tagIncest/TabooDaughter's Love Ch. 02

Daughter's Love Ch. 02


The feedback I received both by email and on Lit has persuaded me to write a sequel.

I will ask a similar question. Should I take this further and examine the aftermath? It's in you the readers' hands!

Again I have photos of what I was wearing so if you want them, send me some interesting feedback


Sammi x


Both James' and Sammi's hearts were pounding and their pulses racing as they ended the kiss. Their anticipation of what was surely about to happen reached new heights as they walked slowly across the large, marble tiled poolside towards the ostentatiously luxurious villa in the hills behind Marbella in Spain. His arm was round her shoulders; his fingers were gently stroking her bare arm. Hers was round his waist; she was softly squeezing his hip. Her head was resting on his chest. They reached the house, went in through the floor to ceiling patio doors closing them behind them and embraced. It was dark and welcomingly cool in the house. Their mouths met and again they kissed. It was as deep and long and as adventurous and passionate as before, but now they were more relaxed for they knew the other would accept and respond to the embrace and kiss. They had more time to explore and convey their intent, desire, arousal and sexual need for each other. But at last they broke.

"Oh my God Sammi" James groaned holding her head against his chest.

"What is it dad?" She queried as foreboding built up in her.

"This is so wrong" he muttered stroking her golden hair and revelling in the feel of his daughter's slim, youthfully firm, but womanly rounded, nearly nineteen year old body against his.

"No, no it can't be wrong" she said panicking a little, taking his face in her hands and planting little kisses on his cheeks, chin and lips.

"But it is, I am your father for fuck's sake."

"And I am your daughter for fuck's sake" she retorted.

"I'm sorry Sam."

"For what?"

"For what I have done."

"It's not what you have done dad, it's us, both of us together. It's what we have done."

James was so worried at what they were doing, but also so pleased. He had become increasingly sexually interested in his daughter over the past few months. The seminal moment for this had been at her eighteenth birthday party when they had been dancing and he had got an erection. During the last few months as Sammi waited to go to university the atmosphere had become nearly unbearable for both of them. There had been so many times when something happened, a glance, a touch, standing very close together even a word that made one or the other of them or both want more to happen. But nothing had. They were too concerned and too worried about getting it wrong, about reading the signals and the other's interests incorrectly.

But more was happening now.

"Oh Sammi are you sure?" James asked pulling her even closer and kissing her again.

He was a good kisser. He knew that, after all he'd had loads of practice with both Kelly, his wife Sammi's mother, and a host of other women over the years. Sammi had never been kissed like it before. The way he used his mouth, lips and tongue, the way he sucked on her lips, nibbled them and the tip of her tongue and the way he investigated the inside of her mouth probing and plunging with his tongue was completely new and incredibly arousing for her.

Hanging onto his neck tightly she ground her slim body against his and moaned. "Oh dad, oh, oh, yes,yes."

Her modest breasts were squashed against his chest and were pulled more firmly to it by the pressure James was applying from his hands on her back and waist. That pressure and her own movement were also crushing her flat stomach against the outline of her father's erection, which reared straight up his stomach. To Sammi it felt as beautiful as it felt big. The two guy's she'd slept with since she was eighteen she was sure were much smaller than her father.

"Are you sure Sammi, are you sure my darling?"

"Yes dad, yes Jamie" she said using the name she had coined for him over the last year or so. "I am so totally sure."

James hand found his daughter's buttocks. He squeezed the deliciously soft, yet firm cheek sending tremors of desire through her; none of the young guys she had petted or been to bed with had done that and she loved it. She slid her fingers inside his dark blue, short-sleeved shirt causing some buttons to burst open so that his chest was as good as bare. She ran her fingers through the hairs and across his nipples. That felt good for both of them. They resumed their kiss. As they discovered their own particular way and pattern of kissing so their bodies became attuned to each other. So they became closer and so what was hers became his and what was his became hers. They went through that magic and so special spell of their bodies seemingly fusing together and becoming one. Sammi's breasts became part of James chest, their thighs fused into one mass of smooth flesh and his erection, which was at the centre of their erotic coupling, became part of Sammi's stomach.

