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Daughter Then Mother


This all happened about sixty years ago. I had just finished high school and had a meaningless part time job for the summer before starting college in the Fall. I was George, 5'11' and still growing a little, weighed maybe 180 pounds, was in decent shape, mostly just because I was eighteen and not because of any serious working out. I was o.k. looking, blond hair in a crew cut, blue eyes, even features. Like most boys my age I had a small amount of experience with girls but nothing serious. I was a good guy and all the girls I knew were good girls so I treated them that way. That is, we might kiss and perhaps even feel around a little but I'd never really try to push things very far. Looking back now I realize how dumb that was, half of those good girls were already having or were about to have sex and it just as easily could have been me as some other guy. But I didn't know that.

The pool at the Country Club was like a big bathtub back then. Every week, on Monday, it would get emptied and a crew would scrub it down and refill it. I doubt if it's like that now anywhere, there would be a filtration system and all that. But this was a while ago. Anyway, I was one of the crew that cleaned it. None of us belonged to the club, we didn't socialize with the members (even though I had gone to school with some of them for years). We came in and put in our few hours and left. I think I was paid something like five dollars, which was a lot more then than it would be today. I also had a second, part time, hourly job with a man that had a dinky little business distributing various janitorial supplies.

So, one sunny Monday around midday, I was in my bathing suit standing next to the pool. We had just finished scrubbing it down and it was starting to be filled again. In a few minutes, I would leave and head home. This really good looking girl came up to me. "George," she says, "I didn't realize I'd see you here. You're looking very sexy."

I had to take a half second to think before I realized who it was. Her name was Sara, she lived about a block from where my family lived. She was two or maybe three years older than me, had been in the same classes in school as one of my sisters. She's a real fox. A little tall, maybe 5'8" or so, slim and lithe like an athlete but with a definite female body. An ideal female body. Really nice breasts, not huge but definitely there, small waist flaring out to lovely hips and a solid butt and long, long, shapely legs. Red hair. Not flaming red, a little darker but definitely red, very pale skin and a terrific face. Not movie start beautiful face, more like the cute girl next door, but lovely, smiling a lot. I had been aware of her from way back and thought she was close to an ideal girl.

I had very little experience with girls but I always had a smart mouth. "Sara," I replied, "I thought you were away at college. And you're the sexy one. You look terrific." And she did, standing there in a minimal bikini that showed off that lovely body.

She smiled and reached out with one hand to touch my chest, sort of slide her hand on it a little. "I had forgotten that the pool was closed Mondays. It's a disappointment but made nicer by seeing you here. It's been years and you've grown up." Her hand rubs me some more as if she's evaluating a good cut of meat. "You may even be the solution to a problem I'm having. Can you come up to the clubhouse so we can talk?"

"No, I'd love to talk with you but I'm one of the hired hands here to clean the pool. I'm not a member of the club. I was about ready to go home." A few years ago, I'm sure she would have had nothing to do with one of her classmates little brother and while she sure was sexy looking and might fuel my masturbating later, I figured this was just a momentary meeting that would end in a second.

"How do you plan to go home?"

"I'll walk, it's only a mile or so. I walked here."

"Let me give you a ride, I have the family car."

"You sure don't have to do that."

"I know, I want to. O.k?"

"Sure, that's fine, Thanks."

"Do you have something to do at home?" she asks as we start walking towards the parking lot.

This is weird, why is Sara talking to me anyway? "Uh, no, I'll just kill time, read something, listen to some music until Mom and Dad come home and we have supper."

"Maybe I have something else you can do," she answers. This is even more weird, Why would she want to do anything with me? So I don't say anything and we're at her car and we both get in and she starts it and backs out of the parking space and heads out of the lot. "Do you have a girl friend, George?"

"Uh, no, not really."

"Gee, you're a very good looking guy, I would think you'd be having sex with half the girls in your class."

I almost laugh, actually snort a little. "No, not me."

"So you're a virgin?"

Wow, weird as anything. How do I answer that? Well, might as well face up to it. "Yeah."

"Do you like girls? I mean, would you prefer to not be a virgin?"

