Daughter's First Time


"Sweetie, it's been ... a very ... long time ... for me..." Trying to catch his breath from excitement "... I'm going to cum...”

Her eyes flicked up then, curious of what it would look like, what it would taste like. She half smiled around him, her lips twitched with it, yet she merely closed her eyes and slid her mouth off of him, only to move it back. Only to let her tongue slide against his flesh and her mouth to suckle him a bit harder. As she suckled his cock, he felt cum move up through him and with a loud moan, he stiffened. What seemed like gallons of milky white seed came pouring out of the tip. Of course, she choked again; a sort of soft gag that made her pause and she reflexively swallowed, clearing her mouth and throat for breath. She slowly pulled back; looking up at him with emerald eyes glittering though, a string of saliva and cum connected her lower lip to the head of his cock still, glittering in the light.

“Wow..." He mumbled as he looked down at her. "That was the best blow job I've ever had."

Pulling back, he leaned down and kissed her gently, tasting himself on her lips. “Okay sweetie, time for me to return the favor."

Kissing her gently, he laid her on her back, his manhood slightly limp against her thigh. She sighed out at that compliment, even though it had been her first time she loved it, it tasted nice, it felt nice against her tongue, and the way he'd sounded just was everything. She returned that kiss, softly as she relaxed against the soft material of her bed and her hands slipped up to touch at his face lightly. Jonathan's hands wandered across her body. Caressing the softness of her stomach and thighs. Lingering at the sweet, soft mounds of flesh upon her chest. Playing with her nipples, he teased them to make them stand on end. His hands continued to wander as he kissed his way down to one of them and took it n his mouth. His tongue rolling over her flesh and playing with her perky breasts.

"Oh! Umm..." she moaned out little sounds as he played over her body that way, teasing her and tasting her until her head swam. Her fingers curled into his hair as her thighs parted more and her knees bent, sending the softness of her legs along his sides. Faintly her hips gave a little thrust and she ground up against his skin, needing release so badly.

Lingering no more, he kissed down her stomach and to the soft patch of skin where the leg meets the hip. Here, he sucked gently while he rubbed her inner thigh, only an inch from the lips of her pussy. Her hips gave an involuntary jerk as she held her breath. Those soft lips were shining lightly with moisture, smelling sweetly of her arousal. They were swollen a bit a bit parted showing the inner deep pink. She shuddered as her hands lost contact with his hair and fell to the bed beside her. Moving his mouth now to her inner thigh, he massaged her clit gently. After a few moments, he inserted a long finger deep inside her, followed by another, then another. Slowly, he slid in and out of her. Her hips gave another jerk, a twitch really and she let out a long low moan.

"Oh ... oh daddy..." She whimpered as she rolled her head from side to side, as her back arched rather deeply. Her fists took up the blankets and she tugged lightly, out of the strain of this. "Oh ... oh that's so nice, daddy...so nice."

Sliding his fingers back out, he reached them up and rubbed her lips with them, so she could taste her own juices. Giving her only a taste, he licked the rest of the juice off his fingers before going down on her. His tongue grazed along her clit and licked her hot, wet pussy. She let her tongue dart out. It wasn't a bad taste, though she preferred his. She whimpered softly at the feel of his mouth again and she shuddered.

"Oh daddy ... I'm gonna cum ... real fast ...oh god."

"Go ahead sweetie, cum all over daddy's face! I want you soo bad!" He licked faster and harder, sliding his tongue into her as deep as he could.

She let out a cry as her thighs started to tighten against his face and her body went rigid, she shuddered as she held this state. Breathing in gasps as she shifted her hips until she relaxed, until she fell back to the bed and released a flood to his mouth. Panting softly her hands released the blanket from her hand death hold. As she let out a cry and stiffened, Jonathan kept licking and opened wide as he felt her juices run freely. As she relaxed, he lay there and licked her clean, enjoying every last drop. Her breathing made it sound like she'd run a marathon, she panted as she stared up at the ceiling and she nibbled on her lip.

