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Daughter Tease


My daughter had always had a drinking problem. From the time she was a teenager and would come home late after just a "few" beers, through both of her marriages. She just didn't know when to stop. Occasionally she gets slobbering drunk and passes out, but more often she just gets crazy when she's drinking. She's either on the fight or on the make and there doesn't seem to be any in between. She was thirty years old the night she drove me crazy and just divorced from her second husband. She just had to get away so she came to spend a few days at home, in spite of the fact that her mom was in Arizona visiting our son. It wasn't a big deal, my daughter and I had always been pals, and over the years she seemed to confide more in me than her mother.

Not being a drinker, myself, I was naturally reluctant to go out to the local pub with her that night. But daughters always know how to get the best of their dads and out we went, agreeing to have a nice supper first. I figured if she had a full stomach, the booze wouldn't have so much effect. I was wrong. It didn't make a pinch of difference. A couple of hours after dinner and five or six beers later, she was stirring up trouble with the locals. Now my daughter is not a slut, in spite of the multiple marriages. Actually she has always seemed to me to be somewhat of a shy person. This was the first time I had seen her true colors. Understand that my daughter is a looker. She is quite slender, probably not much over 100 pounds and only five foot, one inch tall.

She's a natural blond, just like her mother, and keeps it bobbed short. On this fateful night she wore pale blue skirt that rode just above her knees, and a white blouse with no sleeves. I knew she was also wearing pale blue bikini panties because I had caught a glimpse of them as one of her many dance partners twirled her that evening. When I had finally had enough and she was on the verge of a fistfight with a jealous girlfriend, I drug her out of the bar and walked her to the pickup. Her fight turned to giddiness and she only giggled at me as I chastised her for her performance. I opened the door of the truck for her, whereupon she turned to face me, then leapt backwards, like a high jumper, onto the seat of the truck, giggling the whole time. I laughed at her antics but was also shocked when her skirt flew up to her waist, exposing those frail panties. With her legs hanging, her body was arched, pushing her bulging pussy upward to an extreme.

"Very lady-like," I said, as she turned to her side and sat up in the seat.

"Oops, can't let my Daddy see my panties, now, can I," she mused.

On the ten minute ride home she had me in stitches, making fun of the locals and talking about being married to a "farm boy". When we got to the house she wouldn't get out of the truck. She just sat there staring at me through the windshield. With the glare of the yard light, I couldn't see her well. Finally I went around and opened her door. She jumped from the truck, wrapping her arms and legs around me. She caught me off guard and I fell backwards, landing on my butt with my daughter on top of me. With both of us laughing like school kids, I pushed her to one side and stood up. She lay on her back, with her skirt once again up around her waist, legs spread and knees bent up. In spite of the humor, I couldn't help but fix my gaze on those very revealing panties. Through the gymnastics, they had pulled up tight into her pussy, and even in the poor light I could make out all the details of her lips and clit.

"Well now, that's really lady-like," I chuckled, and reached for her hand to pull her up.

We finally made it into the house, where she threw herself on the couch, spread eagle, her skirt covering her crotch.

"You sure are worried about me being a lady tonight. What's the matter, Daddio, don't you like my panties?"

I was speechless as she pulled her skirt up and looked down at her own panties, as though she had never seen them herself. She grabbed the waistband and pulled them up tight. Never have I seen such a perfect cameltoe. I tried to scold her, but no words came.

"Don't be such a prude. At least my pussy is still covered." Without hesitation she hooked her fingers in the leg of the panties and pulled them hard to the side. Her naked shaved pussy was there for all to see. It was fabulous! The puffy outer labia forced her inner lips close together and her luscious clit poked out at the top. My already hardening cock jumped to attention and I sat down to hide my excitement.

"Sara, please, you're drunk and out of line," I finally muttered. But my eyes never left that outrageous pussy. I had to get myself together. This was my daughter and I was sitting with a hardon, gawking at her pussy.

"I need a beer," she said as she rose and headed for the kitchen.

I didn't respond, but sat there trying to regain my composure. I could hear her rifling through the frig as I stood up, finally deciding that I would go to bed. My hardon was still an issue and bulged under my pants. She chose just the wrong moment to come back in, a beer in hand. She stopped mid-stride and stared at my misshapen pants. Bursting into laughter, she said, "So you did like my panties, or was it something else. And you're telling me that I'm out of line. Looks to me that you're out of room…..in your pants." At that, she fell on the floor in fits of hysterical laughter. Her beer fell from her hand as she grabbed her stomach and rolled. "My dad's got a woody," she chanted over and over amid the laughs.

