Dave & Diane Ch. 5


"What the hell is she talking about?" Diane wondered. She knew about the wine and coffee enema Dave had given her, but what something special? She just thought she'd had too much to drink that night and could remember only bits and pieces the next morning. Had Dave put something else in the enema mixture he gave her?

With their hands firmly locked to their waists, Lisa and Dave pushed her and Thomas forward and onto the cold floor. Instantly, Diane could feel a slippery finger enter her tender rectum. It withdrew and she felt the enema nozzle slip into her tight muscle ring. Soon she could feel the warm solution rushing in, filling her bowels. She felt the muscles of her abdomen quickly distending and stretching. As the fluid continued to flow into her bottom, Lisa stood over her and Thomas and snapped orders.

"Good. You'll take every drop and hold it until I tell you to empty it. Oh, and while you were exposing yourself to the neighbors, Dave told me what you two were up to all day at the office. I'm so glad that you two had a good time today. You like having your face buried in a woman's cunt, don't you?" Lisa asked Thomas, nudging him with the point of her boot.

"Yes, Mistress," he meekly replied.

"Well, Pussy-Face, we'll work on some of your other talents tonight," she said. "And you," Lisa said, kicking Diane, "From what I saw in the photos today, you really enjoy getting it in the ass, don't you? And you most certainly enjoyed sticking your fist up my ass the other night, didn't you?"

Diane paused just a moment too long with her reply. Being on her knees with her ass in the air and an enema hose stuck inside her, left her much too vulnerable. The whip whistled through the air and Diane winced and squirmed under the blow. She struggled hard not to dislodge the hose from her rectum.

"Yes, Mistress, I enjoy getting it in the ass" she said.

"Good, Ass-Slut," Diane said. "Then, you and Pussy-Face here will have as good time."

After all of the fluid in the enema bag had drained into her, Diane and Thomas were kept kneeling painfully down on the floor, endlessly holding in the warm liquid. When she was sure that she couldn't hold it anymore, Diane felt a wave of relief when she heard Lisa say, "All right, Ass-Slut, you first," and Diane scrambled over and emptied her aching bowels. Back down on the floor, she watched as Thomas did the same.

"Well done," Lisa said, standing between them as they returned to their kneeling positions on the bathroom floor. Diane could feel the slight tickle of the whip's lashes on her bare ass as Lisa waved it above her, lightly touching her tender flesh.

"Since you both enjoyed that so much, let's do it again," Diane heard Lisa say, as Dave re-entered the bathroom with two more swollen enema bags. And again, she and Thomas had hoses reinserted into their rectums and had the entire contents of the bags emptied into them. Again, she and Thomas stayed on the floor in agony and awaited permission to empty themselves.

"Stand up, Ass- Slut!" Lisa ordered, lightly kicking Diane with her boot.

Diane struggled and finally managed to stagger to her feet, now feeling quite drunk. Trying to balance herself on the ridiculously high heels, Diane fell against the wall, before regaining her balance. As Diane stood upright, Lisa walked over to her and gently stroked Diane's grotesquely distended belly. The tight waistband of the harness created a huge bulge below her navel.

"Why, Dave, it looks like Ass-Slut is pregnant," Lisa said laughingly to Dave. "And at your age, Ass-Slut. Now, come over her!" Lisa reached out and roughly grabbed the pierced ring in Diane's clit hood. She began to jerk, pulling Diane over in front of the kneeling Thomas. Diane winced as the pain jolted through her tender sex as Lisa tugged and pulled on her tender clit until she stood only inches of Thomas' face. Lisa then took out a short length of chain and clipped one end of it onto Diane's clit ring. She then fastened the other end to the ring on Thomas' collar, so the young man's face was now lashed securely just six inches away from Diane's vagina.

"Now, Pussy-Face, don't tear Ass-Slut's clit or I'm going to be pissed. Ass-Slut! You, go empty yourself!" Lisa snapped, bring the whip down hard on Diane's ass and forcing her swollen abdomen to bump against Thomas' nearby face. Confused, Diane was about to ask how she could do that still chained to Thomas like she was, but another quick blow of the whip on her sore ass had her tottering with small, mincing steps over to the toilet, Thomas crawling on his knees to follow.

