tagInterracial LoveDaughters of the Rising Sun

Daughters of the Rising Sun


When I was seventeen I moved from the small country town where I was raised, to the much larger capital city so I could attend a decent university. After studying for a year I decided to move out from living with my relatives so I could enjoy a little more independence. I found a nice apartment in a suburb close to the university with a large population of students. I advertised on the university web-site for a flat-mate to help with the rent. I interview a number of people including this small, cute little Japanese girl named Ai. Ai was about 150cm, with short brown (dyed) hair and the cutest little cheeky smile I had ever seen. My parents had often had a home-stay student living with us and I knew from experience that Japanese girls were normally really pleasant to live with. She moved in the next day.

Ai was a strange mixture of conservative and wild. Typically Japanese she was extremely polite and indirect. Her family was the most important thing to her. She insisted upon cooking every meal and if I even tried to make toast she would shoo me out of the kitchen. However Ai also loved to drink and to dance. She showed me photographs of when she was younger with bright blonde hair and always a different boy with their arm around her waist.

After a few months of living together I brought a girl home with me to "study". Unfortunately study soon turned into other activities and my partner was very loud and very vocal. When the girl left I went to Ai's room to apologise for the noise. When she opened her door she had a huge cheeky smile.

"Did you have fun?"

Surprised at this I said nothing for a moment just staring at her blankly. "I um err…I came to apologise for the noise", I eventually spluttered.

"Oh it's not worries mate", Ai replied in broken English with the same cheeky grin. (she was trying unsuccessfully to mimic a typical Aussie phrase).

We started talking about love, sex and culture all at the same time and I found out to my surprise that Ai was definitely not a virgin. She had started having sex from the age of 14 and had had sex with every boyfriend since. I asked her if she liked sex and her response surprised me;

"Hmmmm…it's ok. Just something that girlfriends or wives do to make their boyfriends happy".

Although the answer to my next question was obvious I asked anyway. "So have you ever had an orgasm?"

Ai needed to use her dictionary to understand this word and when she finally understood she shook her head. "No".

Cunnilingus is something I had always been pretty good at and I had managed to make every girlfriend I had ever had orgasm. I asked Ai if any of her boyfriends had ever eaten her. She didn't understand so I put Cunnilingus into her dictionary. I had thought that she would be really surprised or shocked but she wasn't the least bit surprised.

"Yeah all of them did that. But they were too rough with me. It didn't feel nice at all".

Getting up my courage I asked, "Would you like me to try?"

This time the surprise registered on her face instantly. She looked up at me with half a smile lingering on her lips thinking that I was joking. I smiled back at her.

"There's no obligation", I said "I just thought you might like to try having an orgasm".

She was quiet for a moment. Staring out the window away from me, and I thought that I had offended her.

"I'm sorry…" I started but she interrupted me.

"Don't be sorry…would you mind if I thought about it for a while and told you my answer later?"

"Of course not".

About a week passed without incident and I thought that she had turned me down in the politest Japanese way. I had read that Japanese people rarely ever say no directly and "I'll think about it" generally means no. That Friday night Titanic was on television and Ai really, really wanted to see it again. The movie started at 8:30pm and Ai came home with her friend Miska and two bottles of wine at about 6pm. It was a cold night and the two girls cuddled up together on one side of the couch while I sat on the other; all of us drinking wine. The movie soon started and the longer it went on the more we drunk. I was starting to get pretty bored and was thinking about going out clubbing when I noticed that Ai was stretching out gradually during the movie and was getting closer and closer to me. Miska got up to use the bathroom and Ai asked me if I was cold. I said I was a bit.

"Would you mind if we all used the doona from your king sized bed?" Ai asked.

"Sure no problem", I replied getting up off the couch to fetch it. When I came back Miska and Ai were both sitting on the couch so I threw the doona over both of them.

"Thank-you", Ai said kissing me lightly on the cheek. I was really surprised. Ai had never touched me before let alone kissed me. I looked over at her and saw her face was light red and I realised that the alcohol was taking an effect. Asian girls especially don't seem to be able to handle their drink. Ai soon had her head resting on a cushion which she placed on my lap. She pushed her hand under the cushion so it was resting on my leg. Miska was sneaking the occasional peak at us now and I couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed. By the time the movie ended Ai was fast asleep on my lap. Miska was fully awake and we started talking.

"So are you two a couple?" Miska asked.

"Ummm…no not really", I replied "this is the first time Ai has shown any interest in me whatsoever".

"So you don't have any obligations towards her at all?" Miska asked mischievously.

"Ahhh no, none at all" I replied wondering where she was going with this.

"Ai told me you offered to eat her out".

I was surprised but then again I shouldn't have been. These girls seem to share every detail of their lives.

"Yes. I did", I admitted.

"Would you eat me if I asked you?"

"I ummm…err…I don't really know you that well" I spluttered.

She leaned over and kissed me long and deeply. "Do you know me well enough now?" Miska asked, still smiling devilishly.

"Yes…yes…ok. I don't mind…I mean I would love to do that for you".