James hand at last, almost as an afterthought, almost as if he had forgotten about it earlier and almost as if it wasn't that important, found Sammi's breast. Confirming instantly what he had suspected, well had known really, that she wasn't wearing a bra, he cupped it and squeezed it making Sammi groan, push herself against the hand and revel in the sensational feelings that her father was causing to roar through her young body.

This time the kiss went on and on. This time it was accompanied by their investigative hands; his caressing her breasts and buttocks' hers his chest and bum. And this time it was also accompanied by them using their body on their partner; Sammi's breasts squirming against James' bare chest and his erection thrusting gently yet persistently and enquiringly against her pubic mound and stomach. As much as his surging dick was asking questions of his daughter, her tummy squirming back against his rigidness was giving her father all the answers he had dreamed of for so long. His movements were asking if he could fuck her, hers were demanding that he did just that.

Sammi or their movements had slipped James' shirt over his shoulders and removing his arms one by one from her body he shrugged it off. It then hit him just how chilly it was and he realised that the air conditioning would have been roaring away all day. He also realised that there were no lights on in the house and that the room was only very dimly lit from the patio lamps.

"Let's go upstairs" he whispered into her ear.

Smiling, her extreme nervousness now gone, she replied. "Mmmmm I thought you would never ask."

"Let me get some light in here and turn the AC down."

His erection ballooning in his white shorts James fiddled with the panel just inside the front door and all the lights came on and the AC went off.

"Bloody thing" he growled as Sammi put her arms round her father caressed his chest and kissed his back. "Mmmm that's lovely love."

After several more attempts he got the main lights off, the lamps alight dimly and the air turned diwn.

"Well done daddy" Sammi said taking his hand and pulling him towards the stairs. At the top she stopped and said coquettishly. "Daddy darling your room or mine?"

"I don't care as long as you are in it with me."

"Let's go to your room that will make me feel less naughty than asking a strange man to my room."

"Am I strange?"

"As in stranger I meant."

"Well I am certainly not that I'm your father" James replied as he opened the door to the large bedroom and Sammi squeezed past and went and sat on the bed.

"I meant stranger as in sexually" Sammi said very seriously.

The combination of seeing the bed, Sammi sitting on it with her short, blue skirt up round the top of her legs and him saying about being her father suddenly got to him. 'Fuck can I do this? Can we carry it through? What will it be like after tonight after tomorrow, when we get home, next week, next month, next year? Can I really make love to Sammi, can I really have an affair with my daughter? James' mind was bombarded with all these thoughts as he realised his messing around with the computerised setting on the control panel had lit the numerous lamps romantically dimly and was making the glorious violin concertos play in the bedroom; not such a useless old fart he thought turning and looking at the vision sitting on the bed, sitting on his bed or, would it be their bed.

Even as James was contemplating committing incest with his daughter he was ironically also thinking of her best interests. He was only too aware that what they had done so far and certainly what was on the cards for tonight were totally life changing events obviously for him, but even more so for his, nearly nineteen year old daughter.

He went and sat beside her on the bed. He put his arm round her and nuzzled her hair.

"Darling" he started squeezing the golden, freckled flesh on her shoulder.

"Yes Jamie" she mumbled back feeling far more comfortable using that term of endearment than her relationship one of dad. She rested her head on his bare chest and her hand on his leg just above his knee. That was like an electric shock to him and he almost changed his mind.

"You know that this is considered to be wrong by most of society don't you?" James started fighting the temptation to grasp her hand and push it up his leg and onto his cock.

Sammi had been expecting this and in a way welcomed it. As usual with any aspect of her life she felt a need to have the rules laid out, the parameters explained the boundaries agreed. On one level this could be a one off, a one night stand as she had nearly had many times, yet on the other it could be longer-term. It could be her and James just being fuckbuddies yet, it could also be them become partners and, she shuddered as the thought hit home, her replacing Kelly in James' life.

Sammi welled up, she nearly started to cry. She wrapped her arms round her father and looking up at him moaned.

