tagLesbian SexDaughters - Susan Ch. 02

Daughters - Susan Ch. 02

byLisa Summers©

Daughters of the American Evolution - Susan, Ch 02 Conclusion

Stories from one front of the global war

* * * *

This story is part of a series called "Daughters of the American Evolution." The stories are all based on the concept of an allegedly sinister (some say beneficent) organization called 'Families Interaction Therapists', or FIT, that has put into action a plan to subliminally convert every female on earth to lesbianism, and to non-violently reduce the number of men on earth by 98%. The first story, and the best one to get a look into how this mysterious organization "converts" women, is "Daughters - Rebecca Ch 01-04" in the Incest story section.

* * * *

"Oh shit," I said.

"What's wrong?" Sandy asked.

"I just saw Joe - he saw us fucking."

"So?" she said. I was surprised at her cool.

"Umm, he SAW us, naked and fucking - without him!" I couldn't understand her not getting excited.

"And I say, 'so what'? Did he do anything? Did he even SAY anything?" Sandy was making me think.

"Well, no..." I said.

"Honey, YOU'RE in the position of power here - if he was going to do anything, if he was a man - if he was serious about YOU - he would have done SOMETHING!"

Her words made sense to me. He had shown no reaction, which told me that he either didn't care what I did, or he didn't want to fight for me, if he thought he was losing me. Either way...

I made a decision that, along with many others that night, would change my life.

"C'mon," I said, taking her hand and pulling her up the stairs with me.

"Where are you going?" Sandy said, stumbling along behind me.

"You'll see," I said.

We burst through the door of the master bedroom, where Joe and I slept - before - where he had retreated after witnessing Sandy and I fucking. Joe was lying on the bed, jerking his cock. I looked at him in disgust, then erupted.

"Get out!" I screamed. Sandy looked at me as though I were insane. Maybe I was.

Joe looked frightened. "What...what did you say?"

"There's no other suitable place for Sandy and I to sleep," I screamed. "So get out - you can sleep on the sofa, or in the car, I don't give a shit - just get out!" Perhaps acting on reflex, or for some other reason, Joe actually DID get out of bed, and trailed out of the room, his cock starting to droop. Sandy stared at me, her mouth gaping open. I quickly closed and locked the door.

"There," I said. "Now we can sleep." I got into bed as Sandy stood at the foot of the bed, naked and idly toying with her short, blonde hair. As I gazed at her sweet, small breasts, I held up the sheet covering me, and pulled it back for her. "Coming?"

Sandy smiled, and crawled in next to me, her slim form joining my plumper figure.

"I'd like to be," she said. "And I LOVE an assertive woman," she said. "Especially one married to a cuckold."

I took Sandy in my arms. Her body felt warmer, softer and much more responsive than even earlier in the evening. Her lips sought out mine, and as we kissed, she breathed, "Why don't you fuck me...any way you want to..."

I giggled, and said, "Oh, I intend to, honey." I snuggled myself down her body to her perky breasts, her nipples very excited and stiff. She brought her hand down between her legs as I began softly kissing her pink nips, and I slapped it away. I looked in her eyes, and said, "I'm going to bring you off, sweetie."

She giggled and said, "Oh, I know, I'm just making sure I'm nice and wet for you." I felt her put her hand back between her legs, and this time let her continue.

Her nipples were hot, and slightly salty, with a hint of the lavender soap from the night before.

"Mmmmm," I moaned. "What a lovely perfume."

Sandy giggled. "That's my pussy, m'dear - or maybe your pussy."

I chuckled throatily. "No, I meant the soap, from our bath, after we made love."

"Ohhh...I think I'd prefer having your pussy smell on me," she said.

"That suits me," I said, then got back to pleasuring her. I kissed and laved her nipples, swabbing my tongue around the little nubs, and over her bumpy areolae, her hips writhing from the sensations of my rough tongue on her sensitive nips . "Ooh, god," she murmured.

The warm sheet under us felt good on my naked body, and especially my pussy, as I writhed further down her length, kissing her flat stomach, firm and taut, my tongue tickling her navel, her taste much saltier there, making my mouth water. Sandy giggled, and I felt her fingers in my hair, urging me on.

"Don't stop there, sweetie - I've got a lovely, wet treat waiting for you."