Even weirder. "Well, yeah, of course."

"Do you really think I'm sexy?"

"Well, yeah, you're really gorgeous."

"How'd you like to lose your virginity to me?"

"Sara, this is weird. You're a beautiful girl with a perfect body and you're a couple years older than me. Yes, I'd love to have sex with you, to be honest. But also, to be honest, this doesn't make much sense, There are lots of guys that would love to have sex with you and most of them would be experienced and know what to do. The truth is, I don't know what to do, I'm not a likely choice for you."

"George, I'm used to having sex, fucking, getting eaten, sucking cock, every day. Now I'm back here, stuck for the next two and a half months and I need to find a way to continue to have sex regularly. When I saw you, you seemed perfect. You're built well, you live close by, you have the time just like I have the time. You aren't friends with my friends so you'll never blab to them about anything. In fact, I don't want you to blab to anybody. Your not knowing is actually great because it will let me teach you how to make me happy, how to give me orgasms. I need a boy toy, a fuck buddy and you're it."

I definitely had one of my better hard ons. Inside I was grinning. But also I was scared. What was I getting into? But the truth is this is like a dream come true, better than any dream I would invent on my own. "Okay," I say to her, "What, starting now?"

She looks at me with a big dirty grin. "Well, in a couple minutes when we get to my house. My parents are both at work and we'll have a few hours to get started."

She drives into the garage and we're both out of the car quickly. She heads into the house and I follow. She heads up the stairs and I follow. I'm watching that lovely, full, round, firm ass move side to side as she steps up ahead of me. If I didn't already have a hard on this would certainly give me one. Then we're in her bedroom. A girl's room definitely, all pink and light purple. She reaches behind her back to unfasten her bra and as she starts to pull it loose she says, "Get out of your bathing suit."

I bend over slightly as I slide it down my legs and step out of it. She has her bra off and her tits are facing me, her nipples sort of staring at me. She bends like I had, to step out of her bottoms, and we're both naked, facing one another. She's looking at my cock, smiling. She steps to me some and reaches for my cock. "I think I've chosen a good one," she says, the smile becoming a big grin as she wraps her one hand around my cock and moves it back and forth slightly.

We might as well take care of this first," she says, "You probably won't last long and besides I really, really am horny for a good cock right now." With that she kneels down, still holding me, and gets her lips to the head and licks around on it. "Ahhh," she lets out just before she starts gulping me further into her mouth.

This is my first blow job, the first time a girl has my cock in her mouth and it's an experience I'll never forget. Fantastic. I didn't realize it at the time but she'd done this often and was very, very good at it, plus, she was hungry for a cock and really relished the whole experience. It remains the best blow job of my life, probably because none later can ever hit my mind like that first one but also because it was truly a world class cock suck. And she was sure right, I didn't last long at all and started shooting out a load that had built up for the last eighteen years. She swallowed it all and sat back on her heels and looked up at e grinning and licking her lips. "Wow, George, you really had a load there, it was terrific. Now it's your turn to do me."

She got on the bed and laid on her back and beckoned me to join her. I don't have the vocabulary to describe in detail everything that happened. She had me fondle and kiss her breasts, suck on her nipples, kiss down over her stomach and onto her legs and then center on her pussy. With her giving out instructions, I used my fingers to spread her open, licked up and down and around inside her, pushed a finger into her vagina and finger fucked her as I licked and sucked on her clit until she had her orgasm. I had no idea what I was doing but I loved every second of it and she told me later that I was a natural and was terrific at it.

I loved her breasts. She told me they were overgrown B cups or slightly light C cups. The bottom of each breast was a half sphere. The tops were sort of like a ski jump that came down off her chest and moved out to her nipples The nipples were much larger but became smaller and harder as she became aroused. Her pussy was all pink and red with a fairly small amount of dark red pubic hair, coarser than on her head, pretty much above the slit where I was licking with a little hair running down on each side. The outer lips were sort of brownish and wrinkly but it opened up to lots of bright pink and red. Her clit was just a bump that grew into a worm as I worked on it with my tongue and lips. Her body is gorgeous but, truthfully, her pussy is not artistically beautiful. It's sexy as any thing in the world but not all that attractive at first glance.

