Dave & Diane Ch. 4


"Yes, Mistress," Lisa softly replied, lifting her face from Diane's cunt and licking the cum and vaginal juices from around her mouth.

"Good. Now watch as I teach you the proper way to use a slave," Diane ordered, as she arose and walked over to Thomas, tied and stretched along the wall.

"God, look at the size of that cock," Diane mused to herself. "And it's not even hard yet."

Turning to Lisa, Diane said, "Come over her slave and lick this worthless cock."

Lisa immediately scrambled over and fell to her knees and instantly began to lick the dangling, flaccid cock in front of her face. After several minutes, Diane yelled, "Enough! Now, slip this ring on his cock and slide it all the way down to the base. A male slave is only good so long as he is hard, and this will keep him hard." With that, Diane handed the girl a shiny, metal cock ring. The steel ring was clearly much smaller that Thomas' enormous cock and Lisa struggled to stuff the wide dick through the opening using only her saliva as lubricant.

"Fool!" Diane shrieked. "Don't be gentle with it. Push it on there! And if you keep playing with him, it will become hard and you will never get it on!" Again, Diane brought the riding crop down, this time across Lisa's tender inner thigh, inches away from her now-swollen and damp vaginal lips.

"Well, she certainly enjoys being the submissive," Diane thought to herself, staring at the girl's glistening cunt lips. "Let's hope she takes to being on top."

Lisa struggled for several minutes more before finally jamming the metal ring down hard onto the base of the cock. The attention and handling was clearly having an effect on Thomas, as his huge member began to grow firmer.

"Good," Diane told Lisa. "Now suck his cock a little so we can see how hard it will get. Here take this," Diane added. "If he is getting pleasure from you and you don't want him to, use this." Diane handed the girl the riding crop and gestured for her to begin. Obeying Diane's command, Lisa slowly opened her mouth and began to press the huge penis head past her lips.

Diane looked over her shoulder at her husband and flashed him a smile and a wink. "I am having entirely too much fun with this," Diane thought to herself.

The young girl began hungrily gobbling down the meaty, blood engorged penis, which had expanded to huge proportions.

"NOOOO!" screamed Diane, grabbing the crop away from Lisa and quickly bringing it down across her back.

"Slave, can't you see that this worthless thing is enjoying this. He's pushing out his hips for his own pleasure," Diane instructed, handing the crop back to Lisa.

"Now, punish him!" Diane ordered.

Lisa raised the crop and with a half-hearted effort, brought it timidly down across Thomas' naked chest.

"No!!" Diane screeched, grabbing the crop again, this time striking Lisa's exposed ass with a vicious blow.

"Again! Harder!" Diane commanded. "And on his slave cock!"

Doing as she was ordered and fearing for another lashing on her own ass, Lisa lifted the riding crop and brought it down as hard as she could on the bobbing erection. Again Lisa lashed out onto the man's naked thighs. Another sharp blow landed on his sagging testicles, causing the young man to groan, but Diane sensed there was more pleasure than pain in the moan. Ten more times Lisa delivered punishment to Thomas' rigid cock, which seemed only to mock her by growing harder and harder as it rebounded from each stroke. Inside, Diane was disappointed. Lisa obviously feared and disliked striking the naked man.

"Enough! Good!" Diane told Lisa. "Now let's see if this slave is worthy of you, my dear," Diane said and kissed her deeply as a reward.

Diane walked over to Thomas and, using his large erection as a handle, pulled him down onto the floor and onto his back.

"Now, remember," she said to Lisa, "a slave is to be used to please you – as you would use any other piece of property. This slave is now only a piece of furniture. You will now use him as a chair. I want you to sit on his face and smother him with your cunt. When you choose, let him come up for air."

"But I can't…" stammered Lisa.

Lisa's momentary hesitation at the command brought a sharp and stinging reminder across her backside with the crop. Instantly, she stepped over Thomas' face and dropped down on top of him, spreading the fabric of the crotchless panties wide as she settled in. Within moments, Lisa had completely covered his nose and mouth with her damp cunt as she brought all of her weight to bear on his face. After a minute, she lifted her hips slightly and heard the young man gasp for air as he filled his lungs. As instructed, she ground her vaginal opening back onto his face.

