tagLesbian SexDaughter's Visit Ch. 02

Daughter's Visit Ch. 02


This is the second installment of Daughter's Visit. I would like to thank my editor Stephen7Redo for his work on this installment. You did a great job at helping this story flow properly making for an easier read.

I woke up a half hour earlier than my normal time of 6:15 so I could finish preparing the guest room and clean the rest of my house. I would be going right from work to the airport to pick up my daughter Alexis, coming home from college for a short visit. I threw on a tank top and a pair of cotton shorts after brushing my teeth. I went downstairs to get myself a cup of coffee before I got started on making the house presentable. My house wasn't dirty it just needed a little organizing as I had a pile of junk mail that was sitting on the counter unopened and a few work files sitting on my dining room table. With my cup of Hazelnut coffee I then headed upstairs to get the guest room squared away.

Thankfully I had the sense to throw the sheets in the wash last night as I knew I wouldn't have time to wash them this morning. Looking at the bed brought back memories of the passionate sex I'd had with Aaron the night before. My mind flashed back to me riding his large young virile cock while he groped my tits. I also looked down at the carpet in front of the bed where I could see the telltale spots of where I was kneeling while I sucked on that delicious dick of his before we moved onto the bed to get ourselves off, more than once.

I mentally slapped myself to stop replaying last night's activities in my head. I had to get this room ready so I could go to work and getting horny would not fit into that schedule. Within ten minutes I had the bed made and organized the closet and dresser for my daughter. I realized Alexis would be my first guest to stay over since I had moved in 6 months ago. My other daughter had visited a couple of times but she and her husband did not spend the night. My only other 'guest' was Aaron, my young lover, but he never slept in any room but my bedroom.

I finished my cup of coffee and headed back downstairs to spruce up the living areas. Twenty-five minutes later the house was all cleaned and organized. So I made my way back upstairs and turned on my shower before taking off the tank-top and my shorts. The sex I had had with Aaron last night must have satisfied me as I didn't have any urge to get myself off while I was shaving my pussy. Once the water was warm enough I hopped into the large walk-in shower and shaved my legs and my pussy. I should be good for a couple of days or so I hoped to be able to hold out until my date on Saturday night with Dylan. I washed the rest of me quickly and then washed my hair.

Once I was done I got out of the shower and headed to my closet. I grabbed a black pencil skirt with light blue pinstripes on it. I picked out a light blue short sleeved blouse that matched the pinstripes to go with it. Then I grabbed a black pair of Jimmy Choo sling-back four inch heels and a pair of black lace top silk thigh highs. With a light blue and pink bra that went well with the blouse and a black silk g-string I completed my outfit. I was dressed in no time and on to do my hair and make-up before heading downstairs to grab a second cup of coffee, my purse and laptop bag. I was out the door a minute later and settled into my car for the twenty-five minute commute into work.


I had been done with my class about forty-five minutes ago and was back at my off-campus apartment. I already had most of the clothes for my trip home on my bed, a couple of pairs of jeans and tops. I needed to grab shoes and bras and thongs. I figured I should take something sexy since mom said she was going to set me up on a date with the guy that lived down the street from her. From what she told me about him, I was very intrigued. He sounded like he had his act together, a good job and a house. Mom also mentioned he was very mature for his age and something she seemed to gush over was that he had a great looking body.

I was looking forward to meeting him and see what might develop between the two of us. I had been on a losing streak with men lately as the last five guys I had gone out with had been real duds. They were either very immature, were lousy in bed or had serious emotional baggage. I was looking for someone that would make me laugh and would be fun to spend time with. If the guy was good in bed then I would be beside myself as this would be the complete package for me.

Maybe Aaron was that guy.

Before I get lost in my thoughts of what I am looking for in a man let me tell you more about myself. My name is Alexis, although my closest friends call me Lexi. I'm 5'7" and this semester I weigh 117 pounds. I have long dark brown hair that comes down to my shoulder blades and hazel eyes. I work out 4-5 times a week to keep myself in what I think is very good shape. The hard work has paid off as I get looks from men and women both wherever I go. I enjoy the looks from the men but enjoy it even more from women. The reason is I know men look as they check out every woman that comes around but I know if a woman checks me out she is either admiring my clothes or my body.