By the time she came, I was hard again and she had me up over her and used her hand to help guide me to her pussy. Even with her help, I missed it the first couple times I tried to push into her. But I finally succeeded. She had a drawer full of condoms and put one on me before I shoved my way into her. Again, I don't have the vocabulary to describe how great the feeling is to have your cock inside a tight, warm, wet pussy that grasps it so well. Moving my cock inside her is almost like a religious revelation, it's so outstanding. It's actually even better than having it in her mouth, which I wouldn't have thought possible.

Somewhere in the course of things she told me, "My name is Sara, as you know. But at school I've started spelling it with a Z and call myself Zara." She made it sound like car-uh. Well, it's all goofy but if that's what I need to call her in order to keep having sex with her, I will.

I guess I managed to last a while because afterward she told me that the reason I lasted was because she had blown me earlier. She said it always led to a better fuck if she blew the guy first. She told me that as I lay on my back next to her, partly elated by the experience and partly emptied completely by the experience. It didn't empty her. She rolled over and got on top of me and was kissing my body and running her hands around, working to get me ready for some more. And she succeeded. A few minutes later I was in her again but this time she was sitting on me, my cock up inside her as she bounced and gyrated atop me. Laying there with a beautiful, sexy female body riding me and I could watch it move and her tits bounce was like another almost religious epiphany. I was never going to be exactly the same again.

By the time we finished twice, it was about four and her parents might come home soon so I went home after agreeing to come back the next morning. We repeated things over and over for five or six days, often in the morning and again in the afternoon. I was getting better at eating her, or at least she claimed I was. I discovered that I actually liked it. Not as much as her sucking me or getting my cock in her vagina but there's something very sexy about eating her.

One morning, after her sucking me and me eating her and fucking, we're laying there building up energy for another go. "I had a strange experience earlier," she says to me. "I woke up early for some reason, in time to actually have breakfast with my parents. I sleep naked, so I put a robe on to go down and be with them. It's not a long robe but it covers me some. I'm sitting at the table, sort of sideways to the table, and I realize my Dad is looking at me. Looking at my pussy. I look down and discover that my robe had slid up and my bare pussy was showing. I looked back at him and he was still staring at my pussy. I spread my legs a little, opening it up more and causing my robe to slide off even a little more."

"He never asks me to cover myself and from his look I think he liked what he was seeing, maybe wanted it. Then my Mom, who had been over by the sink, headed back to us and I pulled my robe into place, covering up. My Dad reached down and adjusted his cock, which I could see was definitely hard. My pussy turned him on. I think he'd like to fuck me."

"Your Dad?" I asked.

"Yeah. And as I thought about it, I think I'd like to fuck him."

The only thing I could think to say was repeat, "Your Dad?"

"Yeah, sounds sick doesn't it. And I can't, even though I want to. I like my Mom way to much to do something that would probably screw up their relationship."

"But your Dad?" I say, repeating myself again.

"You know, all my life my Dad was the male. I think I've always considered him the ideal male. And if I think about it, each guy I've been with has some resemblance to my Dad. Even you, George. Maybe I've been subconsciously fucking my Dad each time I've fucked anyone. And it's not like he's ugly or anything. He's still young, mid-forties, good looking for his age, in good physical shape. I bet he and Mom are still getting at each other sexually. I mean, she's still good looking, too."

Actually, her Mom is a real fox. Her hair is darker than Sara's but has some red in it. She's still slim. Probably larger breasts than Sara. A very good looking woman. I'd fuck her in a minute. So I say, "Yeah, she is."

Sara looks at me quickly. "You're hot for my Mom?"

"No, I'm hot for you. But, sure, your Mom is really good looking. I mean, I don't go around looking at people's Moms and thinking about fucking them but every time I see a good female body I have to admit that I recognize that it's good, whether they're young or old. Like Jimmy Carter said once, I lust in my heart but don't do anything about it. I mean, I can hardly go around trying to fuck half the females in town."