Diane was red with embarrassment and sheer humiliation, her body flushed and sweating but now much relieved, as she sat on the toilet and emptied her swollen, aching bowels. Thomas' face rested on the toilet seat between her spread legs until she finished and then the two of them gingerly switched positions, with Diane now standing above the seated Thomas, her legs wide apart, straddling the toilet and him on it. With her head spinning, Diane tipped wildly from side to side, almost losing her balance and falling several times. She rocked forward to stabilize herself, pressing her crotch into Thomas' face to steady herself. Soon she felt the young's man tongue flicking out and dipping between her hot sex lips.

"Oh, God, this can't be happening. He's eating me on the toilet. It's too much. I can't do this!" she groaned to herself, but in another minute she could feel her body responding to his mouth. She began pressing hard and grinding her cunt against his mouth and face. Her head spun dizzily as she could feel Thomas' tongue working the chain connecting them from side to side and pushing it out of the way, while she began bucking and grinding her hips onto his mouth.

"Well, look at that," she heard Lisa say, a vague, distant voice somewhere far off. Diane's body began to shake and shudder, as she felt herself about to explode. "Pussy- Face is going to make Ass-Slut come right here."

Diane drove her body again the young man's mouth, thrusting her hips up and down as he lapped away at her moist spread. She couldn't stand it any longer.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, as her body quivered and shook, his hot mouth clamped to her cunt. "YEEEEEEEEESSSSS!" she wailed, grinding her shaved mound hard against his face.

"She really is quite a slut, isn't she," Diane heard Lisa say, as she tried to regain her balance and stand up after finally collapsing from her orgasm and sagging onto the still seated Thomas.

"Oh, she is that," Diane heard Dave reply.

"Okay, you two, clean each other up and get back into the living room," Lisa said unhooking the small section of chain secured to Diane's clit.

Diane and Thomas managed to clean each other off despite having their hands fastened to the harness waistbands. In her mind, Diane flashed back to images of herself cleaning her soiled infants children while changing dirty diapers. Only this infant had a giant, erect penis. She struggled to clear her head, but again tipped and fell against a nearby wall.

Diane could see that Thomas was feeling the intoxicating effect of the enema liquid as much as she was. They both staggered down the hall and back into the room where Lisa and Dave awaited. "Only he doesn't have these damn seven inch heels on," she thought to herself, her thoughts as slurred as if they had been words out of her mouth.

Back in the room, Lisa pushed Thomas to his knees and now had him on all fours, inspecting his ass.

"Did you do a good job of cleaning him, Ass-Slut?" Lisa asked Diane. "I certainly hope so, for your sake," she said, now grabbing a fist full of Diane's red hair and pushed her down onto the floor. Before she knew what was happing, Diane found her face wedged between Thomas' muscular ass cheeks, her nose pressing against his tight brown anus ring.

"Pussy-Face ate you out, now it's only fair that you return the favor, Ass-Slut," Lisa ordered. " Now! And don't tell me you've never rimmed a man before, Ass-Slut, because I saw pictures of you with your tongue up some black guy's ass at that party."

"Oh, no," Diane thought, as she remembered back to her gang bang party and the images of her lewdly sticking her tongue in several of the participant's assholes. Dave's photos had been very graphic in her exploits that night. Out of the corner of her eye, Diane caught the blur of Lisa's arm preparing the whip to strike her upturned bottom, and quickly plunged her tongue into Thomas' sphincter. Soon, she was pushing her tongue deep into his puckered opening and heard his moans. His hips pumped the air, fucking and thrusting his rigid member into some invisible opening. Diane could see that having her tongue in his asshole was giving Thomas a fabulous erection. Oh, God, how she wanted to touch it, to grab it and stuff it into her dripping cunt. Out of the corner of her eye she could see bright lights snapping on around her and she could hear the electronic click of a camera shutter. Stunned, Diane paused, realizing that Dave was photographing her eating Thomas' ass and recording her humiliation.

"Do you like that, Ass-Slut? I asked Dave to take picture so you'd remember tonight. Now get to it!" Lisa shouted.

Diane plunged her tongue back into Thomas' asshole. The more the young man bucked and pumped his hips, the deeper Diane dove into his rectum. She could taste the bitter tang of the wine and coffee liquid and the dark sweetness of his puckered opening, as she lapped at the elastic ring.

"Enough!" she heard Lisa shout. In another second, Lisa had grabbed her by the collar on the harness and spun her around so she was now ass to ass with Thomas on all fours. Lisa took a slightly longer piece of chain and again hooked one end to Diane's silver clit ring. Then Lisa took a sharp-toothed clamp on the other end of the chain, grabbed a thick fold of the skin on Thomas' balls and clamped the chain to his tender flesh.

