tagIllustratedDaughter's Initiation into Lust

Daughter's Initiation into Lust


Summary: Cheerleader, principal and daughter learn about true obedience.

WARNING: This is a story that includes sex in church, misused biblical quotes and a Minister who misuses his clerical authority to sleep with high school students, married women and his own daughter... if such things offend you please don't read. (Also, scripture is constantly misused and taken out of context, since the story is about a Minister who manipulates the Bible and the gullibility of women of faith to turn them into his personal playthings).

WARNING 2: Did I mention this story may offend?

Note: Thanks to TexBeethoven, Robert, Dave, and Wayne for editing this chapter.

Reader's Update:

Here is a recap of the first two chapters of this tale:

In Daughter's Initiation into Incest, virgin Eve believes she is corrupted by the devil because she was born on Halloween. Her father, the seductive devious Minister Harper, takes the virginity of all three of his daughter's holes' on her 18th birthday to eradicate the devil from her.

(Takes place on Friday, October 31st)

In Daughter's Initiation into Kink, Eve is further trained in the art of sexual submission by her father, including getting her tits fucked for the first time, sucking him off under the pulpit while he delivers a sermon, and taking part in her first foursome.

(Takes place Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd)

Monday morning, Eve had the usual breakfast she'd always had every school day, a fruit smoothie and oatmeal, but with the new appetizer of a load of her dad's cum out of her mom's cunt before she even left her bed.

This time Eve was woken up gently and as she looked at her mom, who was still dressed in the (mainly lack of) attire from last night's orgy of heavenly pleasure, and accepted her mom's invitation to crawl between her legs, which were already open and waiting for her. She was still in awe with all that had happened in just one weekend... but she couldn't be happier about it. Her pussy was already tingling, and she figured getting some pussy juice protection against the devil's wiles from her Mommy would be smart... and healthy... and as she crawled closer, she saw some white cum leaking out of her Mom's cunt. 'Daddy's cum! The Lord's cum! My saviour's cum!' Eve offered a silent prayer of thanksgiving as she leaned forward and began licking Mommy's wet slit.

Eve's mother Lilly loved the new morning ritual her husband had suggested just yesterday. A good hard fucking from her husband, followed by a good licking from her daughter. Before breakfast, she would already have had two orgasms.

After coming all over her daughter's pretty face, Lilly announced, "And your father got you a present to help in your new journey into ultimate servitude."

"Really?" Eve asked, surprised.

"Yes, it's to wear to bed, a night shirt of sorts," Lilly explained, as she got off the bed, cum still leaking out of her cunt, and went to the dresser where she'd put it when she came in.

"So I should wear this and nylons to bed every night?" Eve asked.

"Of course, my dear," Lilly nodded, loving her daughter's blind devotion, "and nothing else... unless your 'aunt red ruby' is visiting."

Eve giggled, "Of course."

"Here you go," Lilly said, handing the pink shirt to her daughter.

Eve looked at it and saw there were words on the front. She couldn't help but giggle like a schoolgirl. It said, 'KEEP CALM AND BE DADDYS GIRL'. She loved it, and didn't even point out the grammatical error that the old Eve would have. Instead she said, "It's perfect."

"It is, isn't it?" Lilly agreed, before adding, "Now you'd better have your shower and then have the rest of your breakfast."

"Is Daddy still home?" Eve asked, thinking she wouldn't mind a load directly from the source.

"You little submissive slut," Lilly laughed, spanking her daughter's tight ass. "No, he's already gone to work."

"Oh," Eve said, a little crestfallen.

"Don't worry my little cum slut," Lilly reassured. "There'll be lots of loads of the Lord's precious seed for you."

"Thank you, Mommy," Eve said naïvely, giving her Mommy a big hug. "I love you."

"I love you too," Lilly responded, pulling her daughter in for a sweet mother and daughter hug which wouldn't have looked out of the ordinary at all if it weren't for the fact that both were almost naked and their huge tits were crushed together.

Eve's best friend Beth meanwhile, was heading to her 8am meeting with Principal Peck. Although a few days ago she would have been petrified about this meeting, fearing to be outed, she now felt a certain strength and felt more curiosity than anything else. What did she want? Was she a submissive pet to Minister Harper too?

