tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaughter's Anal Slave Ch. 03

Daughter's Anal Slave Ch. 03


Hello, everyone...I realized that I had not done a chapter in this series in some time, and while working on some of the other series recently posted I decided to give some attention to this one as well.

I invite everyone to find and review my profile and all of my stories, as I to hear your opinions, advice, praise (lol), and ideas about these and any others that you find appealing. I also invite you to join the site listed on my profile; please be aware that your profile information (as described on MY profile) must be complete before you can be approved. If you are a minor or don't approve of non-consensual sex between 18 year olds and mature women, if sex between family members or persons of different races offend you, please find another story (though I suspect if you found THIS story, none of those things would apply)...Enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts...

Additional note: I included the last paragraph of the previous chapter so that those just joining us (or haven't read the other story in awhile) can figure-out what's going on; also, at the end of Chapter 2 I stated that Eileen's daughter would be introduced in this Chapter; I have changed my mind and she will be in Pt 4.....


Eileen sighs with relief as Rosie slowly tugs her thick cock from her very sore, ravaged asshole. Her respite is short though: Keisha has pulled-out of Joanie after fucking her to orgasm and has taken Rosie's place behind the still kneeling Mrs. Warren. As Keisha sends her glistening prick rocketing into her gaping back-door, Eileen's beautiful face contorts in a savage rictus in response to this new, unexpected anal assault. The young black woman's strong fingers dig deep into her partner's big, meaty ass-cheeks as she settles-in for a one of her patented "bitch butt-bustings"...

After sucking-off Keisha, Joanie gets on top of the other teen and gets busy trying work her butt-hole onto Keisha's upstanding dildo. The lush-bodied 18 year old's pretty face twists in a grimace as she fights to open her ass to the huge fake man-meat...


Eileen Warren's bottom quivers shamefully as Keisha strokes into her wide-stretched anus with hard, deep, savage strokes. The voluptuous mother's will is broken; she wriggles and writhes like a two-dollar whore in response to her captor's expert ass-fucking. She weeps brokenly: tears of shame, want, pain, need; through it all, she opens herself wantonly, receptively for the hard-fucking black teen. She wonders how many other women have suffered this indignity at the hands of these young women, how many others have been raped vaginally and anally to satisfy their unholy lusts...

Delirious with want, the horny mother's right hand rubs mindlessly, furiously, at the hot, steamy trench between her legs while the long, thick rubber dildo pounds, pounds, pounds at her increasingly-receptive rectum.

Her ass was a bit looser now and Keisha was able to pump freely into her delightful ass. "God help Me!" the butt-stuffed mother cries wretchedly, while pumping her ass back to meet Keisha's invading cock .

The speed of Keisha's thrusting is rhythmic and steady, her big balls slap repeatedly against Eileen's wet pussy lips as her massive anal plow travels in and out of the older woman's ravaged butthole. Keisha's own clit is on fire and she knows that soon she will go over the edge, so her hips go into over-drive. The resulting groan, from deep in Eileen's belly, is guttural and filled with animal lust. Her lush hips lurch forward with each bone-jarring in-stroke.

Meanwhile, Joanie and Rosie are caught-up in their own deep anal buggery; Joanie leans forward so that her large breasts dangle and bobble freely, like ripe fruits, so that the Italian girl has access to her swollen nipples while delving into her juicy asshole, hard and fast. Rosie reaches between and caresses Joanie's clit, feeling the syrupy spend drip copiously over her questing digits, evidence her partner's intense arousal. She bounced up and down on her partner's fat dick, riding her as hard as she could. Her heavy breasts bounce in rhythm to her movements. She is as horny as she's ever been! She is as WET as she's ever been, as well.. Up down, up down...

"AhhhhhhFUCK!" Joanie screeches, as the pressure of her clit on her lover's belly, as well as the torrid, deep anal penetration, combine to send her into a mind-blowing orgasm.

"UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!" She bellowed, as she came all over the recling Rosie.

Keisha's thrusts are jerky, less coordinated as she loses control. In the end, indescribable bliss as waves of pleasure crash through their sweaty, entangled bodies. Both busty, mature woman and nubile teen continue their "bump and grind" until little by little, Keisha's strokes lose steam and she rests motion-less atop her older lover's perspiration-slick back, still seated firmly up her plush rear. Joanie and Rosie lay nearby in a delightful heap. Rosie's big dick is still buried deep in her friend's horny ass; it feels so good there that Joanie doesn't want to let it go.

CHAPTER will introduce Eileen's daughter

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