Diane could hear the painful groan from the young man as the metal teeth bit into his scrotum. Then Diane felt slippery fingers sliding in and out of her exposed asshole, smearing it with a coating of slippery lubricant. She could tell the same was happening to Thomas. All the while she could see and hear Dave moving around her, recording her humiliation with a camera.

"All right, Ass-Slut and Pussy Face, I want you to look at me," Lisa order.

Diane looked and saw that Lisa was holding a long, two-headed plastic dildo, two perhaps three feet long.

"The chain is just long enough that the two of you will stay close together and keep this in. And until it totally disappears from sight, you will be whipped," Lisa declared.

Then Diane felt the cold plastic head of the toy press against her tight, anal opening. She felt a sudden push and the head of the dildo popped into her yielding rectum and buried itself several inches inside her bowels. She could tell that the same had just happened to Thomas. They were now both impaled anally on the same dildo and going to be forced to take all of the outrageous length of the toy inside them. Or suffer the consequences.

Slowly, Diane gave a slight push and could feel another inch of the object slide into her ass as she tried to relax her anal muscles. She hoped that this would satisfy Lisa and spare her from the whip. But it was not to be. Diane heard the whistle and felt the sting on her ass. Then she felt the sting again, as the thin straps bit into her ass cheeks.

"I'm going to really enjoy this. I'll stop as soon as it disappears, and not before," the blonde said, her long ponytail whipping around as fast as the flail in her hand. Diane heard the whish of the whip, but didn't feel it land, as the blow struck Thomas on the ass. Again, she heard the whistle in the air, could feel him lurch under the whip. Then another blow, this time back on her ass. The blows became a steady stream, alternating between the two of them. Desperate, Diane pushed harder, now rocking back and forth as the long plastic tube sank deeper and deeper into her stretching elastic ring. Her bowels ached to adjust to the giant plastic probe. But the beating didn't cease. The blows continued to cover her ass. Diane couldn't conceive that there could possibly be any of the dildo still visible. She felts as if she had all two and a half feet of the toy stuffed in her ass alone. She now lurched and rocked with a desperation, sure that she would be unable to bear much more of the beating. She could feel the stiff rod plunging deep into her rectum, sawing in and out as the two of them pounded away against each other, trying to hide all signs of the toy from Lisa's view.

Diane was shaking wildly now. She could feel her large, pendulous breasts sagging and heaving under her as she madly drove to and fro, with each push taking more of the plastic rod into her ass. Finally, as the blows continued to rain down on her welted bottom, she felt Thomas' ass cheeks bump hers. At last, they were close! She pulled forward and drove backward again, once more feeling the heat from his whipped flesh against her burning bottom. Again the pole sank deeper into her aching insides and with one last desperate lurch, she pressed back with all her might pushing her ass cheeks firmly against Thomas'. They ground their backside together and Diane could swear that she could feel the puckered ring of his anus rubbing against her stretched asshole. And finally the blows stopped.

The room spun and swirled around Diane's head. She could her Lisa's panting, Thomas moaning, her own raspy breathing and the whir of the camera as she and Thomas ground their bottoms together, now hungrily devouring the plastic cock that connected them. Then they stopped. Diane was exhausted as she collapsed down on her haunches. She felt Lisa's sweating hand reach between her legs and unfasten the chain. Ever so slowly, Diane began to pull her body forward. She felt the now hot plastic pole begin to move from deep within her, begin to slide out of her ass as she moved forward. She couldn't believe how much of the giant tool was buried in her bottom as she continued to crawl forward. Finally, she heard the pop, and felt the dildo slip and eject from her stretched, abused ass.

"That was exciting. Well, now that you two have had your fun, it's my turn," Lisa said ominously.

"Oh, no, " Diane thought, hearing the blonde's words ringing in her ears, now feeling like she was trapped in some sadistic hallucination. "What can she possibly do to us now?" Diane wondered, in a vain attempt to snap her mind into focus.

"Did you like our little toy?" Lisa asked. "Dave and I bought it today while shopping. Ass-Slut, do you like my dress? We got it today, too. And if I'm going to have fun with you and Pussy-Face, I'll need to come out of my dress. Unzip me, Ass-Slut," Lisa ordered, walking over to Diane and pulling her upright by the hair.

"Unzip me!" Lisa ordered.

