tagIncest/TabooDaughters and Fathers Ch. 05

Daughters and Fathers Ch. 05


He blushed slightly at having used the word "daughters" with reference to having sex with them, relieved that one of them replied softly:

"And we couldn't, with you."

"We don't need to," the other added.

"Hmm! Um-hmm, but too late; ... we already agreed that it was nice to be open about what we do."

"Um-hmm," the girls - his daughters - agreed, just smiling slightly in agreement, without smirks about what they did together.

They finished the last of their bread, cheese and sausage, and passed the bottle of water around. "Nap?" someone said, and the others nodded, lying down together in the now warmer midday sun, as they had earlier in the day, and were silent.

After a minute or two, Britta snorted softly and murmured:

"Since we can talk about, I want to suck your cock, ... like yesterday on the sofa."

She didn't wait for his response, curling up with her head on his stomach, and reaching down and fondling his cock, as she murmured:

"But better than that."

"If you want to. ... Hm-hmm! Since Maren can't sketch, you can do whatever you like."

"Then I can too," Maren quickly responded, then snorting and adding:

"Just not that; I want to lick your pussy."

Britta raised her thigh invitingly, as she drew his cock closer to her mouth. Maren crawled over him, giving his balls a fondle on the way. Before she could get comfortable with her head on her sister's thigh, he murmured:

"You don't have to be left out, if you can lick her pussy the other way, so I can have my fingers in yours."

The girls chuckled and nodded, and Maren quickly scrambled further, giving him a grin, before her head dropped down on her sister's thigh, and her face disappeared. Maren raised her thigh, and his fingers found her pussy.

Like in the morning, his cock extended towards Britta's mouth, stiffening in her hand, and she moved her head down to slip her lips around it. His moan was echoed by theirs, as Maren kissed her sister's pussy, and his fingers explored in hers.

He moaned again, less from arousal than from the thought that it was just so delightful that they could now so openly say what they wanted to do, and that they were so agreed about how: Britta wanting to suck his cock; Maren, to lick her pussy; and his suggesting to have his fingers in her pussy. Oh, he would rather have his tongue or cock in it, but it was so nice and relaxed this way ... and his cock was already in her sister's so experienced "cock-sucking" mouth, who preferred to have her mouth full of his semen before she swallowed. But he didn't want that to happen for a long time!

It felt so good; he was humming gently: "um-hmm, ... um-hmm, ..." He raised his thigh, and Britta slid her hand under it and fondled his loose sack. He reached down past her head, hearing her snort, as he had expected. One of his fingertips found the top of his sack and twitched the skin up in time with her sucking, She chuckled in her throat, and changed her tempo for a moment, chuckling again when his finger moved with her new tempo. He murmured:

"I like to feel them move."

"Uhn-hnn," she responded, and held her fingers just under his balls, so that his moving them raised them off her fingers and then let them touch her fingers again. They both snorted, as they continued with this new technique, her fingers jostling his balls, when they descended.

Maren had rocked her hips to remind him to move the fingers of his other hand, and for a while, they all enjoyed maintaining a level of arousal just below the threshold of wanting more. He imagined what Maren's tongue was doing in Britta's pussy, knowing what his would like to be doing there.

His cock throbbed, and his sack drew up. "Not yet," he murmured, and Britta stopped sucking and licking, and her fingers loosened his sack again, appreciated by him with a stronger "um-hmm." And then she resumed sucking and gently caressing his cock, while his fingers moved - now deep in Maren's slippery pussy. He recalled how it tasted, and withdrew his fingers and quickly put them in his mouth. Yes, like that, he thought with grin, and put them back in her pussy, hearing her approving "Uhn-hnn!"

As he resumed his gentle "um-hmm, ... uhm-hmm, ..." he thought to himself: this is absolutely sinful, to be enjoying having his cock sucked and licked, while his fingers were arousing another girl's warm, slippery, tight pussy! Not because the girls were his daughters, because no man should know such pleasure!

Britta loosened his sack again, and he responded with another "um-hmm." That happened a couple of more times; he appreciating her understanding willingness to postpone their anticipation of their feeling and her tasting his orgasm. Finally, he couldn't stand prolonging it. When his balls drew up again, he moaned and murmured: "Make me come."