I moaned, and pushed my pussy hard into the mattress, feeling a sharp, sweet current of pleasure arc through me. I could smell the hot, damp fragrance of her pussy as I neared her vulva, her flesh smooth where she'd been waxed. I'd have to ask her about that - maybe she'd want to do me.

Just then, we heard a tentative knock on the door. "C'mon honey, let me in. I promise I'll just watch."

Before I could say anything, Sandy yelled out, "Go away, I'm fucking your - I mean MY - wife." I giggled uncontrollably when we heard him sit down hard on the floor outside the room, and I decided to twist the knife. And yes, I know it was mean, but something larger inside of me was in control of my appetites.

"Yes, dick head, go away," I added. "I'm just about to get my mouth all over Sandy's hot, wet pussy, and I really don't want to be interrupted. And then my new husband's gonna fuck me hard, with her big, long, hard dick."

Sandy and I both laughed when we heard him moan, then I hurried to get to that delicious cunt. I brought my face down to Sandy's pussy, and using my fingers, I gently separated her thin, inner lips, watching as her creamy cum dripped down toward her ass, and pressed two fingers into her pink opening, my fingers sliding in slickly, her pussy gripping me nicely. Sandy moaned with pleasure.

"Ooh, yeah...like that, fuck me darling, make me your hot bitch slut..."

My fingers were enjoying the grip of her cunt, and my tongue was anxious for her taste. I lapped along her labia as I fucked her, her hips writhing as she wrung more and more pleasure out of my finger fucking of her hot little pussy. Her taste was sweet, hot and I wanted more of her.

"Lift your legs up, high...let me see your sweet little ass," I directed her, and she responded by pulling her legs toward her breasts, opening herself up further to me.

"Oh yes, that's a cute little ass hole you have baby, just made for my tongue."

I heard another moan outside the bedroom. I ignored it...he was really becoming a pain in the ass - though I had to ask myself why I was suddenly so dismissive - antagonistic, really - toward the man who had been the center of my life for the last fifteen years.

Part of it was the extreme pleasure that the touch and the taste, the smell and the sounds, of another woman, her excited body writhing under mine, brought to me. The pleasure of sex with a woman, I had discovered, compared to sex with Joe, like the Antarctic continent compared to an ice cube.

But another, darker motivation existed, an odd compulsion inside me to have female sex, and to dislike, or at best ignore, the needs of men - it had started yesterday afternoon, as though someone had flipped a switch on me.

Not that I was complaining. I would gladly give up Joe a thousand times, to feel Sandy licking my pussy once.

Regardless of any introspection, I found the tight brown female ass hole, and the slippery, pink pussy in front of me, far more beguiling than a cuckolded male outside my door, and the reaction of a hot female much more interesting, as she approached an orgasm.

"Mmm, how you feelin' baby?" I whispered to the moaning woman beneath me, with her knees on either side of her head. Sandy looked so delightfully slutty, I couldn't help but want to make her cum a memorable one.

"Unnh, keep licking me, sweetheart, and fuck me hard...please! I'm getting so close..." she moaned. She brought her right hand, fingers flying, to her clit every time my tongue left that hot little pink button to lick at her rear hole, even as my fingers continued to fuck deeply into her tight pussy, my fingers wrinkled and pruny, dripping with her hot cream.

"Aaaaaaannnngggghhhhhh" - she started this high itched whine, no words that I could make out, just getting out the massive tidal wave of sense bending pleasure that was washing over and through her. Her hips, ass and thighs began shuddering and shaking - god, it was scary! I honestly never knew a woman could come that powerfully.

Then she started almost making a scrubbing motion over her clit with her fingers, as I pulled out my fingers, long spurts of clear ejaculate flying straight up, and out at an angle, all over her and onto the bed. I'd heard of other women cumming like that, but this was the second time that I'd seen Sandy actually squirt when she came - of course, Sandy was the first woman other than myself that I ever saw cum at all, so I guess it's no surprise that I was impressed.

I started laughing when Joe pounded on the door. "Is everything okay in there? Does anyone need any help? Honey?" What a pathetic turd Joe was rapidly turning into. I didn't bother answering him.

Sandy slowly unfolded as she calmed down from her orgasm, her face bright red, and her cheeks and upper body wet. "God, you got that stuff all over, even on your face," I said.

"No," she gasped. "Those are tears on my cheeks....I've never cum like that, ever."

