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Daughter's Visits


This is a fantasy. If you've read any of my previous works, you'll note the recurring lake theme. The author retains all copyrights.


There is no word to describe how beautiful she is in my eyes. I knew other men found her beautiful as well. She is a petite size four or five, about five feet two inches tall, slightly dark skinned because of her Asian blood. Her face is oval, dark Asian eyes gleam with life. Her tiny nose is perfectly centered above a full mouth with soft lips meant for passionate kissing. Her long black hair frames her face as it cascades down her back to the small of her back. She is athletic having strong broad shoulders from years of martial arts. Her arms are toned but not bulging with muscles. Her torso is broad in the chest and narrow to a slim waist. Her petite size is evident in her breasts measuring 34A, firm, resting proudly on her chest. Her hips are firm from exercise. Her butt is taught, full, shapely, filling her tight jeans with a wonderful silhouette. Her legs are toned as her arms, good definition but not heavily muscled. When I am around her, my eyes scan her taking in every sweet view.

She is not unfamiliar with the advances of men. She had many boy friends since high school. I knew she was intimate with a couple boy friends, yet she was not openly sexual with them unless she felt secure in a relationship. She lived with a couple of her boy friends in recent years and never considered marriage. She had no idea I knew this; however, I once heard her giving herself pleasure when she thought I was asleep, from that experience, I know she is vocal during sex crying out during orgasm.

Now, she is 28 years old and not involved with a man. Recently, she has begun spending more time with me on weekends when she isn't busy with medical studies. These weekends are quiet, just she and I talking and laughing over stories from her past. Sometimes we snuggle, sometimes we sit across from one another as we talk. We watch movies, walk around the lake, or help each other with chores, cooking, and cleaning. We were comfortable with each other and had no desire to advance our relationship.

Even when we snuggled, her body tightly entwined with mine, I never had an urge to "feel" where I shouldn't. We had security in our relationship that I didn't want to loose. We have always been close, she often told me things that were her deepest thoughts and feelings. I learned over the years that she has an emotional side that is easily hurt. Sometimes she asked for my thoughts and often she needed me to just listen and hold her.

On this particular weekend, I noticed her demeanor was a little different, yet I wasn't going to pry. I knew she would tell me what she wanted to tell me when she wanted to tell. Since it was a drizzling cool afternoon at the lake, we stayed inside, had a simple lunch of soup and salad, cleaned up, and went about our causal conversation.

"Let's have some hot tea," she suggested, knowing that I kept several brands. She put on water to boil, selected a loose leaf green tea, filled the tea ball, and took out cups.

"This must be a thinking weekend since you are being very quiet." That was as far as I was going to pry, I opened the door for her to know that I felt her distance.

She turned and smiled but no words accompanied the smile. The water boiled and she dipped the tea ball into the pot and poured water over it. The tea steeped for a couple minutes as she pulled out a plate putting a few tea cakes on it. You might guess she was British in her tea making and that probably came from time she spent on a couple islands of the British Commonwealth.

We sat at the dining table to sip our tea and eat the tiny cakes. After several sips, she opened a bit, "I'm feeling awkward this weekend. I'm not sure what I'm feeling, conflicted, confused. I'm actually glad its raining today, fits my gray mood."

I reached across the table and cupped her hand in mine. "You can tell me if you want or we can just be the other's silent company." Still, not prying, the next step in the conversation was hers.

"Its not easy to explain. I like being with you, spending all this time together, being open and honest. You don't criticize me, you encourage me, you hold me when I need to be close to you. It is a loving relationship that I want from a man but can't find the one who gives me what you give. I love you like I shouldn't." She was hanging her head as if waiting for me begin explaining why she shouldn't feel that way. I knew I should respond that way and knew that response would be wrong for this moment.

I was both surprised by her confession and comforted by it, as I held similar unexpressed feelings. I remained silent, sipped my tea as I tried to form the right words for the response she was waiting to hear. I noticed a tear roll down her cheek and splatter on the table. "You are afraid to hear me reply aren't you?" She nodded ever so slightly as another tear emerged from her eye.