"How big are you?" Miska said "more than six inches?"

"Yeah I think so" I replied wondering how I could every have thought this girl was shy and innocent. I had no idea how many centimetres an inch was and I wasn't about to ask.

"Mind if I look?" Miska said interrupting my thoughts.

We left Ai on the couch asleep and went into the bathroom together.

"Let's take a shower together" Miska said stripping her clothes off. I had never seen a Japanese girl naked before and my body reacted accordingly.

"Owww you are pretty big" Miska said grabbing me through my boxers. She looked totally different without her clothes. Her breasts were large for an Asian girl perhaps the same as the average Caucasian girl but her nipples were much, much larger. She had just a small wisp of pubic hair and the firmest ass I had ever seen. We began washing each other and kissing passionately. She reached down to my groin and using the lather of body wash began fondling my erection. I couldn't take too much of this….

"I want you" I told her, "I need you now".

Miska turned around and lent over slightly so I could see her sex between her legs and also had a full view of her ass and back. She used her hand to spread herself open and I could see her cute little pink bit. I placed the head of my penis at the entry and slowly started to penetrate her.

"Owww…that feels so good" she moaned. She was so tight I could feel huge amounts of pressure building up the deeper I went. When I was about ¾ of the way in I hit something hard and she let out a small gasp.

"Wait. No more please. I don't think I can take it all".

I started moving in and out of her, listening to the sound of the water trickling down her back, the sound of her moaning each time I pushed deep into her and the sounds of my balls slapping against her ass. I reached down and started playing with her nipples. Twirling them softly and occasionally squeezing them, eliciting little yelps. I played with her clitoris gently rubbing it up and down. I heard her breathing change as she approached climax. I felt her muscles clench as she reached climax and I started pounding her really hard using my hands to pull her hips in towards me. She just kept cumming and cumming.

"Hit me, please hit me" she moaned. I taped her lightly on the ass.

"Again! Harder!" she demanded. I spanked her hard on her left cheek leaving a little red mark.

"Oh God" she moaned reaching her final orgasm. I felt the muscles in her vagina contract one last time before she collapsed in the bath with the water from the shower beating down on her. I turned off the shower and she looked up at me smiling. I helped her to her feet.

"Thank-you" she said and kissed me deeply. "Did you like it?"

"Oh yes. It was great" I replied, "My first time with a Japanese girl".

She smiled back at me. "I'm sure it won't be your last".

I took Miska into Ai's bedroom and kissed her goodnight. Ai was still sound asleep on the couch with the TV still on. I turned the TV off and put the doona tightly around her so she wouldn't be cold. I had not used protection with Miska so I had chosen not to cum inside her. I got into bed thinking that I would ask Miska in the morning if she wouldn't mind helping me with that. I drifted off to sleep with that thought in my mind, imagining the numerous possibilities of tomorrow. I awoke sometime in the early hours of the morning and felt a small soft body getting into bed next to me. I rolled over to hug her and to my surprise she was completely naked. Not a word was spoken as we started passionately and desperately kissing. I started kissing her mouth and then her neck. She was really sensitive on her neck so I moved down to her breasts and started licking and sucking them. She gave little moans every couple of seconds and really seemed to be enjoying it so I kept at it. After a while I felt her hands on my head pushing down gently. I licked down her stomach and started kissing the area around her private place. I kissed just above her pubic hair and the insides of her thigh. I kissed her labia and the space between her ass and her sex. She started moaning softly and I could feel her wetness dribbling down onto the bed. I started licking and sucking her everywhere except for her clitoris. I pushed two fingers into her vagina and pressed upwards rapidly hitting her g-spot. Her hips bucked wildly and she let out a small scream. I started pressing more softly and her moans returned. I touched the tip of my tongue ever so lightly against her clitoris and she gasped.

"Please do it again… please!" she whispered desperately. I started gently and quickly using my tongue to glide across her clitoris and she became very, very quiet. I could feel her body begin to shake and the muscles inside her vagina began to clench my fingers tightly. Her body contorted as she came. I pushed my fingers up hard against her g-spot again and again and again encouraging her to cum. After two minutes it was too much for her and she begged me to stop. I stopped in surprise. It took a second to register but I realised that the voice asking me to stop was not Miska's.

"Ai?" I said in surprise.

"Yes?" a small voice in the darkness answered.

"Was that your first ever orgasm?" I asked.


I paused for a second and decided that honesty was still the best policy. "I'm so sorry Ai but I thought you were Miska".

Ai was silent for a second thinking about this and then she began laughing.

"Did you have sex with Miska when I was asleep?"

"Ahhh yeah I did" I replied feeling sheepish, "I'm sorry".

"Don't be sorry" Ai giggled, "I guess we have the same taste in men".

"Phew" I breathed a sigh of relief. "I hope you enjoyed your first time".

"Oh yes...It was fantastic. I can't wait until next time".

Next time I thought? What did she mean exactly?

"I'll do yours now" Ai said.

"You'll do what?" I spluttered in surprise.

"I'll eat you" Ai said simply as if it was obvious. "It'll only take a minute. I don't mind at all".