Sandy had a really messy and wet pussy, and lower stomach, the remnants of a lot of her sprayed cum. I felt an urge to taste it, and ran my finger through the wetness, then slipped it into my mouth - it tasted a little salty and sweet, and tasted and smelled like her pussy. I really liked that particular taste, so I started licking her on her shaved pubic area, but avoided her clit, labia and her slit itself.

Though I would have LOVED to slurp into her wet pussy, I could only imagine how sensitive she must be! As it was, I could feel her stomach flutter every time I licked where her bush had been waxed. When I had licked her enough to get most of the fluid, I lay down next to her, and Sandy curled herself inside the crescent of my body, completely wiped out.

She brought her mouth to one of my breasts, and began contentedly suckling at my nipple, as I brought my hand between my legs, and played with my pussy and clit until I came, then we both dozed off, in such a lovely, dreamy finish, that I thought it must be a fairy tale. Fortunately, Joe left us alone, and we slept until noon.

* * * *

When Sandy and I awoke, the sun was already high in the sky.

"Honey, we should get you home," I said, smiling at her still sleep filled eyes. She almost seemed like a little girl, the daughter I never had. She smiled back at me.

"Could I maybe take a shower? I feel like a mess, all sticky..." she said, yawning.

"Would you like some company?" I asked.

"Oh, yes," she responded quietly, a little more awake now. She leaned forward to kiss me, and our lips came together softly and gently, a warm wake up greeting for each of us.

"I guess I'd better see if Joe's still out there," I said cautiously.

"Be careful," Sandy said. I nodded.

When I eased open the door, Joe was nowhere to be found. I closed the door, then padded back to the bed. "I'll turn on the shower in the master bathroom, and get the water hot," I said. When the water was running, I found that I needed to pee, and sat down to take care of business. While my golden stream was hissing out, I got an evil thought, and did something that I'm not really proud of.

A few minute later, Sandy wandered in. "Ohh, that's going to feel SO good," she moaned. I wiped myself, flushed and opened the door to the glass shower enclosure. "After you, madam," I said, waving my hand gallantly. Sandy huddled over as she walked in, and I followed close behind, almost bumping into her wonderfully cute ass. "Oops," I said.

"Oh Susan....this is wonderful," Sandy said, as the water rained down on her face, filling her mouth, then running down her sweet, feminine body as she spit it out. Then she pirouetted around two times - she really looked so cute, she stole my heart. She looked at me, her eyes bright now.

"C'mon," she said, gesturing with her hand for me to get under the shower. I did, and I guess I didn't realize how tense I was. The hot water felt wonderful, really wonderful. I reached for the shampoo, my bottle of Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo, and poured a dollop into Sandy's outstretched palm.

Sandy surprised me a little when she began working it into my hair, but it felt SO delightful as she worked it through my hair, and massaged my scalp. I moaned from the simple pleasure, and Sandy kissed the tip of my nose as she worked, then smiled.

"Thank you for the wonderful evening, and the amazing cums," she said, her smile widening.

"And thank you for making me see my life in a whole new way," I said, almost starting to cry.

"You know, Susan....I've seen a lot of girls and women realize their real orientation, and some of them come out quickly, and some come out much later, and some never come out - but I have NEVER seen anyone turn on a dime, like you did last night," Sandy said.

"You MUST have been thinking about women for the last few years or something, and then finally decided you were gonna go for the gold when your husband gave you a chance, do you think? And-" Sandy hesitated, thinking she might be going too far, "-you REALLY have been hard on your husband. You acted like N.O.W. would if Rush Limbaugh showed up at their convention." She took a deep breath. "I mean, it's your life, but I just thought it was kinda...weird."

"But then, his loss, my gain," she finished saying, shrugging, and went back to massaging my scalp.

"I guess I shouldn't have peed on his toothbrush," I said, smiling demurely. Sandy didn't say anything, but just looked at me, then went back to working on my scalp. After a few seconds she started giggling, then laughing, and then bent over doubled up laughing. She had tears in her eyes she was laughing so much.

Then she said, "Okay, time to rinse," and just before I put my head under the stream of water she said, "remind me NEVER to piss you off," still giggling.

I emerged from the stream, pushing off the excess water, and shook my head. "I seriously don't know what's gotten into me recently."

Sandy looked at me and said, "Don't worry your head over it Susan. Let me take your mind off that, AND try to pay you back for the heavenly morning...err, afternoon." Then she slid down to her knees, and brought her face to my pussy, kissing and licking and nibbling my little cunt as though she were starving. As my body was tensing, my cum imminent, with my arm over my eyes and my bottom against the back wall of the shower, through a thin slit of an eyelid I saw Joe creeping in the bathroom, then snatching his toothbrush.