She nodded and did, both demonstrating that she could swallow his first spurts in her throat without biting his cock, and then that she wanted to have her mouth full of his weaker spurts, as he groaned and his hips continued to rock, thrusting his cock in her mouth, as he groaned with each thrust.

Maren's hips had twitched in empathy, her pussy tightening on his fingers, but she wasn't coming yet. He took a deep breath, and murmured:

"Fuck each other!"

"We can't," Maren replied, muffled by where her mouth was, as Britta's tongue licked over his little slit for a last drop of his semen. She nodded, snorting with his cock still in her mouth, but then let it slip out and murmured:

"Jus' tra."

It sounded as though she hadn't swallowed yet. She hadn't.

The girls snorted. With a last fondle of his balls, Britta sat up and turned to let Maren rest her head on her other thigh, and dropped down between her father and sister. With a final wiggle of his fingers in Maren pussy, his fingers slipped out of it, and he rolled back, as Maren drew her thigh up, and Britta's head rested on it. With practiced experience, their hands drew each other's hips closer, and their mouths found the other's already aroused pussy.

He watched them, one of his hands fondling his soft cock, as it occurred to him, that they - his daughters - had been doing that together at home at least for two years. Before they did with Johan? Sure, he had sort of assumed that they slept with their boyfriends, not really thought about it. Nice that they could be open with their mother about getting the pill. Did they already have it, when they slept with Johan? He snorted, recalling that Maren had said that she had done it the first time with him, so probably not, she, at least. He wasn't going to ask.

How could he and their mother have been sleeping in the other cabin without any thoughts that the three of them could be doing anything, even inviting Johan to join them again, letting the three of them stay at the cabins alone? Where had been his recollections of what it was like to be that age with that opportunity?! No, not with that opportunity, hadn't been, just with his fantasies about possibilities of having uninhibited sex. And they certainly had included what his daughters were doing. He snorted again, watching them, as he remembered that they had seduced Johan - and him! Both willing subjects!

He snorted and glanced over at his pussy-licking daughters, as his fingers fondle his now fuller cock. They didn't just fondle it, enjoying making it stiffer. Britta's pussy was so near, but he - she - had fucked each other before, a little unfair for Maren, but he could try to make up for that. He rolled over toward the girls and moved closer, suddenly wonder if his cock could really do it again after what they had done in the morning and then for so long with his cock in Britta's mouth.

But his cock was stiff enough to let him guide it close to Britta's pussy, and Maren just snorted and licked it, If she hadn't expected it to be there, she hadn't minded that it was - not the way she was licking it! Sweet daughter! That she wanted to help him and her sister!

Her tongue helped his cock find and slip into her sister's pussy, who moaned with a deep chuckle in response to the combined effort; she had done it herself, in bed, when she had been licking Maren's pussy. The girl's grasped each other's hips tighter, and he thrust his cock deeper, reaching over and finding Maren's asshole, pleased that Britta's hand hadn't yet.

He knew that he really didn't need to come again - might not be able to - but his cock was in a pussy, one that was holding it, wanting it there as a complement to its being licked, the right thing for it to contract on in response to what the tongue was doing on her clitoris. And Maren's asshole was wanting to have something to contract on. "Uhnn!" she moaned, as his finger probed.

The girls wanted their orgasms, having also been aroused so long just on the threshold, and knew how to get them, and also his. Maren's fingers found his asshole. With one in it, making his cock surge in Britta's clutching pussy, when Maren's clutched his finger, with wet sounds from their tongues, the girls came. Britta's pussy wet his balls, as his cock thrust and surged in the clasp of her pussy, spurting - to his relief - as they all groaned.

They lay still, catching their breath with moans. Fingers slipped out, and then his cock did. Britta snorted and murmured:

"Hope you did too, again."

"Um-hmm, but a little unfair to Maren,"

"Um-hmm, very! ... Hmm! This morning, and all that sucking, and then again."

"Um-hmm! ... Hmm?! Don't know if I can make up for that."

"Just try. ... No, you don't have to. ... I know you will."

"Hmm! I want to. ... But not right now."

They all snickered and then sat up, smiling a little wryly at each other. Then one of the girls noticed that the sun had moved around. In the morning, they had laid their towels down to face it, but now it was shining from much further in the west. She snorted and remarked:

"We never did anything for that long."