It was my turn to laugh. "Really?" I asked.

"Yup" she replied. "I'm pretty good at it. None of my boyfriends could ever last more than two minutes".

"Did you want to make it a competition?" I asked.

Ai was giggling like a school girl. "A competition? About sucking a boy? Sounds interesting".

"What do I get if I win?"

I thought about that for a second. Ai really loves beer, especially tiger beer from Singapore.

"A case of Tiger beer".

"Owww ok. Your on. What are the conditions?"

"All right. You have to make me orgasm in 3 minutes and if you can you win. If not I win."

"Any other condition?" Ai asked me mischievously.


Ai got up and turned the light on. "Ok. But I get to tease your dick first for at least 5 minutes".

"Fair enough, but no sucking or pulling".

Ai was cute. Really, really cute without her clothes. Her nipples were smaller than Miska's and she had no pubic hair. Her bum was a little bit bigger than Miska's but I liked that. Miska had burning sexuality but Ai was cuter and I liked cute. Ai started kissing my neck and sucking the lobe of my ear. I grabbed her ass and pulled her in towards me.

"What do I get if I win?" I whispered in her ear.

"You can fuck me as hard as you want" she whispered back.

She kissed down my chest and started kissing my erection. She used the tip of her tongue and twirled it gently around the head of my penis. It felt so good I was struggling to remain silent. She got down onto her hands and knees and looked up at me with a cute little smile.

"Do you mind if I lubricate you just once?"

"No. Go for it".

She took the whole of my dick into her mouth and sucked it all the way up to the tip. I knew this was going to be a tough competition to win. Resting her hand on my abs she started licking and sucking my balls while looking up at me with the cutest little puppy dog eyes. I had not experienced anything like this before and I knew that this girl was definitely very experienced. The alarm clock hit five minutes and she stopped.

"Ok" she said, "time for the competition to begin".

I started the clock again and closed my eyes. Ai bit me gently and I opened my eyes in surprise.

"Your cheating!" she accused me, "your not allowed to close your eyes".

I laughed. She was right. Most of guy's stimulation comes through what they can see.

"Ok, ok. I promise I will watch you the whole time".

Ai grinned at me mischievously. "Just for that I'm gonna make you pay".

Ai used one hand to gently massage my balls while she took the head of my cock in her mouth and started massaging it with her darting tongue. With her other hand she started to masturbate, rubbing her clit and pushing her fingers slightly into herself. I was really aroused by this as I had never seen anything like it before. She stopped sucking and massaging my balls and wrapped her little hand around my wet cock and started giving me the best hand job ever. Kissing the tip of my dick she looked up at me smiling. She looked over at the clock. Nearly half the time had elapsed.

"How are you going?" she asked already knowing the answer.

"You're brilliant" I told her.

She stopped masturbating and started massaging my balls again. Grabbing my erection near the base she starting running her hand up and down about half the length of my dick. She put the other half in her mouth bobbing her head up and down as vigorously as she could. Her tongue darted and swirled around the head and I knew I couldn't take too much more. I looked down and saw her tight ass bobbing up and down with the rest of her body and I knew the end was near. I looked over at the clock and I still had 30 seconds left to go. I knew my pre-cum must be filling her mouth by now and she must know she would win. I was about to release when she stopped. She looked up at me and smiled.

"You know I could have won don't you?" she asked me cheekily.

"Why did you stop?" I asked her.

"There's something I want more than beer".

She suddenly took my whole dick in her mouth and began to deep throat me. There was 10 seconds left. Then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…I fought desperately for control…4, 3, 2, 1….She swallowed me completely and applied a huge amount of pressure. I exploded in her mouth releasing wave after wave of cum. I had won but only by a mere second. She withdrew her mouth to the tip of my dick and sucked the last little bit out of me swallowing everything.

"Do you actually like the taste of sperm?" I asked her in surprise.

"No. Not really. But it ruins the moment if I spit it out".

"Thank-you" I told her, "thank-you so much".

She smiled at me. "Japanese girls are good at this right?"

"Definitely. That was the quickest and the best I've ever had".

Ai was laughing again. "Why don't you ask Miska to do for you? I think she's pretty good at it too".

"Ok. I will".

"Ok…so you won right? Aren't you going to claim your prize?"

Ai stood in front of me while I looked up at her from where I sat on the bed. I took protection from inside my pillow case and Ai took it from my hands. She gently rolled it down over my penis. She positioned her sex just above my cock and used her hand to guide me into her. As I filled inside her she let out a small gasp. We moved together in unison, rising and falling. After a couple of minutes I pushed her off me and onto the bed. I pushed her legs up around my neck and started to pound her as hard and as fast as I could. I could hear Ai moaning and the sounds of slapping as I pounded her again and again. I felt her tensing and knew she was close. I willed myself to climax and just as she started spasming I released too. We collapsed next to each other too exhausted say anything. After 15 minutes I looked over at Ai and realised that she was asleep. I covered her with the doona and lay next to her in the darkness wondering what things would come tomorrow.

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