Daughter's Love Ch. 02


"Oh dad" she groaned kissing him. "That was marvellous, it was so good, it was fantastic."

Laughing James said. "I take it you enjoyed that."

"More than anything I have ever done before."

"And what have you done before, you weren't a virgin were you?"

"No I lost that just after I was eighteen.

"What before the party?"

"Yes remember we didn't have the party until three months after I was eighteen."

"Oh yes I had forgotten. To Luke?"

"No someone else" Sammi replied snuggling up to James and loving the way he cuddled and stroked her.

"Oh I assumed that you and Luke er did it."

"We do, but it just happened with this other guy, we only did it twice."

James was quite fascinated to be talking to his daughter about her sex life and it struck him that would never be the same again for possibly for the foreseeable future he might be her sex life.

"But enough about me daddy, what about you?" Sammi said meaningfully jerking his cock.

"What about me?"

"Maybe I should have said us?" Sami said wriggling away from the edge of the bed and lying in the middle of it. Looking deep into James' eyes she whispered. "I think you need to undress me and make love to me now.................daddy."


With shaking hands James fumbled the hook and eye and zip undone on Sammi's skirt and between them they pushed it down her legs and off. In just her white thong, the gusset of which was clearly soaked, Sammi lie there with one knee raised as James greedily gazed at her near nude body. 'She really is fucking gorgeous' he thought running his fingertips from her chin, down her chest, over each pert breast, across her nipples, down to her waist, past her panties and up and down each of her sculpted thighs.

"Sammi you are so beautiful" he groaned leaning forward and kissing her stomach.

Sammi slightly arched her back as James' fingers travelled round her body exhilarating every inch of it. Pushing her fingers into the tight curls of the mass of dark pubic hairs round the base of his cock then running her fingers up and down the thick shaft of such exciting flesh she softly moaned. "Undress me Jamie, please undress me make me naked like you." At the same time Sammi was wondering if James was going to go down on her. She had read about oral love and had watched a few porn videos, but none of the guys she had been intimate with or the two who had fucked her had tried to do that.

As her father took hold of the thong, Sammi lifted her bottom off the bed so he could roll it downwards. After the gusset had stuck to her pussy for a moment the slither of white lace and satin slid down her legs to join the other clothing scattered around the bed and on the floor. Both completely naked they slid into each other's arms, kissed deeply and ground their tingling bodies together.

Being bare in the arms of a lover for a first time is always a special moment with a special set of emotional and physical experiences. When the age gap of such lovers is large those experiences are magnified and when the lovers are related the magnification is increased. When the relationship is a father to a daughter it is increased even more to levels that few ever experience. And groaning and sighing Sammi and James experienced those levels.

They kissed and writhed their bodies together, ran their hands over the others back, front, buttocks, legs, hair and between the legs as slowly they manipulated their linked torsos into a position where they could make the love they both so desperately desired.

"Ready darling?" James asked as Sammi rolled onto her back with him on top.

"Oh yes. I am so ready for this please."

James shrugged his body down a little at the same time as Sammi instinctively opened her legs. His cock slid between her thighs the bulbous end of it nestling against the lips of her waiting pussy.

"You are on the pill aren't you?"

"Yes of course I am, there's no need for a rubber, I want to feel you" was the music to James' ears that came from his daughter's mouth.

"Good" James replied pushing gently with his cock against the soaked only partially opened crevice.

Sammi felt it there and couldn't wait any longer although she had a touch of trepidation as to what such a large cock would feel like inside her. Momentarily wondering whether it would hurt she decided to throw caution to the winds. She pushed downwards at exactly the same moment that James thrust his hips forward so that his cock surged right up her providing the young woman with the answer to the unasked question. There was no pain just that glorious feeling of being stuffed to overflowing and that even more glorious feeling of being fucked by her father.

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