"Oh ... daddy that was wonderful." She pushed herself up onto her elbows to gaze down at him lovingly.

"That was only the beginning sweety." Kissing back up her body gently, he locked her in a deep, passionate kiss as he reached her mouth.

Her mouth was hot against his own, her tongue seemed to be yearning for his as she pushed up to him, as her arms found themselves pulling him in more tightly against her. She hooked her legs around his hips; she wanted to hold him so tightly with all she was. As she did this, her throat let out a deep sigh of sheer bliss.

"I love you so much sweetie." Kissing her deeply, his manhood began to grow again, rubbing against her moist clit.

"I...I love you." She whimpered before her mouth was taken by his again and her hands slid up into his hair as she pushed herself up against him.

His touch against her made her whole body shiver and she whimpered a bit, pushing her hips up just a bit, wanting and needing more contact.

"I could do this all night with you." Kissing her neck, Jonathan slide his lower body forward, the tip of his cock parting her pussy lips. Reaching down, he slid it against her, moving up and down. Moving forward, he guided the tip into her hole. Gently, he slid it forward, filling her with his shaft. She was so hot, so tight against him that he could barely contain himself.

"MMMmmmm ... you okay?"

She whimpered as he entered her, feeling the tight fit, feeling so very full and unused to it, yet she nodded as she bit lightly against his shoulder. "Y ... yes ... daddy ... better than okay...”

He continued to move forward until his sack was resting against her butt cheeks. She whimpered out once more, she was unsure suddenly, but she knew he'd never hurt her, he knew she'd be safe with him, so she kept him near, wrapping him up in her arms. "Oh ... oh ... god..."

Slowly, he pulled back, bringing the tip almost to the hole before sliding in again slowly. While doing so, he kept her in a warm, deep embracing kiss. Her hands feathered through his hair again, curled against his scalp as her kiss became something more needy and insistent, more determined to be hot and hard. Though her concentration was decidedly elsewhere, in the pleasure that was given to her through him. Through her father. The thought, however, never made her pause. If this was supposed to hurt her, she knew he wouldn’t have done it. He set his pace slow and steady, making long strong thrusts in and out of her. A low moan could be heard from his throat. Her hand slipped down to his back and she pushed her fingertips into his flesh. She turned her head to break the kiss only to bite at his neckline softly.

"Mm ... I love you ...I love this."

"MMmmm ... yes, sweetie. You feel so good, so tight." Picking up his pace some, his sack slapping against her with each thrust.

It felt odd and wonderful all at the same time. She whimpered softly as she brought her legs to slide up against his hips. She curled her lower leg down across his back a bit before she turned to bite at his ear. "Oh ... mm ... so big, daddy ...you're so big."

His rhythm quickened and by now he was really slamming against her hard and fast. "Yeah, ya like it too, dontcha?" Biting her shoulder as he thrusted deep into her.

"Y ... yes daddy ...I love it ...I love your big hard cock in me." She whimpered. "Oh I'm all yours now, daddy ... yours ... y ...you can have me any time you want." She whimpered against his ear as her legs started to tighten once more. Her very core held him in its velvet grip.

"Oh, honey ... I'm gonna cum, I can feel it."

"Mm ... me too ...oh me too daddy, don't stop ... god ... cum in me ... I wanna feel it." She whimpered as she tensed up, as her body began to go rigid with this intense pleasure. She whimpered and gasped for breath as her body went through the throes of an orgasm, before she'd simply relax, simply fall back with the rush of endorphins, with the rush of pleasure. Letting out a moan, he thrusted deep inside of her, releasing the same seed that had created her several years ago. After the initial feeling, he slid in and out a couple times before pulling out entirely and collapsing beside of her. Panting, she tried to bring her breath down to appropriate levels, she hadn't felt so wonderful in her whole life. She turned and she curled up tightly to her father's side, and though this was the happiest she'd ever been, she sobbed softly, it had been so emotionally overwhelming. The sobs came out without much rational thought.

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