Meanwhile, Eve was stressed about Katie, knowing that Katie would have lots of fun humiliating her if given the opportunity. Her father said he would take care of it, yet he said just to give in to Katie until he did, so she was determined to avoid the cheerleader bitch at all costs today.

At a couple of minutes before eight, Beth knocked on Principal Peck's office door.

"Come in," Principal Peck called, impressed that Beth was early, probably because she was nervous about what to expect. A good sign.

Beth came in and closed the door.

"Lock it," Principal Peck ordered.

Beth did, went to the front of the principal's desk and sat down in the 'supplicant's' chair provided. While she was waiting politely for Principal Peck to finish with a paper she was examining, a plan was formulating in her head. If this bitch tried to turn her into a pet, she would turn the tables on her. Far from nervous, she could hardly wait for the challenge!

Principal Peck looked up and examined her nervous nerd and soon-to-be pet with appraising eyes. "Have you eaten breakfast yet?" she asked coolly.

"A bagel, ma'am" Beth answered, not giving away that she understood precisely what the older woman was implying. She was right, Principal Peck planned to try and domme her; she could read it in her eyes, her smirk, and her smug demeanor.

"Beth my dear, I think it's important for you to know that Minister Harper and I have an 'arrangement', if you know what I mean," Principal Peck began, standing up and walking confidently around her desk to loom dominantly behind the cute girl.

"Oh," was all Beth said, trying to act casual as she watched her stalker walk around her. Timing was everything, so she did her best to appear like an innocent lamb ready for the slaughter. For now. She breathed slowly and steadily, preparing herself.

"And I assume you understand what that means between you and me," Principal Peck continued, as she placed her hands possessively on the submissive, young girl's shoulders.

"Yes, I believe that I do, ma'am," Beth nodded, knowing exactly what was being implied.

She loved submitting to Minister Harper, she loved having Eve as her potential pet, she had absolutely no problem with the fact that the Minister's wife Mistress Harper could command anything of her and she would obey without hesitation.

Yet this was different. She sensed a submissiveness in this woman behind the bossy and bitchy front she presented to the world. This was a key moment in Beth's young sexual life. Was she a domme or a submissive? This was the moment that would define her. She still waited for the right moment to reveal her intentions.

"Are you wearing panties?" the principal asked.

"No ma'am," Beth admitted obediently, truly enjoying the naughtiness of going without any.

"What shameful behaviour. And is that young, ripe cunt of yours wet right now?" Principal Peck asked, working to incite shame and humiliation in the inexperienced, malleable girl as her hands reached around Beth and cupped her breasts.

It was undeniable. Beth's pussy was definitely wet, her principal's touch making her feel really good. But instead of her feeling shame and humiliation and the urge to submit to the predatory old letch, it was time to pounce!

She spoke out suddenly and rather loudly without a hint of submission, "Yes, my cunt is very wet, my dear Principal Bitch. And is your old wrinkled prune of a cunt fucking wet right now?"

"Pardon?" Principal Peck asked, astonished by and totally unprepared for such aggressive words coming from this shy nerd.

"You heard me," Beth growled, standing up and turning around to face her principal for the power confrontation. She placed her own hands possessively on the bitch's shoulders and demanded, "I want to know if that old cunt of yours is wet!"

"Beth, don't you dare speak to me like that!" the older woman replied firmly, not accustomed to the slightest signs of defiance from her students. She was in charge of this school and ran it with an iron fist... and occasionally with a big fat strap-on.

The old Beth would have backed down; the old Beth would have just dropped to her knees and eaten the bitch's cunt like a good girl; but the new Beth had decided to take control of the situation. She retorted, "I'll talk to my pet principal any way I want. I'm Minister Harper's daughter's best friend and I know that you suck and fuck the Minister's thick cock anytime he orders you to, don't you? He has compromising photos of you, doesn't he?"

Principal Peck felt like a fish out of water! She'd become totally accustomed to receiving very little if any resistance when she confronted girls she knew Minister Harper was fucking. As soon as she demanded they eat her cunt, they caved. Now here was this social outcast of a timid nerd, and she was threatening her. Her! She asked with ominous threat in her tone, thinking lioness, "Are you daring to threaten me, Beth?"