"I'm just getting my toothbrush," he said loudly, using exaggerated gestures as though I were deaf. "You just keep on with what you're doing," and showing me a 'thumbs up.'

Oh well, although he had turned into a cuckolded worm, it was nice that he wasn't holding a grudge. I don't think Sandy heard much of it, if any. And as for me, I wasn't going to let that male insect interrupt my orgasm, a rolling ocean wave of ecstasy that left my whole body shaking even minutes later, when Sandy got back on her feet.

"Love you, babe," she said, kissing me as we stood together, there in the shower. We leisurely soaped, and rinsed each other, between ardent kisses, and even a few minor orgasms for us both.

"Take me home?" Sandy said finally, after we'd dried off. "I have to get back to my other life."

"What are we gonna do?" I asked her.

"About us...and him?" she said.

"Yeah," I said.

"Discuss it over dinner?" she asked. "I think there's an awful lot to talk about..."

We finished up, dressed and went downstairs. Sandy had to put on her clothes from last night - my clothes wouldn't really fit her that well. I slipped on a denim skirt and a light pink patterned blouse.

Joe, unbelievably, was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and said 'Hi,' looking at us both uncertainly as we strode by. We ignored him, and I fixed Sandy and I omelets. We sat at the kitchen table, just looking at each other, smiling and murmuring endearments occasionally. When we finished, we walked out, I picked up my car keys and told Joe that I'd be back - eventually - and he said, "okay, hon.'


I drove Sandy back to her apartment, kissed her, and told her I'd be back about seven or so. As I was leaving, my cell phone rang - it was Penny.

"Hi, hon," she said. "How'd your evening go?"

"Oh Penny, it was quite a night," I said. "Got any free time to come over and tell us all about it?" she asked.

My choices were either to go back and have a discussion with Joe, which I really didn't care for, or seeing my best friend, and talking about the major changes in my life.

"Sure, for you," I said.

"I like the sound of that," Penny said. "We'll be waiting."

I wondered who 'we' was, but shrugged, and drove the few miles to her house.

Penny welcomed me warmly at her door, with a kiss on the cheek. It felt more exciting now than it ever had before, and I found my thoughts wandering to how she might look naked. We'd been friends for so long, but I couldn't remember seeing her completely unclothed, other than changing at the beach or pool, and we had occasionally seen each other in bra and panties, particularly when we'd been shopping for outfits.

I kissed her back - just a chaste return kiss, on her warm, smooth cheek, and I looked into her green eyes. I imagined I was seeing something I'd never seen before.

Penny was about my size, and my age, mid thirties. Her hair was very wavy and long - I envied her beautiful brown hair - and it looked so sexy that afternoon. Her breasts were smaller than mine, and much perkier than mine - she wasn't showing any of the sag I had. She was putting on weight - who doesn't at our age? - but it was going to her ass, which still looked pretty good.

She was wearing a blue cotton blouse and jeans, nothing special, although she looked good in them. I idly thought about how she'd look out of them.

Penny showed me to the sofa in her living room, and she sat in a chair opposite.

"So, how was your evening last night. Oh, and how was your stomach?" she added.

"Umm, it was really quite a bit different than I thought it would be," I said. Penny's expression was inscrutable. "And thank you so much for the antacid or whatever it was, it seems to have worked. An upset stomach was the last thing on my mind."

A slight smile crept onto Penny's face.

"I kind of took more than you're supposed to, but antacids are harmless, I guess." Her left eyebrow raised up.

"How much did you take?" she asked casually.

"Um, let's see." I thought about the two times I'd taken it. "Um, four teaspoons," I said. "It wasn't really a prescription or anything, was it?"

"No, no," she said. "So, please, I'm dying to hear all about the evening. Let me get comfy first, though." She got up from her chair, and sat next to me on their sofa.

I filled her in on the general picture, but left out my attitude change towards Joe and our former relationship, and the enthusiasm that I'd felt for Sandy. I know that's leaving out a lot, but I wasn't sure about how Penny would react on hearing that I was now a lesbian.

But, she went right for it.

"So, you said that she wasn't interested in doing anything with Joe - so, what did she do with you?

I felt a warm glow in my heart, and in my clit, thinking about that. But, how much could I share?

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