"Oh yes dad, yes I know it is, but can it be so wrong?

James stroked her hair. "Well darling society says it is and it is still illegal between parents and child."

"But we both want to" she blurted out. "You do want to make love to me don't you da.. er Jamie?"

"Oh Sammi I do, so much, so very very much."

"Then it can't be wrong."

"I know, oh I don't know I am so confused" James went on as Sammi ran her fingers over his chest, across each of his nipples and down onto the flatness of his upper stomach by his waist. "It's of......er.... no sorry never mind" James went on loving the feel of Sammi's fingers on his skin. He ran his hand down her back slightly inside the white, low cut top with the thin straps one of which had slipped off her shoulder; that seemed so incredibly sexy to James. As he tried to work out what he wanted to say to his daughter his fingertips idly caressed where her bra strap would have been had she have been wearing such an unnecessary garment. That reminded him of when they had danced together at her eighteenth birthday party when she was wearing a bra and he had got an erection.

"What is it dad? Tell me" Sammi almost ordered her father.

"There are so many things to consider."

"What do you mean?"

"Well what happens after. How do we handle that?"

"What the future?" She asked feeling excited yet relieved that they were talking this way.

"Yes I have to consider so many different eventualities and situations" that annoyed the somewhat spoiled little rich bitch.

Pulling away from James so their upper bodies were no longer touching she stared at him. "Dad this is not a fucking building project, we are talking about us making love."

"I'm sorry Sam" James sighed. "I am really sorry."

"I know and I have been thinking the same."

"What about what happens next and the future?" James asked.

"Yes, it does concern and worry me as well" Sammi said snuggling up to her father again and replacing her hand so wonderfully suggestively he thought on his waist.

"Of course it does and that worries me as well, I don't want to ruin your life, it's you I am thinking of more than me."

That made Sammi feel so good. Her dad always had been so considerate and thoughtful and had looked out for her.

"You won't ruin it dad, in fact I would feel it's more likely to be ruined if we don't make love than if we do" she whispered edging her fingertips into waist of James' shorts and nearly reaching the tip of his staggeringly hard erection.

Sammi's words hit home hard to James. It was the first time either of them had actually verbalised what they were thinking of doing; making love. God that sounded so wonderful, so exciting, so arousing and he had to admit so absolutely right. What Sammi had said about not making love ruining it also struck a chord with James for that was exactly how he really felt. He was convinced now that he wanted to have a sexual relationship with his daughter; not just have sex, but a longer-term, intimate involving, consuming and he now felt able to accept loving relationship with her.

"Darling are you prepared for all the ramifications if we do?" James asked cuddling Sammi's body tighter to his.

Sammi knew then that they would have sex. When someone asks such a question they already have the answer for there is no real answer to such a rhetorical question.

"We don't know the ramifications do we so how can we be prepared?" Sammi's quick mind prompted her to say.

"True" James stammered slightly nonplussed, but enormously excited at the way the conversation was going.

"So we will confront them as they come about dad. "Welcome to the now generation; we'll do fine" Sammi said as simultaneously James moved and her fingers slid further into his shirts. The tips of her fingers found the end of his erection. James' entire body jerked as Sammi inadvertently touched him; she almost said sorry for she hadn't really been expecting to feel him. But she didn't say sorry, she didn't jerk them away and she didn't do anything except leave them exactly where they were so that her three middle fingertips continued resting right on the bulbous end of her father's cock.

"Oh my God Sammi" James groaned as the exquisite feelings of his daughter's fingers on his most intimate place combined with her clear acceptance and desire to enter into a sexual relationship with him registered in his mind and body.