Cautiously, I began forming my thoughts into words. "You know," I began, "we have a long history of feelings. I watched you grow into the lovely woman you are today. I know about your loves and lovers. I always enjoy listening to your problems, concerns, and cares. We have a mental, subliminal connection. I knew you had something to talk about when you came through the door. Part of you was here and another part just arrived. I can't stop you having the feeling you're having; I won't stop you either."

Her head rose on hearing my last line. "What do you mean you won't stop me having my feelings?"

"I will not discourage your feelings, I will not attempt to explain them away, I will not reject your feelings."

Again she asked a what do you mean question, "What do you mean won't reject them. If you won't reject them, do you mean you accept them?"

"I've accepted you all your life, I accept your feelings of love as well. And, if you want, I'll return them in full measure. Because, you see, I love you in a manly way."

I could see one tension release in her as another built. It was very likely this new tension was sexual. We have never explored this part of our lives. Now we had to come to grip with this evolution in our lives.


She came into my life when she was 19 months old and I being 35 years old. She was an orphan and I adopted her. We moved back to the U.S. when she was three. I raised her as my daughter, watched her bloom, helped her through those strange years of puberty, becoming a woman. I never put harsh rules on her, rather talked to her about right and wrong, let her make mistakes, and then helped her understand what was wrong in her decisions; she made fewer wrong decisions than right decisions.

She went to college almost free. There were athletic scholarships, academic scholarships, and tuition assistance from the university as I was an administrator. After college, she left home volunteering for a foreign aide position. Coming home, she began her working career, having adult relationships, living with a couple boy friends, breaking up and moving on.

She and I spent time together when our schedules allowed. Now our schedules allowed it much more than ever. With the new revelations, it was apparent to us both that we'd be spending a lot more time together.

My place at the lake is small, not a simple weekend cabin, a little larger, but still not a big place. It had about 800 square feet of living space, a standard size bedroom, a bathroom with a separated utility room with laundry, then a large open area that contained kitchen and living area in one great room. Living alone, it was more of a single man's escape than for sharing with someone.

The property was an acre and a half with many trees and open grass down to the lake. The lake is only a couple acres in size so no boats except for paddle boats and small non-powered boats like row boats. The fishing is good; however, I never did get into fishing. The neighbors were a mix of single and married, working and retired, nosy and quiet. The most nosy lived three properties over and felt it was her responsibility to tell everyone everything she knew and pry into everyone's lives. She wasn't a bad person, we just knew to keep silent about our personal lives; the more we withheld, the more she'd invent. Obviously, I was not going say anything about my daughter and I having a blossoming new direction in our lives.


You can do the math to figure how old I am based on her current age, and our ages when she was adopted. I am not the best physical specimen, a bit overweight, need trifocal lenses for my glasses, wear hearing aids, and have some stiff joints due to arthritis. Not the guy a physical fit 28 year old is likely to gravitate to. Yet, my daughter is gravitating to me.

After admitting that we have feelings for one another beyond father and daughter, this night had much sexual stress building. Not sure how we were going to release the tension, we moved from the dining table to the couch where we just snuggled for a long time. However, our snuggle felt a different.

Tonight, I felt her chest rising and falling with each breath taken. Her pert breasts were firm, nipples poking through the lace of her bra. I felt the warmth of her breath as she exhaled resting her head on my shoulder. One arm wrapped around her shoulder, I pulled her tight kissing the top of her head. She drew one around my waist and pulled back.

Her head moved and I saw her looking up into my eyes. Emotion overtook me as I lowered my head planting a gentle kiss on her lips, fatherly like, as those we shared when she was a young girl kissing her good night. However, she sighed softly as I kissed her, telling me she enjoyed it? I leaned into her mouth again and my lips were greeted with her open mouth and tongue. She pulled hard against me as I pulled her into me. Our kissing grew in passion as I drew my free arm toward her abdomen and around her waist. She raised a leg that she hooked over my legs and used it for leverage to draw herself onto my lap.

Repositioning herself on my lap, we moved our arms around each other. My arms went around her back under her arms, hers around my shoulders. Our kissing and hugging was becoming deeper and emotional. She was rocking against my lap, rubbing against my pubic bone. I was beginning to rise to the occasion and very sure she knew it, felt it.