Diane opened her mouth and took the zipper pull in her teeth and began tugging the zipper down. It was like some bizarre dream, her earlier thought now becoming real. This had to be some nightmare that she was in, because she certainly couldn't have lost control of the evening so quickly and so easily, she thought to herself. And Dave was allowing all of this to happen, her humiliation, her beating. Her head clouded and ached, trying to make sense of it all. She continued to tug on the zipper of Lisa's dress. The smell of new leather filled her nostrils as she reached the end and the dress flew open. Diane looked up at the beauty standing over her and instantly felt the tingle between her legs. The look on Diane's face did not go unnoticed by Lisa.

"Well, Ass-Slut, I can tell you like what you see. But now that you're just a slave, we can't play the same way that we used to, can we? Maybe I'll fist fuck you in the ass, first, just like you did to me. Would you like that?" Lisa asked staring down and the kneeling Diane. "Would you!"

"Yes," Diane meekly replied.

"Yes, what, Ass-Slut?" Lisa said.

"Yes, I'd like you to fist fuck me in the ass," Diane answered.

"Beg me!" Lisa snapped.

"Please fist fuck me in the ass," Diane pleaded.

"Yes, I'm sure you would love that, Ass-Slut. But you should know that a slave never gets what it wants. It's what I want that matters," Lisa said, and turned and walked away.

Diane was stunned and confused by the transformation of the young beauty that stood before her. The blonde was now teasing and tormenting her, and Diane was willing and eager to humiliate herself. Lisa was truly reveling in her power and control over Diane, and Diane knew it.

Diane looked back up to see the sneer on Lisa's face as she crouched down on the floor. Only now did Diane take in all of Lisa's appearance. Lisa wore a black leather half bra with silver studs on the small half cups. Diane could see Lisa's beautiful 34C breasts pushed upward and her pink nipples jutting out, making Diane ache to be able to suck on them. Lisa's generous breasts only seemed that much larger in contrast to her tiny waist and narrow hips.

Lisa moved again and walked toward a corner of the room. She was wearing some kind of leather-studded thong, except the straps in the back ran over her taut ass cheeks instead of up the middle. Diane watched her ass move as Lisa walked away, with the tall black leather boots stopping just under her ass cheeks. Lisa bent over to pick something up and gave Diane a clear view of her asshole, a view Diane knew was intentional. Lisa spun dramatically around holding a huge plastic dong mounted on a flat base.

"Here's something else Dave and I bought today, just for you, Ass-Slut," Lisa said smiling.

Diane gasped. She had certainly seen something like the dildo before, but the huge toy was only meant to be a novelty and not for actual use. It was made of pink rubber, perhaps twenty inches long and five inches wide. Diane knew it was only a joke, a gag gift, and no one could really use it.

"That's for you Ass-Slut," Lisa said. "But we didn't forget you, Pussy-Face, during our shopping spree. This is for you," she said to Thomas, taking up another dildo, this one only about 10 inches long.

"I thought it looked just like you," Lisa said, flashing a menacing smile, and snapping the smaller of the two plastic dicks onto fasteners on the front of her leather thong.

Diane was stunned when Lisa walked back over to her and set the massive plastic penis directly on the floor in front of her.

"We want to see you fuck this, Ass-Slut," Lisa said softly, standing in front of Diane, the artificial strap-on phallus now dangling just in front of Diane's face.

Diane shook her head as if trying to shoo away a swarm of pesky flies.

"I…. I can't," Diane stammered. "It's too big."

"Nonsense," said Lisa, almost tenderly as if trying to seduce her. She gently pulled Diane up to her feet. As she spoke, Lisa slipped her hand between Diane's legs and began rubbing her swollen cunt lips and protruding clit. Diane was burning for her touch and groaned when the young woman began massaging her wet sex lips.

"I saw Dave fist your hot cunt the other night. And it's certainly not any wider that that champagne bottle you fucked. You do want to please me don't you? And I'm sure your hot little pussy is just aching to be fucked," Lisa whispered, picking up the speed of her hand working into Diane's dripping opening. "See, even now you're so hot. And so wet. Fuck yourself with this and then I'll give you an extra special treat."

"I ….I don't know," Diane replied, her mind reeling. Diane was being seduced and she knew it. But she couldn't help herself. Lisa's hand was now rapidly rubbing her sensitive clit and she could feel her body responding to the young woman's touch.

"I'm not sure. Dave…?" she panted, now pushing her hips against Lisa's hand.

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