Once the embarrassment passed, I was angry. "You're not funny, Sara. I think you should go to bed now. We'll talk about this in the morning."

"Not so fast, there, Stud Muffin. Was it the panties …. or the pussy?" She lay on her back, spreading her bent legs wide, once again exposing her crotch. Simultaneously she would pull the panties aside, then re-cover her pussy. Then pull them aside again. The whole time she chimed, "Is it panty… or pussy, panty… or pussy?"

In spite of my anger, I could only stare, and my cock filled my pants to the point of bursting. I turned and stomped up the stairs to my bedroom, leaving her still rolling on the floor. My mind was swirling, common sense struggling against the lust of my loins. Dare I even go to the bathroom and jack off? Would that be incest?

I turned the bed down, stripped and climbed in. I must have lain there for two or more hours, thinking. Sara hadn't come up to her bedroom, and I dreaded the thought of her appearing in my room to continue her teasing. As time passed, however, I grew concerned. I put on my robe and went downstairs. Sara was curled up on the couch, sound asleep. Besides the first one that spilled, four more empty beer bottles strew the floor. I shook her, not-so-gently. "Wake up, Sara. Go to bed." She didn't respond. I shook her harder. She stretched out and turned on to her back. With eyes closed and in a stupor, she slurred, "panty or pussy," then fell silent. My anger was renewed. There she lay, passed out and still teasing me. But just maybe, I could have the last laugh.


I seriously contemplated what to do to this little brat. Should I paint a mustache on her upper lip with a magic marker? Or better yet, print pussy across her flat stomach and draw an arrow down to her snatch? I knew I had to do something to get even with this little tease. She was so angelic, lying there flat on her back, legs together. Her skirt was pulled up about mid-thigh. She had kicked her shoes off and her petite toes were painted the same color as her blue panties, or were they a little darker? One excuse is as good as the next, so I lifted her skirt to compare colors. Sure enough, the colors were the same, but there was more. Her panties had not quite made it all the way the last time she covered her pussy. The elastic of the leg band split her pussy in half. My cock immediately responded, but this time there was no reason to hide it. I stared at the pretty sight for a moment, then reached down and pulled the panties back in place. The elastic was wet where it had been lodged in her crack, and I didn't find that too unusual. But when the thin material stretched tight over her bulges, I noticed a faint outline of white. The crotch of her panties had been wet! The white that I was seeing was the residue of her dried pussy juice. The little slut had been turned on exposing herself to me! My mind reeled at the possibilities.

The mound of her pussy rose above the flatness of her thighs and tummy. I laid my hand on her silk covered hump, fingers toward her crotch. The emitted heat was awesome and my cock throbbed as pre-cum dripped off the head. Cupping her mound, I pressed my middle finger toward her depths. While her panties might have dried out, her pussy was still sopping wet, and the thin material of the panties was quick to absorb her slimy juices. I pulled my hand back to view the renewed wet spot on her panties. Instinctively I stroked my hard cock. My thoughts of getting even were gone, replaced by pure lust. In a single motion I lifted Sara and cradled her in my arms. Up the stairs I went to her bedroom. I laid her on the bed, not bothering to pull the covers down. I wasted no time in lifting her skirt, turning it inside-out over her belly and lower chest.

Turning her so that her spread legs bent at the knees over the edge of the bed, I had an unobstructed view of her wet, pantied crotch. I stroked my cock a few more times before I knelt between her legs. The scent of excitement was strong as I nestled my nose into the wet panties. I prodded the source of the wetness with my tongue, tasting my daughter's juices. My hand went back to her pussy, this time with my thumb down and fingers up. I pushed my thumb hard into her pussy, the thin fabric of the panty crotch following the motion. With my thumb deeply embedded, I squeezed and ground at her inner pussy walls. Removing my thumb, the panties stayed inside her, creating a small puckered hole of wet blue silk. Pulling her knees together I slowly pulled her panties down over her thighs, savoring the sight of the silk sliding out of her pussy.