I let my arms drop to her narrow waist and pulled her harder into me. She responded with a sigh and moaned, "Daddy." Her rubbing against me increased in urgency as her breathing came faster. My hands moved to cup her butt cheeks through her pants pulling her deeper and harder against my pubic bone and now fully erect cock. Her moaning increased in volume, the cries were frequent.

"Hold me daddy, let me cum." I reached my hands lower to contact her vaginal area still through her pants. This new touch must have taken her over the top. She threw her head back and called out a loud, "Oh daddy, oh daddy!" She was rocking against me as hard as anyone could grind. She was ridding out a tremendous orgasm that lasted over a minute before she began to slow down. I felt the moisture that had soaked through her pants. She was wet, maybe soaked is a better word.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal and she was limp in my arms. "Oh daddy, that was so good. I felt you touching me and me touching you. I want to do it again."

"Bobbie," I began but words just seemed useless. "I love you Bobbie," is what finally came out of my mouth.

I felt her begin sliding off my lap at my feet. She never lost eye contact with me even as her knees hit the floor. Her hands slid down my chest, across my stomach, and settled on the waist band of my pants. Then the tugging began on the button of the waist and zipper. She was opening my pants to expose my still hard cock.

My pants open, her hand wrapped around my cock as she freed it from its confines. No sooner was it released from my pants, it disappeared into her mouth. Amazingly, she still held my eyes with hers. She began the sucking ritual and bobbing her head up and down my shaft. "I can't hold out long, I'm going to cum quickly."

She increased her speed, gripped my cock and stroked what she couldn't hold in her mouth. "Bobbie, oh Bobbie, I can't wait." She pulled back, sucked hard, licked my little opening. My cum erupted in her mouth as she accepted it all. When I stopped, she opened her mouth to show me, cocked her head back, and swallowed. "I've never swallowed before, daddy. I've never let anyone cum in my mouth. I don't have a virgin mouth anymore." She said that in a voice that sounded more little girl than sexually charged adult woman, cute and funny, foretelling many adventures to come.

I pulled her up, brought her mouth to mine and kissed her deep. I tasted myself in her mouth and felt her respond to my touch. "Bobbie, you need to let me recover, I'm not young anymore. But I don't want to ever stop what we just started."

"Daddy, I think I need to pee, my pants are soaked and uncomfortable, I need to get them off. Maybe you should do the same."

"Pee or take off my pants." She slapped at me in fun, "Both if you need to."

"Maybe we should shower quickly, you know, in case we might want to get sticky." We made it to our feet, moved to the bathroom, and started removing our clothes. Her body came into view and was everything I expected and much more. She kept her pubic hair shaved clean, she was smooth and clean, she must have planned this night making preparations.

Unashamed, she sat on the toilet letting her pee flow. When she was done, I sat where she had just sat and let my pee mingle with hers. "Why are you sitting down to pee daddy?" Her question was honest.

"I don't know, seemed the right thing to do. Touching butt by proxy."

"You don't need proxy, its right here." She turned and bent to show me her cute little butt. I smacked her hard across both cheeks seeing red marks appear instantly.

"Ouch! Don't spank me unless I'm naughty."

"Cumming in daddy's lap and swallowing daddy's cum isn't naughty? That very naughty and I'm going to make sure you stay naughty." I hugged her to me, her butt still toward me. I licked along her cute little butt crack and buried my tongue to taste her little anus.

"Ooh, naughty is nice," as she bent slightly to get more tongue.

I was recovering from my first orgasm, beginning to get firm again. With her still facing away from me, I raised my cock and closed my legs. Keeping my tongue in her tight butt, I felt her hips working into me. I pulled her closer and sat her on my cock. The angle was just right, her vagina opened to my cock and in I went, to the hilt, balls deep.

Her sudden intake of breath must have equaled her surprise impalement. "Oh gawd! Oh fuck! I didn't expect that. Ooh, naughty is nice." She rocked on my cock, her cute butt pressed against my stomach. Her vaginal walls contracted against my cock as she cried out an unexpected orgasm that overtook her in mere seconds after sitting on me. "You can't do this to me. You can't make me cum like this. You can't," she continued that chant for several long seconds as she squeezed her vaginal muscles against me.