Both I get a thrill out of. I actually do the same thing every time I see an attractive woman. I admire a woman with a gorgeous body and yes, a few times I have even gotten the woman into my bed to enjoy the wonderful treasures of her bodies. I enjoy sleeping with other women, although I haven't often, but when I have I've savored the sensations that only another woman can give me. I haven't been in a relationship with a woman since college when I had a torrid affair with my college psychology professor. The affair lasted from my freshman year until the middle of my junior year. Hannah had opened me up to a whole other world, and while I cried for two days when she took another position across the country, I thanked her for all that she had taught me and the opportunities that she had given me.

I picked some sexy underwear in case my mom's neighbor was able to charm his way into my pants. I hate getting caught in ugly under-things when getting intimate. After putting my things in my suitcase I grabbed a pair of heels and my running sneaks. I zipped up the suitcase and then put my tablet into my backpack. Grabbing my purse and keys and I was out the door and on my way to the airport. I made it to the airport in a little over half an hour. Forty five minutes after that I was sitting at the gate waiting for my flight to board. I sent a text to my mom to let her know I would be boarding soon and would see her in a couple of hours. The flight boarded shortly after that and grabbed my seat. The flight wasn't full and I had the whole row to myself. Once the flight leveled off I stretched out across the two seats and drifted off to sleep...

I was with Hannah again, my freshman year psychology professor, we were at her house out on her patio making out. She pulled down fabric that consisted of a tube top freeing my tits from beneath the material, before she leaned forward to take my right nipple into her mouth. I had dressed like a slut that night showing as much skin as possible knowing she was always checking me out during class. My hands were busy undoing the buttons to her shorts before I quickly got my hand inside of her shorts and then her wet thong. The way that she sucked on my nipples was driving me nuts. It was different than how any guy had done me before. She was soft and subtle, not rough and painful like most guys do. Don't get me wrong there are times when I want my nipples bitten and pulled on in a rough way, but Hannah made them, and me, feel really good. Her pussy lips were very wet and I was able to get my fingers into her easily, the warm juices just seemed to draw my fingers on in. I knew I was turning her on.

My dream was so real, as I felt Hannah's hands move down to my skirt then underneath the little bit of fabric that covered my ass. Her fingers lightly traced from the top of my butt cheeks all the way down to where my cheeks met my legs. She then pulled at the thin piece of silk that was nestled between my ass cheeks. Her little tug pulled the silk fabric of my thong back against my pussy lips and clit. I let out a small moan as that enlarged clit mine enjoyed the stimulation. But no sooner than I had been ready to feel an orgasm begin than Hannah pushed me up off of her, breaking the bond made by our kissing lips along with the connection I had with her aroused and naturally lubricated vagina.

She quickly removed my tube top altogether then unzipped my skirt allowing it to fall from my hips. I stood in front of her in just my red silk thong feeling very exposed considering we were outside on her patio in front of her fire pit. I felt her eyes looking at every inch of my exposed skin all of which tingled with pure arousal. I looked into her beautiful eyes and saw that focus of pure desire. Her hands extended out from her sides and she grasped at the strings of my thong slowly pulling them back until the skimpy underwear slid down off of my hips. I felt the rush of cool air over as the damp silk fabric no longer covered my freshly shaven vagina. Hannah actually gasped as she looked at my pussy as her hands caressed my hips. I stepped out of material and looked back up at my lover but not before I put my toe into that crumpled thong and kicked it over on top of the rest of our clothes.

Hannah now stood next to me and I took her top off exposing a cute pink sheer bra that struggled to contain her D cup breasts. I could see her nipples were already fully erect poking through the thin cups of the bra. As my eyes focused on them I pulled her shorts down off her hips, she put her hands on my shoulders as she stepped out pf them then I tossed them aside to join my skirt on the granite colored paver patio stones. Bent over slightly I could smell her delicious sex and I am sure she could smell mine as it seem like the aroma of both our vaginas was a natural perfume that intoxicated the both of us.