"Do I want to know? Is that a compliment?" he asked with a snort."

"A compliment," both girls replied with grins.

"Hmm! I asked for it; you couldn't have said anything else."

"No, but it still was."


"Hmm! It sure was for me, too: 'never did anything for that long'."

"That's nice."

"I'm not sure," Maren complained, but with a smile.

"I am," Britta replied with a smile, licking her lips.

"You would be! This morning, and then ... 'never did anything for that long'."

Britta grinned with a nod, then after a moment replied:

"But you want me to make it - your cock - ..." she smirked at him:

"... be so that you can sketch it, not doing too much, so I deserved a little ..., well, you know, ... more."

"Hmm! I guess so, ... if you do, ... and don't cheat."

The girls smirked and grinned at each other. He snorted and remarked:

"No one asked if I wanted to have ... my cock sketched like that."

"Hmm?! Maybe it will just have to be a quick sketch. Hm-hmm! I see a page with several versions, from after a cold swim to - hm-hmm! - well, till like that."

"Hmm! If I can have it," he replied with a grin.

They all snorted, but then one of the girls remarked with a grin:

"You can always see it; we need it."

"Hmm! I doubt it!"

They snickered and agreed that the a cool swim would be a good idea. That they all agreed in the water that they needed to go again was no surprise, watching each other as they did in water half way up their thighs.

They returned to their towels and put them in the rucksack, then reluctantly put on their bikinis and he, his shorts, and returned to the cabin, at first just exchanging snorts, but then remarking more openly about how much they had enjoyed the day. Maren snickered and said:

"But only if you make up for everything you did with Britta."

He nodded with a grin, and then they were at the cabin, snorting as they got naked again, the girls fluffing up their pubic hair, as he jostled his balls. He started a fire in the stove, that needed a while to heat up enough to start cooking. When he sat down on the sofa, the girls joined him, under his arms. One and then the other girl reached back and pulled his hand down on her breast. He nodded with an "um-hmm" and held them in the palms of his hands. "Um-hmm," they agreed and put a hand in his lap. The first hand there, Maren's held his small, soft cock; Britta's fingers gathering his balls up from between his thighs. She snorted and said:

"I thought you wanted to sketch it."

"Not when I can hold it."

Her fingers moved. He snorted and remarked:

"Just hold it. ... Tomorrow is Saturday already. What are we going to do, need to do?"

"Shopping, food."

"Of course."

"And wash our hair," the other suggested.

"Good idea," he agreed, reaching up and tousling their hair.

When his hands were back on their breasts, the other one suggested:

"We could spend the night and cook a better dinner, something we can't cook here."

"If you can, good idea. Have to know what to buy before the stores close."

"And beer."

"I would like one, too. Hm-hmm! Enough to put us all to sleep."

The girls chuckled, and then one replied:

"If you mean like that, I never had enough that I still didn't want to."

"But he did - couldn't. You told me."

"Um-hmm, ... probably just as well."

"Hmm! I can imagine; 'just as well'; wouldn't have been good."

"Um-hmm. Hm-hmm! We didn't get that far; he fell asleep while we still had our clothes on."

"Hmm! He didn't know what he was missing."

"And never found out. ... Where are we going to sleep?"

"In your beds."

"And you?"

"Oh, I'll have a nice big bed all to myself, for a change, ... all to myself."

"If you really want, I guess."

"I didn't say that."

"He can sleep with you, and if he wakes up, spend the rest of the night with me."

"Hmm?! Somehow that sounds more wicked - for me - than your having come to sleep with me."

"We don't mind being wicked, do we?"

Her sister shook her head with a grin and suggested:

"Since you feel like that, when she wakes up, she can come and wake me, and we can change places."

"Hmm?! If that makes it less wicked for me? Maybe I should try to drink too much and fall asleep with my clothes on."

"Who said we would have any clothes on?"

They all laughed, fondling each other, Maren still fondling his cock after they had stopped laughing. She glanced at Britta and then looked at him and asked in more serious tone:

"Can I fuck you?"

"Hmm?! You never thought to ask before."

"I wanted to say it. I want to."

Britta nodded with a slight smile, the others just noticing her nod out of the corners of their eyes. He snorted softly, but with a more serious expression, replied:

"If you think I can."