When she settled down from her second orgasm since we declared our new love level, we began a slow loving right on the toilet seat. I wrapped my arms around her with my hands cupping her breasts, her excitement burned into my hands. Her nipples were stiff, her breasts were swollen, she was very sensitive to touch. She almost screamed with every little touch. The feel of her breasts was a perfect blend of size and amazement, size because I like petite breasts and amazement because they belonged to my little daughter.

Her rocking on my cock was becoming a slow up, down, hip roll against my cock. Her vagina felt like silk as she hugged my cock as deeply within her as it would go. I'm not going to brag about being endowed, I'm average, but it felt as though I was filling her and she was moaning as she moved against me.

We had only been locked in out love making about five minutes and I was glad I had an orgasm already, I was going to be able to stall a second cum. "Are you okay, Bobbie? You feel wonderful on my lap"

"Daddy, I'm not okay, I'm wonderful." She moaned again loudly. "You're getting my g-spot."

Our pace was picking up, probably because her g-spot getting rubbed. Her vaginal muscles were gripping me again and each time she hit my pubic bone, she moaned, rolled her hips. Her breasts were still my center of attention, I concentrated on her nipples with rubs, pinches, and tight squeezes. She was becoming a gasping and moaning bundle of sexual nerves as she drove herself down on my cock.

I realized her actions were accompanied by one of her hands touching that tender little spot just above her vagina. I suspected she was getting close to another cum and my suspicions were right when she screamed, "Cum daddy, cum and make me cum."

Sitting on the toilet seat with her in my lap, I couldn't move my hips much to meet her pushes against me. I moved my hands from her breasts to her waist, gripped her tightly holding her against me. I gasped and turned loose a second orgasm as she cried out her own cum.

At my age, my cum load was not huge but the contractions lasted several seconds. I felt the wonderful tightness of my daughters vaginal muscles holding me in her as she had her third orgasm. "Bobbie, I came in you. Oh my wonderful daughter I came again." I started to be a little concerned about pregnancy.

"Daddy, you feel so good in me. You are what I've wanted and needed." She was still panting out the last moments of her cum. "It felt so sexy when you were licking my butt, better than anything I ever felt. Then you sat me on your cock and the feeling went higher."

My cock was shrinking, damn age. "Bobbie, what about babies?"

"No babies. I am not fertile for at least another week. I probably need to get back in the pill this month." She squeezed my cock one more time as it slipped from its warm moist confines. "Daddy, I know my cycle and we won't have a baby. Until I'm on the pill again, we'll use other ways to have sex and cum. You licking my little butt hole gave me ideas for things we can try."

As if hinting at things to try, she slid her cum soaked butt down my lap just a little until her butt cheeks were on my cock, then she slid back up taking my wilted cock between her cheeks and giving me a wiggle.

"Any thoughts about this placement," she asked as she moved her cute butt against me.

"Many thoughts, Bobbie, but none I can act on after you milked two orgasms out of me." My fingers were lightly touching her skin, tracing little lines from her waist up her torso to her breasts. I stopped just at the juncture of the bottom of her breasts. Turning my palms up, I placed them under her breasts forming cups in which I held them. She was leaning against my chest with her head laid back on my shoulder. I slowly inclined my head to give her neck little kisses along the tender spot just below her ear along her jaw line.

"Daddy, you better be careful. I may have to find a way to make your love muscle give me more attention. We better have that shower we came in here for."

She lifted herself off my lap. The evidence of what we did was in my lap, on her butt, between her legs. Some might see the mess of our sexual union as gross or dirty. I saw it as love lotion meant to blend our past life with the new one.

She looked at me surveying the damage. "Look what I did to you. You look as sticky as I feel."

I saw a tiny stream of my cum and hers make a slow slide down the inner thigh of her legs. With a finger, I reached for the little pool of cum, rubbed up her leg until it thickly coated my finger. I popped the mess into my mouth tasting her cum and mine. "I hope to get more of that taste later," I said as I too rose.

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