I put my hand up to her face as I slid it to the back of her head pulling her in for a kiss. My tongue parted her lips and began a feverous dance with hers. Her arms went around me and pulled me closer while my hands made their way down to the middle of her back to undo the bra that was losing its battle to hold back her massive tits. As soon as I undid the clasp, she shrugged her shoulders forward to allow the straps to slip off of her smooth sexy shoulders. The bra quickly made its way to the ground to which she gave it a swift kick to join the rest of our hastily discarded clothes.

I eased up close to Hannah our naked bodies pressing to one another. I first felt her hard nipples and then the rest of her huge breasts against mine as we were same in height but by far not the same cup size. My C cup breasts felt small against her large full D cup tits. We continued to kiss while our nipples rubbed against each other. The spark of friction from her hard nipples radiated throughout my body making hotter than I already was. I never had experienced another woman's skin against mine, the softness and smoothness of Hannah's made me more aroused than I ever had been with a boy or alone doing myself.

Hannah turned me back towards the chaise lounger while continuing to kiss me. Her hand slid down my back to cup one of my well toned butt cheeks. She gave me a slight push and I fell back onto the oversized chaise. I lay back on my elbows while I took in the sight of her incredible body standing in front of me. Her hands slid down her sides and she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her g-string to pull down the little bit of black and red material that covered her pot of gold.

Now it was my turn to gasp as saw another woman's vagina for the first time. It was beautiful as the lips were dark pink and puffy, her clit protruded clearly from between them indicating her extreme state of arousal. She had a landing strip of amber color hair just above the part in her lips. No words were spoken between us as we knew what was to come next. I never thought that yesterday when she asked me for help with a project after her psychology class, I would end up naked with her on her patio. Hannah climbed onto the chaise and made her way up my body until her lips were on mine, her breasts were pressed against mine and her vagina was rubbing against mine.

We kissed passionately as I wrapped my arms around her before sliding them down her back to her gorgeous ass. I cupped both of her smooth taut cheeks with my palms pulling her body against mine. Her wet vagina rubbed against mine as our juices mixed together for the first time. She moved her hips back and forth and I felt her strip of soft hair tickle my clit. Hannah's kisses started to move to my ear and then down my neck and across my collar bone. The warm tingles from her touch radiated throughout my entire body. Her tongue then left a trail down to the valley between my now quivering breasts. She took her time licking and kissing them all over, her mouth covering every inch of my breasts except for my nipples. She was driving me nuts again! While I wanted her to suck on pebble sized nipples, I learned right then I enjoyed having the sides of my tits sucked and nibbled on almost as much. It was incredibly erotic and it was something I never thought I would gain such pleasure from.

While looked down I finally saw Hannah's tongue extend from between her most red lips and teasingly flick at my left nipple. I immediately closed my eyes as the sensation overtook me threatening to make me faint. My knees did weaken as she flicked the tip of her tongue across my erect nipple, but I put my hands to her head and kept my balance. Her warm and talented tongue sent ripples of pleasure that moved out from the extended tip throughout the rest of my tit. All too soon she moved away and over to do the same thing to my other nipple. I let out the loudest moan as my girls were getting played with like they never had before.

This pleasure was short lived as Hannah had other plans for the rest of my body as with my eyes still closed I felt her breath on my pussy lips. She was going down on me! I had read so many stories on Literotica about a woman's first time and now it was my turn to experience the pleasure that so many authors had expressed. I instinctively spread my legs for her which I could feel my pussy lips part and open up to her. Hannah slipped my legs over her shoulders as her red lips made their first contact with my swollen pink cunt lips. I felt sparks as her tongue started to go back and forth over my clit at a slow relaxing pace. I looked up to the sky to see a clear night full of stars. I don't think a girl could ask for a better setting for her first tongue thrashing at the lips of an older woman, albeit by only a couple of years. I could feel mini orgasms as Hannah's moved back and forth on my clit and on into my saturated vagina. I could actually hear her tongue as it moved back and forth licking up my quickly leaking juices.