"Excellent," Diane urged. "Now let's see what else this furniture can do." With that, Diane straddled the man's bucking hips, lifted his enormous cock until it was pointed directly upward, then dropped hard down onto it, plunging it deep into her wetness and forcing the remaining air out of Thomas' body. Three weeks ago, Diane would never have been able to accommodate his huge cock, but the New Diane had little trouble as his extraordinarily wide cock disappeared easily inside her. Lisa reluctantly ground her cunt onto Thomas' face and finally when it seemed he could take no more, raised her hips again and allowed one quick breath.

Diane began pounding away on the man's body, riding his massive cock as Lisa parceled out oxygen. Diane bounced up and down as she smiled at Dave nearby, who was filming the entire episode with his camcorder, seeing that the two women had matters clearly in hand. Time and again, Lisa would push Thomas to the edge of asphyxiation, allow him breath, and then clamp her dripping opening back over his face. The situation became critical as Thomas approached orgasm, struggling for air to fuel his heaving body. At the moment of his eruption, Diane felt his hot juices explode in her and coat her insides with his hot cum as he heaved and twisted to free his mouth.

"Harder, press harder!" Diane directed Lisa, who was clearly reluctant to use more force to restrain Thomas. Diane reached out and grabbed Lisa's bare nipples and began to squeeze the hard buds until Lisa winced with pain.

"Slave, hold him still and do not let him breathe until I release your nipples!" Diane ordered.

Lisa pressed even harder down onto Thomas' face as his body lurched and struggled. At the last possible moment, Diane released Lisa's nipples. She watched as the young blonde lifted herself off of the struggling man's mouth and Diane heard him gasping for breath.

"Switch places," Diane demanded. Lisa scrambled quickly off Thomas' face. In an instant, Diane pulled off of his still rigid cock, turned around and straddled his face. With cum dripping out between her legs, Diane mashed her swollen vaginal lips onto his face, clamping her sex over his nose and mouth.

The metal cock ring had indeed done it job and despite having just cum, Thomas' engorged cock, now purple, was still rock hard. Lisa took the massive organ and with some difficult, gradually stuffed all of the meat into her vaginal slit. The two women then began again, this time with Diane controlling their slave's breathing and young Lisa pounding up and down, repeatedly impaling herself on the massive cock.

"Oh, this is heaven," Diane thought to herself, as she felt the face of the writhing man thrash between her thighs. She could feel the remnants of his cum dripping out of her and into his gaping mouth.

"That's good, slave, " she said. "Service me properly and I'll give you a little air as a reward." These words only increased the shaking and flailing between her legs.

"Now, pump harder! Push your cock into my little slave slut," Diane ordered, and Thomas responded with a wild, chaotic thrusting of his hips. The bucking was so hard that Lisa was dislodged from his rigid member and went flying off into the air and fell onto her side. Thomas' slimy cocked bounced madly in the air for a second then erupted, sending an arc of semen shooting into space. Large globs of cum plopped down onto the floor around Diane.

Diane, realizing that Thomas' struggle for air was now real and desperate, quickly lifted her dripping opening off of his face. Diane stood as the young man gasped for air, his naked chest heaving up and down.

"Well, that a little better, but still pitiful!" Diane said in a harsh tone, hoping that her feigned anger would ring true. "We'll have to do better tomorrow night or I'll whip both of you until you can't sit down!"

Diane sent Lisa home with strict orders to return the following night for her next lesson. Thomas, however, was not so quickly dispatched.

"I think I'll leave the collar and cuffs on and put you on a leash. Maybe I'll walk you into my office tomorrow just as you are for all to see, as my new canine stud," Diane taunted Thomas as he lay on the floor. Refusing to unlock the handcuffs, Diane stood smiling with a thin, spiked heel firmly planted on his chest. She put a little more weight on it than she knew would be comfortable and said, "Why don't we do that. I'll take you to the office as my canine stud and let walk around naked."

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Diane realized the effect the threatened public humiliation was having on Thomas. His huge cock sprang back to life. Turning to her husband, Diane smiled.

"Well, it would be a terrible shame to waste that, wouldn't it?" she said to Dave. "I think I'll take him with me to work tomorrow. Let's see if he can stay hard all day at my office."

"Excellent, " Dave said, picking up on Diane's playfulness. "And while you play with him, I'll take our little Lisa out and see if we can find her something acceptable to wear."

"Ooooooo, I like that," Diane teased gleefully. "Maybe a new outfit will bring out the new Lisa."

To Be Continued in

Dave and Diane Part 5 - The Best Laid Plans

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