Although quite sexually inexperienced having only had full sex with two men and heavily petted with around ten, Sammi had an adventurous streak to her. When it became clear that her and a partner were on for something this caused her to be more forward than girls with her level of experience usually were. Turning her face she licked James' lips before kissing him open mouthed and slipping her tongue inside his mouth. At the same time she pushed her hand further into his shorts. It was a fantastic moment for both of them as Sammi's hand found James' cock and she wrapped her fingers round it. Sammi was immediately struck by how thick it was. She had held several guy's dicks and was relatively used to the warm, smooth hardness of them, but none she had held in any way matched the girth of her dad. That made her shudder with the extreme desire to have it and him inside her. The feelings for James were a combination of physical and emotional. Any woman's hand on his cock would send waves of sexual delight through him, that was natural for that's how men are made. But this wasn't any woman, this wasn't any of the mistresses, flings, one-night stand, hookers and masseuses, even his wife Sammi's mother whose hands had held his thick cock. This was Sammi, this was his daughter and that together with it being the most obvious indicator that they would have sex sent enormous surges of desire and love though him.

As lovers often do Sammi and James reached conclusions and started thinking simultaneously together. They both knew that soon they would make love and that the time for doubts and worries, concerns and inhibitions were over. They both acknowledged that what they were about to do might create issues, but they felt prepared for them and they both realised with hardly a shadow of a doubt that indeed they wanted to have an incestuous love affair more than anything in the world and sod the circumstances.


They lay back onto the bed Sammi's hand still holding James' cock inside his shorts.

James' hand slid up the inside of Sammi's top.

As she caressed his cock so he caressed her breasts.

Somehow, wordlessly and between them his shorts came off.

He was naked she was fully dressed.

She looked at her father's cock swollen from the excitement of being with his daughter.

Its size worried her a little for she had begun to believe she was quite small down there, but it also excited her; she had no real opinion on whether size mattered or not. The expectancy of her dad burying his mini monster inside her made her quake with desire.

Suddenly she sat up, he looked shocked and started to ask. "Er, what........?"

"Shush" Sammi said her gaze locked on his as her hands found the hem of her white top.

James was enthralled as she quickly lifted the garment up and pulled over her head. Dropping it on the bed and shaking her head to sort out her hair she leaned forward. Gripping his cock again Sammi offered her breasts to his mouth.

James whimpered with pleasure as he held his daughter's pert little tits in his hand and greedily sucked on first one and then the other erect, coral pink nipple. Sammi was near to boiling over, she was more aroused than she had ever been in her short sexual career. In her excitement and due to her inexperience she began pumping James cock too quickly. He knew that if he let her continue she would make him cum.

Gripping her wrist he whispered. "Slower baby nice and slow."

"Sorry dad er Jamie."

"That's ok darling."

"It's just that I am so excited."

Putting the father side of his being into the deepest recesses of his mind his natural male instincts and experience clicked in. His hand went up Sammi's skirt. It slipped between her legs, she parted her thighs a little and his fingers found the outline of her sodden lips through her thong. This was familiar territory to Sammi for she'd been 'fingered,' as she and her mates called it, several times. What wasn't that familiar to her was the quick and expert way that James found her clit through the material and applying just the right amount of pressure round its base. That sent such extreme shock waves of sexual stimulation through her. They were of an intensity she had never before experienced.

"Oh god" she moaned" gripping James' wrist and pulling on it as if trying to urge even more sensation from his pleasure giving fingers

Sucking her gorgeous little tits and nipples as he gently, but persistently rubbed right alongside her clitoris, James revelled in the emotional sensations of bringing his daughter off. He had always found special pleasure in making women cum whether it be his wife or a hooker, although he suspected that most of them feigned it, hookers that is! Doing that to his daughter far surpassed any sexually emotive kick he had ever got from previous sexual experiences.

She clung to him, her fingers dug into him, she writhed her body against his, ground her tits against his chest and pushed her torso more firmly against her dad's pleasure giving finger. Her head rocked from side to side, her eyes were tightly closed and her mouth was open almost gasping for air as she climaxed. Her orgasm was of such a magnitude and intensity that Sammi wondered whether she had really ever had one before. Still holding, but no longer really pumping James' prick, Sammi slowly came down from the peak of her orgasm. She plastered little kisses all over her dad's face, neck and chest sighing and whispering her thanks and telling him how wonderful it had been. Wisely, James simply held her, moved his hand away from between her legs and returned her peck and kisses as Sammi's mind and body returned to some form of normality.

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