Daughter's Seduction


Raising my shirt, Daddy released the front clasp of my bra. "You are gorgeous," he said huskily taking in the site of my breasts. The only light we had was candlelight. His lips kissed the top of my breast licking all around it purposely avoiding my nipple. I was going wild with anticipation and wanted his mouth on my nipple.

Below, his hand had cupped my sex, with the palm grinding into me. I was on the verge of release but needed that extra to push me over the edge.

"I want to cum, Daddy," I acknowledged.

With a grunt, Daddy picked me up and carried me upstairs to his bedroom kissing my all the way. The lights were off and I'd yet to light the candles in the room. Setting me down in the doorway, Daddy looked in awe of what I'd done. "You've been planning to seduce your father." It wasn't a question. I walked around lighting the candles. When I was done, I crawled into the middle of Daddy's bed.

I looked over at him as he undid his tie and begun unbuttoning his silk shirt. He was staring at me. His onyx eyes dangerous looking even in the candlelight. I wasn't scared of him but incredibly turned on. Spreading my legs, bending them at the knee, I slid my juice covered thong over and began massaging my aching clit right in front of him. He'd seen only a silhouette of me before, and now I wanted him to enjoy me up close and personal. His cock was hard and clearly sticking out and it was huge. I was still not sure how well it would fit in my virgin pussy.

Once his shirt was off, Daddy went to his belt, then the snap at his pants. My eyes were wide with anticipation. Then he stood before me in nothing but his briefs. They were black and fit him like a second skin. I bit my lower lip unable to take my gaze away from him. I was working my finger on my clit faster now soo close to release. Daddy crossed to the bed in long hurried strides and removed my hand.

"Let me," he simply said. But didn't immediately take over where I'd left off. Instead, the pulled my skirt down and folded it over the chair where he'd placed his clothes. The wait was killing me and I knew he was doing it to torture me. While things were moving faster downstairs, since coming to his bedroom his was moving so slowly. The hardness of his cock had to be excruciatingly painful.

Next came my thong but not before he admired the way it fit me. Daddy kissed his way up my body, one hand stopping at my sex. A single meaty finger entered me and Daddy groaned.

"You are extremely tight, baby girl. You should have been using more than one finger more often."

I smiled. He would know. The first time I attempted more than one finger was early this morning. I never tried before because the pain was too much and I only wanted pleasure.

"It hurt too much, Daddy." My hand went back to his head and he kissed around my mounds. He finally took a nipple into his mouth, sucking softly at first then harder. When it bit me I cried out. There was pain but it was so strange how that pain be outweighed by pleasure. I silently wished for him to do it again. And he did. He did the same thing to the twin and this time I moaned in sheer delight. It felt amazing and just being in my Daddy's arms felt even better. For a long time he switched back and forth from one nipple to the other. Then finally made his way up to my neck. When his body connected with my naked one, I was surprised to feel him skin to skin. I hadn't known when he shed his briefs. I really wanted to see his hard cock.

"Against my ear he whispered, "You still taking the pill?" I nodded yes. "I won't lie to you, this is going to hurt but I promise I will take care of you."

His words were gentle and they made me feel more at ease. My body relaxed more and I wrapped my arms around Daddy's neck and he positioned himself between my legs. I was so wet and hot that I was sure that he could feel it. Then I felt his head slide between my lips. I gasped out in pure shock at my first feeling of being invaded. As he slid in slowly, the pain was instant and fierce. I buried my face in his neck, holding to him tightly. He was grunting and I just knew this was as hard for him as it was me.

"Baby girl, you are so fucking tight. It's amazing."

Wanting to take my mind off the pain, I sucked on Daddy's ear and licked his neck. My lower body remained absolutely still as he slowly penetrated me more. By my estimation he'd only gotten about 6 inches in and yet he still wasn't all the way in. Then he kissed me hard and passionately and pushed past the barrier that stood in his way. I let my cry out into his mouth, the pain was worse than any I'd felt before. Then Daddy's pulled out and pushed further in. I was wondering just how big was his cock.

As he worked in me slowly, the pain became a memory as I started to feel the pleasure of it. I could feel my wetness against my thighs.

"Wrap your legs around me," Daddy commanded and I obeyed. Now I was starting to move with him and match the rhythm he'd set. He started going faster and I was about to cum. I could feel the pleasure laced passion building inside of me. It was strong and growing stronger.

"I won't last long, baby girl. It's been over four years since I've felt a woman's love like this." I couldn't respond. I just let myself go to the passion and screamed as my orgasm rocked me and drove me insane. I was grinding into Daddy just as fast as he was pounding into me. Then I heard him growl and could feel his load shoot up into me. It was the most amazing feeling that I can't describe if I tried.

Daddy's breathing was just as labored as my own and his full weight collapsed on my body. Realizing that he might hurt me, he shifted rolling me on top of him our bodies still connected in the most intimate way. No words could be spoken and right now they weren't needed. I just lay in my Daddy's arms while his fingers grazed gently up and down my spine.

To be continued...

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