"You can, I know you can. I want to sit on your lap and feel you in me. You don't have to do anything."

"Hmm, can I hold your breasts?"

"Of course, please."

Britta nodded again and took her hand from his balls and moved a little away from him; his hand slipping up to her shoulder. Maren gave her a little thankful smile as she turned her body towards him, drawing her far leg across and over his knee, looking up at him and giving him a little kiss on his lips and murmuring: "Thanks."

Britta looked at them and nodded with a little smile, saying:

"I guess I can start cooking."

He patted her shoulder and replied:

"The can of fishballs; it's Friday. Potatoes and salad."

"Of course," she replied as she stood up, glancing back at them as she moved away.

Maren smiled slightly, still looking at him as her hand fondled his cock. As she moved to drop down on her knees, he murmured: "I want to, too," and turned to lie on the sofa.

As he pushed himself back to rest his head on the arm of the sofa, she nodded with pleased smile and moved to straddle his face, slipping her feet down between the cushion and the sofa-arm. Before she lowered her hips and head, he said the first thing that came to mind:

"Sweet little, perfect asshole."

"Hm-hmm! And a sweet, still little cock."

He drew her hips down and licked it, and she lowered her head and guided his now not really so little cock into her mouth, but she could still suck all of it in. She just held it, while his tongue tickled her asshole, both snorting softly when it tightened. As he continued to tease it, she sucked gently, very soon having to raise her head, as his cock began to swell and stiffen. When she raised her head a little further, to be able to caress his knob with her tongue, he drew her hips back and licked down to her pussy, delighting to taste that her hole was already moist. When his tongue thrust and wiggled in it, she moaned and pressed her pussy hard down on his face. His hands slid from her hips to her breasts, enjoying feeling her nipples, just rippling his fingers under them. One of her hands slid under his thigh and found his balls in his still loose sack.

She rocked her hips up, inviting his tongue to find her clitoris, and then they were arousing each other as intensely as they could. It was feeling so good for him, that he forgot about her wanting to be fucked, but when his cock began to twitch more often, and her fingertips were just stroking the wrinkles of his tight sack, she raised her head and murmured:

"We'd better do it now."

"Um-hmm," he agreed, remembering that this had just been the preliminary to her fucking him.

She dropped her foot to the floor and rose off him, turning around to straddle his hips. When she reached down to guide his cock into her pussy, he murmured:

"Just wait; I was forgetting what else you wanted to do."

"Hmmm! That's nice. I knew you could again."

She smiled sweetly down at him, as he snorted with wry grin, nodding slightly. He reached up and fondled her breasts. She nodded with another smile and murmured:

"You don't have to do anything else."

"Hm-hmm! What a relief!"

They both chuckled with smirks, and then she moved her hand on his cock and murmured:

"Before you forget again," and rubbed the head of his cock between her pussy lips.

He nodded, and she found her opening with it. He nodded again with quick, slight smile, and she lowered her hips, moaning softly as his cock slid into her warm, tight,slippery pussy, that held it a little tighter for a moment. As her hips rested on his, they both sighed with soft moans, looking in each other's eyes. They were still for a long moment, then feeling her pussy tighten again, both nodding slightly in response. She remained still, just a slight smile moving her lips, then murmuring:

"It feels so good."

"Um-hmm," he agreed softly.

His cock twitched, and they nodded slightly again, as he thought to himself that he was long past worrying about having sex with his daughters, now also about admitting openly that he enjoyed it, that he wanted it - telling Britta the night before that he wanted to lick her pussy. And now with Maren, after he had licked her pussy that morning, while Britta had fucked him; and then she sucked his cock for so long, making him come in her mouth - like both girls enjoyed so much, and like he did, too! And then he had fucked her again, while the girls were licking each other's pussy. Oh yes! He loved to fuck his daughters and make them come in his mouth, and to come in theirs! And they did, too! No reason to deny it!

Maren rocked her hips once with a questioning expression. He nodded. With a little smile, she began to rock them to and fro. It felt so good, just maintaining a controllable level of arousal. He fondled her nipples, and she continued to rock on his cock. They smiled at each other, and she experimented with circling her hips. He murmured:

"That feels good, too."

"Um-hmm," she agreed, continuing.

When her pussy tightened, his cock surged in its clasp, and they both hummed and said in unison:

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