's no need to worry."

"Sorry I was a baby," Melody sniffed.

"You were fine honey," Sam said. "I just..."

"Melody?" came a voice from out in the house, and as the melodic tones filled the air Sam bolted up out of the bed and ran to the window, opening it further and ready to jump out until he remembered something important.

"My pants - underwear," Sam said to Melody who was still dazed and on her back and was trying to comprehend what was happening. "They're..."

Sam was trying to say that he had left his pants and briefs in the bathroom, but the footsteps out in the hall had already passed that room and were coming round the bend with high heels clicking.

"OMIGOD!" screamed the lean and lanky woman whose expression and voice was nothing like the cool and pristine dress she wore. "What? What have you done?"

Looking over at Sam who was naked and standing at the window and then at her daughter, who was still on her back with legs akimbo and her pussy covered with what comes from deflowering in addition to the semen oozing from the hairy orifice, the normally calm and dignified woman looked anything but that.

"You - you raped my daughter?" Mrs. Burns sputtered. "How could you?"

I... I..." Sam stuttered as the horror of what was going to happen became clear.

Melody, trapped as she was, simply had to say that he had forced himself on her and that would be the end for him, because nobody in these parts would doubt it. No self-respecting God-fearing daughter of a preacher would willingly bed a black guy, or admit it if she did.

"No mother," Melody said almost right away in a voice that only wavered slightly. "He didn't make me do anything. I wanted to. I'm sorry."

"You wanted to sex him?" Mrs. Burns asked.

"Yes, but I didn't mean that part about being sorry because I'm not," Melody said. "I was teasing and flirting a little, and maybe it wasn't what I was planning on at first, but when it happened I was glad. Not sorry."

Sam resisted the urge to hug and kiss that little angel, but instead just stood there and tried to get his heart to slow down while Melody's mother told her to go take a shower.

"You going to tell father?" Melody asked.

"We'll talk about that afterward," Mrs. Burns said, and after Melody left she looked at the messy sheets before yanking them all off the bed.

Mrs. Burns looked over at the naked black man whose skin was shining in the light that peered through the window, her eyes taking in every part of him before she walked over to Sam.

Sam braced himself for what he thought was going to be a slap but instead the hand that came up to his face only plucked a curly red hair from his cheek, and after she let it flutter to the floor she spoke to him.

"Looks like you still have some work to do, don't you Sam?" the once again placid woman asked as she looked past him out at the yard.

"Yes ma'am," Sam said as he started to hurry out of the room before Mrs. Burns stopped him.

"We will speak of this when you are through," she stated. "I'm very disappointed in you."

"Me too," Sam mumbled before retrieving his clothes and going out to finish the yard work.


"I've sent Melody down to the church," Mrs. Burns told Sam as she told him to sit down at the kitchen table across from her. "She will be working at the parish food pantry for the rest of the day. Her father had to go downstate for a conference, which was just as well, don't you think? Imagine if it that been him instead of me that came in here. He might have killed you."

"Yes, Mrs. Burns," Sam said contritely, although the thought of the little twerp doing anything to him but yell was laughable.

"I would ask you how long this had been going on but the evidence was there in the bedding, which has been disposed of," she continued. "However I would like to know what has happened between you two before today."

"Nothing, I swear Mrs. Burns," Sam said. "Most times I come here nobody is here and I just come and do my work. Today, I don't know. Things just started happening."

"I could see that. You had never touched her before? Nor she you?"

"No. Never."

"Obviously you had intercourse with my child, but did you do anything else? Did she pleasure your orally?"

"No ma'am," Sam said. "I did however, before we you know..."

"Yes, you performed cunnilingus on her. I saw her pubic hair on your face," Mrs. Burns reminded him. "That was all? One time?


"You wore no protection though. I could see that by the copious amount of semen that was pouring out of my child when I entered the room," Mrs. Burns noted. "Melody said that you told her that she couldn't get pregnant because you didn't have enough seed? I don't understand that logic, especially when I saw what what pouring out of her when I got in there."

