tagInterracial LoveDaughter's First Lover

Daughter's First Lover


This story has elements of homosexuality in it. If that kind of sex bothers you, please don’t bother reading this story. As always, please feel free to respond to my stories. I do ask that those people who are bothered by black/white sex stories please refrain from calling me racial names. Enjoy the story!!!

When I was a youngster, I would go to adult bookstores in the next town. The Gospel shouters had gotten them outlawed in our town. I couldn’t get there very often but every time I did, there was always some guy or another wanting to go into a viewing booth with me. Invariably, I would tell them no.

Then, one day as I prepared to go into a booth, I heard someone ask me, “Hey man, you want some company in there?” I was prepared to say no until I turned and saw a colored guy. That’s what we called black people in those days, colored or Negro were the terms. In those days, the term black was derogatory. There were other derogatory terms but my daddy had told me not to use them and my daddy was a tough old bastard.

Anyway, this guy looked at me and my breath caught in my throat. “Yeah…sure,” I stammered.

No sooner had the movie started than I dropped my hand to his crotch. I could feel what seemed like a live animal in his pants. He turned and watched me as I watched him. As I reached down to unzip his pants, he caressed my neck and the back of my head. The movie was forgotten as I looked down to see his manhood exposed by the light of the screen.

I hadn’t seen many cocks and no black ones but his was what I had always thought a real cock should look like. It was thick and rather long. It had a large head on it that was moist on its slit as I lightly gripped it. All of a sudden, I knew I had to taste it. I had sucked one of my cousin’s cock a couple of times and he had sucked mine. But I hadn’t ever set out to suck a man before.

He pulled his pants down farther so I could fondle his man-sized balls. I could feel the crinkly hair on his balls as I fondled them. The movie forgotten now, I bent over his lap and took his wonderful cock into my mouth. I could taste the salty fluid oozing from his cock. As I sucked and stroked it, it secreted more fluid into my mouth.

He was caressing my head and humming softly as I ministered to his cock. I tried to deep throat his black cock but couldn’t get it all in my mouth.

“Easy man, easy. Just relax, it’ll go in,” he encouraged me. “Just relax and it will slide right on down.”

Taking his advice, I slowed down and relaxed. His wonderful cock slid right down my throat. My nose was buried in his kinky pubic hair. I was stroking and sucking and every thing else I could do to make him cum in my mouth. Prior to this, I had never thought I would drink cum but I wanted his. I wanted it badly.

Suddenly, I could feel thick scalding fluid at the back of my throat. His black cock was exploding in my mouth! I was shocked at first but quickly recovered and started swallowing his thick cum. As it slid down my throat, I looked up at my companion. Me, a Southren bred white boy, was sucking a colored man’s cock. I was swallowing his thick seed. And I wasn’t ashamed. It seemed to confirm that suspicion that many of us Southren boys had. Yes, Southren. We often referred to ourselves as Southren rather than Southern. Our suspicion was that coloreds had us beat all to hell in the sex department. Why else would a white woman take up with a colored man? She knew she once a black cock penetrated her pussy; she would never want a white boy again. After all, we saw very few colored girls with white boys.

My companion took my pants off and sat me in his lap. He stroked my cock and played with my balls. I had my face buried in his neck as he caressed my soft, young, pale body. He pulled my shirt off and touched me all over my nearly hairless body. Everywhere he touched me it seemed like a trail of fire followed. My body was a mass of desire. It seemed as though I couldn’t catch my breath. My eyes closed as he stroked my cock. He had me stand and he bent over and took my cock into his mouth. It seemed as though my cock had entered a wet fiery furnace. His motion on my cock was slow and extended from my cock head to my sparse pubic hair. His hands rolled my balls around as though he were mixing my fluids together. He cupped them and then gently squeezed them. His touch on my genitals was more than I could stand. My body was a mass of tingling excitement as I approached my orgasm. My knees were beginning to buckle with the strain of my approaching cum.

He held me up as he sucked my cock. He put one arm around my hips holding me. That arm seemed as though it had fire coursing through it. Suddenly, my cock exploded. I had never felt that sort of cum before. Most of my orgasms at that time were self-induced and I thought they had felt great. I felt as though my body was collapsing on itself and was blasting out through the slit of my cock. The colored guy was sucking my life through my cock and all I could do was almost pass out from the exquisite agony of it. Finally, I collapsed shakily on the seat in the booth.

I reached down to touch this stranger’s face. He had a handsome face even though he had that flat, wide Negroid nose. His lips were not like the caricature of colored people we had all seen. They were not thick and bulbous as portrayed in cartoons. They were full though and larger than mine. His lips were coated with my cum and I watched as he licked his lips and then reached up and kissed me, letting me taste my own cum. I had never kissed a man! Here I was kissing a colored man whose lips felt firm and soft at the same time. The tangy taste that was me was in my mouth.

We dressed and went to his apartment. He undressed me a second time as I undressed him. His cock hung long and heavy on top of his round full balls. He had beautiful balls. They were round and seemed to be so large! I realize now that they weren’t any larger than mine are now but they seemed so big. His body was slim but very muscular. I was almost ashamed of my soft pale body. My cock seemed puny and stringy compared to his.

He led me to the bed where he laid me on my back. He raised me legs and had me hold them behind my knees. Then he sucked my balls into his mouth! I had never imagined anything like that. I could see my cock oozing my own precum as he sucked and licked my balls. When he moved down to lick and probe my asshole, I almost lost it. My back arched and I groaned in ecstasy as he performed his oral ministrations on my young inexperienced body.