She gives me a big grin, "So If I came up with a way that I could fuck my Dad and you could fuck my Mom, you'd be interested."

"Zara, it's never going to happen. I'm sorry I ever mentioned it. It's all sort of sick, really. If I have any perversions, it's for your pussy, not for your Mom." And I lean over her and start kissing her thigh, working towards her pussy. She spreads her legs and I crawl into position and start really giving her a good pussy licking and finger fucking.

We keep meeting, always in her bedroom, always in the day time when her parents are off at work. So are mine. And for a few hours on some days I have to work, too. But Zara and I have lots and lots of sex.

Then another morning, again when we're recuperating from one session and getting ready for another, she tells me, "I've purposely been flashing my pussy at my Dad. I've been going down for breakfast, naked in my robe and he never tells me to cover up or dress different and he really looks when I show myself. In the evenings, I wear a short skirt and no panties and if we're in the den and he's watching TV, I sit where he can see me and read a book and get my feet up on the chair so my bare butt and pussy are showing and I can tell he's watching me and not the TV and he always gets an erection. A good looking, big erection. But I have to be careful and cover up when my Mom is there. I think she maybe has actually seen my bare pussy at times, too, but hasn't said or done anything about it."

The next morning, she sucks me off like always and I eat her, sticking with it long enough to give her a second orgasm, and then we fuck. Standard missionary position, me on top, and when she came before me we switch to doggie, me in her from behind, until we both cum. Then she drops a bomb on me while we're laying there getting some strength back for another good fuck. "My Mom came to see me last night and asked me why I was showing my bare pussy to Dad all the time. She actually asked me, 'Do you want to fuck him?' I had to think a second, wondering where this was going, but decided to be honest and tell her that yes, I do want to. She surprised me, seemed not to be bothered much but told me that she thought it was a little kinky but Bob would certainly love it (Bob is her Dad) so if that's what I wanted, why not? But she added something. She told me to ask you to come back here about seven tonight, after dinner, and you can fuck her while my Dad fucks me. What she actually said was, 'I need to get something out of this so make sure that young guy you've been fucking here every day comes over to service me while you and Bob are at each other. Is he any good at oral?' I told her you were great. So, how about it? You have to come because if you don't then I doubt if I'm going to be able to get with my Dad and I really, really want to."

I didn't have to think very long. Her Mom is a real fox, probably sexier than Zara with a fantastic body that she must tone regularly in a gym. "O.k". I tell her," I'll be here." She's so happy that she starts sucking on my cock to get me up again so she can climb on and get another orgasm.

I tell my Mom and Dad that I was going out and would be back a little late maybe but not real late and maybe not late at all, I wasn't sure. I've never given them much trouble so they accept that without a ton of questions and after supper I walk the block to Zara's house. I don't know what else to do so I ring the bell. I have to wait a minute or so and the door is opened by Zara's Mom. "Come in," she says and I do. Zara is standing there, too. "Sara, why don't you go to your Dad in our bedroom, I'll take George to your room." About two minutes later, without further talk, we're both in Zara's room and Mrs. Abrams starts removing her blouse. "George, get undressed," she says to me.

She's actually got an even better body than Zara. Similar but with perhaps fifteen more pounds distributed over it, at least a third of that in her breasts. She isn't heavy in any way. In fact, I learn later that she's very solid and firm, in great shape. She's just a little curvier all over. Truly great breasts, a fine, round, firm ass sitting up high without the saddlebags a lot of females have, perfect legs with lots of shape. Her hair is darker than Zara's but still has plenty of red in it. She has a very small patch of even darker hair above her pussy, she obviously trims and shaves it some. "Why don't we start with you doing me, giving me all the attention that you can," she says to me as I stare at her great body.

She's climbing on the bed as I move to her. "You have a gorgeous body Missus Abrams," I say to her.

"We can't have that missus while we do what we're going to be doing. I'm Nancy. At least this evening in this room."

"O.k, Nancy, you have a gorgeous body, the best tits I've ever seen even in magazines."

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