Totally ignoring the principal's own threatening tone and words, Beth replied lightly, as if the older lady were a humorous gazelle fawn trying to intimidate a hungry cheetah, "Call it what you want, sweetie, but I expect you on your knees and begging to eat my cunt ASAP."

Principal Peck was speechless. She was always the unchallenged authority figure. This was her office. This was her seduction. Sweetie?!! From this teenaged nerd pariah?! Yet the tables had turned, and very quickly.

"Now!" Beth demanded forcefully, slapping her hands imperiously on her principal's shoulders and pushing down.

The principal was still in disbelief at the turn of events, her brain was still attempting to process Beth's totally unexpected dominance, but her brain was bypassed, and she felt her gut instincts taking charge and allowing her body to lower itself to the ground as her cunt gushed. She wasn't used to such a strong-willed teenager. Of course she was totally submissive to the formidable Minister Harper and his wife, but in turn she was allowed her own stable of pets, and Beth was supposed to have been her newest addition. Yet here she was on her knees in front of her alleged 'pet'.

Beth turned around, sat back down and snapped her fingers. "Crawl around the chair and put your face between my legs, pet principal."

The older woman couldn't believe the words she was hearing, but felt her body obeying on automatic pilot, her mindset switching without her permission from domme to submissive, something it also did without thought for the Harpers.

"Good pet," Beth purred, once the pretty principal was kneeling in front of her.

Shame burned through the strong woman, never once having been treated like this by a student.

"Take your hair out of that bun, my pet, it makes you look too much like a straight-laced bitch," Beth continued, revelling in the power she was assuming over this woman, who exercised such power in her own right.

Ironically, that was exactly why Principal Peck wore her hair in a bun: to look like someone you shouldn't mess with. She had mastered the look: the glare, the frown... it had never failed to create a sense of fear among her students and most of her staff. Yet, it wasn't having the usual effect on this teenager. She obeyed the order, pulling her hair out of its bun and letting it flow in a black torrent past her shoulders.

"You're very pretty when you don't hide yourself behind that bitch façade," Beth complimented ambiguously, as she spread her legs wide, simultaneously lifting up her skirt.

Principal Beck wanted to speak, but the words disappeared without a trace during the long journey from her brain to her mouth as she stared fixated at the teen's ripe cunt now directly in front of her.

"Go ahead, pet principal, it's obvious you haven't eaten your own breakfast," Beth offered, "enjoy," her finger sliding between her slightly wet pussy lips

Part of her wanted to, yet another part of her knew there would be serious consequences for submitting. If this ever got out, she would no longer be in control of her school. The principal asked, "You'll keep this between us?"

"Of course," Beth lied, already looking forward to sharing this delicious secret with Eve.

The pussy in front of her too appealing to resist, Pet Principal Peck leaned forward and purred, giving into the temptation, "Mmmmm, such a nice shaved pussy."

A couple of minutes into the pussy pleasing, Beth, quite turned on at the power she was almost effortlessly assuming over her hard ass principal, decided to push the line a step further. She said, "That's it, Principal Slut, lick my cunt like the submissive pet you are."

Principal Peck was surprised by the usually shy girl's domineering words, although this whole encounter had gone unimaginably different from the way she'd planned. Yet, falling into familiar behaviour patterns long established with Mistress Harper, she responded to Beth, "Yes, Mistress."

Beth got turned on even more at being called 'Mistress'. She moaned, "And what are you?"

"I'm your principal pet," the older woman admitted, paradoxically turned on and embarrassed at the same time.

"And what would the school board say if they knew you were a cunt licking slut who served her students?" Beth asked.

"Actually they would say nothing at all. Most of them are already submissives to Minister Harper," the submissive principal admitted, between licks.

"Interesting," Beth smiled, finding the idea of having a harem of older woman and possibly even a few men as pets very exciting. Especially stick-up-the-ass board chair Mrs. Prince. "So Mrs. Prince is also a submissive?"