He reached up and stroked my cock, which caused me to shoot cum onto my face. One bolt, then another. A third bolt also landed on my face. Further bolts of my cum oozed onto my chest and the last oozed onto my stomach. After 2 such forceful orgasms, my body was weak and spent.

My companion easily moved my body and lay down beside me. He licked the cum from my face then put his tongue in my mouth letting me taste myself again. I was almost afraid that I was going to be addicted to cum.

Then as my strength returned, he had me lay back again holding my legs in the air. He took some lube and rubbed my asshole liberally with it. Then he smeared it all over his cock. He moved over me and placed his cock at my asshole. I was apprehensive at first. But he soothed my fears as he pushed gently into my ass. I could feel his cock as it stirred my bowels. It felt funny at first but then, it started feeling good.

He fucked my asshole, slowly at first to get me used to it, then harder as he could sense I liked it. Finally, I was begging him to fill my ass with his cum. His magnificent black cock was reaming my asshole and I loved it! I was begging him to fill my ass with his hot white cum.

Suddenly, I could feel his cock flex and he groaned as his cock started shooting cum into my virgin white ass. I was in ecstasy as my ass was filled with his cum.

Then, he got on his hands and knees and offered me his asshole. At that point, I had never fucked a woman or anybody for that matter. I eased up behind him and placed my cock at his asshole. I shoved and it popped into his asshole very easily. After 2 hard cums, I was sure I wouldn’t ever cum again but was I surprised. He put his head down which raised his ass even higher. As I plugged his ass, he squirmed back against me. We quickly developed a rhythm and I had never felt anything like this. His ass was tight and active. His breath was hissing through his teeth and he was encouraging me to fuck him harder. I was slamming my seemingly tiny cock into his asshole and I was loving it! I could feel another cum building inside of me. I could feel it boiling in deep inside of me. He was begging to cum in him. I wasn’t aware until later that his cock had cum again on his sheets. Suddenly, my cock flexed, my balls tightened and I flooded his ass with my hot cum. It couldn’t have been much but it felt like a gallon. My cock flexed and squirted its white juice into that colored man’s ass. I was fucking him so hard I almost popped out before I finished. As my cum eased, I pulled out of his ass. My cock was covered in brown shit and white cum. I loved it.

Later, after getting cleaned up, I confessed that I had never been with a man. Had not had any desire to be with a man. Now, after this, I wanted to do it again and again.

The next time I was in that town, I went to his apartment. I was devastated to learn he had moved with no forwarding address. I went to the bookstore but never saw him again. My experience with him convinced me that colored men had some sort of superiority over white boys.


Later in my life, I was so sure about my convictions that I was going to offer my virgin daughter to a black man. My daughter, the epitome of young, tender white womanhood was going to take a black man as her first lover if I could arrange it.

My wife and I had one child. Her birth was difficult and my wife was unable to have any more children. We doted on our daughter. She was a beautiful baby. She had clear blue eyes and red hair when she was born. We held her little wrinkled body and loved her more than anything we had ever loved before.

We vowed to protect her and keep her from any hurt and harm. In retrospect, we knew that was impossible but all new parents all believe that. In spite of my wife and I being overprotective, our baby was so sweet. She was unspoiled by our doting ways. She had a ready smile and a mile of conversation for anyone who would listen.

In her thirteenth year, she was a cheerleader for the junior high school. They had football and basketball teams. Our baby was there in all of her tender glory. A couple of the cheerleaders had started sprouting womanly bodies but most of the cheerleaders were like my daughter. All braces, knobby knees and elbows. We went to every home game and some away games. Some of the other kid’s parents also were there at every home game.

At home, we were very casual about our dress. Candi would sometimes wear a top and panties. Other times, she might not have anything on. I would wear jockey shorts and sometimes nothing. All we told Angela was to let us know if her friends were coming so we could at least cover up. Most times, she was dressed as we were. Consequently, I noticed when her body started its march to womanhood.

First, her breasts got puffy. Then her tummy started losing its baby fat, as she grew taller. Her ass was going to be just like her mother’s. Full, round and beautiful. Her legs lost their spindliness and started firming up. Not to say this happened all at once. It happened so gradually that we almost didn’t notice.

She stayed with the cheerleading, which kept her body in great shape. By the time she was a senior in high school, she was the most popular girl there. But her popularity didn’t go to her head. She spoke to everybody. The so-called nerds would get the same sort of cheery greeting that the captain of the football team got. I think she might’ve respected the nerds more since the captain of the football team seemed to think that all of the cheerleaders were his harem. I know she had to fend him off on a couple of occasions until he got the message. He tried to say something negative about her but got punched for his trouble.

By the time she turned eighteen, she was about as beautiful as a woman could be. Her acne had passed in swift fashion. Her skin was clear and beautiful. Her body had filled out spectacularly. Her breasts were easily 34 or 36 C’s. Her waist was tiny and then her hips flared over her thighs. Her copper colored hair flowed over her shoulders when she wasn’t cheering the teams on. Overall, her body was a magnificent thing to behold. She still dressed around the house as we did. I might be sitting in the den watching a ball game and she would come through with just socks on. I really tried not to stare but I think she knew I was looking. Sometimes, when she knew I was in a particular room, she would come in wearing skimpy panties and a low cut bra. Sometimes, she had no bra on. I knew she was teasing me and I didn’t care.

But during her senior year, I devised a plan to give her what I had had for my first sexual experience. A black lover. One who would seduce her, excite her and deflower her.

Please hold on for part II, won’t be long!

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