But no sooner than I was sure I was on the verge of tumbling over the edge of the big one than her sweet hot tongue left my vagina to travel lower down between my ass cheeks. The moment the tip of her probing tongue touched my little contracting rosebud it set off a set of fireworks for me. Literally stars were before my eyes and the warmest and most intense sensations wracked my body. No one had ever gone there before. I never knew how much that little intimate touch to puckered ass hole could make me so good. I knew I was on the verge of biggest orgasm of my life as it built deep from within me.

My moans became more persistent and Hannah took that as a cue to increase the pace that her tongue flicked at my ass and her finger teased my clit. I felt a finger slid into my vagina and then a second one while her tongue and other maintained constant pressure on rosebud and clit. As if on their own my hands moved up to my heaving chest and I cupped my breasts. My nipples swelled to their extreme hardness between index finger and thumb as I pinched and pulled on them.


The next thing I knew I was cumming.

I moaned louder as Hannah continued her assault on both my virgin ass and pussy. I was practically screaming her name as I saw a full array of heavenly stars. I didn't care if her neighbors heard us as I was going to let everyone know this woman was rocking my world.

I guess I must have blacked out from the best orgasm I had ever experience in my 19 years of life.

"Miss, can I get you something to drink?" I heard faintly through the bliss-filled fog. Only it wasn't Hannah's voice.

I opened my eyes and realized I was staring into a different pair of eyes, the eyes of a gorgeous brown haired woman, my flight attendant.

"Can I get you something to drink?" she asked me again.

I could feel my face was flush and my body was hot, I felt moisture between my legs and my nipples were rock hard rubbing up against my bra. My dream about my first time with Hannah. I thought for a second at how this was such a defining moment in my life and such a great memory that I would never forget.

"I'm sorry I must have fallen asleep," I said groggily as I tried to straighten up in my seat.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I thought you were already awake as I heard you talking," she said as she leaned forward giving me a rather intimate peek at her generous cleavage beneath her uniform blouse.

"I, um, I will just have some water," I said back more to her breasts. They looked to be a nice size C cup.

"Well let me know if you need anything else sweetie." She said to me as she handed me the glass of water.

I took a couple of sips feeling the cool water stream down my throat cooling the fire that seemed to have built in me just from my dream. I took a big calming breath before pulling out my tablet to read a couple of articles for my class next week. The rest of the flight went by very much uneventfully. I stayed awake even though the articles I read were about as interesting reading about the War of 1812. Before long I felt the plane make its descent into the airport. Once we pulled up to the gate I took my cell phone off airplane mode and sent my mom a quick text to let her know that I landed and was on my way to get my suitcase and then head over to the pick-up lane to wait for her.

Not much longer after I made it to the curb than a car pulled up in front of me. I had no time to see what it was when out the driver's side popped my mother. She ran around over to me with her arms out. As she came closer I noticed her hair was longer and for that split second before her motherly arms enveloped me I swore she looked more vibrant than I had seen her in years. If I didn't know better I'd swear she had that "I just got fucked look" to her as her skin radiated. If I had to guess, she had met a man and was getting fucked on a regular basis.

"Hi Mom. It's so good to see you, too." I said wrapping my arms around her and squeezing her tight.

"Oh Alexis you look great. Your hair looks great, it's so long." she said as she nearly squeezed the breath out of me.

"Thanks, uh, I decided to grow it out and add a little bit of color to it." Finally she loosened her hold on me. She reached down for my suitcase with one hand and grabbed my hand with her other, pulling to the back of her new car. I noticed now that it was an expensive new one. It was a slate gray BMW 650i, very nice and sleek.

"Nice wheels mom, I like it. Have you had it long?" I asked her as she put the suitcase in the trunk.

"I got it about a month and half ago. I figured I didn't need a four-door sedan anymore. It's just me now. Besides the old car was getting well up there in miles."

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