The principal, realizing she'd already said too much, replied, "I shouldn't have spoken. I'm not supposed to out others in the community."

Beth grabbed her new pet by the hair and snapped, "I wasn't asking for a fucking commentary. Now answer the fucking question or I'll find someone else to get me off." If blackmail wasn't an option, extortion would do just fine.

The principal was shocked by Beth's aggressive domme behaviour, yet equally turned on by it. She loved to be dommed, to be used by Mrs. Harper, and she now realized her hunger to submit wasn't only confined to the minister's wife. She stammered, "Y-y-yes, she is."

"Now that wasn't too hard, was it?" Beth asked, as she pulled the pretty principal's face back between her legs.

The principal hungrily lapped, turned on beyond comprehension by the rough, firm treatment of this formerly shy student.

Beth's orgasm built quickly at the older woman's experienced tongue and the thoughts of having her own harem of MILF pets, something she would definitely be asking Mr. Harper about ASAP. "That's it, slut, I'm getting close; suck my clit, you fucking bitch."

Principal Peck felt a hand at the back of her head and firm pressure as her face was pushed deeper into the wetness. She continued licking, knowing the teen was close, taking the swollen hard clit between her lips and simultaneously licking and tugging.

"Yes, fuuuuuuck," Beth screamed seconds later as she came all over her principal's face.

Nothing tastes better than pussy juice, and Principal Peck lapped it up like it was water and she was dying of thirst.

Once her orgasm subsided, Beth ordered, "On your desk, slut."

Principal Peck quickly obeyed, hoping she too was going to get off. Being a complete bitch in her role as head of a school was exhausting and stressful, and sometimes she loved letting go by shutting off her brain and just obeying... although she had never expected to be in that position with a student.

Beth moved to the sexy older woman, who was a lot sexier now that Beth saw her as a slut and not a scary pretentious bitch. "Take off your blouse," Beth ordered.

"But there are people just outside the office," Principal Peck pointed out.

"Now, slut, or I'll fucking open the door and demonstrate to the whole school that you're my cunt muncher," Beth ordered.

Scared she wasn't bluffing, the new pet quickly unbuttoned her blouse.

"Bra too," Beth instructed, once the blouse was off.

Although she had a great ass and long legs, Principal Peck had always been self-conscious of her very average 34B breasts. This is why she always wore a push-up bra to enhance her upper figure. She reluctantly unclasped her bra, revealing her insecurity to the bigger breasted teen.

Beth didn't say anything as she leaned forward and pinched both erect nipples to further hardness. "What's your first name, slut?"

"Marilyn," she answered, a name no one at her school was ever allowed to call her, including her employees. It had occurred to very few people that she even had a first name apart from 'Principal'.

"Like Marilyn Monroe?" Beth asked.

"Yes, my parents both loved 'Some Like it Hot'," the new pet answered, as her traitorous nipples sent waves of pleasure to her brain as they burned from the pinching.

"Well, you sure didn't inherit her tits, did you?" Beth chuckled as she gave one more tug.

"No, Mistress," the self-conscious woman answered back.

Beth roughly parted her new pet's legs, and ordered, "Lift your ass up."

The dazed and horny principal obeyed as the teen seductress pulled her skirt off.

Beth moved her hand to a very wet cunt and stated the obvious, "No panties, I see."

"Minister Harper insists that his sluts always have their cunts available for quick access," the principal explained.

"I can't believe you're a submissive; on the outside you're such a prude," Beth said, as she slid two fingers inside the bitch.

"Ohhhh, that's just my job," she whimpered, as her heated box finally got its much craved attention.

"To be a prude?" Beth questioned, as she pumped two fingers in and out.

"To keep things under control here, to appear as a respectable authority figure," the principal answered.

"I don't think you have anything in control right now," Beth quipped, as she added a third finger to Marilyn's snatch, a naughty idea popping into her head.

"I guess that's truuuuue," Principal Peck moaned.

"Want to cum, Principal Peck?" Beth asked, as a fourth finger slipped inside the very wet box.

"Yes, Mistress," the submissive older woman responded, wanting to give in completely to this power reversal of a teen student Domme and adult principal submissive.

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