"My sperm count," Sam clarified. "It's too low. It's why I couldn't father children."

"I see. Well maybe we will be spared that problem," she sniffed. "What I don't understand is what you found attractive in my little girl. I mean technically she's a woman but her breasts are practically non-existent, although she certainly seems to have been blessed with a considerable amount of body hair. Is that something you enjoy?"

"Sure, I mean I like all kinds of women, and Melody is such a nice girl," Sam said.

"Woman," Mrs. Burns corrected. "When I poured her Cheerios this morning she was a girl but when I returned she was a woman. You get the credit or blame for that."

"I know. I was wrong to do it."

"And if you had to do it all over again you would in a heartbeat," Mrs. Burns snapped.

"All I can say is the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak," Sam said. "I guess I'm going to have to look inside myself to..."

"Spare me the pious bullshit," Mrs. Burns said curtly. "I get enough of that shit on a daily basis as it is. Want a drink?"

"Uh - yes please," Sam said after recovering, and when Melody's mother reached into the back of the top kitchen cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels Sam smiled and added, "A double."

"The Pope isn't tall enough to see that up there," she cracked as she poured a couple of drinks, and after she sat back down she continued, "So where were we? I asked you whether you would fuck Melody again if you had it to do over again, and you started to blow smoke up my ass. Want to try again?"

"I probably would Mrs. Burns," Sam said and then his smile escaped. "Hell, of course I would."

"I would suspect that she'll want it again from you to, but for crying out loud do us all a favor and be a little more discreet next time," Mrs. Burns requested. "And by the way, my name is Lily."

"Okay Lily. Will do."

"I have to say Sam, that I heard Melody screaming when I pulled into the driveway," Lily explained. "I figured she was just diddling herself but that must have been when she came. She just cum once or more?"

"Twice for sure," Sam said. "Maybe three."

"Good for her. My first time wasn't that good, and I have to admit that when I saw you standing there," Lily Burns said as she paused for a drink. "Well, let's just say that I can only guess what she must have sounded like when you first put that thing of yours in her."

"I - uh - tried not to hurt her," Sam shrugged.

"Seen a few in my time but I never saw one that big before," Lily admitted. "How long does it get when it's hard? A foot?"

"No," Sam mumbled.

"Can't be much less than that," Lily snorted. "Thick as my wrist too. Poor Melody will spend the rest of her life looking for one like that again. Doubt if she'll find it. Hell, I went out with a black guy in college and his dick was no bigger than my husband's. Some great black experience. Bet you don't get many complaints with that hunk of meat."

"I uh - my crazy days are over I'm afraid," Sam admitted.

"Here," Lily said as she passed an envelope across the table.

"This my final check?" Sam asked.

"I don't think so, at least as far as I'm concerned. You do good work and I believe in keeping business and personal separate," Lily said. "As for what went on, there's no reason Melody's father needs to know a thing. Let him stay ignorant. It's what he does best."

"Thank you."

"You want to thank me?" Lily said as she stood up, her blazer opening up to reveal the deep cleavage as she leaned over the table towards the gardener.

"You want to find out where Melody got her freckles and plenty of red hair from? I already know you don't mind the hair. I'm a 50 year old version of Melody, only a lot taller, not as tight in some places, and a double D cup instead of a training bra." Lily said as she turned around and headed down the hall. "If you're interested it's the bedroom opposite the one you messed up."

"Wash your face, hands and cock first though," Lily added as she sensed Sam following her.

"Want me to take a shower?"

"No, I love fresh sweat on a man," Lily snapped. "I just don't want to taste my daughter's pussy."

"Damn," Sam mumbled to himself after he ducked into the bathroom. "Go figure."


thank you for reading my story

If there is interest I would do a sequel but as written this is not a chapter but the complete story.

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