Tendrils of thick juices followed the material. I placed the panties over my cock, with the wet part over the head, creating the appearance of a crude condom. The feeling was indescribable as I pumped my cock. Turning back to Sara, I once again spread her legs wide. But in her relaxed mode, her legs wouldn't stay apart to my liking. I went to my bedroom where I searched the drawers for two pair of my wife's panty hose. Upon returning, I tied one pair around each ankle, then respectively to opposing corner posts. My skinny little daughter was in an almost perfect split position, with her teasing little pussy hanging at the edge of the bed. I resumed my kneeling position. With both hands I spread her inviting cunt. The puffy outer labia flattened and pulled her small lips apart.

Her clit emerged, swollen and red. The juices literally ran out of her pussy hole, oozing down the crack of her ass. I placed the tip of my tongue on the skin between her ass hole and pussy hole, tasting her flowing juices. Then in a slow upward motion, I lapped her pussy over and over again, pressing hard on her clit as I ended each stroke. When I had consumed all the excess juices, her pussy lay open, glistening with the combination of her fluids and my saliva. She had a bitter-sweet taste and I longed to suck her dry. I put the tip of my index finger, nail up, to the opening of her pussy and pushed slowly, twisting my finger as I pushed. On the second stroke I added a second finger, then fucked my fingers in and out of her tight twat. As she loosened, I added a third finger and pushed hard. In a single, fluid motion I buried my fingers to the hilt, with only a portion of my wedding band showing. The sensations combined with the knowledge that this was my daughter, were overwhelming.

I added the index finger of my other hand and pumped both hands in and out of her cunt. I lost all concern for Sara as I increased the digits to three from each hand. Her pussy was stretched to the extreme and I slowed my pumping. Both hands were drenched in pussy juice and I sucked it from my fingers. Although I knew that I was going to fuck my daughter, I also knew that fucking her must be the final action, and I didn't want this dream to end. Her pussy still gaped open in the absence of my hands, slowly creeping closed. With my right hand I pressed all my finger tips to my thumb and created a cone shape. With slow, but steady, pressure I pushed my hand into her steamy cunt, twisting slightly as I thrust. The pressure became intense as the widest part of my hand entered her. I stopped, twisted some more, then continued the forward motion.

I was almost ready to quit when my hand suddenly passed some invisible barrier and was embedded to the wrist. I could barely wiggle my fingers but was able to pump in and out three or four inches, until my finger tips brushed her womb deep inside. The lips of her pussy wrapped my wrist, matting the hair on my lower arm as I fist-fucked my daughter. This had been the ultimate of my lifetime sexual experiences and it was time to end it. As I pulled my hand from Sara's expended cunt, I could feel her vaginal muscles contract in a subconscious effort to push me out. Her pussy was a shrinking cavern as I stood up between her legs. I removed the bindings from her ankles and put them back in the drawer. By the time I had returned, her reddened pussy had resumed its normal shape, but looked raw and sore. I couldn't help but wonder how she would account for the soreness tomorrow.

I pulled her knees together and pushed them to her chest. With her legs together, her inner lips were not visible. Only the outer labia, which only minutes before were spread to the max, were visible. And they were beautiful, putting me in mind of a little girl's pussy. I put the head of my cock where the crevice ended just above her ass hole, and pushed. My entire cock disappeared within the slick tissues. In spite of the reaming I had given her, her pussy was still tight and after only a few strokes I shot my full load deep into her cunt. Spasm after spasm, until the most exquisite orgasm of my life ended. I pulled my spent dick from her pussy and let her legs hang over the edge of the bed. My cum dripped from her open slit, as I watched in amazement.

I cleaned Sara up as best I could and put her panties back on. Smoothing her skirt, I curled her back into her sleeping position.

The next morning Sara slept late. When she finally dragged herself downstairs, she looked hard and older than her thirty years.

"Good morning, Sunshine. I'd ask you how you slept, but you probably don't remember, considering the shape you were in," I said.

"Whoa! What did we do last night? I don't remember much beyond leaving the bar." Sara squirmed a little like it was uncomfortable to sit. "Who brought me home?"

"I don't know, Sweetheart, but you were late," I lied.

"Were you there when someone was teasing me about my panties?"

"No, but it could have been anyone, you were showing them off enough."

"Well, we're going back again tonight. I'm not sure, but I think I have a score to settle with someone."

"Well, OK, but mind your P's and Q's. This is a small town, remember." I smiled as Sara went back up the stairs.

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